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FZ-900J Killer Bee


Killer Bee has some of the best movement in the game thanks to his 8-way hover dash. This can be used to run away, air stall, play neutral from anywhere on screen, or launch very fast tri-dash mixups. On top of this, Killer Bee has one of the very few air throws in the game, allowing him to hunt down opponents that would rely on up-backing in order to avoid his mixups. However, the tables can turn very quickly on Killer Bee if he isn't able to maintain absolute control, due to being the lowest health character in the game without any good reversal options. Very open ended character with a bit of a steep learning curve. Theoretically one of the strongest characters in the game, but this performance can be difficult to actualize in practice.


  • Extremely good air movement, flies around very fast with lots of ways to use his boost, can actually turn around after crossing someone up in the air.
  • One of the only air throws in the game, allows you to prevent opponents from holding up-back.
  • Difficult to block high/low/throw mixups.
  • Can control the pace of a round from neutral with his fast Weapon attacks in the air.


  • Lowest health in the game, one mistake can easily cost you a round with Killer Bee.
  • Ground options are generally weak.
  • Lacks good options to use when waking up or under pressure.


5L - Active on frame 11. On the slow side for a 5L, but there's no hurtbox on the beam. Chains into another 5L which chains into 5H for a pretty decent target combo, this will be one of your go to's. Can be used to check opponents from running at you.
2L - Active on frame 5, hits low. Extremely short range. This move is good for getting damage on people looking to block tri-dash L's. Come's out fast so you can use this in close range scramble situations. Since it is a low, it will catch people trying to jump.
5H - Active on frame 13. Looks like a bigger version of 5L, can be used similarly.
2H - Active on frame 13. Look like an extended version of 2L. Knocks down on hit. Due to the slow startup, it is probably better to use 2L over this in most situations. Charge cancel this if you use it.
j.L - Active on frame 5. Looks almost exactly like 2L. If done low enough it puts you in an advantageous situation, and can be done extremely low thanks to Killer Bee's tridash. Shorter range move, but pretty deep behind Killer Bee.
j. H - Active on frame 22. Big slow jet burner. This move takes so long to come out that you have to be pretty high in the air to actually let the active frames show up before you land. Good hitbox once it's out, but the speed makes it not great to use.
j.2H - Active on frame 13. Does two jet burner hits directly downwards. The flames have no hurtbox, so use this against people getting you and trying to anti-air. Can be used as an OTG, but this isn't usually a good option.
Dashing L - Active on frame 8. Hits 4 times. Can be canceled before the second hit. This is recommended as it's not very safe if you just let all 4 hits rip, and charge canceling can allow you to continue pressure.
Dashing H - Active on frame 8. Has a maximum of 3 hits but getting all 3 hits isn't very consistent. Not cancelable. It counts as an airborne move, but hits mid. Moves forward regardless of which direction you were holding with boost, so can be a decent guard cancel.


Normal throw range - 47.
Air throw range - 73.
L throw - standard mash throw. Cannot OTG.
H throw - Toss throw. Typically does more damage and allows for better followups over the L throw, so use H over L. OTG's.
Air throw - this can be done with either L or H, gives you the same throw either way. Monster of an option when combined with Killer Bee's incredible air movement. You can hover just above someone and throw them if they jump or dash down on them with j.L if they hold their ground. One of the few ways to make people fear jumping in this game. Very important to get a feel for how to use. Your boost needs to not be active in order to get the throw, so try to gauge how far you have to travel to get into throw range and then stop boosting. If you are boosting right into the opponents face you won't be able to throw them. This takes some practice to get a feel for.


Mine Shooter
5W - Throws a mine at an angle from the shoulder, active on frame 8. Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge. When walking forward or backward the direction of the shot changes based on the angle of the shoulder cannon. 6W will cause the mine to fly forward at a very fast speed. If the mine hits the ground, it will turn into a low hitting move. This can be used to create situations that are very different or impossible to block when combined with Killer Bee's overheads.
2W - Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge. Throws a mine with a lower trajectory than 5W. Will become a low if it touches the ground.
j.W - Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge to throw one mine mostly horizontally. This mine travels very fast and is an incredibly good option to control space and keep your opponent in check as you fly around the screen. The angle makes it quite easy to use. Becomes a low if it reaches the ground.


236 L, H, or L+H - Killer Screw α. Turns into a drill and flies across the screen. Ground version is active on frame 9 for L or frame 7 for H and L+H, which go forward, up-forward and straight up respectively. Air version is active on frame 9 for L and H or frame 10 for L+H, which go forward, down-forward and straight down respectively.
After performing this move you can do a follow up attack by holding L or H and the direction you want to travel in. Grounded drills can go forward, up-forward or straight up while air drills can do forward, down-forward or straight down for the followup. There is a gap when changing direction where your opponents can interrupt you. Mainly used to pick up a combo from boost L or 2L. Can OTG with a follow up.
623 L or H - Killer Screw β. Active on frame 51. Dives into the ground and then pops up with an attack a short distance away. L and H versions travel different distances after the dive. Not a very useful move, try to avoid it.
4 (Charge) 6L or H - Killer Eye. Active on frame 16. Fires a series of lasers horizontally that traverse the entire screen. The closer you are to the opponent the more hits you will get, which means more damage. However, the move's slow startup makes it best to use from far away. Can be reliable chip damage, but the recovery is long, so make sure not to whiff it.
63214 L or H - Killer Sword. L version is active on frame 22 at the earliest. Swings a charged laser blade. Both versions increase in range and do more damage when charged. The H version can be charged to do 2 hits. The move is slow but it can be a powerful option to use on a knocked down opponent. The laser has no hurtbox, so it can function as a big wall.


LH - Giga Crush. Active on frame 15. Slow startup and the invincibility stops as the move becomes active, so not a great defensive option.
236236A - Delta Blast. Active on frame 18 after the super flash. It's a big version of his Killer Eye special move. Not really a combo option, but it can be used to finish rounds if you set up a reliable way to make the opponent block it, for example on their wakeup. Can also be used as a full screen punish for things that have long recoveries.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
L>L>H. This is your basic combo. Not bad for just a target combo, gives you a knockdown and everything. The chain can be a little awkward to do at first, so it may take a little practice.
(6B>Boost Cancel)2L>2L>236L. This is a way to convert from a situation where you move into the opponent with some momentum into 2L, which is kind of a niche situation.

Extra Resources

Japanese Killer Bee Wiki page, Most of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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