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Kannabi no Mikoto


Kannabi no Mikoto (神奈備命) is a quick and powerful boss character, who uses her divine powers to crush her opponents. Kanna is banned from tournament play. She acts as the final boss of EFZ's arcade mode, and her playable version is the exact same as her boss version (unlike UNKNOWN), making her completely unbalanced and stronger than the rest of the cast. Kanna has served as a boss character since Blue Sky Edition, but was not made playable until Memorial Edition. In arcade mode, she can only be fought if the player did not lose any matches leading up to her.

Kanna is a key character in AIR, a visual novel produced by Key in 2000. She lived back in the 10th century, and was one of the last of the winged race in history. Because of the awesome power inherent in all their kind, Kanna was revered as a god, and isolated from the populace out of fear. Despite being moved from temple to temple constantly throughout her life, Kanna was eventually able to became close friends with 2 of her followers, the servant Uraha and the lieutenant Ryuuya. During AIR, Kanna escapes her temple with Uraha and Ryuuya and goes on a long and arduous journey in order to find her mother, with all of Japan searching for her...

Stage: The Infinite Sky (無限の空)

BGM: Vega and Altair (双星) Thin Clothes (蝉衣)

Character-Specific Notes

  • Kanna uses a 7 way airdash/double jump. Jumping from the ground shares the same animation but does not count as an air action, which she has two of. Unlike most characters who cannot double jump after an airdash, Kanna can mix her air movements in any way she wants. Once Kanna has used up her air actions, she cannot perform any more until she lands or air techs.
  • Kanna's ground dash is a long leap off the ground. Any attacks she does during her ground dash will be considered jumping attacks.
  • Whenever Kanna is idle in the air (from a jump/airdash not a tech), she will gently float down. Pressing 2 or attacking will make her fall much faster.
  • Unlike the rest of the cast, all of Kanna's supers cost 3SP and only have one version.
  • Kanna is unable to throw.
  • Kanna has no moves which can counterhit nor does she have any which can be counterhit.

Normal Moves

Frame Data Help
The notation for the move lists can be found under Controls.
Cells filled with a "-" indicate a placeholder. Cells filled by a "/" indicate a non-applicable field.
Values separated by a "~" (X~Y) indicate a range or variance. A "~" preceding a single value (~X) may indicate approximation. A "-" separating frame values of a property (X-Y) indicate the duration of the property.
Cell data accompanied by a ※ indicate properties unusual to the template. Explanations for such properties can be found at another ※ in the description. If a move requires multiple ※'s, subscripts will be attached to indicate relation (※1, ※2, ※3...).
Frame data with decimal values .33 or .66 relate to subframes.
Version Used for moves with multiple special attacks on one motion.
Damage The base damage value that the specific hit will do. See damage scaling for more information.
Guard Indicates how the move must be blocked, if it can be blocked at all.

Low: Crouch Block
High: Stand Block
Ground: Air Unblockable, may be blocked either Crouching or Standing
Any: Air, crouch, and stand block
Grab: Cannot be blocked, grab type hitbox that targets the collision box
Unblockable: Cannot be blocked, unblockable hitbox that targets hurtboxes

Property Shows what properties the move has and the time (in frames) that these properties are active. Example: "I: 0.33-9", which means the move is invulnerable on the first subframe of the move until the 9th full frame (or 27th subframe).

I: Full Invincibility
TI: Throw Invincibility
SI: Strike Invincibility
HI: Upper Body/High Invincibility
LI: Low Invincibility/Low Crush
A: Armour
G: Guard Point

Startup Indicates where the move's first active hitbox is.
Active Total frames the hitbox is active for.
Recovery Total frames until the character can block.
Note: After the recovery of any action, before any other action may occur, there exists 1 frame in which the only action you may take is to block.
Adv Hit Frame advantage on hit.
Adv Block Frame advantage on block.
Cancel Possible cancel options.

N: Normals
Sp: Specials
Su: Supers
J: Jump cancel possible on hit, block and RG
JH: Jump cancel possible on hit only
AD: Air Dash
IC: Instant Charge after hit (22C)
FIC: Flicker Instant Charge (22C, fixed IC window, regardless of hit or whiff)
R: Repeatable, always A normals. Will cancel into other A normals.
f5B/2B: Usually c5B cancel option
SB: S button cancelling, character specific. Examples: stance, summon or flight cancels.
Rekka: A special move with multiple parts that require additional inputs.
: Special rules, see description for details (look for the ※)


EFZ Kanna 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Ground 4 1 11 -1 -2 N SP J IC R

Kanna swipes her arm and smacks the opponent. Limited usefulness.

EFZ Kanna c5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
500 Ground 8 1 15 +1 -1 N SP J IC f5B

Kanna sweeps her sword in an upwards motion. Gigantic and air unblockable, leads into her BnB. Excellent move.

EFZ Kanna f5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 Ground 11 1 20 -4 -6 N SP IC

Kanna slashes her sword in a horizontal arc in front of her. Limited usefulness.

EFZ Kanna 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
800 Ground 15 1 26 -3 -5 SP JH IC

An absolute monster of a move. Slams airborne opponents into a knockdown, hitboxes take up a quarter of the screen, and combos into most of her specials.


EFZ Kanna 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 Low 4 2 9 0 -1 N SP J IC R

Kanna sweeps her hand at the opponent's feet. Hits low.

EFZ Kanna 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
520 Low 9 2 18 -3 -5 N SP J IC

Kanna sweeps her sword in a low horizontal arc. Hits low and combos into 5C at any range.

EFZ Kanna 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
750 Ground 11 8 22 -6 -8 SP IC

Kanna raises her wings in an antiair attack. Limited usefulness when 5B exists.


EFZ Kanna j5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
210 High 5 5 7 / / N SP J AD IC R

Kanna pokes her sword straight out. Combo filler.

EFZ Kanna j5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
500 High 8 2 20 / / N SP J AD IC

Kanna slashes downwards in an arc, covering a giant area. Can hit any character from an instant jB, though it requires IC to fully convert.

EFZ Kanna j5C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
800 High 11 2 29 / / SP J AD IC

Kanna slashes in an angled attack that will knock down airborne opponents. Useful for instant overheads and combo enders.


EFZ Kanna JX.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
/ / - / - / / N SP J AD j2 ※

Kanna's 7-way airdash. Does not require a double press, so it can be accidentally input very easily. After completing the dash Kanna will float and descend very slowly while keeping some horizontal velocity. ※ Cannot be cancelled immediately. Windows vary for different cancels.

Heavenly Escape

EFZ Kanna J2.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
/ / 0.33 / / / / N SP J AD

Kanna cancels her passive floating into a freefall state. She maintains some horizontal velocity during this move.


  • Kanna is the only character in EFZ who does not have any kind of Grab

Special Moves


Kusanagi's Blade of Light

EFZ Kanna 236A.png
EFZ Kanna 236C.png
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A/B 1100 Any / 11 1 20 / +1 IC

Horizontal slash that knocks the opponent off their feet and reaches across 3/4 of the screen despite looking like it reaches fullscreen.

C 1500 Any I: 1-7 7 1 20 / +1 IC

A horizontal slash that knocks the opponent off their feet, wall bounces, is completely untechable, and reaches across the entire screen.

jA/B/C - Any / 11 1 20 / / IC
Sky-Soaring Double Spiral

EFZ Kanna 623X.png
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A/B 600 x 2 Any I: 1-19 8 2 x 2 47.66 / -27.33 IC

A spinning uppercut with her wing. Fully invulnerable until partway through recovery.

C - Any I: 1-64 3 1 x 12 + 2 x 2 - / - IC

Kanna spins high above the screen, making her nearly impossible to punish, even on whiff. Fully invulnerable until the final hit.

Stone of the Heaven-Revering Moon

EFZ Kanna 214X.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A/B/C / / 16 / 25 / / None
- 890 Any 32 2 / / +25 None

Kanna commands her sword to pierce the ground, causing an eruption of stone to rise out of the ground. Version dictates the location of the eruption, appearing farther away with button strength. Extremely long untech time. Once the sword starts heading towards the ground, can no longer be interrupted.

Celestial Hawk's Bow

EFZ Kanna 41236A.png
EFZ Kanna 41236C.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A/B / / 19.33 / 17 / / None
- 900 Any 19.33 / / +3 ~ +22 None

The reason you play Kanna. The strongest projectile in the game, extremely spammable, nearly impossible to erase with any other projectile. Projectile inflicts an electric launch.

C / / 19 / 18 / / None
- - Any 19 / / +2 ~ +45 None

Kanna shoots out 6 smaller homing projectiles behind her.

Eternity Specials

Raging Heavens of Konohana

EFZ Kanna 236236A.png
Costs 3 SP
Costs 3 SP
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A / / I: 1-174 - / 192 / / None
- 500 x N Any - - / / - None

Kanna sends a single feather offscreen that multiples and covers the entire screen as they fly past. All feathers are untechable launchers. Kanna is fully invulnerable during the duration of the feathers flying across the screen, usually seen if Rumi activates her FM or Ikumi activates rampage, win neutral forever move.

Treasured Sword of Seven Branches

EFZ Kanna 236236B.png
Costs 3 SP
Costs 3 SP
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
- Any I: 1-76 11 72 12 - +19 IC

Kanna screams in anguish as several pillars of spikes rise from the ground. Kanna is fully invulnerable until the final hit of the spikes.
Usually not seen as the SP cost (and thus opportunity cost) of using this over her combo ender super or win neutral super isn't worth it.

Sword of Unbound Silver

EFZ Kanna j236236B 1.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 2.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 3.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 4.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 5.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 6.png
EFZ Kanna j236236B 7.png
Costs 3 SP
Costs 3 SP
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
- High I: 1-23 3 8 76 / -42 None

Kanna raises her wings as they transform into swords of light and sweeps them downwards.
Since all supers cost 3 SP, this is the only super she really uses, since it gives her a knockdown from anywhere on screen.

Final Memory

Bird's Poem

EFZ Kanna FM 1.png
EFZ Kanna FM 2.png
Practical hitboxes
Practical hitboxes
EFZ Kanna FM A.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
- Ground I: 1-46 19 2 80 - -60 IC
- Ground - 45 1 55 - -34 IC

Kanna does a sequence of 2 hits which are similar to her f5B and 5C, then if the opponent was hit she adds a third and launches the opponent into the sky.
She then unclothes herself, prays and rises into the sky engulfed in a bird of light before piercing through the opponent.

  • You'll realistically never see this move, but it may get you banned from Twitch, we haven't tested it yet.


Kanna has not been tuned from her boss form, meaning she has extremely overtuned normals and abilities. She is banned in tournaments and will often be looked down upon in casuals. Make sure to confirm with your opponent if they will play against a Kanna.

The metagame beside, Kanna in general gets to play her game whenever she wants. All of her specials are useful and spammable, though 41236 is more useful than the others. She has plenty of time on each hit to confirm into a full combo.

Because she has no throw, she must get her opportunities from her mixup game, which is extremely strong. Her dash puts her airborne immediately and allows you to overhead very quickly and confirm into a ground combo. If that's not fast enough, instant jBC will work on all characters and with IC, you can jBC 5BC etc. to continue your combo. 2B is her best low option, and comes out as fast as her overheads.

Kanna does not have level 1 or 2 specials; each super takes all 3 bars. Feel free to toss in j236236B whenever you need a big chunk of damage in a combo. 236236A is not very useful. It is slow and the opponent can block with plenty of time. You can combo into it with 236C BIC 236236A, but in general it is not worth it. 236236B is good damage from a grounded combo, and a very good reversal. 236236C will get you banned from Twitch and Youtube, probably. Excellent damage for a comeback win.

Kanna also has a bug in her back jump animation (7 on the control stick), where, for one frame, she can cancel into a grounded normal. TAS combos use this liberally to combo 5B into 5B or 5C into 5C. You can attempt to learn this but it's realistically impossible to consistently get in matches.

Besides doing damage, Kanna has extreme mobility with her flight ability. It takes getting used to, but you can be anywhere you want very quickly by stringing together her flight dashes.


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various contributors, some combo notations may deviate slightly from the notation listed below.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*.
[<- X] [-> X] Side switch notation. All inputs grouped by the square brackets are performed facing the arrow's direction. They are still written as if they were done facing right, however.
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N.
c5B Proximity normal only usable while close.
f5B Proximity normal only usable outside of c5B range or when cancelled from another normal. Known as far 5B.
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
X(tech trap) Indicates a combo ender intended to catch the opponent's air tech. The most common kind of tech trap is j6C, which will air throw early techs and jC later techs. Executionally identical to X(whiff) but different in purpose.
~ Indicates a followup for moves which have them. Example: 236A~236A.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Replays for these combos can be found here.



  • 2AB 5C 41236A 66 jB 6 jB 6 jAB land 5B jAAAAB djABC
  • Basic anywhere combo, will carry from corner to corner. (replay 1-1)


  • 2B 5C 41236A 2B 41236A jB 6 jB 6 jAB land 5B jAAAB djABC
  • Corner combo off 2B starter. (replay 1-1)
  • 2B 5C 236A 5AB jB 6 jAB land jB jAAAAAB djAB~B
  • Corner only combo with 236A pickup. Shows her alternative tech trap combo. Last jB will catch techs. (replay 1-1)

Red IC


  • ... 236C jB 6 jB 6 jAB land 5B jAAAAB djABC
  • From anywhere on screen, can punish full screen. (replay 1-2)


  • 9jBC IC jBC 2B 5C 41236A jB 6 jAB land 5B jABC
  • Basic instant overhead combo. (replay 1-2)

Blue IC


  • 2AB 5C 41236A 66 jB 6 jB land 5B jB 6 jAB land 5BC 623A BIC jB 6 jB land 5B jB 6 jAB land 5B jAAB djABC
  • Corner to corner combo. (replay 1-3)


  • 2B 5C 41236A 2B 41236A 5C BIC 2B 41236A 2B 41236A jB 6 jB 6 jAB land 5B jAAAAB djABC j236236B
  • Full meter dump on a low. (replay 1-4)
  • 9 jBC BIC jBC 2B 5C 41236A 2B 41236A jB 6 jAB land 5B jB djAABC j236236B
  • Full meter dump on a high. (replay 1-5)

Win Quotes

Japanese English


wingless one.


I give up.
If I wish for nothing,
then I can lose nothing...



Enough of you.
I have lost all interest.

This ends now.


My curse
cannot be broken by
such pitiful attempts.



This is the power of the winged ones,
passed down from the creation of the earth.

It was too much
for a mere human to handle.

(To Misuzu)



(To Misuzu)
Enough already...!
I will return whence I came...

Why must you
suffer as well...!?

I can no longer
purify this body...

(To Akiko)

(To Akiko)
In all ages,
mothers show great strength.



In-game References

External References

  • The sword that Kanna uses in many of her attacks is based on Kouryu's sword, from "The Last Blade 2".
  • Kanna's "Kusanagi's Blade of Light" move is based on Justice's "Michael Sword" move, specifically from the "Guilty Gear: The Missing Link".
  • Kanna's "Stone of the Heaven-Revering Moon" move is based on Dizzy's "I use this to fish" move, from the Guilty Gear series.
  • Kanna's "Celestial Hawk's Bow" move is based on Kouryu's "Red-Coated Arrow which Pierces the Sky" move, from "The Last Blade 2".
  • Kanna's "Treasured Sword of Seven Branches" move is based on Geese Howard's "Raging Storm" move, from the Fatal Fury series.
  • Kanna's "Sword of Unbound Silver" move is based on the Silvergun's "Hyper Sword" move, from the shooter Radiant Silvergun.

AIR References

  • The name of Kanna's "Bird's Poem" move is a reference to the theme song of AIR, "Bird's Poem".
  • The part in Kanna's "Bird's Poem" move where she undresses and soars high into the sky is based on an actual event that takes place in the game.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)