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One of the Grapplers of the Game.Command Rolls that move past any projectile, Command Throws that rip off 35% with traveling distance. powerful left-right mix... If you aim to stay close to your opponent after an evasive approach, Sangetu might be your choice. Being a grappler with movement options and amazing pressure, he even comes with a good set of reversals in poor situations.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Sangetu Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


5A: Short-range standing jab. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA 5AAA/4AAA. Chains manually into 6A, 2A, 5B and 2B.

  • 5AA: Forward-moving knee. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AAA/4AAA. Chains manually into 5B and 2B.
  • 5AAA: LARIATO!!! Hard knock down, notable range. EX and Super cancellable.
  • 4AAA: Reverse throw, tosses the opponent behind him. Hard Knock Down. Can be blocked, and not be canceled by any means.

6A: Mid-range poke. Quick and safe. Special and EX Cancellable.

1A: Low crouching light kick. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2A 2B. Chains manually into 6A, 5B and 2B.

2A: Low medium punch. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2B. Chains manually into 5B and 2B.

5B: Chest chop. Can be ducked under. Cancellable.

4B: Elbow Room. Notable vertical range. High-hit stun. Cancellable.

6B: Big-ole Dropkick. Big horizontal range, notable recovery. Goes over lows, but is NOT an overhead. Blows opponent back, and can cause a wall-bounce. EX and Super cancellable.

2B: Low sweep, somewhat fast. EX and Super cancellable.

j.A: Jumping jab. Can hit grounded, standing opponents. Cancellable.

j.?A: Jumping medium vertical chop. Cancellable.

j.B: Jumping heavy horizontal chop. Abnormally high hit-stun. Cancellable.

j.6B: Air Dropkick. Moves him further forward. Retains ground version properties.


6C: Sangetsu performs a Giant Swing on his opponent before sending them into a blowback state, wall-splat if in/near the corner.

4C: Sangetsu throws his opponent behind him through a slamming suplex, causing a short ground bounce.

j.6C: Air-Throw

  • Good for catching air-born opponents.
  • Also a strong reset tool.
  • Throw range is around his chest/head area, so it's difficult to land near the ground.

Special Moves

236A: Command Roll A

  • Sangetu rolls to approach or slide past his opponent.
  • Gains invul slightly after start-up.
  • Low recovery for many combo and mix-up situations.

236B: Command Roll B

  • Roll distance is increase.
  • Invul lasts much longer.
  • Generally slowing animation.

236C: EX Command Roll

  • Invul occurs much sooner.
  • Slightly longer range than Roll B.

623A/B: Air Stamp

  • A leaping command throw that intercepts air-borne opponents.
  • Very fast, works against airborne opponents in nearly any situation.
  • Strong combo ender.
  • Left very unsafe if whiffed.

623C: EX Air Stamp

  • Slightly faster, highest-reaching of the three.
  • Comes with invul on strat-up.

214A/B: Kaiser Impact

  • Ground-based forward-moving command throw.
  • A is faster with shorter range, B is vice-verse.
  • Can catch air-born opponents.

214C: EX Kaiser Impact

  • Longest range of the three.
  • Has Super Armor against both highs and lows.

j.236A/B: Cross Chop

  • Sangetu spirals down onto his opponent.
  • A is vertical with faster start-up. B is horizontal with slower start-up.
  • Overhead.
  • Can cross up.
  • Bounces off on hit or block.
  • Notable lag regardless.

j.236C: EX Cross Chop

  • This version passes the opponent and Sangetsu reaches the ground no matter what.
  • On hit, lag can be naturally canceled.
  • Start-up of A, range of B.
  • Overhead.
  • Can cross up.

Super Moves

236236A Shin Kaiser Impact

  • Final Atomic Whatever.
    Immediate invul on start-up.
    Very fast, making it a great reversal tool.
    When awakened, it gets a damage boost, along with a cinematic.

236236B Moonsault Truck (UNO, DOS, TRES...)

  • Sangetsu jumps onto a turnbuckle and counts to three in Spanish, and leaps down onto his opponent with a Bodyslam.
    A dangerous reversal tool and combo ender.
    Entirely Unblockable
    Has some of the highest counter-hit damage in the game.