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X-0 Warlock

Boss Code

Summoning Spell to play as Warlock - 4L8H6B2W for player 1. The input is left/right mirrored if you are doing it as player 2. This input must be done very fast right after a VA has been selected (which VA it is doesn't matter). If performed correctly, Warlock will pop up instead of the selected VA.

In the Capcom Fighting Collection, you can use the easy boss code of back(x2). Keep in mind this is flipped on P2 side.



Warlock is the strongest character in the game. There was a time when he was banned based on the assumption that he was the best, but people decided to give him an honest trial and it turns out that he is in fact too powerful to be allowed in normal tournaments. Warlock has very good control and can lock opponents down tight while also being able to fly away and zone extremely effectively. In Japan, when players start to pick Warlock it means "Isn't it about time we go eat?" Recommended only for advanced users as using Warlock may jeopardize relationships.


  • High health for some reason.
  • Jumping moves have outrageous power and range. Can easily attack from anywhere on the ground or in the air.
  • Many strong moves that will check opponents approaches just by throwing them out.
  • Can stay in the air for a long time, very difficult to knock down.


  • Warlock is tall with a large hurtbox, so there are strange situations where he can be hit that wouldn't work on other VA's.
  • Long jump startup time. If Warlock comes down from the sky, take advantage of this and don't let him get away again. (He won't come down).


5L - Active on frame 4. Does 2 hits. Comes out very fast and there is no hurtbox in the arm. This can chain into itself until you get pushed out too far to continue doing it. For some reason Warlock's target combo is just LxN. Doesn't lead to big damage at least.
2L - Active on frame 5. Attacks 4 times. Fast with long reach. useful as an abare option.
5H - Active on frame 9. High angled kick that is so high that it pretty much can't hit grounded opponents. Very good anti-air move.
2H - Active on frame 13. Long reaching sweep. Hits low and knocks down on hit. This is good for catching people trying to back boost out of your pressure. Can be charge canceled.
j.L - Active on frame 8. If there are no bullets on the screen it drops a fist-shaped bomb. This causes and extreme amount of advantage when it connects, so much so that you can do j.L again. If misses the opponent and hits the ground, it causes a large explosion that will probably hit the opponent if they are anywhere close. This move is extremely effective for locking opponents down on the ground. If there IS some other projectile on screen when you try to do this move, j.H will come out instead.
j.H - Active on frame 7. Does a series of flying kicks with no hurtbox from the kneww on. Cancelable up to the second hit.
Dashing L - Active on frame 9. Four hit rush move. No hurtbox on the raised blade. You can cancel up to the second hit, so you can charge cancel to continue attacking or go for a combo.
Dashing H - Active on frame 10. Running spin kick. Can be used when approaching.


Normal throw range - 38.
L throw - Identical to H throw. May as well use this one so that you get 5L if it doesn't come out.
H throw - Same as L throw.


5W - Fires two volleys of vulcans at the feet. Warlock does not have a Weapon Gauge, so he can use this move any time he isn't doing something else. You can charge cancel up to the second shot.
2W - Fires closer to the feet. Same as 5W otherwise.
3W - Fires further than 5W.
6W - Fires further than 3W.


360 rotation and L, or H - Energy Drain. Command throw with a range of 93. This steals health from the opponent. The normal throw will do higher minimum guaranteed damage though, as this super must be mashed, and can be counter-mashed.
236 L, or H - Sacred Stare. A strike throw version of an arm ripper with long reach. You can use this to take out your opponents arm, but there isn't really enough going for this to use it.
4 (charge) 6 L, or H - Forbidden Force. Active on frame 21. Air Ok. Also OTG's. The startup on this is slow but it is a ridiculously big 2 hit projectile attack. On the ground L flies horizontally forward and back upward, while the H version flies diagonally upward and back. In the air, the L version flies diagonally down and back while the H version flies horizontally forward and back upward. If the L version is avoided as it is coming out, it is often unblockable on the way back for some reason. You can't use this without thinking because of the risk involved in actually throwing it out, but it is an absurdly strong move if you can use it safely. Makes getting to Warlock while he's flying around very difficult.
44B6B - Imitation Alpha. The input must be done very quickly. Comes out on frame 1. Activation is invincible. Puts up another version of Warlock in front of him. This clone will mirror all of your movements while it is out except for special moves. You do not suffer pushback from clone attacks, so it is possible to just jab someone to death with L if you space yourself right. This clone is considered a projectile, so other projectile moves cannot be used while it is active. Since Warlock's projectile moves are so strong, that makes this move less attractive to use. Clone will disappear if you use Giga Rising (Warlock's LH burst).
6LHL4 - Imitation Beta. The input must be done very quickly. Clone comes out on frame 1. Activation is invincible. This clone is not considered a projectile, so you can use projectile techniques. Giga Rising will release the clone.
236 W - Ascension Black. Active on frame 22. Fires each version of your normal Weapon attack in order of proximity. Comes out slow and doesn't chip, making it difficult to use. OTG's. You can hit opponents with this twice after a throw at the edge of the screen if done very fast, and does a lot of damage to VA's with a long horizontal length when knocked down, such as Reptos.


LH - Giga Rising. Active on frame 11. Invincible for the full duration.
236236A - Final Sacrifice. Active on frame 18 after the flash. Shoots out a bunch of rotating lasers in front of Warlock. The starting position is different depending on which button is used. The L projectile flies up and then down at the end. The H projectile flies diagonally. For some reason this often becomes unblockable on the ground, so it is good to try and boost away and avoid it Warlock just tosses it out. It can also be used in the air for some reason.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
(At the edge of the screen) Normal throw>236W>236W or 2W. This will do up to 40% on VA's like Reptos. Substitute 2W for 236W on VA's that won't get hit by 236W.
236236A>BL or 2H or L or 2L or JH. You can do pretty much whatever after a super.

Extra Resources

Japanese wiki page for Warlock. Much of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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