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Game mechanics


Generally speaking, close and crouching normals are special cancelable and others aren’t, with some exceptions. There are no chains besides lights self-chaining similarly to SF2, only links otherwise.


Think SF2, where you throw with 6/4 + MP/HP/MK/HK up close. There is no throw teching or softening. There are 20 frames of throw protection after blocking and on wakeup. Many characters have air throws and command grabs, which are possible to combo into.


Inputting 44 causes you to quickly hop backwards. In Dan-Ku-Ga, backdashes have generous invincibility and distance. Aerial special moves like Barts's Rolling Smash can be executed out of the aerial portion of a backdash. Gekkou has a unique teleport backdash which does not go airborne, therefore he can't do this (thank god).

Double Jump

One unique thing to this game is that you can jump-cancel air normals on hit or block. Gekkou can double jump without cancelling, but only gets a total of one air jump. This, combined with a universal divekick input of j.2KKK, leads to lots of interesting mixups.

Landing Frames

When landing from most air states (jump, air normal, divekick), you can block, crouch/crouching normal, or perform a special on the 2nd frame. Your jump will start on the 3rd frame, and your walk, standing normal, or throw will start on the 5th frame. This means you can sweep someone on landing and they can't avoid it - the game lacks trip guard.


As you’d expect from an early-to-mid-90s fighting game, take too many hits too quickly and you’ll be left open for a few seconds. Stun decrements by 1/frame and pauses during hitstop, so multi-hit moves deal slightly less stun than the total of their hits. What’s notable in this game is that there’s an active anti-redizzy mechanic. Your stun value is set to -90 from the first hit post-dizzy, and you won't take any stun until it reaches 0, increasing by 1/frame (pausing during hitstop).


If you’re getting beat up, your character’s CRUSH meter will fill up. When it’s full, your next special move that hits (not blocked) will deal 1.5x damage and the screen will flash with lightning as the stage is torn up. It makes more damaging moves like command grabs terrifying.


Most stages in the game (not Boggy, Azteca, or Gonzales) have walls on both sides of the starting area. These walls break when you land 3 hits against them, with some rules. Any specials or throws, as well as hits within a juggle, will count, such as Barts’s 46K j.HP. This widens the stage up considerably, and should be considered in combos.


Like SNK games, Desperation Moves are available as many times as you want at low health. Once you see your life bar flashing, always keep that option in mind. Most DMs are very useful, as they do higher damage than specials and many are fast enough to combo into.

Guard Cancel

You can perform a special move 3 frames before blockstun would normally end. Frame data listed on this wiki will consider non-special move actions, so remember to subtract 3f from any on block data when considering this. May or may not be a bug.

Character Stats

Defense Values

(Lower value = Higher defense)
Gonzales, General 3840
Marco 3904
J. Mccoy 3968
Kazuya, Barts, Wulong, Liza, Boggy, Azteca 4032
Lihua 4064
Gekkou 4096

Stun Gauges

Gonzales 576
Azteca, Wulong 544
Lihua 528
Kazuya, J. Mccoy, Barts, Boggy 512
Gekkou 496
Liza, Marco 480

Walk Speed

Character Walk_Frw Walk_Bck
Gekkou 3.875000 2.906250
Liza 3.625000 2.718750
Wulong 3.312500 2.484375
Lihua 3.125000 2.343750
Kazuya 3.000000 2.250000
Barts 3.000000 2.250000
Boggy 2.750000 2.062500
J. Mccoy 2.687500 2.015625
Azteca 2.125000 1.593750
Gonzales 1.937500 1.453125
Marco 1.625000 1.218750
General 4.187500 3.140625

J. McCoy