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BX-07R Riot


Riot is a VA with an extreme amount of airtime potential. It is quite possible to gain a lifelead at the beginning of a round and then run away until the time runs out. Riot can stall above the screen for more than 40 seconds on one Boost Gauge. While Riot has this incredible air movement, his air options are not actually that good for attacking. Many of his attacks have long animations and leave him vulnerable if you miss your mark. He's also quite bulky, which exposes him to more instant overheads and crossups than most VA's.


  • Crazy amount of potential airtime per Boost Gauge, very strong runaway game. Can turn around in the air if crossed up.
  • Very good throws that are difficult to ground tech due to the speed.
  • Gets a combo into knockdown from L hitconfirms.


  • Big and slow moves make it difficult to actually attack safely, also many of his special moves are punishable on block, making them risky to do without hitconfirmation.
  • Damage is mediocre.
  • Big crouching hurtbox.
  • No target combos means that you have to rely on links for hitconfirms.


5L - Active on frame 3. Short range jab. Riot does not have an LLH target combo, but it can still combo into Dyna Blow if negative edged, netting you a knockdown. While it is one of your better options up close due to how fast it is, note that Riot does not have an L throw, so this cannot be a throw option select.
2L - Active on frame 7. Jabs at the opponents feet, but does not hit low. On hit, if you are close enough, you can link another 2L, which you can cancel into 236L for a combo. Would give Riot a great high/low mixup if it hit low, but sadly it doesn't.
5H - Active on frame 9. Big arm chop, the first hitbox is a decent anti-air. Also works as a neutral tool due to its far reach, its aforementioned use as an anti-air, and its ability to be charge cancelled. If you try to throw and the first hitbox is blocked by an opponent up close it is very minus, and you will be punished for it if you don't charge cancel.
2H - Active on frame 14. Two hit low hitting flame sweep. The second hit causes the knockdown, so you can cancel the first hit to continue your combo. It's not great, but it's a low hitting move you can use to catch opponents who are trying to back boost or jump out of your pressure.
j.L - Active on frame 4. Short range flame jets from Riot's boosters. This is Riot's only air to air option. Has a pretty big crossup hitbox, but make sure you hit opponents deep or you will be thrown as you land. Can be cancelled into either of Riot's air specials. Can be negative edged into Arm Ripper for a nasty tick throw.
j.H - Active on frame 20. Huge jet burner attack. Can crossup. The hitbox on this is not as good as it looks, so don't overestimate it. However, it can be a good downwards check to snag opponents as you are floating in the air. Additionally, if it hits (or is blocked) while you have momentum from a backwards boost, it creates quite a bit of space (if done against a cornered opponent, it sends you fullscreen), making it safe and giving it niche usage for stalling.
j.2H - Active on frame 13. Burner shoots directly below Riot. Knocks down on hit. Can OTG. This hitbox is quite good, even if it is limited to hitting directly below Riot, probably won't lose to anything that isn't invincible if spaced right. This is a strong option for Riot as a way to counter opponents trying to throw or crouch block, as you can use this as an instant overhead up close. Is a good move for clearing your way for landing when you want to come down and refresh your Boost Gauge.
Boost L - Active on frame 7. Rushing move that does up to 3 hits. Can be canceled up to the second hit. There's no advantage to canceling the first hit, so you can pretty much always aim to cancel on the second hit. It's not that important for Riot because its special moves are also rush type moves that cover space quickly. You can use it as a way to get into close range quickly by charge canceling it, but even this is risky so don't go for that too often.
Boost H - Active on frame 15. Rushing move that does up to 3 hits. Because Riot transforms into a drill, his vertical hurtbox shrinks a little, so this can be used occasionally when you want to get under some flying technique that your opponent is doing above you. Not charge cancelable after the hitbox becomes active. Still moves forward even if done during a back boost, so can be a decent choice for guard cancelling.


Normal throw range - 54.
H throw - Grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground. The tech window for this occurs very fast, so you will often be able to follow this up with an OTG throw (only H can be used to OTG throw). The range is also above average for a normal throw, so Riot has this advantage over much of the cast. After a throw in the corner Riot can option select an OTG throw if the opponent doesn't tech, or a jump in if the opponent does tech, as seen here.
632L or H - Arm Ripper. Range is 38. Despite the range being much lower than the normal H throw, this is a way for Riot to throw with the L button, so it may have some use. For some reason, Riot's Arm Ripper is the only one in the game that can be negative edged. This allows for him to buffer the arm ripper throw and not risk leaking any attack if the throw doesn't hit. Even though the Arm Ripper doesn't do much damage, removing the opponents ability to throw can be devastating. Might be worth trying to work into your game.


Vulcan Cannon
5W - Active on frame 12. Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge and shoots 4 Vulcan shots diagonally downward. Each shot consumes 25% of the weapon gauge, so you can charge cancel after the first shot to increase the speed at which you get a full recharge. This gives Riot frame advantage on hit or block, and can even be combo'd from by dashing up after it hits at certain ranges. Important tool for controlling space on the ground at a distance.
2W - Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge. Basically the same as 5W but the initial height of the shots are lower so the range becomes shorter.
6W - Active on frame 6. Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge to fire 4 Vulcan shots diagonally upward. This is covers Riot against a wide range of aerial attacks. You can charge cancel this to have send just a single shot at a flying target and get your ability to maneuver back quicker, or you can let all 4 shots go to barrage airborne opponents. Works well as an anti-air because it comes out so quickly.
j.W - Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge to shoot 4 Vulcan diagonally downward. This can buy Riot even more air time as it will float him slightly up as he fires. Since it can't be charge cancelled, Riot can easily be punished for using this too close to the ground if the opponent manages to dash under the shots.


236 L, or H - Dyna Blow. Air ok. L is a short range lunge punch (active on frame 6) and H is a long range lunger punch (active on frame 12). The L version is a staple of Riot's combos and can be used as a movement tool. The H version can be used in some combos if you can get it to hit early, but it is much more difficult to confirm and is very punishable on block. However, if you can get the H version to hit, it does more damage than most of Riot's moves. Can be used to dash out of the corner by flying up to the top of the screen first.
623 L, H, or LH - Riot Strike. Air ok. Riot transforms into a drill and dives into the ground, then pops up after a short delay. The second part of the move hits OTG. The ground version does not have a hitbox as Riot dives into the ground initially, but the air version does. The L version and H version differ based on the distance traveled after diving, with the L version being shorter and the H being longer, but the LH version will track the opponent and pop up wherever they are. This is a high risk low reward move that puts you at a huge disadvantage if it's guarded, does little damage even if you hit it, and doesn't offer an particular advantage. The fact that you can do it in the air is kind of a demerit, as there are many instances of people getting this accidentally as they are trying to hover around in the air and being punished for it. Can be used for chip damage sometimes if the opponent is about to die.
63214 L, or H - Death Bolt. Screen-wide electrical attack that hits low, knocks down on hit, and can OTG. L version starts up faster and hits once, while H version hits thrice but is slower. Due to the slow startup on both versions, it's not really a valid option in neutral, but it's very useful as a way to get extra damage after a knockdown. This can also be used as a fullscreen meaty that will catch opponents trying to jump on wakeup due to hitting low. Switching between using L and H on oki can also mix up the opponent, as they have different timings. In theory, by landing one of these meaty, you can combo it into itself for lots of damage, but different wakeup timings and the likelihood of your opponent teching means it's not too easy to achieve.
421 L, or H - Shining Arm. L version is active on frame 7, H version is active on frame 9. Large burning green (pink on P2 side) hand. Hitgrab. The "grab" part will only come out if not performed in a combo, and in the arcade version, there is a bug where the L version will not enter the throw animation for the rest of the round if you hit with any attack other than W. Even if it doesn't enter the full throw animation, it will still put out hitboxes and burn the opponent. For combos it is better to use the L version of Dyna Blow than this move, but it is safer on block than Dyna Blow. It can be good for swiping missile projectiles out of the air in front of you. Not as good for chip damage as it looks. Decent option for guard cancelling due to its convenient input and good damage, but the H version can get stuffed by certain moves due to its slower startup, and due to the glitch, the L version will not catch the opponent in most contexts.


LH - Giga Burst. Active on frame 4. Comes out fast and has invincibility as well as a strong vertical hitbox making it a great option for a reversal, a defensive attack, or even a cross under. Punishable if blocked on the ground, but Riot is airborne during the animation so it is difficult to punish this with a max damage combo.
236236A - Graviton Field. Active 25 after the super flash. This super is slow and difficult to land as it can be easily jumped over. Unreliably hits OTG. Deals good chip damage but even when done on okizeme often whiffs or gets punished. You might be able to catch an opponent with it after an anti-air charge canceled weapon. Generally your meter is much better spent on the Giga Burst.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
5W or 2W > BL (2 Hit)>236A or 421A. This is Riot's basic combo. If you use 236H you will do about 40% to Blodia. Use 421H if you are worried about the attack being blocked. You cannot combo from 5W or 2W against some VA's if they are too close, so getting used to what distances you can connect from is recommended.
H (charge cancel)>BL (2 Hit) or H>236A or 421A. Another basic Riot combo. Comboing H into H with a charge cancel depends on how it hits, it will drop sometimes if the spacing is off.
2L > 2L >236A. Hitconfirm from 2L. You can also change the second 2L to 5L to make the link a little easier, but in that case only 236L will work as the ender.
2H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>BL (2 Hit)>236A. 2H is a bit slow for a combo starter, but this is a way to get some damage out of Riot's only low hitting move.
(6B>Boost cancel)>2H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>2L>L>236L. This is a hitconfirm combo from 2H for when Riot has some forward inertia from a Boost.
(6B>Boost Cancel)>2H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>2L>236H. More damage optimized version of the above combo. You have to cancel the 2L into 236H so you have less time to confirm though.

Extra Resources

Japanese wiki page for Riot. Most of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki, thanks to Savaki and Kamogawa.
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