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E's Laf++/HUD

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EL2 HUD.png

HUD Information

① - Timer

Each round starts with 99 seconds.

② - Round Count

The player who wins two rounds is declared the winner!

③ - Life Gauge

The gauge that shows how much health a player has. If a player's health drops to zero, they lose the round.

④ - Risk Gauge

Allows you to do defensive options, four bars total.

⑤ - Current Health & Portrait

The player's current health and character they're using (portrait changes based on character color).

⑥ - Combo Counter

  • Orange Number = Number of hits in the combo (Blue indicates blocked hits)
  • Red Number = Amount of damage dealt
  • Blue Bar = Remaining hitstun until the opponent can act again

⑦ - Action Gauge

Lets you perform special actions, can gain a maximum of four bars.

⑧ - Burst

At the start of every round, both players will have access to a single use Burst that can be performed by pressing A+B+C together when under the effects of hitstun.

Hit Marks

EL2 Hit Marks.png

Hit Marks Information

As you get opened up by different moves, little symbols in a white shape describe what you got hit by:

  • Blue Exclamation Mark: Blocking High while getting hit by a Low.
  • Red Exclamation Mark: Blocking Low while getting hit by a High.
  • Green Check Mark: Blocking in the opposite direction (cross-up). Be prepared to see this a bunch against Sisca.
  • Pink Cross: Unblockable attacks. This includes throws, moves that cannot be air blocked, or straight up unblockable moves.

Move Attributes
Akamine Tae
Saving Tina