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Shiyuu is the closest to the classic style of most fighting games' grapplers. Rather than mixing your opponent up, you play very stationarily. His normals are generally useful and make up for his low speed, in addition to a parry that aids in dealing with the many projectiles and normals that come your way, making for great chances to punish the opponent. With effective play he can catch his opponent off guard and take them to the ground. Once you're in on your opponent, it's very hard for them to escape being gored by his throw game and meaty set-ups.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Shiyuu Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


4A: Rapid-Fire jab with good range. Cancellable, chains into 6A, 6B and 2B (Latter 2 do not combo).

5A: An overhead that, while timely, has an armor point on start-up. Cancellable, and leads to a grab.

  • 5AA: A follow-up grab from 5A that does extra damage. Can be blocked. Only cancellable by EX moves and Supers.

2A: A low jab similar to 4A, but is slightly slower and has less range. Cancellable, chains into 6A, 6B and 2B (6B will not combo).

6A: Another overhead with many perks. It can be chained into from 4A or 2A, avoids lows and grabs of all kinds. Great for oki thanks to a high number of active frames.

5B: 4-hit attack that breaks through armored moves. On hit, can be followed up with a 4A. Cancels into EX and Supers only.

6B: Big straight punch. A good poke that's hard to punish. Cancels into EX and Supers only.

4B: Launching uppercut. AA and Powerful corner combo tool. Cancellable.

2B: A sweep with good range. Cancellable.

3B: 2-hit Low launcher that breaks armored moves. Cancels into EX and Supers only.

j.A Standard Jumping Light Attack. Good lingering hitbox to fall onto the opponent.

j.?A Dropkick. Misleading animation with lower active frames than shown.

j.B Big falling headbutt. Somewhat slow.

j.2B Body splash. Very quick, crosses up and is easy to confirm from.

Special Inputs

6 or 4(when attacked, air also): Parry: With good timing, negate some damage and gain frame advantage.

  • Cancelling into EX moves, Super or Awaken Art makes for strong, immediate punishes.

Special Moves

236A/B: Running Grab

  • Ignores Guard and grabs the opponent while running forward.
  • Can connect when the opponent is juggled (not jumping).

236C: EX Running Grab

  • Contains one armor point.
  • Great combo ender.

214A/B: Pile Driver

  • Token Command Grab.
  • Good for catching rolls.
  • Does not connect immediately at the start of the animation, and can be interrupted.

214C: EX Pile Driver

  • Has full invincibility on start-up.

623A: Spinning Lariat A

  • Strong AA move.
  • Can change direction while active.
  • Potential meaty tool.

623B: Spinning Lariat B

  • 2-hit Variation.
  • Higher combo potential.
  • Slower in movement, but lasts longer.
  • Can be trickier to block with good timing on movement.

623C: Spinning Lariat EX

  • Completely vertical motion that sends the opponent across the screen on last hit.
  • Invulnerability on start-up.

Super Moves

236236A: Performs an Anti-Air grab.

  • Ends in a corner carry.
  • Great combo ender when meter available.

Awaken Art - 236236B: Command Grab Super.

  • Powerful roll punish.

General Strategy

Combo Examples

Despite his simple damage from good reads, some of his combos require a bit more creativity. Aim to end with Super, EX Spinning Lariat and EX Running Grab to top off combos for good damage. Meaty 6A and Spinning Lariat A are potential combo starters, capable of even stronger ones in the corner.


  • 4AAAA > 623A
  • 2AAA > 623B
  • 5A > 632A/B
  • Meaty 6A > 4A > 6B
  • Meaty 6A > 4B > 236A/B
  • Meaty 6A > 4B > 623B > 623A > 623C
  • Meaty 6A > 4B > 623B > 623A > 236236A


  • j.AA > 4AAAA > 623A
  • j.AA > 2AAA > 623B
  • j.2B > 4B > 236A
  • j.2B > 4B > 4A > 6B
  • j.2B > 4B > 623B > 623A > 623C
  • j.2B > 4B > 623B > 623A > 236236A


  • 4B > 4A > 4B > 4B > 4A > 236A/B
  • 4B > 4A > 4B > 4B > 4A > 623A > 623C > 236236A*
  • Meaty 6A > 4B > 4A > 4B > 4B > 4A > 623A > 623C > 236236A
  • 4B > 623B > 4A > 4B > 623A > 236236A
  • 3B > 4A > 4B > 623A > 236236A
  • Meaty 623A > 4B > 623B > 623A > 623C > 236236A