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Sawatari Makoto


Sawatari Makoto (沢渡 真琴) is a tricky fighter, using many traps and bullets to both zone and pressure her opponents. While her normal combos are fairly weak, she gets most of her damage from her very strong mixup game. On knockdown, she can set a variety of very long lasting, high priority moves, such as a smoke bomb or a ricocheting bullet. This allows her to choose high/low or right/left mixups while ensuring she has the advantage, even on block. Good use of EX moves allow her to not only reset the fight to neutral, but often take the advantage. Her weaknesses include relatively low damage without the use of meter, very short ranged normals, and her awkward airdash.

Makoto is one of the heroines of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is a mysterious girl who lost her memory of everything except her hatred towards Yuiichi. The Minase family decides to let her stay in their house until she regains her memories. Makoto really enjoys reading manga, eating pork-filled meat buns, and playing tricks on Yuiichi. During Kanon, Yuiichi vaguely remembers that they had met before in the past, but as he gets closer to the truth, Makoto's health begins to deteriorate quickly...

Stage: Shopping Street (商店街)

BGM: the fox and the grapes

Character-Specific Notes

  • Makoto is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • Makoto's air dash is unique in that it curves sharply upwards and loses forward momentum when the dash is held for too long. Because Makoto does not have any more movement options after an air dash, you should be careful about prolonging one if your opponent is nearby.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Controls.

The normal move data table can be found under Makoto Sawatari/Move Data.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Ground 4 2 8 +1 0 -

Makoto hits the opponent with her elbow. Fast startup, but the range is short even for a 5A, and due to her height it's not suitable to be used as an anti-air.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
400 Ground 5 2 10 +5 +3 -

Makoto hits the opponent with a slab of konjac gel. Fast startup and a nice frame advantage make this a good move overall. Can combo into 5A/2A with frame-perfect timing. Be careful, as it can come out instead of fB when slightly out of range. A key part of her corner loops.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
450 Any 10 2 15 0 -2 -

Makoto fires her gun towards the ground. Great for harassing people at a longer range without extending your own hurtbox, but difficult to convert into a full combo on a random hit. Armor breaking.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
390 High/Air 21 9 10 -2 -4 -

Makoto leaps into the air and hits the opponent with her knee. A decent overhead that's usually safe on block, and can be cancelled into a backdash before landing. IC after block gives you enough time to perform a jA/jB before landing for an additional mixup. Will combo into 214214 on hit, or the usual ground combos with IC. The startup can be canceled into a block while Makoto is still on the ground (first 3 frames), though this is probably a bug.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
250 Ground 13 3 - - - -
350 Any 20 2 22 0 -2 -
350*1~2 Any 26~ 2 22 0 -2 -

Makoto steps forward and hits the opponent with the gun, then fires up to 3 times. The extra two 5Cs can be tricky to time and come out instantly when 5C is pressed, which makes it really difficult to combo anything off them without using IC. Excellent poke at long range, and the pushback can get you out of a bad situation if you can get the opponent to block this. Armor breaking except for the initial hit.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Low 4 2 7 +2 +1 -

Makoto leans back and performs a fast sweeping kick. Slightly shorter range than 5A, but has a slightly faster recovery. The lean also provides some protection against mid- and high hitting moves, making this move overall better than 5A. Consecutive hits sometimes drop against certain opponents, such as Shiori, who have weird hurt animations.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
385 Low 6 6 6 +5 +3 -

Makoto kneels down and hits the opponent in the legs with her gun. Good range, fairly fast, very advantageous on block and easy to combo from, this is one of Makoto's best normals. Can occasionally low-profile some high-hitting moves.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 Low 12 18 24 - -20 -

Very slow slide kick. This is your main ground combo ender and launcher. Usually unsafe when blocked, depending on how late the move connects. If blocked, you can cancel this into 623A to catch a 2A punish, or you can try setting up a 412B bullet which, while unsafe, usually prevents them from landing a full combo on you. If you have enough meter for IC, you could cancel this into 236A/B or 214A/B -> FIC instead for some extra pressure.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 High/Air 6 15 5 - - -

Makoto hits the opponent with her knee while in the air. Stays active for a good while. For some reason the first frame of the startup is fully invulnerable (except against throws).

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
380 High/Air 6 10 9 - - -

A simple punch in the air, same startup duration as jA but hits directly to the side instead of below Makoto. Primary use is against opponents at the same height, but will hit a crouching opponent too.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 Any 9 3 - - - -

Makoto shoots directly forward while in the air. An excellent tool to keep the opponent from dashing towards you while airborne. Be careful though, as Makoto will not recover before landing if this move whiffs. Armor breaking.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
200 Any 14 2 - - - -
200*1~2 Any 17~ 2 - - - -

Makoto shoots downwards up to 3 times. The initial startup is quite long, but the followup shots are nearly instant. Unlike 5C, the followups can be performed at any time after the initial shot. Like j5C, Makoto will not recover before landing, but the ability to fire multiple shots and cancel into an airjump or -dash if any of them connects makes this safer to whiff than j5C. Can be used as a jump-in, though the long startup and the fact that it can be blocked low make it useless for any mixups. A key part to Makoto's corner loops. Armor breaking.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Ground 8 2 8 +1 0 -

A dashing version of her 5A that has a long startup and the same puny range, this one is mostly useless.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
360 Ground 6 3 10 +4 +2 -

A dashing version of her 5B. This move is superior to 66A in every aspect, and is a vital tool to reset her pressure. Can very rarely combo into 5/2A (needs to hit on the last 2/3 subframes).

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
600 Any 14 23 10 - -10 -

Makoto performs a leaping punch that travels about 2/3 of the screen. Interesting properties but difficult to find uses for. Unsafe when blocked early, advantageous when blocked late. Can be canceled into specials while still on the ground (technically in the air too, but Makoto doesn't have any air-usable specials), for example you can do a 66C 236A -> FIC to keep the pressure going. You could also wait until Makoto is airborne to IC it for some j5A/2A mixups. On hit, knocks down with groundbounce properties, opening up some combo opportunities.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Low 7 3 6 +2 +1 -

A dashing version of her 2A. Not as bad as 66A, but still fairly useless. Could be used to link from the 66C ground bounce to keep a combo going.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
385 Low/Air 10 8 6 +3 +1 -

A dashing version of her 2B. Very useful as a dash-in, as well as oki due to the long active duration (can be +1 ~ +6 on block depending on how late it connects). Can be blocked in the air for some reason.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
600 Low 8 18 18 - -14 -

Basically an upgraded version of her 2C. Faster startup, travels further and less recovery, though still extremely unsafe on block. A decent way to combo off a f5B IC, and into a firepunch super. Can surprise the opponent if they're standing in neutral.


Ground Grab
Close 6C/4C
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1200 Throw 5 1 - - - -

Makoto grabs the opponent's shirt and if it connects, she performs a somersault kick. Makoto's fast dash combined with traps and especially bullets make this a very useful tool, as you can force the opponent into situations with very few safe options. Impossible to follow up by itself and cannot be IC'd, but bullet, firecracker and fireball setups exist to combo off it, possibly even into full corner loops. If you're unable to follow up, you still recover before the opponent even hits the ground, giving you plenty of time to set up your oki. As far as normal grabs go, this one is well above average.

Air Grab
Close j6C
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1100 Air Throw 2 1 - - - -

A fairly standard airthrow, Makoto grabs the opponent and disappears into the sky with her, only to reappear on the ground stomping the opponent. As with her ground grab, this is best used together with bullets to shut down any safe options for the opponent. Recovery takes a while, so you might not be able to set up the oki you want.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Controls.

The special move data table can be found under Makoto Sawatari/Move Data.


Rat Fireworks
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A - - 11 - 29 - - -
- 450 Any 71~142 2 - - - -

Makoto throws a firecracker about 1/3 of the screen from her. The firecracker will explode if the opponent steps on it(*), automatically about 1 second after hitting the ground, or when this move is performed again(*). It's possible to FIC this move right after throwing the firecracker for additional safety, or if you want to set up multiple firecrackers. 236B 236A FIC and 236B FIC 236A both work as the firecrackers will only explode if Makoto is still in the throw animation when they hit the ground.

The A version is very useful as midscreen oki, after a basic 2AABBC combo for example. The explosion is slightly larger than the detection radius, so triggering the explosion manually might catch your opponent off-guard. Can also be used in a some combo setups from ground grab.

(*Not while the opponent is blocking, dashing (both ground and air), in hitstun or knocked down)

B - - 11 - 25 - - -
- 450 Any 63~158 2 - - - -

Makoto throws a firecracker about 2/3 of the screen from her. Compared to the A version, Makoto recovers slightly faster, the firecracker hits the ground earlier and lasts for about 1.5 seconds now. This version is useful in neutral to provide cover while you rush in, as oki after a 623A hit, after a blocked 5CCC to keep your momentum etc.

C - - 11~13 - 21 - - -
- 450*1~7 Any 53~425 (varies) 2 - - - -

Makoto throws 7 firecrackers in a semi-random pattern that usually covers the ground from 1/3 of the screen all the way to the other side. These firecrackers last almost 6 seconds, making it very hard for the opponent to move on the ground for a long time. Do not FIC this, as the firecrackers are spawned consecutively after the start of the IC window, which means you can get anything between 1 and 6 fireworks out of it (always 1 if you've buffered the FIC). The amount of firecrackers can also be cut down if this move is otherwise interrupted during the throw frames. Otherwise follows the same rules as A and B versions, any version of this move will make all the fireworks currently on the ground explode. Use this version to gain control over the ground. Can also work as a full-screen projectile of some sort to catch an opponent off-guard, as Makoto has very few other options at max range.

Somersault Auu~
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 600 Any 6 2 31 - -11 -

Makoto performs a somersault kick. Has lower-body invulnerability between frames 2-5, so it can be used against lows, though it tends to trade due to losing most of the protection when it becomes active. Because it has no invulnerability whatsoever on the first frame, it's not usually suitable as a wakeup option. Knocks down when it hits raw or after a couple of hits, but is techable if used as a combo finisher. These shortcomings make it a somewhat lackluster move, but the fast startup and decent horizontal reach might surprise an opponent expecting f5B or 5C. Can't airdash forward after ICing this move without performing an airjump first.

B 600 Any 6 2 29 - -9 -

Looks similar to A version, but has upper-body invulnerability between frames 1-7 instead. This move is perhaps one of the best anti-airs in the game thanks to its fast startup, high vertical reach and very generous invulnerability. Almost always safe when blocked by an airborne opponent, and you'll usually have time to even repeat it should they try to dash back in. Recovers before the opponent can airtech on a raw hit, decent combo options with IC. Because it's Makoto's only proper anti-air, learning to use this move effectively is mandatory if you wish to play her.

C 450 Any 6 2 - - - -
- 500 Any 28 2 39 - -19 -

Makoto performs two somersaults. The first one is fully invulnerable until landing, making this your primary reversal. The second hit launches the opponent forward with wallbounce properties. A mashy opponent might try to punish the first kick too early and get caught by the second. If the opponent is close to the corner, this move can be followed up and leads into the usual corner loops, otherwise can be followed up with 412C if you have enough RF meter, 66 J9 J9 into air normals with a very tight timing (works as a tech trap too), or just tech trap with 412A (avoidable, but the bullet will bounce back making it hard for the opponent to act). Overall an above-average DP thanks to its fast startup and being able to combo without using any more resources, but extremely unsafe on block.

Insecticide Smoke
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A - - 17 - 32 - - -
- 10*22 Any 77 184 - - - -

Makoto drops an insecticide smoke bomb that'll let out puffs of smoke over time. Any version of this trap already on the screen will be destroyed immediately when the move is performed again. The damage this trap does by itself is minuscule, but it's very efficient at forcing the opponent to keep blocking.

This version rolls forward after being dropped and repeats a cycle of generating 6 puffs of smoke up to 3 times with gaps in between runs, then finally disappears into 4 more puffs. Can be FIC'd the moment Makoto lets go of the bomb, making it a very good option for midscreen oki when you don't have time for anything else. Can be destroyed by the opponent or other projectiles, so make sure to cover it with a meaty 2B or something similar. The gaps between cycles will give you a chance to throw the opponent, or if they're expecting that, punishing their mash or jump out attempts with other moves. Be careful, as the hitstun for the smoke is so short it can mess up your combo links (2B-> smoke-> 2C will often drop for example).

B - - 17 - 32 - - -
- 10*17 Any 67 73 - - - -

Similar to the A version, but this one will not roll forward, and will simply let out 17 puffs of smoke before disappearing. This is the foundation of your corner oki, giving you time to set up other stuff such as bullets or fireballs, or some high/low mixups. Right after the smoke finishes is a good chance to go for a throw as well, especially if you have a bullet set up that'll punish the opponent's mash. This version has weird hit-eating properties which will protect Makoto from getting hit by the same attack that destroys the bomb. Especially amusing against moves like Sayuri's 41236C wallslam. Like the A version, can be FIC'd to skip the recovery.

C - - 17 - 32 - - -
- 10*52 Any 57 354 - - - -

This is a direct improvement over the A version. The smoke bomb becomes active faster, and now performs 6 cycles of 8 puffs of smoke, after which it disappears into 4 more puffs for a total of 52. It also has the hit-eating properties of the B version. Despite these improvements, it's the least useful version of this move, as it's still just as fragile, and you usually won't have the meter for FIC to keep the opponent from destroying it.

Ricochet Shot
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 500 Any 13 - 30 -3 -5 -

Makoto fires a bullet forward and towards the ceiling at a 45 degree angle. The bullet will ricochet off the screen edges, which can make its path very hard to predict, as camera movement will affect when it hits the walls. Only one bullet is allowed at a time, unlike her other projectiles you cannot perform any version of this move while there's a bullet on screen.

This version will ricochet up to 2 times before flying off the screen, and disappears on hit. Can be used for midscreen oki and sometimes as anti-air, but not as useful in neutral as B version, because the opponent can intercept and RG the bullet before you have time to catch up. Part of her meterless corner combo.

B 500 Any 13 - 29 -2 -4 -

Same as A version, but Makoto shoots behind her instead. This version will ricochet up to 3 times. Extremely useful in both oki and neutral to limit the opponent's options. Try to have a bullet on screen at all times. If you manage to dash under a jumping opponent while escaping their pressure, you can even use this to cover your escape.

C 500*1~8 Any 13 - 29 - - -

Quite possibly the best projectile in the game, this version has the same startup as A, but travels much faster, and will always ricochet 7 times until flying out of the screen. Cannot be destroyed. If it hits the opponent, it will regain its hitbox after the next bounce, giving it a theoretical maximum of 8 hits. Ignores other projectiles, which allows it to beat even moves like Shiori's shield. Gives Makoto almost complete control of the screen for a few seconds. Allows for some interesting air juggle combos that are usually impossible otherwise.

Eternity Specials

Fox Fire
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A - - 20 - 52 - - -
- 400*5 Any 20 121~278 - - - -

Makoto conjures a huge fireball in front of her, which stays on screen for a long time. Will disappear after 5 hits or blocks, or until it times out (amount of hits doesn't affect the timer).

This version slowly rises up above any character's standing height, then descends to the floor and disappears, all the while moving very slowly forward. Very useful as corner oki if you can get the opponent to block this, for example while they're already blocking a smoke trap. The gap when the fireball is at its apex height is a good opportunity to go for a throw, as it'll automatically punish most mash attempts while coming back down, and jumping out will leave the opponent blocking in the air.

B - - 20 - 52 - - -
- 400*5 Any 20 121~467 - - - -

Similar to the A version, but doesn't move much besides slowly floating in place. Technically lasts much longer, but is hard to make much use of, because it gets quickly canceled out by blocking when placed on top of the opponent. Can be used as oki against some characters after a 641236A corner knockdown (2AABBC 641236A -> J7 -> 236236B) to make it impossible to act without getting hit by the fireball, forcing them to choose between a throw and fireball damage, but whether this works is highly character dependent.

C - - 20 - 52 - - -
- 400*5 Any 20 121~247 - - - -

Like the A version, but also moves forward at a reasonable speed. The shortest lasting variant. Could be used midscreen the same way A version is used in corner, but not as good. Also works as a projectile cover for your approach in neutral if you don't mind spending a super bar.

Ground Strafing
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 50*10 Any 15~23 39 52~ - - -
- 245*10 Low/Air 16~24 39 - - - -

Makoto leaps into the air, pulls out two guns and begins firing rapidly towards the ground. The muzzle flashes have their own hitboxes that send the opponent towards the ground on hit, while the main damage comes from the hitbox on the ground that also has groundbounce properties. Can be IC'd if the muzzle flashes connect, which allows you to combo this move into itself. Can be done in the air for a faster startup (incidentally, this is Makoto's only air-usable move outside her normals), but the tradeoff is longer recovery that's dependent on the initial height. This super is the only move you can combo into from 6B without IC, so if you're sure the opponent will block low, make use of that for some hefty damage. Extremely punishable on block.

This version of the move becomes invulnerable when Makoto leaps off the ground at frame 8, or immediately if used in air. The ground hitbox covers half the screen in front of Makoto. Due to a bug in the game, when this version is IC'd and immediately chained into itself, the previous ground hitbox will not disappear, so it's possible to do 3 supers worth of damage with the cost of 2.

B 50*17 Any 15~23 67 50~ - - -
- 200*17 Low/Air 16~24 67 - - - -

An upgraded version of A, this one lasts longer and deals more damage, the ground hitbox now covers 3/4 of the screen and the move is fully invulnerable from the start, making this a proper reversal, albeit with a really long startup. Can be used in all the same situations as A, and thanks to the extended hitbox, this version can be reliably used as a combo finisher after eg. 5AABBC as well.

C 50*27 Any 15~23 107 46~ - - -
- 190*27 Low/Air 16~24 107 - - - -

Another straight upgrade, the move lasts even longer and deals more damage, and the hitbox has been extended to cover the whole ground, making it possible to use this move in all the same situations as A and B, but also as a fullscreen surprise punish against projectile spam.

Legend of Monomi Hill
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 400*5 Any 10 27 28 - -9 -

Makoto's eyes turn red and she grows a fox tail. She then rushes forward with her hand surrounded by fire. Guaranteed knockdown on hit.

Makoto's primary source of damage, it can always be used after 2C as a combo finisher and corner carry, and can be IC'd for even more damage. This version has the fastest startup but no invulnerability whatsoever, so its only use is in combos. Can drop early when done at max distance. Extremely unsafe on block, but when IC'd in the air early into the move, gives enough time to deliver one j5A/j5B for a quick mixup.

The fire effect has a leftover hurtbox on all versions of this move with similar hit-eating properties as 214B/C, that lasts for 2 frames in the middle of the move, if you're very lucky it's possible for the opponent to hit this instead of you when going for a reversal.

B 330*11 Any 13 44 28 - -9 -

An improved version that has invulnerability all the way to the 2nd active frame, making it a very good reversal. Moves faster and travels further than A version, which makes it less likely from the opponent to drop out of this, but the damage/cost ratio isn't as good. Use in combos when you think A would drop. The long travel distance and relatively short total duration can make it hard for the opponent to punish this if they jump over it, but when blocked it's just as unsafe as A. Be wary of the slightly longer startup.

C 320*19 Any 16 54 28~44 - -21 ~ -9 -

Because of the long startup, this version is usually not suitable for combos outside of corner, and although it's invulnerable all the way until landing, it might be too slow to be used as a reversal in some situations. Nevertheless, it has some uses, especially since it allows you to travel from one side of the screen to the another while fully invulnerable. Unlike the other versions, this move can become inactive before landing if it hits/gets blocked right from the start (up to 19 hits), making the effective recovery duration much longer for you.

Final Memory

Meat Bun
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
0 Unblockable 9 10 136, 123~171 - - -

Makoto throws a meat bun into the air and attempts to catch it in her mouth. If she eats it, she regains health. The throw part is one of the extremely rare real unblockables in the game, making it possible to use eg. smoke trap setups for a guaranteed heal. If it hits it's a guaranteed knockdown (it even has armor breaking properties), otherwise the opponent has the opportunity to hit the meat bun before it reaches Makoto to prevent health regeneration. Makoto herself is completely invulnerable throughout this move and has throw protection for a while after it, so the only damage you'll suffer is the mental damage from having your snack taken from you. The recovery duration depends on whether or not Makoto gets to eat the bun, and how late the opponent hit it to prevent the heal.

Although the move does 0 damage by itself, it's possible to use the unblockable together with smoke if you've chipped the opponent down to 1HP and only need to deal the winning blow. It's also possible to do some gimmicky smoke/bullet setups to combo the meat bun into bullet for about 300 damage: 662C -> small delay -> 214B FIC 5C 412B 66 263S (not tight until the opponent starts blocking the smoke, but they're probably not expecting this).

Note: Be careful while inputting this move; while super inputs are usually prioritized over specials, this move seems to be outprioritized by valid inputs that don't have moves associated with them, such as 236S and 623S. These are easy to input by accident, for example, if you're doing this move from a dash, you're probably holding 6 already and inputting this move as 6263S, which will count as 623S first. This can cause your super to be delayed until the offending input has fallen out of the input buffer (236 has a 15 frame input window, while 623 has 20), or not come out at all (2623S will not work for example, as 263S also has a 20 frame buffer, so the initial 2 will always fall out before 623).


Makoto is a very momentum-based character. Her short-ranged normals, low damage output and slow and punishable projectile moves make it difficult for her to gain the advantage in a neutral situation, but after she manages to score a knockdown, she'll be free to set up various forms of okizeme that leave the opponent with no good options on wakeup. Because of this, she often prefers lower damage combos if those guarantee a knockdown, and uses her RF meter on EX bullet, ICing her normals and traps, or anything else to keep her pressure going instead of saving it for a high damage combo.

When attempting an attack, her main plan is to use bullets and traps as cover, as her normals are usually outclassed by all other characters in a fair 1-on-1 fight. After scoring a hit, she should always go for the knockdown and prepare for a new oki with high/low or left/right mixups while keeping herself safe from reversals. Getting the opponent to block the traps opens them up for mixups with high/low attacks, throws and so on.

On defense, she shouldn't be afraid to use the resources available to her to turn the tables, even if that means sacrificing both super and RF meter in the process. When harassed at a longer range, her only feasible option out of reversal supers is often 623A, which is very unsafe when blocked. On the positive side, her 623B gives her great protection against aerial approaches, so the greatest danger usually comes from the opponent's ground moves. If the opponent doesn't realize this, she should be able to escape their pressure with relative ease.


If you find yourself in a neutral situation, you're already at a disadvantage. Avoid approaching without projectile cover, try to score knockdowns, always set up something for oki and don't be afraid to use your resources to gain the upper hand.

Move specific notes

  • f5B Excellent range without extending your own hurtbox, effective against dash-ins but hard to capitalize on.
  • 623A Is vulnerable against both highs and lows on first frame, so don't use this as a wakeup DP. Instead, the range, fast startup and lower body invulnerability from frame 2 onwards makes this a good move to use against dash-ins, or mash it in your opponent's blockstrings when you think they'll do a low.
  • 623B Without doubt one of the best anti-airs in the game, proper usage of 623B will make it very hard for the opponent to ever approach you from the air. Beats everything from unknown's j2C ball to Akiko's washing machine with the startup time of an average close B normal.
  • 412A/B Always try to have a bullet on screen when possible. Startup is decently fast, but has a lot of recovery and can be punished on reaction if the opponent is in range. Characters with lasers and other fullscreen moves can punish this whenever.
  • 412C Abuse this to take complete control of the screen for a while. Even if punished it can still hit the opponent, or at least make it impossible for them to follow up with a combo.
  • 214B Unlike the A version, B smokebomb can take a hit for you, acting effectively as a shield against big moves that only hit once. Multiple uses in corner oki, you can simply drop it on top of the opponent to force them to block on wakeup, or drop it slightly in front of them and run in for a grab while the smoke protects you from their mashing. Remember that you can also FIC this if you do it too late, or if you just want to get a barrier between you and the opponent while on defense.
  • 236A/B Having traps on the screen is always good, but you should prioritize using bullets over firecrackers. Pretty useful as oki, and unlike bullets, can be FIC'd to cut off the recovery.
  • 236C Takes complete control of the ground for a while, not a bad move if there's some distance between you and the opponent. Can be used as a fullscreen projectile, but the random pattern makes it unreliable.


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

No RF Meter

  • 2AABBC ~1470 damage
    • The most basic combo. Minuscule damage, but works everywhere.
    • Use when out of resources to knock down the opponent and gain time time for oki setups. Follow up with 412B or 236A for midscreen crossups, and 214B for corner oki.
    • Could be followed up with 623A/B, but usually the extra damage is not worth losing the knockdown.
  • 5AABBCC ~1731 damage
    • Basic standing combo, will push the opponent almost to the other side of the screen.
    • Follow up with 236B or 412A/B to keep the pressure going after this.
    • Usually not worth using this instead of the knockdown combo.
  • 2AABC 412A 5B 9 jB 2CCC 5B 8 jB 8 jB (jB tech trap) ~2810 damage
    • Meterless corner combo. Good damage, but can be hard to time properly
    • Delay both the 412A and 5B slightly for best results
    • Can be expanded to 2 loops of 5B jB 2C(CC) for a total of ~3230 damage, but much harder to time
  • 2AABBC 641236A ~2718 damage
    • A simple extension of the basic knockdown combo that doubles the damage for the cost of 1 super, and usually carries all the way to the corner.
    • Delay the super slightly to avoid the opponent from falling out too early.
  • 5ABBC 214214A ~2991 damage
    • Better midscreen damage than firepunch, but provides no corner carry and leaves little time for oki.
  • jB j66 jB jC 66B 66B 9 jB j2CCC 5B 8 jB 8 (jB tech trap) ~2913 damage
    • Almost full stage carry from jB into corner loop. Timing the jB after 66B can be tough.
    • 2nd 66B can be omitted to make this easier if already close to the corner.
  • 6B 214214A/B/C ~2591/3197/4445 damage
    • Only non-IC combo off your overhead. Use when you're sure the opponent will block low, as you won't have time to confirm this.

Red RF Meter

  • 2AABC 623A IC jB 5B 9 jB 2CCC 5B 8 jB 8 jB (jB tech trap) ~3172 damage
    • Easier to input than the meterless corner combo, and slightly more damage. Recommended when you don't have super meter.
  • 2AABBC 641236A IC 5B 9 jB j2CCC 5B 8 jB 8 jB (jB tech trap) ~3952 damage
    • Your basic corner BnB. Delay the first 5B for best results
    • j2CCC timing can be hard to learn
    • Tech trap leads to new air loops. Otherwise, set up the usual 214B oki.
  • 623B IC 214214B/C or 623B IC 9 jB j66 jAA 214214B/C ~2800-4200 damage
    • Decent damage off an anti-air 623B.
    • The 2nd version might be easier to input if you're not sure 623B is going to hit, but doesn't provide any damage advantage.
  • 623B IC 9 jB j66 jB jC 66C ~2180 damage
    • Corner carry with knockdown from an anti-air 623B.
    • Cancel 66C into 641236A/B/C or 214214B/C for more damage.
  • 2ABC 623B IC 9 jB j66 jB jC 66C ~2762 damage
    • Same as above with a ground starter. Delay your air normals enough to provide enough juggle time for 66C to hit (jC should come out just as you're hitting the ground).
  • 6B IC 2AABBC 641236A ~2921 damage
    • With IC your overhead will start all the usual combos, and of course it's safer on block too. The window to input 2A is 4 frames.
  • 6B IC jB 2ABBC 641236A ~3086 damage
    • A small variation on the above, using jB right after the IC for some extra damage. The jB input window is 3 frames, but provides a nice buffer for you to input 2A after landing. Up to you to choose which one you want to use.
    • If your 6B was blocked, whether or not you use jB before landing gives you an extra mixup. If you hit with the jB, you can continue with the rest of the combo.
  • 6B 214214A IC 214214A ~6034 damage
    • Extend your overhead -> super combo with another super.
    • Massive damage for the cost, due to a bug in the game that makes the first move stay active after the IC
    • Does not work on everyone due to height differences, as you can only IC 214214 when the muzzle flash hits the opponent.
  • 623C 66 9 9 jBC ~1644 damage
    • Some extra damage off a fullscreen wallbounce from your reversal.
  • 623C 8 jB j66 jB jC -> corner loop ~3188 damage
    • Good damage off 623C if the opponent is close to (but not in) the corner.
    • 623C will sideswap if you're too close to the corner, making this combo impossible. Use the one below instead.
    • Jump 7 instead of 8 when very close to the corner, but not close enough to sideswap before jumping.
  • 623C 8 jB j66 jB jC 66C 641236A/B ~2700-3700 damage
    • When the opponent is close enough to the corner for 623C to sideswap, use this for a full carry to the opposite corner.
    • You can omit the super if you wish for ~2282 damage knockdown combo instead
  • 412C (2 hits) 9 jB j66 jB jC land 66 9 9 jA jB 214214C ~4281 damage
    • An example combo off an anti-air 412C bullet. Because the bullet's trajectory is affected by the camera, and the direction it flings the opponent to on hit depends on their current movement speed, EX bullet combos are very situational and you'll usually have to improvise.

Blue RF Meter

  • BIC is used to extend Makoto's usual combos, make them easier to input and of course to get more damage. It doesn't really give her completely new combos that are worth using.
  • 2AABBC 641236A IC 5B 9 jB jC 5B 8 jB jC 5B 8 jB j2CC 5B 8 jB j2CCC 8 jB 8 jB (jB tech trap) ~6332 damage
    • A full BIC (near-)corner combo. There are many different ways to execute corner loops with BIC, though the damage is generally around the same.
  • 2AABBC 641236A IC 66B 66B 5B 9 jB j2C 5B 8 jB j2CC 5B 8 jB j2CCC 5B 8 jB 8 jB (jB tech trap) ~5966 damage
    • A full stage corner carry into the usual loops.


Win Quotes

Japanese English


You're full of holes!



Stop yelping!
You're the one
that attacked first!

This is what they call
"self defense"!




I finally got a
meat bun and now
it's cold!




My memories?
My lifespan?

As long as I get
to punch him in the face,

I'll pay them gladly!





Even if I can't reach
with my fists,

I have plenty of tricks
up my sleeve!

(To Mio)



(To Mio)
W-what is with you!

Why are you
following me around?!


(To Ayu)


(To Ayu)
I have confidence in my
sense of smell, but...

I can't tell
what you are...

(To Makoto)


(To Makoto)
Which one of us was the fake?

I guess after that,
you'll have no objection!



In-game References

External References

  • Makoto's "Legend of Monomi Hill" move is based on Terry Bogard's "Burning Knuckle" move, from the Fatal Fury series.
  • The twin guns used in Makoto's "Ground Strafing" move is a reference to Dante's guns, "Ebony & Ivory", from the Devil May Cry series. Ebony and Ivory are able to keep Dante suspended in midair as long as he's firing, just like Makoto's version. It is also based on Jin Saotome's "Blodia Vulcan" move, from the Marvel vs Capcom series.
  • The shop on the right side of the background is named "CLANNAD", which is a reference to CLANNAD, another visual novel produced by Key in 2004.

Kanon References

  • The shopping district in the background is where Makoto first meets Yuiichi in the game, and where they meet several times during the game.
  • The fireworks that Makoto uses in her "Rat Fireworks" move is a reference to a prank she tried to pull on Yuuichi during the game.
  • The name of Makoto's "Legend of Monomi Hill" move is derived from "Monomi/Scenic Hill", an important location for her in the game.
  • The meat bun Makoto eats during her "Meat Bun" move is one of her favourite foods in the game.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)