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How 2 netplay?
Go to Vs Net, pick the first option (Host), set a delay (8-12 recommended), then choose your port. Your friend will choose the second option and enter your IP and port to join you!

Netplay Assistance Tool Laffina Link here

To install Laffina, extract the contents into your E's Laf folder.


- Synchronizes custom palettes

- Displays player names

- Notifies you whenever you are disconnected from your opponent

- Press F7 to restart Es_Laf.exe

- Press F8 to request to reconnect. If both players press F8, Laffina will attempt to re-sync the players.

Editing laffina.ini

The first section is for player name. It only accepts alphanumeric characters, and up to 8 of them.

The second section is for setting a time span that Laffina will wait for until it automatically disconnects. You can disable it by setting it as 0 or blank.

The sections afterwards are for setting your custom palettes. The host's palettes will replace slots 2, 3 and 4, while the client's palettes will replace slots 10, 11 and 12.

E's Laf