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S-008 Super-8

Boss Code

Summoning Spell to play as Super 8 - 862486L, 8426H for player 1. The input is left/right mirrored if you are doing it as player 2. This input must be done very fast right after a VA has been selected (which VA it is doesn't matter). If performed correctly, Super 8 will pop up instead of the selected VA.

In the Capcom Fighting Collection, you can use the easy boss code of down(x2).


Super 8 is strong at many different aspects of the game. Eight air boosts, lots of longe range and projectile options, and good moves to cover a landing mean that Super 8 can run away and air stall very effectively. Super 8 also has a very strong up close game with strong high/low/throw mixups and an easy infinite if you land a BL. However, Super 8 has some difficulty with opponents that are already right on top of her, having few good options to turn to under pressure, including a burst that is not invincible until active. Overall Super 8 is strong, and is fairly easy to pick up for beginners.


  • Lots of air options with many jumps and many projectile moves.
  • Longer than average normal throw range, and throw buttons can be charge canceled to confirm combos when the throw doesn't come out.
  • Practical and easy infinite combo.
  • Very strong stomp move that can be an instant overhead, made unblockable if it crosses up correctly, and converts into ground combos easily.


  • Long jump startup makes it difficult to get off the ground when opponents are on top of you. This coupled with a lack of other options when being pressured up close means that Super 8 really struggles when on the backfoot.
  • Large hurtbox sizes will cause you to get clipped by moves that you think you should have avoided.
  • Has some difficulty catching or dealing reliable chip damage to opponents trying to run away.


5L - Active on frame 10. Long reach but the hurtbox also extends with it. It can be canceled into Red Ω for a combo. Does not chain into anything, Super 8 has no target combo.
2L - Active on frame 12. Long reach. Does a max of 4 hits and can be useful for removing mines. The leg has no hurtbox until it is fully extended. It can be canceled so it can be used in the same way as 5L.
5H - Active on frame 8. 4-hit uppercut type move. This is a good normal to option select throw with as it comes out fast and you get a good reward if it hits. It launches, so you can do 5H (1 Hit, charge cancel) 3 times, and then end the juggle with Final Ο for the fourth hit.
2H - Active on frame 11. It has lower body invincibility and is good for punishing people trying to back boost out of the way.
j.L - Active on frame 9. One of the legs extends diagonally forward and down. There is no hurtbox on the tip of the foot. This move is ok, but other air options are usually better. Extends Super 8's throwbox.
j.H - Active on frame 10. Shoots out three floating mines as Super 8 jumps back. This is mostly used as a way to gum up neutral space against opponents trying to get in on you. Also very useful while trying to air stall. The mines are physical projectiles that can be destroyed by certain attacks, so be careful against opponents who can do this well. Since this move changes your trajectory, it is a good option to keep your landing arc from being too predictable.
j.2H - Active on frame 3. Very fast stomp move that can be done as a sort of instant overhead, but Super 8's slow jump startup makes it not very instant. It is much easier to land all of the hits on this compared to other stomp type move, and you can often connect a 5H after landing. This will become unblockable on certain VA's if they start blocking it on one side and then it transitions to hitting them on the other side.
Dashing L - Active on frame 9. Rushes forward extending legs like umbrella. Does a max of 4 hits. Can be used to get up close and in someone's face with a charge cancel. It also leads to an infinite on hit by canceling it into Super Γ, and then looping into another BL. Can be kind of difficult to do safely, by the risk is medium at worst, and the reward is a free round at best.
Dashing H - Active on frame 10. Knocks down on hit. Long reach and can be charge canceled.


Normal throw range - 53.
L throw - Identical to the H throw. Long range and good damage make this throw excellent. Use it often. OTGs.
H throw - Same as above.


5W - Active on frame 16. Fires 4 missiles that home in on the opponent. On the ground the trajectory is the same regardless of posture. Cannot be canceled after the missiles are fired.
j.W - Active on frame 16. Fires 4 homing missiles in the air. Makes it easy to chase an opponent and attack them. Can also be a real annoyance to opponents trying to chase you down.


623 L, H, or LH - Octopus Jr. Active on frame 8. Detaches a leg and throws it at the opponent. OTG's. Depending on which version you do it is only slightly different, with small variations in damage. Recovery lasts until the attack is complete making it very risky to use.
412346 L, or H - Red Ω. Active on frame 11. Capture type move that grabs the opponent with a magnet. Can be used as a late cancel to snag people trying to mash out of pressure.
28L - Devil Χ. Hits low and OTG's. Long range low attack that knocks down on hit.
28H - Final Ο. OTG's. Axe swing that chops down from a move. Good for ending 5H juggle combos and works as a check to people jumping at you.
28W - Super Γ. Fires a beam that stuns the opponent for a long time. If you land this, you can follow up with BLx28W for an infinite combo. On block it is very punishable, so try not to use it if you're not sure it will hit.
41236W - Hell Δ 1. All the Hell Δ moves shoots lasers at different angles. 1 is active on frame 23 and shoots in the lower right direction. These are some of your only options for chip damage against an opponent trying to run away.
236W - Hell Δ 2. Active on frame 23. Shoots one laser 45° upwards.
623W - Hell Δ 3. Active on frame 24. Shoots on laser at 90° and one at 60°


LH - Giga Laser. Active on frame 6. A laser will sweep in a circular motion around the head. The hitbox will actually follow this laser, being active at first on one side and then the other. It has a wide hitbox, but isn't very invincible.
236236A - Death Satan Σ. Active on frame 10. Shoots 4 huge missiles forward. The missiles will shoot out a column of fire once they hit the ground or an opponent. It is invincible until the last missile is fire, so it is better against air attack than it looks. It is not invincible to throws though, so if done at close range you can be punished with a throw. It is common to combo into this super from 5H. Can also be used for end of round chip damage.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
Forward j.2H>H (3 Hit)>28H. This is a basic combo for Super 8. Depending on how the jump attack hits. you can use H on the ground to get either a throw or a combo.
H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>H (1 Hit, charge cancel)>28H. Very easy hit confirm for Super 8, as you have a lot of time to confirm that the juggle hits, and on block you use the charge cancel to stay safe.
2L (2 hit)> 41236A.
BL (2 Hit) 236236A. One way to combo into super. Useful if you aren't confident in getting the infinite.
H (2 Hit)>236236A. Another way to combo into super. This is easier to use and hitconfirm.
[BL (2 Hit)>28W]xN. Super 8's famous infinite combo. The special cancel has to be done very quickly, but the BL connection after for a loop is simple. 28W is very punishable on block, so be sure to only go for this in situations where you know it will hit.

Extra Resources

Japanese wiki page for Super 8. Much of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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