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E's Laf++ is a five button fighter that uses numpad notation to explain moves and inputs like many other fighting games.

Specials and supers are either 236 (qcf) or 214 (qcb) motions. No need to worry about dp motions here!

If you're unfamiliar with the terminology used, check this out:


When no directional input is pressed (neutral.)


The directional input to move forward.

Inputting forward twice (66) will cause your character to run or dash.


The directional input to move backwards.

Inputting back twice (44) will cause your character to do an invincible backdash.


The directional input used to make your character crouch.

While crouching, your character can avoid getting hit by certain moves.

8 / j.

The directional input used to make your character jump.

You can jump forward, backwards, or straight up.

[ ]

Brackets placed around an input means you have to hold the input.

5[A] = Hold 5A


Quarter circle forward motion (down, down + forward, forward.)


Quarter circle back motion (down, down + back, back.)

A, B, C, D

Different moves can be performed based on the button and direction pressed.


The Fatal Shift button.

Pressing F in combination with a move will give you the Fatal Shift version of that move.


Taunts! They don't do anything gameplay wise.

Each character has a neutral and forward taunt.


Backdash: Tapping back twice will cause your character to do an invincible backdash starting on frame 2. Backdashing can be used as a way to make space between you and the opponent, or to get out of certain scenarios. Note that whenever you backdash, you lose one bar of Risk Gauge.

Double Jump: Every character has access to a double jump which can go forward, backwards, or straight up. Use this to mixup your landing and bait out anti-air attacks!

Super Jump: Pressing down before jumping up executes a higher than average super jump that can be done forward, backwards, or straight up. You'll know you got it right when your character has a blue silhouette on them in the air.

Air Dash: Tapping forward or backward twice in the air makes your character air dash based on the direction inputted. If you do a back air dash, you will lose one bar of Risk Gauge.

You can only either double jump or air dash while in the air. You cannot do both (unless you're Qdora.)

Speed & Backdashes

Speed Ranking
Walk Run
1st Cecil Qdora
2nd Main Akamine Tae
3rd Akamine Tae Main
4th Qdora / Sisca Cecil
5th Alcott / Saving Tina Saving Tina
6th Tina Alcott
7th Tina
8th Sisca
Backdash Information
Duration Invincibility
Main 19f 2-8
Sisca 37f 2-22
Qdora 21f 2-8
Akamine Tae 28f 3-10
Tina 28f 2-12
Saving Tina 31f 2-21
Cecil 15f 2-8
Alcott 19f 2-18


A, B, C, and D perform different attacks based on the button and direction pressed:

  • A consists of short but fast jabs to start your pressure with.
  • B attacks are medium range pokes that can be used in neutral or to whiff punish.
  • C has slower but more powerful attacks that have big damage and hitboxes.
  • D performs unique attacks that have properties such as hard knockdown, ground bounce, etc.

Chain Combo

Normals can be canceled into each other which is commonly known as Gatlings in other fighting games. A simple example is A to B to C to D (A > B > C > D.)

Some moves won't be able to chain into others, more information can be found on the character pages.


Pressing A and B together (A+B) allows you to grab the opponent while they're blocking. By default you throw the opponent forward, but they can also be thrown backwards if you hold back while inputting A+B. Opponents can be thrown when they're in an armored state too, such as Tactical Guard or one of Alcott's many armored moves. An air throw can be done by pressing A+B while in the air.

Throws in this game are frame 1, as in your character will grab the exact moment A+B is pressed. This can be a very strong offensive and defensive tool if the opponent doesn't space or time their attacks properly. If your throw whiffs however, be prepared for big E's Laf++ counter hit damage.

Throw Escape & Tech

Throws can be escaped by jumping, backdashing, using a move that makes you airborne, or by doing an invincible attack. If an attack and a throw collide on the same frame, the attacking player will always win this interaction.

You can tech throws in this game by also inputting throw the moment you expect a throw coming. Both players will be knocked back, but the player who inputted throw first will recover a couple frames faster than the player who threw second.


  • Holding back makes your character block moves that hit mid and high.
  • Holding down and back makes your character block moves that hit mid and low.
  • Holding back while in the air makes your character air block (the character pages will show what moves you can and cannot air block.)

Ground Tech

EL2 Ground Tech.png

Upon landing from an opponent's attack, your character will automatically get back up based on the direction that was held.

You can either:

  • Neutral Ground Tech
  • Forward Ground Tech
  • Backwards Ground Tech

Your character will hop off the ground and become invincible until they land back on the ground.

Air Tech

EL2 Air Tech.png

Upon getting launched into the air, some moves won't put you in enough hitstun to force a Ground Tech. This lets you tech early in the air by holding any attack button and a direction.

The options for air teching are:

  • Neutral Air Tech
  • Forward Air Tech
  • Backwards Air Tech

Upon doing an Air Tech, your character will be invincible as shown by their transparent look. You will be invincible until you land to the ground. You can act out of this aerial invincibility and perform any air action, but doing so will make you vulnerable again.

Hard Knockdown

Your character will be knocked to the ground, and you cannot Ground Tech or Burst. While on the ground, your character is still vulnerable to getting hit before turning invincible during their getup animation.

Akamine Tae
Saving Tina