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GP-N1 Guldin


Guldin is one of the weaker VA's in the game with poor mobility on both the ground and in the air, short range, and mostly unsafe moves. His flamethrower weapon can be strong, but this only functions at close range. Most VA's can run circles around him, and there's very little that Guldin can do to safely get past their zoning and actually catch them. Guldin has some neat juggle combos that are relatively unique in Cyberbots, and these net you good damage when you can land them, but most of the time you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle.


  • Strong Weapon attack when up close can make it difficult for an opponent to fight back. The Weapon attack can also be unblockable.
  • Big damage combos.
  • Tied for second highest health in the game.
  • Can randomly get an unblockable weapon attack into super, which will turn rounds around.


  • Most of Guldins move are very risky, being punishable or otherwise minus on block.
  • Poor mobility means that Guldin will have a tough time chasing down pretty much any other VA.
  • Lack of long-range options makes Guldins poor mobility even more painful as you are forced to try and find a way in.
  • Long minimum charge time (16 frames rather than the standard 8) means that Guldin does not gain the same advantage from charge canceling that most VA's get.


5L - Active on frame 9. Chains into 5H or 5L, which then can chain into 5H. This target combo ends in a knockdown and is actually one of the higher damage target combos in the game.
2L - Active on frame 9. Hit's low. Decent hitbox on this with no hurtbox extending beyond Guldin's elbow.
5H - Active on frame 17. Very slow, but has a strong hitbox at the start. Does 2 hits. Cannot be charge canceled after the attack comes out.
2H - Active on frame 8. A 3-hit move that attacks the chainsaw tracks. The tracks don't have a hurtbox, but they also have short reach. Hits mid. Doesn't knockdown. Only the first and second hits can be charge canceled.
j.L - Active on frame 7. There is no hurtbox on the tip of Guldin's foot, but the reach is short.
j.H - Active on frame 9. Shoots two bullets that do not cause any hitstun or hitstop on hit. Any character hit by this move will look like they armored through it. Can OTG.
j.2H - Active on frame 5. Guldin does a body splash that knocks down on hit. It's quite fast for its range. This can't be done while boosting, instead you get the normal below
j.b2H - Active on frame 13. Heavy Dive, Guldin jets forward with a headbutt. Can cover a lot of ground quickly and surprise your opponent, however it is not very safe on block as you will bounce back up into the air. However, this allows you to do multiple non-boosted versions in a row without landing.
Dashing L - Active on frame 5. 4 hit slide that attacks with tracks. Generally you want to cancel the second hit into a special move like 623L to combo. Even if you charge cancel this you will be minus on block so be careful not to use it too recklessly.
Dashing H - Active on frame 14. Headbutt type move. Looks like a grounded j.b2H. Knocks down on it. on block it bounces back quite a ways so it can be difficult to punish. Can be canceled.


Normal throw range - 47.
L throw - Headbutt mash throw, not that great. Can be used to OTG.
H throw - Basic toss throw. You pretty much want to use this one, but be careful about leaking a 5H when trying to throw. Can be used to OTG.
632 L, or H - Arm Ripper. Standard one of these. Range is 43.


5W - Active on frame 4. Shoots flame out of your shoulder-mounted flamethrower doing up to 6 hits. Blows horizontally if your opponent is one the ground, or 45 degrees up if the opponent is in the air. If the button is held, the flames will shift to the direction they didn't start in after a second, but this isn't used much. This is one of Guldin's fastest moves on the ground and has a strong hitbox. It can be canceled up until right after the third hit, but you want to cancel it before the second hit if you want to use it in longer combos.
2W - Same as 5W but starts from a lower stance.
Dashing W - Active on frame 1. This move is sometimes unblockable for some reason. If it hits all three times it will knockdown. If you are too close to the opponent you will push past them and whiff the last hit(s) leaving you vulnerable. Doing this from a back Boost is a very strong option for a guard cancel due to how quick it comes out in addition to its long reach.
j.W - Blows flames diagonally downward. Active on frame 1. Like BW, this is sometimes unblockable. Very strong option from Guldin. Due to its speed and good hitbox.


236 L, or H - Gull Lariat. L version is active on frame 15 and hits once, H version is active on frame 14 and hits twice. Can be done right after a boost to keep your forward momentum, but this is very dangerous so don't use it much if you use it at all.
214 L, or H - Sky Gull Lariat. Active on frame 7. A version of the Gull Lariat that jumps up into the air. This is usually used as either an anti-air or to follow up Gullwheel. The H version is slightly more powerful. If you use boost into it, you can cover a wide space quickly. You can use the input 2146B,A to do this efficiently.
623 L, or H - Gull Wheel. Active on frame 2. Very fast launch move. The difference between L and H is the number of rotations. Guldin cannot be thrown while performing this move. The maximum number of hits Guldin can do with an air combo is 4 hits, and the L version only does 3 hits, so you can consistently get another juggle (for example with Sky Gull Lariat) after hitting it. You get more damage this way than you would with the H version, so you should pretty much always use the L version if you are comfortable hitting the juggle. If you use it right after dashing you will perform it while maintaining your forward momentum. This is a risky move, but you get a decent reward for it if it hits.


LH - Giga Ring. Active on frame 4. Fast burst with a lot of invincibility, wide range, and good damage.
236236A - Gull Burning. Active 1 frame after the super flash. This super comes out very fast so there are a lot of opportunities to land it, and it is very safe on block. It is good to use it as a followup to a randomly unblockable BW. When you have a super stocked, you can basically roll dice with your BW, and get a big reward if it works out.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
BL (2 hit) or BW (2 Hit) > 632L > 214H. Basic sequence from dash attacks for Guldin.
L>L>236236A. This is a way to combo into super from a light attack. If you do it from up close, the super will hit all the way for a lot of damage.
2L>236236A or 236A or 623A. A few ways to convert from a low. Unfortunately can't be hitconfirmed. However, the super is safe on block anyway so you that's an option with lower risk.
BW (2 Hit) > 236236A. Combo into super from a random unblockable. If it's blocked you won't be punished. If you are at the edge of the screen you can do this as a guard cancel.

Extra Resources

Guldin page on Japanese Cyberbots wiki. Most of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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