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Kurama has an arsenal of tools to keep your opponent at a distance for a variety of situations, and combined with his aerial movements, it can be difficult to get in against him. He's one of the few characters in the game with an instant air-dash, and unlike Yata, doesn't require awakening to access it.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Kurama Portrait.png
Wake Up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


5A: Fast, tall jab. Can be crouched under. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA, 5AAA. Chains into 2A, 6A, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.

  • 5AA: Follow-up specifically to 5A, larger range. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AAA. Chains into 6A, 5B, 6B, and 2B manually.
  • 5AAA: Follow-up specifically to 5AA, larger range, and launches. EX and Super Cancellable.

6A: A lunging kick, large horizontal hitbox. Good for spacing. EX and Super Cancellable.

1A: Low crouching Light kick. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2A. 6A, 5B and 2B manually.

2A: Low medium punch. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2B. 6A, 5B and 2B manually.

3A: Overhead diving kick. The lower the position on hit or block, the safer the move. EX and Super Cancellable.

5B: Standing wide strike. Cancellable.

6B: A standard, long-range projectile. Cannot use again until the first is gone. EX and Super Cancellable.

2B: Low, slow-moving, active projectile. Rides along the ground. EX and Super Cancellable.

j.A: Downward-pointing, jumping jab. Auto-chains into j.?A, j.B. Special and Dash Cancellable.

j.?A: AA medium punch. Auto-chains into j.B. Special and Dash Cancellable.

j.B: Down-waving fan strike. Special and Dash Cancellable.

j.2B: Downwards diagonal projectile. EX Cancellable.

Special Moves

236A: Ai Kaze A

  • Stationary tornado projectile.
  • Juggles opponent slightly.
  • Pushes opponent back when blocked.
  • Pushes player back when blocked.
  • Difficult to string into.

236B: Ai Kaze B

  • Distanced variation of the above.
  • Tornado spawns further away.
  • Inital hit knocks the opponent into tornado.
  • Pushes opponent back on block, but not as far.

236C: EX Indigo Wind

  • Projectile variation.
  • Fast start-up.
  • Notably low Recovery.
  • Travels quickly at first before slowing down.
  • Performs multiple hits that keep opponent in place.
  • Moves past opponent on block.
  • Lands most blocked hits near the end of the move when slow.

623A/B: Hira Arashi

  • Reversal move.
  • Has invincibility on start-up.
  • Can be used in the air.
  • Leaves him in the air.

623C: EX Hira Arashi

  • Extra strike invincibility.
  • Blows opponent back at the end of the animation.
  • Even MORE unsafe.

214A/B: Tengu Stones

  • Deploys two projectiles diagonally towards the air.
  • A is vertical, while B is horizontal.
  • Somewhat fast.
  • Airborne opponents hit can be juggled.
  • DOES NOT hit standing opponents unless they are in hit-stun.

214C: EX Tengu Stones

  • Fires a total of six stones into the air.
  • Comes in contact with the opponent no matter the circumstance.
  • Launches on hit.
  • Can be ducked from a distance.

j.214A/B: Tengu Road

  • An air-only charging attack, distance varying by button.
  • Blows opponent back on hit.
  • Notable block stun, especially when low to the ground.
  • Contains ground recovery.
  • Crosses up surprisingly often.
  • Difficult to hit crouching opponents.

j.214C: EX Tengu Road

  • Instant start-up.
  • Landing recovery insignificant.
  • Launches on hit.
  • Crosses up most often on wake-up.

Super Moves

236236A: Kongō Kon Ai kaze

  • Close-range combo ender with meter.
  • Anti-Air hit-box is huge.
  • Invincible on start-up.

236236B: Kakusei ōgi: Gedō Rin'ne

  • A Full-screen projectile.
  • Has a variety of ways to combo into it.
  • Ends with the opponent far away from the player.
  • Is as invincible as it is active.