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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my character's moves?

Refer to the character pages or the controls page.

How do I jump?

Unlike most fighting games, DracoFighter doesn't have a universal jump. The game doesn't have up/down mapped in the controls since the game was made with mobile in mind, so that it would be easier to control. Most characters can jump forward with F-Special, which moreso functions as a jumping attack with built-in evasion.

Blocking projectiles is hard! Am I missing something?

Blocking can be done by either holding back OR pressing nothing at all. While crouch blocking is possible in other fighting games, DracoFighter lets you block automatically since there's no up/down mapped to the controls. This also makes it possible to block projectiles without needing them to outrun you.

The opponent keeps grabbing me! What do I do?

Hold an attack. This will allow you to buffer an attack to come out as soon as possible, which will beat out the grab. The safest throw crush option is N-Attack, which can be performed just by holding the attack button without a direction.

The opponent is spamming N-Attack! Is there any way out?

Block one of them, then hold N-Attack. If you block an N-Attack, it will cause the opponent to be minus on block, which means that afterwards you're able to act first. If you're not in the corner, you can also hold back to just walk away.

How do I play online?

DracoFighter does not have online play built into it. You can play online with either Parsec (an external program made for this situation), or Steam Remote Play if you bought it on Steam. While searching up Remote Play will give you a better tutorial, you can use it by launching the game, right-clicking a Steam friend, then clicking Remote Play Together.

A sequel with rollback is planned, but this game was meant to focus on local multiplayer.

How do I play the secret characters?

It's a secret...!

If you want a hint, they're all accessible from just the character select screen. No "unlocking" necessary.

Secret Characters