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How to Map Controls

In the top left of the game window, select "Options". To map keyboard controls, select "Keyboard." To map controller/stick button layout, select "JoyStick."

For the game to recognize your controller, you must also open up Options > Game and tick the "JoyStick" box.

NOTE: 2D Fighter Maker (DDND's engine) has very limited native controller support. Additionally, enabling the "Joystick" option has been known to cause significant lag. If you want to use a controller, it's recommended disable the "Joystick" option, and instead use a program like Xpadder or Joy2Key to map your controller inputs to keyboard inputs.

Numpad Notation

All input notations assume that the player is facing right. So, 6 corresponds to forward, 5 to neutral, 4 to back, etc. All directional inputs will use numpad notation.

Basic Movement

  • 4/6 - Walk left/right. 4 will also allow you to block mid and overhead attacks.
  • 1/2/3 - Crouch. 1 will also allow you to block mid and low attacks.
  • 66 - Forward dash, hold to run (some characters, such as Jiang Bao, have a step dash instead of a run)
  • 44 - Backward dash
  • 7/8/9 - Back/neutral/forward jump


A - Light punch (LP)

B - Heavy punch (HP)

C - Light kick (LK)

D - Heavy kick (HK)

E - Defensive actions

F - Golden roll

Start - Pause

Universal Actions

Normals: There are four attack buttons in DDND: A, B, C, and D. Every character has a standing, crouching, and jumping version of each of these.

Universal Overhead: A hopping attack that hits overhead. Executed by inputting 22 and either C or D. The 22C version comes out faster and has your character jump a shorter distance into the air, while the 22D version comes out more slowly, but

Throws: Every character can execute a throw when close to the opponent by pressing 6 and either B or D. B throws throw the opponent in front of your character, while D throws throw the opponent behind your character. Unlike many other fighting games, throws can connect while the opponent is in hitstun or blockstun!

Throw Tech: Under certain circumstances, throws can be teched by inputting any forward direction during the first 20 frames of an opponent's throw animation. Inputting any backward direction during this window will lock you out of teching the throw. Throws cannot be teched if they connect while the receiving character is in hitstun, or performing an attack, backdash, or roll.

Roll: Every character can perform forward and back rolls by inputting 4/6+E while grounded. Rolls are invincible on startup, but vulnerable during the later frames. Rolls can be canceled into any move from frames 7-12, allowing you to perform kara moves with them.

Golden Roll: Every character also has a metered version of roll, performed by inputting 4/6+F while grounded. Golden roll has less recovery than regular roll, is fully invincible, and can be canceled into from anything that can be canceled into a super, as well as throws. They also pause the opponent for some number of frames, with backwards golden roll pausing the opponent for longer. Canceling a move into golden roll is known as a "roll cancel" (RC).

Dead Angle Attack: Executed by pressing 6+E while in blockstun. Your character will perform an invincible counter move that knocks the opponent down on hit. Costs 1 bar to perform.

Tech Roll: Executed by pressing 4/6+E as you get knocked down. Your character will roll and get up much faster. However, this maneuver is vulnerable near the end, just like a normal roll.

Dong Dong
A Shuang
Yin Yin
Ming Boy
Liu Mang
Wu Liao Jun
Jie Mei Hua
Mian Hua Tang
Jian Ci Lang
Jiang Bao
Jie Jie
Xiao Pan
Huo Chai Ren
Sun Wukong
Da Lan
Zhuge Liang
Fei Fei
Sheng Hua Nan