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Character Type: Zoning/Mixup Hybrid
Home Province: Unknown (Illusion)
Power: ⭐⭐
Speed: ⭐⭐
Health: ⭐⭐
Spirit: ⭐⭐

Character Overview

Mario (马里奥 mǎlǐào) is a character that should be instantly recognizable the moment you see him in action. That's because his moveset is identical to that of perennial Street Fighter, Akuma! That's the only reason. He was originally planned to be a hidden joke character, but was made a regular character due to the limitations of Fighter Maker.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good Zoning: Mario's air Mushrooms are an amazing zoning tool, allowing him to put multiple slow projectiles on the screen at a time, which he can use to retreat, cover his approach, chip the opponent out, and punish their fireball attempts by jumping over and throwing H-Air Mushroom.
  • Good Pressure: Between his air fireballs and plus frame normals, Mario is good at keeping the opponent locked down and forcing mixups.
  • High Damage: Mario has some of the highest combo damage in the game when optimized.
  • Command Grab Super: The Instant Horse Kill/Raging Demon is a highly damaging command grab that cannot be rolled/backdashed on reaction if performed close enough
  • Low Profile: While standing, Mario is about as tall as some crouching characters, allowing him to completely high attacks and some projectiles.
  • Tiny Normals: Mario has next to no range on most of his normals, meaning he has to get right in the opponent's face to get any kind of combo started.
  • Inconsistent Combos: Mario's normals tend to whiff in combos due to their short range unless spaced perfectly, and some of his supers and specials have odd hitboxes that can cause them to lose hits due to tiny factors.
  • Reliant On Air Fireball:

Character Data


Meter Build per Hit:

Meter Build per Enemy Hit/Special Use:

Walk Speed:

Run Speed:

Prejump Frames:

Light Blockstun/Meter Gain:

Heavy Blockstun/Meter Gain: