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Zetuei is the meaning of being hard to catch, yet easy to be caught by. Being the only character in the cast to have a double jump, he can be both evasive and pressuring. His normals are both incredibly fast, safe, and very good at opening his opponent up. Having special specific to mix in make for the icing on his kit, causing him to be utterly frightening on wake-up. Though he lacks in damage, he makes up for in nearly every other department.

Pros Cons
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DBSE Zetuei Portrait.png
Wake up Timings: -
Dash Startup: -


5A: Fast, low-angled light kick. Not a low. Cancellable. Auto-Chains into 5AA - 5AAA. Manually chains into 1A, 2A, 3A, 6A, 5B, 4B, 6B, and 2B.

5AA: Look at that knee. Medium-ish move. Slightly more range than 5A, about the same start-up. Cancellable. Auto-Chains into 5AAA, 5AA6A, 5AA4A. Manually chains into 2A, 3A, 5B, 4B, 6B, and 2B.
5AAA: Flip-kick. Anti-air material, having such a high vertical hit-box. About the same start-up and range as 5AA. EX and Super Cancellable.
5AA6A: Launching kick ender. Pressing A allow you to alternatively jump after landing the hit. Launch angle is low, as if intended to be followed up immediately. Only jump cancels on hit. Cancellable.
5AA4A(A): Shadow Clone Jutsu. The clone appears while Zetuei himself is stationary, launching the opponent with 6A. If his again, Zetuei will jump high to pursue with two spiking kicks. It only activates on hit. There's also a gap between 5AA and the initial animation of 5AA4A. All hits are EX and Super Cancellable.

6A: Step-kick. Long-range, much of which being disjointed. Safer from further away than on hit. EX and Super Cancellable.

1A: Crouching light kick. Low. Fast. Very short range. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2A - 2B. Manually chains into 3A, 5B, 6B, 4B, and 2B.

2A: Crouching medium kick. Low. Range nearly comparable to 6A, even faster than 1A. Cancellable. Auto-chains into 2B. Manually chains into 3A, 5B, 6B, 4B, and 2B.

3A: A rolling kick where Zetuei leaps forward. Overhead. Low invul. Good range. Knocks down. Cannot be followed up on hit. EX and Super Cancellable.

5B: A roundhouse with a slight disjoint. Mostly combo fodder. Cancellable.

6B: A chop-kick in a two-hit sequence. Low Invul, but not an overhead. Safe on block if blocked low. Cancellable (Senpuu Ranka in the air, others on the ground).

4B: A launching kick, sends the opponent spinning into a knock-down state. Short-range grounded. High range aerial. Jump cancellable on hit. Special cancellable otherwise.

2B: Low sweep. Slightly less range than 2A. Jump cancellable on hit. Special cancellable otherwise.

3B: Low slide. The further the distance before being blocked, the safer. EX and Super Cancellable.

j.A: Typical jumping light knee. Crosses up, and active for a good while. Cancellable.

j.?A: Jumping medium kick. Crosses up a bit more consistently than J.A, having far more range. Cancellable.

j.B: Jumping heavy, a forward flip kick. Cancellable.

Special Inputs

8(7,9)-8(7,9): Double Jump

Exclusive to Zetuei, he can jump twice before hitting the ground. Much like air-dashes, all air normals are jump cancellable.

When teching a move, he cannot jump twice again unless landing an air normal. It is lost once use otherwise.


(6)C: Zetuei flips over his opponent and slams them to the ground.

Short animation.

Can combo after if Bottle Fire is present near the body.

(4)C: Zetuel does a bunch of gymnastics before slamming the opponent behind him.

j.(6)C: An Izuna Drop.

Made useful for catching air-techs, especially with multiple jumps.

Special Moves

236A/B: Bottle Fire

  • Throws a Molotov that sprouts a flame at the opponent's feet when hitting the ground.
  • The trajectory varies by the button used.
  • A is more stationary, while B moves further away.
  • Can be followed up by another input (A or B).
  • Does three hits upon detonation.
  • Does not hit airborne opponents unless already in hit-stun.
  • Instantly destroyed if they hit the opponent.
  • Excellent set-play tool.

j.236A/B: Air Bottle Fire

  • The air version of said move.
  • Has landing recovery, but has no height restriction.

236A(A)/236B(B) or any input: Bottle Fire Bomb

  • The bottle detonates into a burst of four hits.
  • The trajectory
  • Input follow-ups have their own animation.
  • A follow-up is 5AAA, as B follow-up is 6A.
  • A version specifically summons Shadow Clones with 4A after bottle detonation up-close.
  • When hit by either move, the projectile's trajectory will change.
  • A is an arcing projectile, while B is a straight, horizontal line.
  • Visual effects change when hit.
  • Cannot be hit by the opponent.

236C: EX Bottle Fire

  • Throws 3 bottles that cover the field in purple flame.
  • Each does 5 hits on their own.
  • Opponent can be pushed into other flames to add additional hits (a total of 15).
  • Bottles cannot be hit in any fashion.
  • Bottles can still be destroyed.

623A: Fuyukumo A

  • Zetuei dashes past his opponent, striking them with an elbow from the other side.
  • Side switching occurs very quickly.
  • Range is slightly more than half-screen.
  • Only activated when the opponent is standing.
  • Knocks the opponent away on hit.

623B: Fuyukumo B

  • Zetuei simply moves behind his opponent.
  • Several times faster travel time than 623A.
  • Travel distance is slower than 623A.
  • Same standing only property.

623B: EX Fuyukumo

  • Zetuei dashes behind his opponent and performs a slash.
  • The slash in question is an overhead, making the move a cross-up overhead.
  • Unlike the others it has a fast, initial hit.
  • In addition, it can his airborne opponents.

214A/B: Senpu Furan-ka

  • A multi-hit Tastu that ends in a wall-splat.
  • Button strength changes its properties.
  • A version performs 2 hits and knocks back at a lower angle.
  • It does not initiate if first his is blocked.
  • Recovery is lower the B's, but neither are safe on black.
  • B version performs 3 hits and knocks back at a higher angle.
  • It initiates all 3 hits if hit or blocked.

214C: EX Senpuu Furan-ka

  • A 5-hit Tatsu that ends in a ground bounce.
  • Too much recovery to combo without EX or Super Guage usage.

Super Moves

236236A: Kiba Zekkū-Ren

  • Zetuei elbow's his opponent several times with several clones, ending a far distance away from the KD'd foe.
  • Invul on start-up, and strike invul through its active state.
  • Distance is a little more than half screen.

236236B: Kakusei ōgi: Nine-Character Sealed Dragon Tail

  • Perfect Invul the entire animation.
  • Works best as an Anti-Air if not as a combo ender.

General Strategy


Zetuei combos are pretty straight forward and simple. Also a decent amount of them lead to oki with his fire grenade.

Basic ground combos

5AA>4AA (Damage: 211; Counter Hit: 216)

5AA>5B>214B (Damage: 186; Counter Hit: 191)

5AA>5B>214B>214C (Damage: 273; Counter Hit: 278)

5AA>2A>5B>214B (Damage: 201; Counter Hit: 206)

2B>214B (Damage: 174; Counter Hit: 192)

2B>214B>214C (Damage: 277; Counter Hit: 295)

Jump Cancel combos

5AA>4B,j.c >J.A> J.B,j.c >J.A>J.B>214B (Damage: 214; Counter Hit: 219)

5AA>4B,j.c >J.A> J.B,j.c >J.A>J.B>214B>214C (Damage: 282; Counter Hit: 287)

2B>623C,j.c > J.A>J.B >214B (Damage: 242; Counter Hit: 260)

2B>623C,j.c > J.A>J.B >214B>214C (Damage: 306; Counter Hit: 327)

J.B>5AA>4B,j.c >J.A> J.B,j.c >J.A>J.B>214B (Damage: 232; Counter Hit: 247)

J.B>4B,j.c >J.A> J.B,j.c >J.A>J.B>214B (Damage: 243; Counter Hit: 258)

J.B>4B,j.c >J.A> J.B,j.c >J.A>J.B>214B>214C (Damage: 301; Counter Hit: 316)

Crossup comfirms

4/6J.A>5A>5B>214B (Damage: 194; Counter Hit: 204)

4/6J.A>5A>5B>214B>214C (Damage: 282; Counter Hit: 292)

J.AA>2AA *236A on oki* (Damage: 162 ; Counter Hit: 167)

J.AA>2AA>214B (Damage: 204 ; Counter Hit: 209)

J.AA>2AA>214B>214C (Damage: 283 ; Counter Hit: 288)

J.AA>2AA>623C,j.c > J.A>J.B>214B (Damage: 253 ; Counter Hit: 257)

Throw Stuff

6C(Throw) *236A on oki(Corner),236B if midscreen*

6C(Throw)>623C,j.c>J.A>J.B>214B (Damage: 266)

Super Confirms

2B>236236A (Damage: 372 ; Counter Hit: 390)