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Where can I download this game?

You can either download the game on this page, or on the Discord. While this wiki only covers version 1.651, all patched versions are available to download here, but unpatched versions are on the Discord. Due these files being hosted on The Internet Archive, the download speeds may be somewhat slower.

Judgment Day/2.0: The latest version, and the version this wiki covers. A fan-made patch made by the DDND Discord intended to make the game more competitively viable. Adds new mechanics and moves, and rebalances and reworks the entire cast.

Demo 1: A novel pre-release version by the developers made in 2007. It only features two playable characters (Dong Dong and Terminator),and is notable for having chainable air normals from light to heavy.

Demo 2: Not patched yet. Another pre-release version that is closer to the final v1.0 game. Meter in this version is gained by collecting items that opponents drop when hit.

V1.0: The original release from August 8th, 2009. Probably the most famous version.

V1.6: The first update to the game from August 5th, 2011. Contains additional moves for some characters, and accidentally allowed a non-playable character to be selected. Another version that's well-known.

V1.65: The first update from the Chinese community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game, authored by Baidu user hlwz. It reforms some of the characters, and aims to make the game more balanced overall.

V1.651: A slightly updated patch from hlwz

What does the tier list look like?

All placements are somewhat subjective due to a lack of a significant competitive scene and exploration of the mechanics.

Version 1.651 (by [erasedfromexistence]

Banned: GOUKI, Violent Dong Dong, Bioman

Top Tier: A Shuang, Wu Liao Jun, Jian Ci Lang, Fei Fei, Yin Yin

High Tier: Dong Dong, Mario, Jie Mei Hua, Mian Hua Tang, Huo Chai Ren

Mid Tier: Ken, Ming Boy, Zhuge Liang, Mo Shu Shi, Da Lan

Low Tier: Liu Mang, Sun Wukong, Terminator, Jiang Bao

Trash Tier: Xiao Pan, Jie Jie

Judgment Day (by [erasedfromexistence])

S: A Shuang, Fei Fei, Jie Mei Hua, Mario, Terminator'

A+: Bioman, Wu Liao Jun, GOUKI, Jie Jie, Huo Chai Ren, Liu Mang

A-: Jiang Bao, Dong Dong, Jian Ci Lang, Ken, Xiao Pan, Da Lan

B+: Mian Hua Tang, Yin Yin, Ming Boy, Sun Wukong, Mo Shu Shi, Zhuge Liang

"The frame data seems off, usually I can react to a 25f startup move"

Dong Dong Never Die's engine runs at 100 frames per second, and the frame data is taken directly from the files. A 25-frame move in Dong Dong is the equivalent of a 15-frame move in a 60 fps game like 3rd Strike.

How do I play online??

Uhhh.. I'll answer that later. You won't like the answer, though.

How do I view hitboxes?

There's a config file in the game files called "game.ini". On Windows, right-click the file and open with Notepad. For other OSes, just try to open this file with a text editor.

One of the first flags is called "Editor.TestPlay.HitJudge" and it should be equal to 0 by default. Change this 0 to a 1, and save the file. When you boot the game up after this, you should be able to gaze upon the hitboxes these fighters have.

Don't touch "pristine_game.ini", as this is a clean copy of the game.ini file. In the case that your ini file gets deleted, copy this file and rename the copy to "game".