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Head-up Display

  1. Weapon Gauge. Depletes when you use your weapon attack. You can't use your weapon again until it refills. Recharge time varies by character and type of weapon attack used.
  2. Arm Gauge. When you get hit, you take damage to your Arm Gauge. If depleted, your Arm will fall off which will prevent the use of certain attacks, and replaces certain normals with new ones. If not fully depleted, recharges over time while not being hit.
  3. Boost Gauge. Shows how many more uses of the Boost button you have remaining. Can be used infinitely on the ground as a dash, each VA has a different number of uses in the air. Recharges instantly when you reach the ground.
  4. Round Timer. Shows the amount of time remaining in a round, if the time runs out before any player's life gauge is fully depleted, the player with more life will be awarded the round.
  5. Life Gauge. Shows how much life each player has remaining (yellow) and damage taken (red).
  6. Round Counter. Awarded for winning a round. Winning two out of three rounds wins the match. Ranks (S, A, B, C) given based on life remaining and time left in the round. For example, to earn an S rank, you must win the round without taking any damage with more than 50 seconds remaining on the Round Timer.
  7. Combo Counter. Shows the number of hits done in a combo. Will only appear if a special or super move has been used in the combo. Will appear under the life gauge of the player who completed the combo. In the picture, the Jackal player (player 2) has just completed a 13 hit combo. Yes I know it looks like Blodia is the one doing a combo, but the combo counter takes a while to pop up, and this was the only way I could think of to get all the HUD elements in one screenshot.
  8. Arm Indicator. If your Arm is knocked off, this indicator shows where on the ground it is, even when your Arm is off the screen.
  9. Ground Tech Prompt. When hit with a move that knocks down, this prompt to hit the Boost button to tech roll on the ground will appear. This pops up very early, you must hit the Boost button when the VA actually hits the ground.
  10. Power Gauge. Super meter, build it by attacking the opponent or charging it by holding L+H. When full you will receive a 20% damage boost for 10 seconds (indicated glowing aura on your VA), have access to Giga Crush (L+H burst which replaces the Power Gauge charge), and "Cyber Special" a super move performed with 236236+L/H.

Extra Stuff

  • Each of the non boss VAs share a HUD with their base model, e.g. Blodia's HUD is shared by both Swordsman and Riot, as Blodia is their base model.
  • Gaits is the only one of the Boss VAs that can have his Arm knocked off. Super 8, Helion, and Warlock cannot have their arms removed, and their non-functional Arm Gauges are purely aesthetic.
  • The Weapon Gauges for Super 8 and Helion are also non-functional as they have infinite Weapon Gauge, being limited in Weapon use only by recovery.
  • What's going on with Warlock's HUD? The only thing indicated in Warlock's HUD is his Boost gauge, which is shown by a glowing blue spark that travels up the skulls as he uses more Boosts. He has no Arm Gauge as his Arm can't be knocked off, and no Weapon Gauge as his Weapon is only limited by recovery, like Super 8 and Helion.
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