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Tomoka Minato (湊 智花)
Coach, thanks for everything!


A basketball ace who transferred to the Kenshin Academy. From an upper-class family, her manners are impeccable, but when she starts to play basketball, look out.

Originally from the light novel series Ro-Kyu-Bu!


Tomoka is the resident setplay character. While the majority of her normals outside of 5C and j.C lack range, once she steals the advantage and scores a hard knockdown, the opponent on the receiving court will be in trouble. The core of Tomoka's setplay revolves around her 214X specials, which summon her basketball-loving teammates. Should they successfully receive a pass from her, they will then generate further attacks on their own, covering Tomoka as she goes in on offense. While the opponent can intercept these passes with their own attacks during neutral, the opponent has little choice but to respect Tomoka's squad after a hard knockdown and the myriad of mix-ups that come with the ball life.

Tomoka Gameplay Sample


  • Extremely strong setplay, combining unreactable side swaps with tick throw threats and abare bait. Many of the set-ups are also immune to reversal Power Blast as well as Escape Blast.
  • Deceptively huge j.C and decent 2B makes approaching the opponent less burdensome than it appears on paper
  • Has access to potentially explosive damage into additional setplay
  • Rather difficult character to fight against for unfamiliar opponents


  • Most ground normals have below-average horizontal range for their type
  • Difficulty escaping corner pressure
  • Struggles against zoner characters
  • No designated anti-air button; requires some game knowledge to intercept overly eager air approaches

Recommended Assists

Dokuro - Dokuro-chan is both a powerful neutral tool and a damaging combo extender. 5S is DFCI's greatest anti-air, covering the entire vertical space two character lengths in front of you. This is perfect for catching jump-outs on your offense, and clipping jump-happy opponents on your defense. 6S is a full-screen projectile. Just in case. Covers the weaknesses of Tomoka very well, with 5S also providing ample time to start her setplay, and 6S letting additional routes lead to hard-knockdown for more setplay.

Iriya - 5S gives you a plate projectile to use for setplay or to help you close in on opponents. 6S is a moped that can be used to punish Blasts or whiffed attacks and force out air options from the foe. Use Iriy'.s 5S to bait opponents into attacking her and move in with an attack of your own to punish the dinner-crashers.

Pai - 5S is an attack flurry that gives Tomoka an additional window to try to tear through the opponent's defenses with relative safety. However, it is 6S that is noteworthy. The giant crescent flip kick is a reliable anti-air that guarantees hard knockdown, giving Tomoka a two-in-one tool that covers one of her most glaring weaknesses and segues into her most terrifying strengths.

Kouko - Kouko's neutral assist hits the opponent up, allowing you to combo into 214A after an A+B. It also steals some of the opponent's meter, giving you not only damage, but slight meter advantage as well. Her secondary walk up can also be very useful for pressure. If the opponent is forced to block all 5 hits, then you can easily mix them up with a 2A or an overhead, and from that you can easily do a 214A into a full combo or a pink burst. There are times when you hit air to air, but don't have enough meter to combo into super, so after letting the combo go after a j.C, you can call Kouko and the opponent now has to worry about her while they're on their way down. In the corner, after doing an A+B A+B wall bounce, you can call Kouko for free (since you're already recovered) and have plenty of time to set up a 214C, giving you a mixup attempt on the opponent, which would lead into a full combo if you can open up the opponent. All the while, this is stealing meter from them.


Universal Potential: Increases damage dealt by 10% for 20 seconds when health falls under 30%. If behind in rounds won, increases damage dealt by 20% instead.

Character Potential: Have all of Tomoka's teammates appear on screen at least once for Attack Level 1 for 10 seconds. Can be activated twice a round.

Move List

L = Low, H = High, A = Air
JC = Jump Cancel, SC = Support Cancel, EX = EX Cancel
ISC = Impact Skill Cancel, TCC = Trump Card Cancel, CAC = Climax Art Cancel

Startup includes the first active frame.

Normal Moves

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
300 5 2 15 -4
+8 (JC)

Sweeping horizontal hit with a folding fan. Jump cancellable. Generic 5A.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
250 5 2 15 -4 SC, EX, ISC, TCC, CAC LA -

Low sweep with a folding fan. Hits low and quick. Super solid 2A, and like the other 2As in this game, you can chain it 3 times into itself before it will automatically do 2B. Tomoka crouches pretty low, and hits deceptively far, so you will most likely be tossing out 2A just because you can in a lot of match ups.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
500 7 4 15 -4
+10 (JC)

Forward push with both hands. Jump cancellable and air unblockable. Doesn't have nearly the hitbox or range of many other character's 5Bs, but dashing up with a 5B if you think the opponent is going to jump is a pretty safe option, as you can jump cancel on either block or hit.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
450 8 3 19 -7
+10 (JC)

Lights a small sparkler, with a bucket of water sliding away from her. Long reach, but does not hit low, and cannot hit opponents in the air. Has very long recovery when whiffed for a B move. This is Tomoka's longest range normal that you can jump cancel. It's fairly quick and will always combo from a 2A, unlike her 5B.

The majority of your blockstrings will likely end with 2B into jump-cancel, since her 5B is so short, her 5C and 2C are unsafe on block, and cancelling into any of her specials leave vulnerable gaps. Because of that, don't get too predictable with jump cancelling forwards, or the opponent will be ready to throw out a j.A in response to seeing the 2B animation. You can late chain this after a 2A to try to catch the opponent with a frame trap.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
700 9 5 20 -8 SC, EX, ISC, TCC, CAC HLA -

Cleans the floor with a mop. While it looks like it should hit low, it does not. Long reach, long recovery. There's a few things to be careful about with this move. If blocked, while you can cancel into 236A or 214A or whatever you want after the 5C, it's very easy for the opponent to 5A+B in reaction to seeing either of those moves come out. Also, due to the low shape of the 5C hitbox, opponents baiting a throw by jumping will have an easier time against Tomoka compared to other characters.

In DFCI, 5C now moves Tomoka forwards, so 5C will always combo into 5A+B from any range, unlike in DFC.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
700 10 5 19 -7 SC, EX, ISC, TCC, CAC L -

Spins around while holding onto a basketball. Despite its animation, it is a low. Air unblockable. Quite minus on block, which is especially bad since this move also moves Tomoka significantly forwards. 2A > 2C will combo. This move is useful in a lot of combos where the opponent is airborne by halting their air-momentum with a leniently large hitbox, and letting you combo stably into 5A+B.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
250 7 2 X+2 Varies JC, SC, EX HA -

Sweeps folding fan diagonally down. Will hit standing average-height characters (e.g. Kirito) while rising. Fast startup and can cross up. Can sometimes be used to fuzzy guard. Overall a fast and very good air move. Not as much range as some other character's, but the speed is there.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
450 9 3 X+3 Varies JC, SC, EX HA -

Swings her school bag out around her. Jump cancellable. Hits very horizontally and can hit behind her as easily as j.A, so her best air-to-ground move.

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
650 10 4 X+4 Varies JC, SC, EX HA -

Attacks with an open umbrella. Jump cancellable. Tomoka's longest-reaching air normal. The hitbox is quite big for a j.C move, and it's decently fast. Very easy to use and abuse.

Special Moves

One Handed Jump Shot

Air O.K.
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
A 900 Ground: 15
Air: 18
28 Ground: 20
Air: X+8
+24 or less N/A HLA -

Throws a basketball towards a backboard placed about 1/4 of the screen away. The ball is a projectile as it flies toward the hoop and there is a small burst of energy below the hoop when it goes in. This attack is good if you know where the opponent is going to land, or what path they're going to jump, as it can allow Tomoka to close distance. On the opponent's wakeup, this move is very strong and can ensure that the opponent will stay in place in fear of getting hit.

All versions of this move require the backboard. If the backboard is already in use, this move will not come out.

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
B 900 19 25 Ground: 25
Air: X+8
+24 or less N/A HLA -

Places the backboard about half of the screen away.

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
C 900 20 28 Ground: 25
Air: X+8
+24 or less N/A HLA -

Places the backboard about 3/4 of the screen away.

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
EX 0, 1260 Ground: 9
Air: 8
2 Ground: 41
+24 or less N/A HLA -

If her opponent is close when the move is activated, they will become the ball and Tomoka will throw them. Otherwise, it will act similarly to 236B.

The EX version is always used for turning the opponent into a ball. The reasons being are in the air, if you have 3 meters, then 236A+B into 63214B+C is guaranteed. If your opponent is in the corner, you can get a 41236B+C instead of a 214B+C if you want! Just be careful as 41236B+C will not connect if you turn them into a basketball in the air midscreen. You can also use it on the ground after a throw or an A+B. If you do the 236A+B on the ground, though, then 41236B+C will connect, so if you're going for a kill with max damage, then ground 236A+B into 41236B+C is the best way to end your combo.

Innocent Charm

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
300, 78, 77*14 Pass: 7
First hit: 30
8 8 First hit: +10 or less N/A HLA -

Passes to Hinata behind opponent. She will dribble back towards Tomoka and then do a reverse shot. Releases pink energy when the shot lands. If Hinata hits the opponent, they will fly up in the air and get hit by the pink energy.

This is a staple in Tomoka combos. It's safe if the opponent blocks Hinata, but if they clash with her, Tomoka is unable to move for quite a while. In addition, if they jump over Hinata but before the fireworks come out, it's easy to hit Tomoka. Hinata will also disappear if Tomoka gets hit before the pink energy comes out, but once that's out, even if Tomoka gets hit, it remains on the screen for a bit. If the opponent blocks the pink energy and you dash up to 5B them, because of the way that the energy hits them when blocked, they will most likely move to the other side, or a place where you're not expecting them, so you must be careful and prepare for them to fall in a strange position if they block the move. On hit, there is quite a lot of hitstun, as the opponent will bounce off the floor and then back into the air, so you can followup with a nice air combo or a pink burst.

Ice Age

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
400, 316 Pass: 14 x 8 x N/A HLA -

Passes back to Saki, who shoots the ball towards a summoned backboard. The direction held as Saki shoots determines where the backboard appears, and the button pressed as Saki shoots determines what will happen when the ball reaches the backboard. Chargeable.

  • 5A or B: Middle Shot
  • 6A or B: Long Shot

Once the ball reaches the backboard, the backboard will turn into ice and fall. The ice backboard does 2 hits and will bounce the opponent off the ground on hit. If you hold the B button when you do the move, Tomoka will charge the ball and Saki will instead drop an ice crystal doing 5 hits instead of just 2 hits. Aside from that, everything else about the move is identical. With the charge, you don't have to manually let go of the button, as Tomoka will automatically pass the ball when she's done charging. This is extremely useful on the opponent's wakeup following a 63214B+C super, or some other hard knockdown with massive frame advantage. When she has a little less wakeup time, such as the 41236B+C super, then the uncharged version will work just fine.

  • 5C: Middle Shot Rebound
  • 6C: Long Shot Rebound

Once the ball reaches the backboard, Airi will jump up for the rebound, hitting the opponent on the way. Two rainbows then appear, hitting both diagonally below and horizontally across where the backboard is. The rainbow-hit will wall-bounce in the corner, allowing you to continue a combo if you are close enough. Because you can send this full screen somewhat safely, it's one of Tomoka's best ways to get in versus zoners, such as Mikoto or Miyuki. However, it is punishable on startup with a read by characters with fast full-screen attacks, and assists like Kino and Enju.

If you held the B button when you did the move, 4 diagonal rainbows will appear instead, appearing one at a time. Usually the opponent is forced to sit and block so you can easily dash in during that time.

For all of these variations, the ball is also an active projectile. If the opponent intercepts it, the rest of the move will not come out, and the backboard will remain stuck on screen for about a second.


Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
400, 216, 252, 201, 201, 201 Pass: 21
First hit: 57
First hit: 5 4 +40 or less N/A HLA -

Passes to Maho. Her shot will explode into fireworks. Opponent will bounce off the fireworks, allowing for combos.

  • A: Reverse Shot - Like 214A
  • B: Long Shot
  • C: Rebound

This is a really cool move! It's like having a built in assist! The startup is quite slow, and most of the cast can actually 63214B+C you and hit you for free if you try to do this on wakeup, but when you can get this out safely, it's very rewarding. There are multiple fireworks, so you're generally pretty well protected. The scaling is also quite low on them, so if a combo starts with the opponent getting hit by a firework, then there will be a lot of damage, even for a very simple combo.

The best applications for using this are after a 214B+C super when the opponent has less than 2 meters. They can attempt to A+B if you do it too late, but if you do it fast, then you're safe from that as well. Then you can attempt to jump over them, cross them up, punish or whatever. Once the fireworks are out, even if Tomoka gets hit, they stay out. This is good because if you have a good setup for this in the corner, once the opponent bursts, they might blow you off of them for a bit, but then they get hit by fireworks, bounce a few times, which gives you enough time to dash up and combo them. Same goes for most trump card usage, if you have enough life and they're at very little life, even if you get hit, they're still going to get hit by fireworks, and even then you may be able to combo. There are a lot of very cool assist specific setups you can do to get the fireworks out safely. I prefer to use the B version with the ice dropping, but the other versions have their strong points as well.

EX Fireworks

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
1000, 504 First hit: 10 First hit: 15 23 +9 N/A HLA -

AB:EX will turn the opponent into the ball, and then Maho will return the pass to Tomoka, allowing for air combos. Tomoka passes to Maho, who then passes back to Tomoka. If the ball hits the opponent, they will turn into a ball, and you are free to do an air combo or super to followup. This is useful after an A+B for a free pink burst, or you can combo into 2A+B after it hits for more possible combos or wakeups depending on your assist. This move is quite fast and can catch the opponent off guard, but not usually worth wasting the meter if you're not guaranteed a hit.

Universal Mechanics

6C or 4C
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
1100 4 1 68 +51 (hit) SC, EX, TCC, CAC N/A -

Standard throw. Gives you ample time to set up okizeme. You can also combo off of it with an assist, your Trump Card, or Climax Arts.

Impact Skill

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
1000, 72, 72, 72 12 35 30 -18 SC, EX, CAC (on hit)

Armored running attack grab. Turns opponent into a ball. There are 3 followups:

  • A+B do nothing: Tomoka will dribble them twice then toss them to the ground, where they will bounce once and be able to recover afterwards.
  • A+B A+B: If you press A+B anytime during the dribble, Tomoka will jump with the ball. If you don't press anything, she'll pass to Airi who will do her rainbow attack and send the opponent flying to the other side of the screen.
  • A+B A+B A+B: If you press A+B anytime during the jump shot, Tomoka will shoot the ball into the hoop herself, which will then dump the opponent down below it. If the A+B is pressed at the peak of her jump, Tomoka will spread her metaphorical wings and make a clean shot, drastically increasing the hitstun. If you didn't have much hitstun on the opponent before doing the move, they won't be able to tech and get away, allowing you to hit them on the ground. A good followup would be dash up 2B 2C 236A, 2B 2C, wait a smidgen, 214A, or even just to super jump at them and do a mixup with hitting a j.C or landing and doing a 2A.

This is where most of Tomoka's combos really start, once you hit with 5A+B, depending on the situation depends on what you want to do. If the opponent's back is to a wall, then the A+B A+B into Airi will bounce the opponent off the wall allowing for a free j.B combo, a free 2A+B or depending on the assist, a free attack. If you want to pink burst and are against a wall, this is a great followup as it used no meter and gains 2 instantly plus the meter that charges while in power-up mode. If you are not near a wall and want to pink burst, you can just do anything into A+B, then 214A+B and burst while the opponent is stuck as a ball. If you have an assist that hits the opponent up, you can just do a no-followup A+B into assist into 214A and burst from that.

In addition, if you need the winning kill and have a burst available, doing A+B no followup into blue burst into 214A will give very high damage if you end in her 41236B+C super, so always remember that as an option. A+B also acts as an automatic burst bait. If you do a no followup 5A+B and the opponent green bursts and you don't cancel the 5A+B into a super or EX, then the burst will whiff and you can get a free 5B into an air combo. Be careful when playing against this and keep the opponent's burst habits in mind when using it as well. Also, due to clashing, if one of your moves gets clashed with an opponent's 2A+B or 5A+B, you can hit your own A+B in response to hit them as the second clash usually wins in this game.

Impact Skill

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
350, 252, 252, 288 12 9 46 -24 SC, EX, CAC (on hit)

Spinning uppercut attack (like Andy's in KOF) with folding fans, Armored. While it works as an anti-air, its startup is rather slow and it doesn't hit behind her very well. This will clash both in the air and on the ground. However, it is very unsafe if blocked or whiffed. On block the only possible thing you can do is blue burst if you can react quickly enough. However, on hit, you have a plethora of options, with many of them leading into very high damage. This can combo into 236A+B in the air, or 214B+C right when you land. If you have an assist that hits the opponent up, you can use that, then combo into 214A.

While not to be overused, the threat of this move might cause your opponent to be more careful about coming down with an air attack anytime they jump at you. If they like to hit 2A a lot when attacking you, every once in a while this will surprise them enough to the point when they forget to react to it. Be careful though that depending on the timing of when who does what, Tomoka may lose the clash to the universal overhead and get hit instead of comboing the opponent.

Impact Break
Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
First Hit: 900
Launcher: 800
First Hit: 22
Launcher: 9
First Hit: 8
First Hit: 14 First Hit: -2
Launcher: -37
First Hit: N/A
Launcher: SC, EX, TCC, CAC
(on hit)
First Hit: HA
Launcher: HLA

Short jump into an overhead attack. Useful especially for Tomoka thanks to having so many ways to keep the opponent trapped and blocking. Since sometimes your opponent may like to use their 63214B+C super right off the ground on your wakeup, especially when there's an ice block on the way, doing 4A+B on your wakeup will actually clash the super allowing you to combo the opponent for free. Also can clash with many character's trump cards as well. Unlike some characters, if Tomoka hits an airborne opponent with overhead (such as after a 214B crystal on hit) then the second hit will most likely whiff and the opponent can punish for free. If it hits and it's a counter hit, even if the opponent is airborne, the second hit will still get them, but be careful when doing the second hit if it's against an airborne opponent.

Trump Card

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
1200, 432, 432, 936 23 28 23 -11 N/A H -
  • Her trump card. Overhead and air unblockable with strike invincibility. Big push away with both hands.
  • Invincibility runs out during the move, so a support with a delayed attack can beat it
  • Fast startup, long reach and pushes very far back. Very difficult to punish on block, though Shana can airdash and get a punish. On whiff it's very easy to punish, unfortunately.

Just looking at it, one might think "Wow Tomoka really has a weak trump card, other characters have one hit, so in the event of a trade, they get full damage while Tomoka only gets a little! And there's times that I hit them and only get a couple hits instead of the whole thing, that's not fair!" This is true, and that does suck, but Tomoka's trump card is special in the sense that it does something that no others can do. You can actually combo from it. Obviously when all the hits get the opponent and they go flying to the other side of the screen, you can't combo from it. However, as long as the last hit does not get the opponent, they are still game for getting hit, meaning you can OTG them. But, there's a special instance where if the opponent is in the air, and you do Tomoka's trump card, if two hits get them, and then go flying, you can A+B and actually catch the opponent with an A+B. Since two hits of the trump card is still decent damage, being able to combo further from that with low scaled damage is insane. Since assist calls become free post-trump card, you can call out your assist for free, get a free 214A into j.C A+B, and end with super for half a lifebar of damage. So while there are times when you get shorted on damage, if you time it correctly, you can actually potentially get way more damage than a regular trump card with Tomoka's! Of the character's that have an attack rather than a cancel, hers is the only one like that!

Another very strong use of the trump card is when the opponent is in the corner. It's very easy to hit them with fireworks, or ice and bounce them off a wall and combo if you have 3 meters or more (EX 236A+B into 236B+C/214B+C), but what about when you have only 1 or 2 meters? This is when you can use your trump card. Trump card combos from 236A+B if the opponent is in the corner. All the hits connect for decent damage, and then you get the bonus effects of a hard knockdown (allowing for 214C or 214[B]), free assist calls, ability to call assists in the air, and the ability to jump cancel and chain all of her normals on block. Being able to turn the slightly unsafe 2C into guaranteed safety by cancelling it into either a 5C, a 5A or a jump makes it much harder for the opponent to deal with what you're doing. So even if they get out of the wakeup, you can still pressure them a lot better than before when you've got the post-trump card meter!

Climax Arts

Shiny Gift
「雨上がりに咲く花 -シャイニー・ギフト-」

Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
3510 10 11 46 -40 N/A HLA -
  • Short-range charge attack. Turns opponent into a ball, dribbles them and then shoots.
  • Combo finisher with lots of minimum damage
  • Very short range
  • No invulnerability

After the super hits, Tomoka runs forward, so you can use this to help push the opponent into the corner. While she doesn't get nearly as much wakeup time as she does with her other super, she can still super jump j.C the opponent on wakeup if you're midscreen. If they try to clash, you should be able to block. If they try to push a button or jump, they get hit. If they try to burst or backdash, you can buffer in a 214B+C super and nail them for unscaled damage. In addition, because of the threat ot j.C, you can also superjump land 2A the opponent after you hit with this super. In the corner, you actually have enough time to do a 214B (no charge) into either 2A, 4A+B, or throw. You can also just 236A into wakeup for that as well, or just dont even bother and do a regular jump into j.C and keep them pressured in the corner. This is the super you go to more for raw damage than for setups and getting % back on your burst.


Damage Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Cancels Guard Hitbox
2952 7 23 20 -28 N/A HLA -
  • Long, invincible rush into and flurry of basketball attacks. Ends with a pose.
  • Longer range than Shiny Gift, but does less damage
  • Can react to some projectiles with it

This super goes almost full screen, and is invincible, so against things like Mikoto 5[C] 2A+B, or many character's 5C into special, you can hit this super in between hits and get the opponent. This move charges 20% of your burst meter back, and gives quite a long wakeup time. While it is less damage than her other super, it has potenial for more damage because of the setup and because of being able to get your burst back quickly. It's also often used after an air EX 236A+B, as it is the only thing that will combo afterwards. Midscreen, you can do 214C if the opponent doesn't have 2 meters to be able to do their super against you (not applicable against characters who have too slow of a super, or not enough range, like Miyuki, Shana, or KYH). You can also do a charge 214[B] into a dash 2A 2A 2B 2C (ice crystals hit) A+B, or a 4A+BB on hit, which will lead into tomoka jumping behind the opponent allowing for a land 2C A+B, or even just being able to do a pink burst. You can also run up and throw (6656C) and toss the opponent into the ice and then combo from that as well. Sometimes you can just play it safe and just jump at them, too. Of course, backdashes can sometimes get out of the ice, as well as some character's EX moves (like Mikoto), but you can definitely react accordingly. You can mix it up and toss out the charged Airi rainbow as well if you think your opponent has an answer to the ice dropping.

In the corner, i would always recommend doing a 214[B], as there are just way too many options and very litte room for escape from the opponent. In the corner, you can do things like 2A 4A+B to mix it up and keep the opponent guessing how to block, and in the corner, if you hit with the super and then the ice, chances are you have an assist that will keep them in the corner while you continue the mixup game. Overall a very strong super with many uses, and a perfect contrast to her other super, as they both are used for different reasons.


5A+B ~ A+B will be shortened to 5A+B[x2]. 5A+B ~ A+B ~ A+B (clean hit) will be shortened to 5A+B[x3], as there is no current use for the non-clean hit at this moment.


A Starter

5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B[x3] (1911)
  • 0-bar confirm into knockdown. At the max-range of 5A, you will need to use 2B instead of 5B. There's barely enough time to dash in and OTG with 2A > 2B > 2C and setup some minor oki.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 214A+B, P.Blast (2364)
  • 1-bar confirm into Power Blast. Be careful about the Blast timing.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > A+C (3410)
  • Confirm into Trump Card. Costs 1 bar. Missing the fastest timing for A+C will cause the Trump Card to hit OTG instead, which still does good damage.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 63214B+C (2982)
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 41236B+C (3295)
  • Confirm into super. Costs 2 bars. You can use Shiny Gift (41236B+C) for more damage and much less oki.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > 63214B+C (3225)
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > 41236B+C (3789)
  • Confirm into super. Costs 3 bars.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 214A+B, j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 63214B+C (3831)
  • Confirm into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 4 bars. The Shiny Gift super will not combo from this height.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > C.Blast, 214A > dash 2C > 5A+B > 236A+B > 63214+C (4336)
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > C.Blast, 214A > dash 2C > 5A+B > 236A+B > 41236+C (4900)
  • Confirm into super. Costs 4 bars and Blast (net 3 bar). The Combo Blast needs to be done as soon as possible for the 214A to launch.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > C.Blast, 214A > dash 5A+B > 214A+B > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 63214B+C (4636)
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 236A+B > C.Blast, 214A > dash 5A+B > 214A+B > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 41236B+C (5200)
  • Confirm into super. Costs 5 bars and Blast (net 4 bar).

4A+B Starter

4A+B > X > P.Blast (1292)
  • Overhead into Power Blast.
4A+B > X > j.B > j.C > jc > P.Blast (1692)
  • Overhead into Power Blast. Very strict timing.
4A+B > X > j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 63214B+C (3151)
  • Overhead into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 3 bars.

Throw Starter

Throw > OTG 2A > 2A > 2A > 2B > 2C (1301)
Throw > delay A+C (2342)
  • Throw confirm into Trump Card.
Throw > A+C, 5A+B > 63214B+C (2828)
  • Throw into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 2 bars and Trump Card. The Trump Card only hits partially, allowing you to combo afterwards. You can use Shiny Gift (41236B+C) instead for more damage and less knockdown time.
Throw > A+C, j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B |> 63214B+C (3131)
  • Throw into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 3 bars and Trump Card.


5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B[x2], 2A+B > 63214B+C (3065)
  • Corner combo into Ro-Kyo-Bu super. 2 bars. Shiny Gift doesn't have the height to hit after 2A+B.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B[x2], j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 63214B+C (3438)
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B[x2], j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B > 41236B+C (4002)
  • Corner combo into super. 3 bars. Now that you're at the corner, you can combo a j.236A+B into Shiny Gift (41236B+C).



5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 5S, P.Blast ()
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 5S, 214A, P.Blast ()
  • Confirm into Power Blast. Costs 1 bar and Blast. Dokuro's 5S gives you enough time to dash through and side-switch, if you desire it.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 5S, 214[B], 2C > 5A+B, (ice hits) 5A+C ()
  • Confirm into Trump Card. Costs 1 bar. 2C must be timed well for 5A+B to combo. 5C could also be used, but the timing seems stricter.
(near corner) ...j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > 236A+B > 6S ()
  • Corner air-combo into hard knockdown. Costs 2 bars. 6S should be timed around the time the opponent falls though the 236A+B hoop.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 5S... ()
  • Confirm into Dokuro 5S. Costs 1 bar.
...5S, 214[B], whiff 2B, sj > dj on left
...5S, 214[B], whiff 2B, sj > dj on right
...5S, 214[B], whiff 2B, empty-jump 2A
...5S, 214[B], whiff 2B, micro-dash empty-jump 2A
...5S, 214[B], OTG 2A, dash (throw/2A/4A+B)
  • Dokuro 5S into charged ice oki. Whiff 2B seems to be used for timing the safe jump in high level videos, but seems overly difficult to use without accidentally comboing the opponent out of the setup. Easier suggestions are welcome.
...5S, 214C~B, super-jump > 8jc on other side of opponent > (j.B/land 2A/throw/4A+B), 8-jump (let fireworks push opponent) > land 2A
  • Dokuro 5S into fireworks oki. More chaotic and freeform mixup opportunities.


5A > 5B > 2C > 6S > 5A+B > 214[B] > 5B > j.B > j.C > jc8 > delay j.C |> A+B+C (2766)
  • Confirm into Power Blast. Costs 1 bar and Blast.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B > 5S > 214A, dash 5A+B 63214B+C (3453)
  • Confirm into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 3 bars. You can use Shiny Gift (41236B+C) instead for more damage and less knockdown time.
5A > 5B > 2C > 6S > 5A+B > 214[B] > 5B > j.B > j.C > jc8 > delay j.C |> 5A+B > 63214B+C (3786)
  • Alternate confirm into Ro-Kyu-Bu super. Costs 3 bars. You can use Shiny Gift (41236B+C) instead for more damage and less knockdown time.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B~A+B, 5S, 214C~C (1992)
  • Corner combo with oki ender. Dash j9, dj8[6] to land same side. Microdash j9, dj8[6] to land crossup.
5A > 5B > 5C > 5A+B~A+B, 5S, 214C~B (1992)
  • Corner combo with oki ender. j86, dj8 to hit same side. j8[6], dj8 to hit crossup.
2A+B > delay 5S > 214A, 5A+B 63214B+C (3136)
  • Anti air into Ro-Kyo-Bu super. Costs 3 bars.
2A+B > delay 5S > 214A, j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.236A+B |> 63214B+C (3416)
  • Anti air into Ro-Kyo-Bu super. Costs 4 bars.


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