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  • How can I try this game out?

On the E's Laf++ website, there's a free demo download that gives you access to local versus, training, and three playable characters (Main, Sisca, Qdora.)

  • Where can I get access to the current version of E's Laf++?

By supporting Free through Patreon or Fantia and contributing $5 USD or 500¥. New builds are posted every week or so, as well as videos that go into detail on what was added/changed.

  • I'm having trouble downloading the Patreon build.

Open the download link in a new window, then refresh that window.

  • How do I set my controls?

Press F9 on your keyboard while on the title screen, main menu, character select, or even mid-match. Press any button on the controller you want to setup and then press F9 again. From there you'll be prompted to setup the:

  • Directional inputs
  • Attack buttons (A, B, C, D)
  • E button (Taunt or reset in training)
  • Fatal Shift button (F)
  • Start button (S)
  • Record and Replay button (For training)
  • Reserve button (Don't worry about this one, doesn't do anything gameplay wise)

  • How do I change the menus to English?

On the title screen, press F11/F12 to scroll through the languages.

You can also change it in the options: Main Menu > Option > First setting is Language > Move left/right to English and press A to confirm the change.

  • How do I play with others via netplay?

The VS-NET option on the main menu is the current built-in netplay system. At the moment it requires port forwarding to connect, and both players must be using the same build.

More information on how to setup the netplay can be found here.

Another reliable way people are playing online would be through Parsec.

  • Will this game feature rollback netcode?

Please read this statement written by Free in regards to E's Laf++ rollback:

English - http://eslaf.main.jp/itiji/rollback_en.txt

Japanese - http://eslaf.main.jp/itiji/rollback_ja.txt

  • What is the future of E's Laf++?

Free has stated that he is looking into getting the game published on Steam's Early Access program.

There's also work being done of a new unnamed wolf character. Stay tuned!

Akamine Tae
Saving Tina