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Health 100
Dash Time 12 Frames


Plexie is an alien from the planet Seerel, a small and militant society that trained every citizen to be a soldier. As the runt of the litter, Plexie was often picked on and had to work harder than the rest just to be competent. Her biggest comfort was Earth. During breaks, she would look at the beautiful planet longingly and imagine what it would be like to live there. However, one day her sensors went off -- someone had unlocked time travel on Earth! She secretly took a space ship there to save the planet, but ended up crash landing into the building! What she found there would completely change her past life as an obedient soldier...

Gameplay Overview

Plexie is a mid-range zoner who excels at keep-out -- if going by Smash archetypes, she would be considered a swordie. She has ridiculous disjoints, even on her grab, and can keep herself very safe in neutral. However, she becomes very unsafe at close range, and has no way to exert pressure from far away. This makes her very precise, with small mistakes being very punishing.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Range: Has the longest non-projectile range in the game
  • Disjoints: Has the largest disjoints, allowing her to throw out hitboxes with relatively low risk
  • Keep-out: Between her projectile and disjoints, she can make it very difficult for the opponent to get in
  • Damage: Her higher damage combos require either risk or specific situations, leaving her damage otherwise subpar
  • Close Range: All of Plexie's options at close range are either punishable or risky
  • Frame Data: Most moves are unsafe on block, and relatively slow to come out

Move List

Normal Attacks

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
5, 7 10 4, 8 50 +3 -2

Plexie's fastest move. Helpful in a variety of situations due to its speed, knockback, and long active hitbox. Can keep opponents out, destroy projectiles, or push opponents back out to mid range. May not link correctly if your opponent happens to be inside of you.

you'll be using this a lot
you'll be using this a lot
Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
15 13 8 45 +0 -10

Plexie moves forward slightly and thrusts a sword out. This is her main keep-out tool, since it's unpunishable when spaced at the tip due to the range. Common combo ender and pushes the opponent out to a nice range.

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
2, 5, 8 15, 20, 26 6, 5, 23 67 +21 -26

Plexie launches the opponent upward before spinning and hitting them twice, shooting them back out. The first hitbox is VERY thin and will only work near point blank, but it's also very tall and should work well as an anti-air. Otherwise, this will work primarily as a combo followup -- since the second and third hitbox go above all character's heads and cannot be blocked, the move is even more unsafe than it might seem.


Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
8 23 120 40 ~+15 ~+5

Plexie shoots a wide slow-moving beam at an upwards angle. It lasts 2 seconds, de-spawning around the time it disappears off the top of the screen. Has surprisingly good frame data, and launches the opponent upwards which can lead to good combos, especially when it lands as an anti-air. Use this often to discourage the opponent from jumping so you can force them to play against your ground game. Since the hitbox starts at ground level, it can also be considered as a close range fighting tool, but may get beaten out by other moves as a projectile.

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
8, 10 24, 28 4, 12 82 +0 -21

It's everybody's favorite and least favorite move, the PLEXIE JUMP! Huge evasion, huge disjoint, basically impossible to anti-air and fast enough to be used as a whiff punish. This is for when you have a hard read and want to throw your whole body into it. However, it's VERY unsafe as a launch-punishable move, and doesn't get you much reward. This should only be used when you feel it'll get you out of a bad situation or your opponent into a worse one. Note that despite being able to hit opponents almost directly below you, it often won't link properly unless they're a bit away.

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
5 20 8 52 +21 (Launch) -5

Plexie shoots a spike out of her orb at around mid range. This move will whiff at point blank and far range, emphasizing Plexie's precision. It's also a bit slow, and pushes the opponent into you on block, which is disadvantageous. In return, this move gives you your highest damage normal hit combo. It can work as either a hard read or a whiff punish at mid range, but do use it with caution.


Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
5 16 16 50 -- --

A fully disjointed grab! Comes out later than some other grabs, but those grabs also can't get you from a third of the screen away. Follows up easily into your bread-n-butters.

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
3 16 16 50 -- --

Remember that huge disjoint? This grab has the same, but it also pushes you forward to increase your range even MORE. The trade-off is less damage and worse combos unless you're against a wall, but it does send the opponent higher and further.

Damage Startup Active FAF Adv on Hit Adv on Block
8 16 16 50 -- --

Plexie grabs the opponent and slashes through them anime-style. This grab comes with a small dash backwards to keep you safer, and has F-Attack as a guaranteed followup. Between the range and grab animation, this can push your opponent backwards a HUGE distance, possibly getting them from one corner to the other in an instant.


Plexie rarely has a reason to not go for max combo damage, but since her N-Attack is more plus on hit than F-Attack, that might be worth considering as a replacement in some scenarios depending on what you want. Combos will be sorted by damage, which is in (parentheses).


  • N-Grab > B-Special > F-Attack - MAX Damage (25)
  • N-Grab > F-Special - Positioning (23)
  • N-Grab > B-Special > N-Attack - Best frames (22)


  • B-Special > B-Attack > F-Attack - MAX Damage (35) - May need to walk up for B-Attack if B-Special is hit from far away
  • B-Special > N-Special > B-Special > F-Attack - (33) - Can be alternative to max damage depending on range
  • B-Special > B-Attack > N-Attack - Best frames (32)
  • B-Special > B-Special > F-Attack (25) - Only works if B-Special is hit near max range


  • B-Attack > F-Attack - MAX Damage (30)
  • B-Attack > N-Attack - Best frames (27)


N-Special is an amazing combo tool with a lot of routes, but very dependent on positioning. It's difficult to find a true max damage combo.

  • N-Special (Point Blank) > B-Attack > F-Attack (38) - Also possible by waiting for N-Special to hit before dashing in
  • N-Special (Anti-Air) > N-Special > B-Special > F-Attack (36)
  • N-Special > F-Special (26)
  • N-Special > B-Special > F-Attack(23)


  • F-Grab > N-Special > B-Attack > F-Attack - MAX Damage (41) - Only available at point blank next to wall
  • F-Grab > F-Special (21)


  • B-Grab > F-Attack (23)


Plexie's gameplan is very simple, but much more difficult to pull off. All you have to do is keep the opponent at mid range, which is at about the tip of your F-Attack. That is where you can exert pressure with F-Attack, grabs, B-Special, and sometimes even F-Special.

In order to do this, a very important thing to do is to keep yourself covered with N-Special as often as possible. Jumps are the main source of zone-breakers and how Draco and BiOS will often get in, so having an N-Special out will discourage them from jumping. If they do jump in on one and get hit, that will often allow you to get a full combo in. If they jump in while you don't have one out, you may have to anti-air with B-Attack or just block and take the 50/50 game.

Once you force the opponent to stay on the ground, space well with your walk. Depending on the opponent's attitude, you can play safe with F-Attack, or punish aggressive behavior with B-Special or F-Special. Once the opponent starts getting defensive, you can open them up with grabs. Getting hits in will allow you to push them into the corner, where you can box them in with your projectile and disjointed hitboxes -- since they can't back up anymore, it will eliminate one of your range weaknesses, allowing you to pressure them more often.

Make sure to keep an eye on the opponent and play at your range accordingly. Plexie might be difficult to play at times, but playing well will be rewarded!

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