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Ryuugen is a glass cannon character with a special gimmick.

He has the ability to EX chain into 3A, 2B, 4B, forward dash and airdash from any normal, special or EX move. His 3rd EX icon refills over time, and lets him do an EX cancel two times before it has to recharge.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Ryuugen Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


5A: Fast jab with good reach. Chains into auto combo 5AAA, as well as 2A/1A/5B/2B/6B/4B

1A: Fast low jab. Chains into auto combo 2AA, as well as 5B/6B/2B

2A: Slightly slower low jab with longer range. Low auto combo. Chains into 5B/6B/2B.

3A: BIG STEPPIE, Overhead stomp that bounces opponent. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

5B: Absurdly fast heavy punch. Pushes Gaou forward. Cancellable.

4B: Shoulder tackle. AA. First hit cannot be teched, second cannot. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

6B: Tail Whip. Knocks his opponent back on hit and block. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

2B: Low sweep that slides him forward. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

j.A: Jumping normal. Good falling hitbox.

j.?A Two feet. Crosses up, but also reaches crouching opponents. Fumble Attack (An overhead, but does not his on the way up).

j.B: Fist slam. Holding the button makes it stronger, and bounces opponent on release.


5AAA: 3-hit combo that launches opponent. Can follow up with certain moves.

1AAA: 3-hit low combo (1A, 2A, 2AA). Final hit pushes the opponent away. Cancellable into EX and Supers only.

j.AAA: Standard air chain.

Special Moves

236A: Fireball

Your average fireball for vertical screen control.

  • Fast recovery.
  • Fast moving (about the same speed as yata's Fireball B).

236B: Flamethrower

A 6-hit stream of fire.

  • Range is about half-screen.
  • Hits low.
  • Does at least 100 in chip.
  • Can combo after it on hit, and is safe on block.
  • Can only combo into from juggle state.
  • Does NOT clash with other projectiles.

236C: Big Fireball

A 4-hit fireball that absorbs most projectiles with its massive size and number of hits.

  • Effective for locking down opponent as well.
  • Can only combo into from juggle state.

214A/B: Living Liquid A/B

Summons a pool of liquid the homes in on the opponent. Can be detonated by pressing C. Doing the input twice forms a greenish puddle. When activated it forms a multi-hit drill, but follows the same rules.

  • Launches the opponent.
  • Can be detonated at any time, so long as Gaou isn't getting hit or blocking.
  • It also disappears when hit.
  • Can be air-teched.
  • B is the same as above, but formed half-screen away.

214C: EX Living Liquid

A pool of liquid that traps the opponent for a period of time.

  • Has a much larger hit-box.
  • Immediately ends when other EX moves and Supers are used.
  • Has an odd bug where tagging opponent in after it hits keeps tagged character from hitting bubbled character.

j.214A/B: Lightning Mine

Leaves an aerial trap. Like the living liquid, it can be detonated. When left alone, it will create a larger explosion.

  • When the opponent is hit, it creeps closer to them.
  • Disappears when hit.
  • B is the same as above, but formed half-screen away.

j.214C: EX Lightning Mine

This mine cannot be detonated manually but fires a volley of tracking beams at the opponent.

  • Disappears when hit.

623A/AB: Dragon Roll

A movement attack that allows Gaou to flip forward into the air.

  • A is higher, allowing him to avoid moves more easily.
  • B is lowering, making it easier to move past his opponent.

It can be followed up with a number of commands during the animation.

  • Pressing A will cause a head-stomp where he leaps high before quickly stomping down.
  • It is an overhead.
  • Pressing B will immediately lower him to the ground with very little recovery.
  • It also contains a super armor point.
  • Leaving it untouched will end in a low-hitting slide.

623C: EX Dragon Roll

  • Initial Roll becomes a multi-hit move with quick start-up.
  • Pressing A does a more-powerful head stomp that knocks the opponent to the ground.
  • All other properties are unchanged.

Super Moves

236236A: Gaou leaps forward and grabs his opponent.

  • Can grab opponent like the average throw, but can combo into it as well.
  • Invincibility frames on start-up.

Awaken Art - 236236B: A fire breath wave.

  • Hits the opponent at full screen.
  • Invincibility frames until beam ends.
  • Long recovery.