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Character Type: Shoto/Footsies
Home Province: Zhe Jiang
Power: ⭐⭐
Speed: ⭐⭐⭐
Health: ⭐⭐

Character Overview

Ken (肯 kěn) is a straightforward shoto-type character with solid long-ranged pokes, strong, consistent confirms, and a variety of special moves that allow him to control space, anti-air, and mix the opponent up.

Ken boasts long-reaching normals such as 5C, 3C, 2D, and 5D, as well as good projectiles, which are excellent for boxing the opponent out. To complement these tools, Ken has excellent anti-airs in the form of 623A/B and 2B, which can both be extended off of using RC in order to carry the opponent to the corner. Once Ken has closed the distance, he can use his extremely plus cl.B and light normals in order to push nasty mixups using 214C, or more conventional strike/throw mixups.

Ken's biggest weakness is the lack of any overly powerful individual options. While he is very consistent and solid in all aspects of his game, he lacks a lot of the grime that other characters have in terms of their pressure sequences and setups.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good Pokes: Ken has access to many long-reaching normals, such as 5C, 3C and 5D. 2D is a monstrously long sweep that can notably be confirmed into H-Tatsu (214D) from far range. His fireballs are also a useful, if committal, method of boxing the opponent out.
  • Good Anti-Airs: Ken's DPs are consistent, deal good damage, and can be extended off of with RC.
  • Strong, Consistent Damage: Ken can easily deal 40-50% off any random poke with a simple 1-bar confirm, allowing him to consistently take rounds off of just 2-3 openings.
  • Fast Run Speed: Ken's run speed is faster than average, helping him approach in neutral and making his effective range even larger due to him being able to get to his preferred spacing more quickly.
  • Consistent Corner Carry: Ken can put the opponent into the corner from any screen position for 1 bar by RC'ing one of his DPs and going into a juggle into air tatsu. Air tatsu itself is a risky, but rewarding anti-air option when TK'ed due the the corner carry and can be TK'ed to extend anti-air combos as well.
  • Fireball RC: Ken can easily get in for 1 bar by RCing fireball, and even pick up a combo if the opponent wasn't already blocking by the time RC started up.
  • Light Tatsu Mix: Light tatsu is a nasty mixup move, allowing Ken to hit overhead either on the same side or the opposite side if the opponent isn't ready for it.
  • Tech Coverage: Heavy tatsu has a reverse hit that can hit opponents trying to tech roll behind Ken, making it a good option for trying to cover the opponent's wakeup.
  • No BS: Ken doesn't have any overpoweringly strong options in any respect.
  • Meter Hungry: Ken's options for extending combos without meter are limited. This issue is made worse because he starts the match with only 1 bar, and struggles to build meter due to a lack of safe specials to whiff and using less specials in each combo than many other characters.
  • Combo Food: Ken has a quirk that causes him to start moving later than other characters do on some of his juggle animations. Because of that, there are many Ken-exclusive combos that can rack up a lot of damage by repeatedly looping sequences that would drop against most other characters.

Character Data


Meter Build per Hit:

Meter Build per Enemy Hit/Special Use:

Walk Speed:

Run Speed:

Prejump frames: