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Stop! Read me first!
The tier lists on this page are subjective in nature, and are the products of their individual authors. You can only trust a tier list as much as you trust its author.
Tier lists reflect the understanding on relative character strength at the time that they are written. Metas can develop and characters can change after a tier list is made.
Tier lists usually do not account for character difficulty, but that can sometimes be a factor depending on the author.
Depending on your goals and how competitive you are, tier lists may or may not be entirely irrelevant.

As this game is still relatively unexplored and new things are constantly being discovered, the tiers tend to be in a little more flux than most games. There is also some variation in the American and Japanese tier lists. One obvious reason for this is that with so few players, some regions simply do not have a high level player for each VA, and as such, players will be unaware of the strengths or weaknesses of those VAs which they are not exposed to. Another reason for some divergence in region tier lists is that it seems the Japanese players value the ability of a VA to air stall higher than American players do, perhaps out of a greater willingness to play that way. You can see that some of the major differences are characters such as Riot, who can air stall very well. In any case, most of the tiers are fairly tight, and if you like a character who is purported to be weak, you might find something they have that bumps them up considerably. In 2018, many lower ranked characters were discovered to have some techniques that improved their tier placement, so it's worth giving any character a shot.

Japanese tier list

This tier list also has Zero-Gouki, a console-exclusive VA, placed between Reptos and Jackal.

American tier list

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