Dual Souls: The Last Bearer

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Dual Souls: The Last Bearer
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Stun Games


Stun Games


Steam, Switch, Android, iOS

Online Play

Rollback netcode, delay-based netcode (optional)

Ranked matches, casual lobby matches
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Brazilian Discord Server
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Dual Souls: The Last Bearer is an indie 2D Fighting Game developed and published by Stun Games. It's the third entry in the "Dual Blades" series, and it's actually a remake/updated re-release of Slashers: The Power Battle. It was released in 2021 after a lengthy EA period, and is being constantly updated with new modes, balance changes, new characters and more. It takes heavy inspiration from the Guilty Gear and Samurai Shodown series.

The base roster consists of 10 characters (10 unique characters + 2 alternate versions of 2 base characters), with more characters planned as free DLC. Ever since its original inception as Slashers, the game was designed for ease of input and mobile accessibility in mind:

  • Touchpad-Friendly Layout: The game consist of 4 buttons: Slash (SL), Big Slash (BS), Kick (K) and Power (PW). With special actions being a combination of these two (ex: SL+BS is recovery), it makes it more palatable for mobile users.
  • Easier Inputs: Motions consist of quarter-circle, half-circle (only Andre), back and forward, down down, down up, etc. There are no DP or other more complicated motions, and super are executed with a single motion + PW.

The game plays like a traditional grounded fighter ala SamSho, but a little faster, with a heavy combo focus. The Recovery system is similar to GG's Roman Cancels.

  • Defensive Grounded Fighter: Most normals are minus, which forces you to capitalize on mistakes. Jumps are high and fairly slow but also really oppressive, and there's no universal mobility besides grounded dashes.
  • Combo Focused: Almost every move can lead to or be used in a combo, and the game actively encourages them through the Recovery system and higher hitstun on crouchers.
  • Parries: Parries are a kind of offensive Guard which makes you stand against your opponents attack and have an advantage to counter attack, they cost 1 Recovery Point. You can hold the button to multi-parry multiple attacks.
  • Guard Clash: Guard Clash is a defensive Guard that pushes the opponent away from you when attacked. Like Parry it also consumes 1 Recovery Point.
  • Combos: A majority of the combos are link or cancel based, and can easily lead to very high damage amounts, specially when combined with the universal overhead.
  • Power Selection System: Before each match, you may select one of two Blue Powers (supers).

Mirei (Warrior)
Mirei (Assassin)

Wiki Roadmap

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  • Navbox Controls, FAQ, and Glossary are finished, added transcluded icons, included character icons in the navbox.
  • HUD, Links and Mechanics are currently a stub, but are functional.
  • Mirei (Assassin) character page finished, only missing a couple details.
  • Brandon page added as a skeleton.
  • Needs the other character pages.
  • Needs to figure out frame data for Blue and Green blocks, currently info is in the Controls section.
  • Needs image for moves.
  • Needs hitbox images.