Dong Dong Never Die/Magician

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Character Type: Summoning/Setplay
Home Province: Yunnan
Age: 29
Speed: ⭐⭐
Spirit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Character Overview

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Summon Setups: Magician can use his summons to convert off of instant overheads and throws and set up scenarios where any option the opponent picks except for roll cancel will result in them getting hit.
  • Summon Neutral: Summons can cover a lot of screen space in neutral, and can be used to cover Magician's approach or to zone the opponent out.
  • Lots of Meter: Magician starts the match with 4 bars of super meter, and builds it quickly due to his combos having a lot of hits and incorporating a lot of special moves.
  • Huge Combos: If everything lines up properly, Magician can dish out complex, highly damaging combo sequences.
  • Block Pressure: Magician can keep the opponent blocking for a lot time, and deal a lot of chip damage in the process.
  • Consistent Anti-Air: Shield Spell has a lot of upper-body invincibility (and some full invincibility), and can lead to a full combo if timed properly.
  • Has To Work For Mix: In order to combo off instant overheads or throws, summons have to be in just the right position, which can be hard to set up.
  • Weak Meterless Confirms: Magician can't deal much damage off of any given hit unless he spends meter or a summon is already in play
  • Has to Get In: Despite having plenty of stuff to do at long range, Magician generally needs to approach in order to take full advantage of his summons and win the game.
  • Needs Time and Space to Set Up: If the opponent just rushes him down, it can be difficult for Mo Shu Shi to find an opening to summon
  • Reliant On Summons in Neutral: Magician's neutral kind of just breaks down when he has no summons in play.