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The "Shoto" of the game. A balanced character with balanced traits, simple and easy to pick up, and doesn't lack in many areas. His primary strength is neutral, having quick, safe normals with sizable hitboxes, and strong fireball play to keep his opponent out, even a DP for reversals. These many things make him a great choice for any team.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Yata Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


4A: A fast, short-range jab. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5A. Chains into 6A, 2A, 5B, and 2B manually.

5A: Fast sword slash. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA, 5AAA. Chains into 6A, 2A, 5B, and 2B manually.

  • 5AA: A follow-up slash, Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AAA. Chains into 5B, and 2B manually.
  • 5AAA: An ending slash that moves past the opponent on hit (NOT on block.) Cancels into EX and Super only.

1A: Low-hitting, crouching light kick. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2A(both block and hit). Chains into 6A, 5B, and 2B manually.

2A: Low-hitting, crouching medium kick. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2B. Chains into 5B, and 2B manually.

6A: A long, quick poking tool, great for spacing. Cancels into EX and Super only.

3A: Overhead rolling kick that moves him slightly forward. Low-Attack invincibility. Cancels into EX and Super only.

5B: Chunky sword slash, for combo fodder. Cancellable.

2B: Low-hitting Sweep with solid range. Cancellable.

6B: Forward moving, large sword slash. Cancels into EX and Super only.

j.A: Jumping Light Attack, very, very low range and active frames. Cancellable.

j.?A: Jumping Medium Kick. Cross-Up. Cancellable.

j.B: Jumping Heavy Slash. Cancellable.

Auto Combo Patterns


 5A - 5AA - 5AAA
 5A - 2A - 2B
 2A - 2B


 2A - 2B


6C: Yata Throws his opponent by tripping them forward, ending in a ground bounce.

4C: Yata slams the opponent behind him with a shoulder throw.

  • Possible to be followed up in/near the corner.

Special Inputs

j.6(6), j.4(4) Air-Dash (Awakening only)

  • When awakened, Yata grows a pair of wings that allow him to air-dash forward or backward in a downward angle.
  • The inputs for each direction can be swapped between ( j.6(6) to j.4(4) to j.6(6) ) to quickly change directions of movement mid-air.
  • These dashes can be canceled on hit or block by any normal until reaching the ground.

Special Moves

236A/B: Fusetsuzan

Your standard projectile

  • Fast start-up.
  • Runs across the ground, making it easy to jump over when far away.
  • A version has slower traveling speed. Can be used to meaty your opponent more consistently as well.
  • B version has faster-traveling speed, 2x as much as A. Mix the two to make zoning disorienting.
  • Both are relatively similar in recovery time.

236C: EX Fusetsuzan

Two-Hitting Fireball that travels ABOVE ground.

  • As fast as Fireball B
  • Low recovery, making for great combo extensions and guard pressure.

j.236A/B: Air Fusetsuzan

Travels in a downwards diagonal arc.

  • A version sends him away after firing.
  • Angle is much more vertical.
  • B version follows jump arc. Forward jump = Moving forward after firing, Neutral jump = Stay in place, Back jump = moving away after firing.
  • Angle is much more horizontal.

j.236C: EX Air Fusetsuzan

  • Fires at a diagonal arc between A and B.
  • Similar to ground properties.

623A-AA/B-BB: Tenkasho

Strike-Invincible Reversal Option

  • Very fast, and leads to a knock-down on the second hit.
  • Can combo after with use of EX moves and Super.
  • Good vertical hit-box, with B's slightly higher than A's.
  • Only invincible to physical attacks, not projectile ones.
  • Cannot cancel into the second hit when blocked. Very unsafe.

623C: EX Tenkasho

Reversal Option with even more invincibility.

  • Slightly faster start-up than other DPs
  • Easier to combo after the second hit.

214A: Kagura A

A spinning slash that goes over lows.

  • Multiple Hits.
  • Completely punishable on block.

214B: Kagura B

Similar to above., only one solid Overhead hit, rather than 3.

  • Higher travel arc. Sometimes goes over the opponent.
  • Safe on block.

214C: EX Kagura

Launches opponent to continue combos, and comes with an enormous hit-box.

  • Fully invincible to projectiles.
  • NOT an overhead, but can cross-up.

Super Moves

236236A: Kinkei Issen

  • Launches a massive fireball.
  • Five hits of big damage, doing half as much on block.
  • Ideal combo ender with meter in nearly any situation.

Awaken Art - 236236B: Setsugetsuka

  • Cinematic Rush.
  • Entirely invincible.
  • Entirely punishable if blocked.