Dong Dong Never Die/Bioman

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Boss Stats: Bioman has the highest health in the game below Violent Dong Dong, and every attribute is maxed out.
  • Great Supers: From a close-up combo ender to a projectile super that can combo into itself, Bioman has a lot of good choices to burn meter on.
  • Neutral Machine: His whole moveset, normals, specials, and supers, set him up to be an extreme powerhouse in neutral alongside his versatile offensive and defensive capability.
  • Self-Healing: One of Bioman's supers is the ability to heal himself, which is supplemented with full-body invincibility. Especially helpful when fishing for a time over and is decent option against Gouki's Time Slow.
  • Oppressive Zoning: His pistol special can be used both on the ground and in the air, and the bullet is not only fast but is able to be comboed into itself. His machine gun special is also a nice option.
  • Subtle Pushback: Although he isn't completely immune to corner juggle infinites, his pushback makes some characters unable to use their juggle infinites (like Kenjiro).
  • Self-Heal Recovery: The recovery on his self-heal move is long enough for a character to punish it mid-screen, making it more of a risky option than an instant win button.
  • Lack of Run: Like Jiang Bao, Bioman isn't able to run whenever you double-tap forward. Due to this, he can't access universal techniques like the Jab Corner Carry.
  • Banned in a hypothetical tournament setting.