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Shiina Mayu


Shiina Mayu (椎名 繭) is a close range, highly mobile rushdown character with a hop instead of a dash. Once Mayu has the opponent cornered, she can run high/low mixups all day, while threatening with her assortment of command throws. Mayu’s weakest when she is not in the opponent’s face, but she does have an incredible amount of ways to force herself in. Mayu has quite possibly the most frustrating hurtbox in the game. Her normals are also extremely frustrating, as they have upper/lower body invulnerability, and are very hard to beat or punish.

Mayu is one of the heroines of ONE, a visual novel produced by Tactics in 1998. Mayu first met Kouhei soon after losing her only friend, her ferret Myu. She quickly becomes attached to Kouhei, but acts on instinct all of the time. Mayu becomes a problem child who starts to say the name of her ferret all the time. However, Kouhei believes that Mayu will eventually learn to cope with her loss. Although Myu died, Mayu's journey to adulthood started from that point. During ONE, Kouhei starts to "look after" Mayu before he realizes it, to at least prevent her from getting into trouble...

Mayu was part of EFZ's original cast.

Stage: Behind the School (学校裏)

BGM: White as the snow (雪のように白く)

Character-Specific Notes

  • Mayu is the only character (except debatably Kanna) who can still use her double jump after airdashing.
  • Mayu has one of the fastest walk speeds in the game.
  • Mayu's ground dash is a long hop dash. Her forward dash can be shortened by pressing 4. Mayu can only dash attack during a shortened leap.
  • Mayu's idle hurtbox shifts with her animation. In general, her hurtboxes are among the shortest in the game, and she can low profile many attacks that would hit other characters, and may require different combo routes to be used against her.

Normal Moves

Frame Data Help
The notation for the move lists can be found under Controls.
Cells filled with a "-" indicate a placeholder. Cells filled by a "/" indicate a non-applicable field.
Values separated by a "~" (X~Y) indicate a range or variance. A "~" preceding a single value (~X) may indicate approximation. A "-" separating frame values of a property (X-Y) indicate the duration of the property.
Cell data accompanied by a ※ indicate properties unusual to the template. Explanations for such properties can be found at another ※ in the description. If a move requires multiple ※'s, subscripts will be attached to indicate relation (※1, ※2, ※3...).
Frame data with decimal values .33 or .66 relate to subframes.
Version Used for moves with multiple special attacks on one motion.
Damage The base damage value that the specific hit will do. See damage scaling for more information.
Guard Indicates how the move must be blocked, if it can be blocked at all.

Low: Crouch Block
High: Stand Block
Ground: Air Unblockable, may be blocked either Crouching or Standing
Any: Air, crouch, and stand block
Throw: Cannot be blocked, throw type hitbox that targets the collision box
Unblockable: Cannot be blocked, unblockable hitbox that targets hurtboxes

Property Shows what properties the move has and the time (in frames) that these properties are active. Example: "I: 0.33-9", which means the move is invulnerable on the first subframe of the move until the 9th full frame (or 27th subframe).

I: Full Invincibility
TI: Throw Invincibility
SI: Strike Invincibility
HI: Upper Body/High Invincibility
LI: Low Invincibility/Low Crush
A: Armour
G: Guard Point

Startup Indicates where the move's first active hitbox is.
Active Total frames the hitbox is active for.
Recovery Total frames until the character can block.
Note: After the recovery of any action, before any other action may occur, there exists 1 frame in which the only action you may take is to block.
Adv Hit Frame advantage on hit.
Adv Block Frame advantage on block.
Cancel Possible cancel options.

N: Normals
Sp: Specials
Su: Supers
J: Jump cancel possible on hit, block and RG
JH: Jump cancel possible on hit only
AD: Air Dash
IC: Instant Charge after hit (22C)
FIC: Flicker Instant Charge (22C, fixed IC window, regardless of hit or whiff)
R: Repeatable, always A normals. Will cancel into other A normals.
f5B/2B: Usually c5B cancel option
SB: S button cancelling, character specific. Examples: stance, summon or flight cancels.
Rekka: A special move with multiple parts that require additional inputs.
: Special rules, see description for details (look for the ※)


Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
170 - - Ground 4 5 2 +3 +2 N SP J IC R

Mayu does a short punch to the opponent's midsection. This is a pretty standard spammable jab. It's a bit low due to Mayu's height so it won't miss short crouching characters, but it will have a harder time acting as an anti-air.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
370 - - Ground 7 7 6 +3 +1 N SP J IC 2B f5B

Mayu stretches her arms out above and in front of her. This move is the core launching move of Mayu's combos. When it hits an aerial opponent, the opponent will be sent forward-up, at the perfect velocity for Mayu to follow with a forward jump. This is a fantastic anti-air. Be aware that her hurtboxes start extending on frame 3, and are fully extended on frame 5 of startup: what this means is that if you try to time it too close to your opponent as an anti-air, you may find yourself getting cleanly beat!

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
370 (3~7F=330) - - Any 7 7 7 +2 0 N SP IC

Mayu turns around and does a backflip, advancing forward while heel-drop kicking in an arc in front of her. This is a decent move to help keep an opponent under pressure, since it both attacks and moves forward. Good for punishing opponent's low pokes or low mash.

High-Angle Heel Drop

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
370 (3~7F=330) - - Any 15 7 8 - -1 Sp IC

Mayu does a variation of her f5B, where she hops about one body-height up and forwards while doing her back-flip heel-drop. Can catch the opponent of guard. Use this sparingly. It is NOT an overhead. Also, unlike f5B, this move always knocks the opponent down; in the corner, this can lead to juggle conversions even with no meter.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
570 - - Ground 11 8 17 -2 -4 SP IC

Mayu is lifted off the ground by her ferret as she does a powerful dual-leg kick at the opponent's chest. Interestingly enough, the ferret on the ground is not part of Mayu's hitbox, so this move can cleanly counter attacks with very low hitboxes such as Misaki's 2C or Ikumi's 2C. Can be very good at preemptively catching low air approaches. Mayu's hurtbox is very slightly off the ground even on frame 1, and is high enough on frame 2 to already evade many things!


Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
175 - - Low 4 5 2 +4 +3 N SP J IC R

Mayu does a short punch at the opponent's feet. This move is simple to land and start combos with. However, the low and small hitbox means that it's quite vulnerable to overheads and small-hopping attacks.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
360 - - Low 8 9 8 -1 -3 N SP J IC

Mayu slides forward feet first as a kick, moving a small distance forward. Aside from combos, this move can be used as another way to continue pressure on an opponent as part of a blockstring.

Short Leg Kick

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
360 - - Low 6 6 7 +3 +1 N SP J IC 2B f5B

Mayu does a short kick, similar to her 2B, but without sliding. It's short enough that it doesn't leave you as committed to an attack as a 2B would. Still, not much range. Used in BnBs.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 - - Low 9 20 13 - -12 SP IC

Mayu slides on the ground arms first, moving forwards a fair distance while attacking the opponent's feet. This move will launch a grounded opponent slightly off the ground, but they will be unable to recover in time before they land. This move is not exactly something that should be used outside of combos very often unless at a certain range. If you let it get blocked, your opponent will have the option of attacking or waiting to see if you cancel it. Without an instant charge, all of the specials at Mayu's disposal are either non-effective against an opponent who is already defending, or wall jump moves that let Mayu retreat, but in turn give up the offensive pressure. However, if space so it hits just at the tip of the attack, it can be a much safer tool. The cancel frames for this attack are very long, so to catch your opponent off guard you can late cancel into 623A if they delay their counter as well.


Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 - - High/Air 6 6 4 / / N SP J AD IC R

Mayu does a small kick. This move should only be used either as a spammed jump-in approach or within a combo to extend it. In very specific matchups, it can be used as an instant overhead.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
350 - - High/Air 7 7 10 / / N SP J AD IC

Mayu does a decent kick forwards, covering an area around the lower half of herself, including slightly behind her as well. This is Mayu's aerial-crossup attack. The spacing needed is tighter than other characters, but you can still hit and directly lead into your basic combo setups. This move is also good for close-in aerial engagements, where j.C might be too slow to hit in time.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
540 - - High/Air 8 7 18 / / N SP J AD IC

Mayu does a frontal air kick directly in front of her. This is Mayu's longest-range option in the air, and the main damage dealer of her corner loop. It's good for dealing with aerial attacks, but if the enemy is below you, it might be better to use j.B instead. Against an aerial opponent, it knocks them quite far horizontally on hit.


Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
150 - - Any 5※ 6 2 +2 +1 SP J IC

※17F startup when including minimum hop time.

Mayu leaps forward and does a j.A close to the ground. This move can't be comboed from or into, it can be blocked in any stance, and it does too little damage to be used as an effective counter for a low attack. However, it's speed and quick recovery makes it a decent approach attack to get in close again during a blockstring routine.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
400 - - Any 8※ 7 2 +7 +5 SP J IC

※20F startup when including minimum hop time.

Mayu leaps forward and does a j.B close to the ground. Slightly slower than the A version for use in a pressure blockstring. This move can be linked into the basic combo if timed late.

Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 - - Any 7※ 7 3 +6 +4 SP J IC

※19F startup when including minimum hop time.

Mayu leaps forward and does a j.C close to the ground. This is the fastest way outside of using RF special moves to approach the opponent while attacking. It's got the range of Mayu's normal j.C so even on block, you can be far away enough to not fear direct reprisal.


Ground Throw
Ground Throw
Close 6C/4C
EFZ Mayu GroundGrab.png
Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1000 - - Throw 5 1 21 / / None

Mayu latches on to her opponent and kicks them across the screen, knocking them down and launching herself backwards. While Mayu can end up as far as fullscreen away, she recovers before even touching the ground, so she can easily close the distance with an airdash while the opponent is waking up.

Air Throw
Air Throw
Close j6C
EFZ Mayu AirGrab.png
Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1000 - - Throw 2 1 / / / None

Mayu takes herself and the opponent straight down, slamming them into the ground.

Special Moves


Roll Roll Roll

EFZ Mayu 236B.gif
Ferret Uppercut
Ferret Uppercut
Slash Down Kick
Slash Down Kick
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 700 - - Any / 17 32 11 / -22 IC Rekka

Mayu rolls across the ground in a ball. Launches the opponent on hit. Can be cancelled into followups on whiff or hit. This is the move you will be using most in BnB combos, both metered and unmetered.

B 700 - - Any / 8 28 14 / -21 IC Rekka

Mayu launches herself into the the air in a ball. Can be cancelled into Slash Down Kick on whiff or hit. Used in a few combos, but mostly used in blockstrings and pressure. It can crossup quite easily and can be used to start a high/low mixup with IC. ICing immediately after it is blocked allows the player to either immediately drop and go for a low (which is a safejump), or go for an aerial attack. The same applies for Roll Roll Hop.

C 1000 - - Any I: 0.33 - 2.66 5 40 12(whiff), 44(hit/block) / -22 IC

Mayu launches herself quickly across the screen in a ball. On hit, the opponent will be sent flying back a good distance, and will wallbounce if they reach the wall before hitting the floor. On block, Mayu will slowly bounce back from the impact and land 1/3 of a screen away. This move is great for punishing the opponent when they are vulnerable. Because this version acts so quickly, the opponent will have little time to act if they were in the process of dashing towards you or setting up some trap or special. Also, the additional wallbounce property gives you a chance to deal extra damage for their mistake.

236A~A or 236B~(land)236A
Ferret Uppercut
150x3 - - High/Air I: 0.33 - 11※ 7.33 19 25+20+n+10 - - IC

Linked from Roll Roll Roll A or B version. If done from 236B, Mayu must land before 236A can be input. Mayu will perform a jumping multi-hit uppercut towards the opponent. On hit, it will launch the opponent into the air. This is not a great move to rely on. If the opponent has blocked the initial approach attack, then they will almost certainly block the Ferret Uppercut follow-up if you use it, which will lead to a painful counterattack during your lengthy recovery. If you manage to hit with the Roll Roll Roll move, say in the middle of a combo, the Roll Roll Hop follow-up is still better at dealing more damage, and at keeping the opponent within reach in case they try to air-tech. The real value of 236A~A is when your opponent RGs your Roll Roll Roll: this uppercut has fully invulnerable startup, allowing you to beat all sorts of retaliation attempts! ※236B~[land]236A is NOT invulnerable.

Roll Roll Hop
450 - - Any / 6 28 12 -19 -21 IC Rekka

Linked from Roll Roll Roll. The B followup to 236A - Mayu launches herself into the air, the same as Roll Roll Roll version B. This move is your IC point for various combos, as it is the perfect height to go into her air loop. Same as Roll Roll Roll B, this move can be used in blockstrings and as a mixup starter. It is, however, with greater risk as the opponent has a chance to RG Roll Roll Roll version A and punish you.

236A~B~jA or 236B~jA
Slash Down Kick
550 - - High/Air / 13 Until ground 11 - - IC

Followup from Roll Roll Hop or Roll Roll Roll B version. The A followup to 236AB and 236B - Mayu does a divekick at a fixed angle. This is your meterless BnB combo ender. In the corner, you can almost always get it to connect depending on proration, elsewhere it can be spacing and timing dependent.

Astro Flying Knee

EFZ Mayu 623A A.png
623A Frame 1
623A Frame 1
623A active frames 1-2 and 5-6
623C active frames 1-8
623A active frames 1-2 and 5-6
623C active frames 1-8
Mayu623a LateActive.png
623A active frames 3-4 and 7-8
623A active frames 3-4 and 7-8
EFZ Mayu 623B A.png
623B Frame 1
623B Frame 1
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 600 - - Ground LI: 0.33 - 8.66 9 8 20 / -12 IC

Mayu launches herself knee first into the air, moving about 1/4 of the screen forwards and 1/2 the screen up. Air-unblockable. Low-body invulnerable. If you want to IC it, only the first 4 active frames of it can be IC'd.

B 600 - - Ground HI: 0.33 - 12.66 5 8 26 / -18 IC

An even higher version of A. Excellent anti-air and extremely hard to punish. High-body invulnerable.

C 1300 - - Ground I: 0.33 - 9.66 10 8 31 / -24 IC

This version of the Astro Flying Knee is Mayu's full body invulnerable special move. However, it's vulnerable on block like any other wakeup DP option, so either have additional RF meter to IC it and retreat. Unlike the A and B versions, the C version can be IC'd at any time after it connects!

Big Jump!

Wall throw
Wall throw
A/C~A / B(proximity)
A/C~A / B(proximity)
EFZ Mayu 214X B.png
A/C~B / B(proximity)
A/C~B / B(proximity)
EFZ Mayu 214S.png
Mayu jumps up to and clings onto a wall, then jumps off. It is possible for Mayu to not reach a wall if the opponent moves the screen during this move. In such a case, she will enter recovery like normal. ※Mayu is invincible (and has no collision) for the 8 frames she spends on the wall.
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A / - - / I: ※ 22.33 ~ 49.66 / Until landing + 7 / / Rekka

Mayu leaps for the wall behind her. The aerial recovery is cancellable into A/B/C followups.

B 650 - - Any I: ※ 27.33 ~ 54.33 Until landing 12 / / IC

Mayu leaps for the wall behind her, and then does a fast flying kick towards the opponent. Depending on how close the opponent is to the wall Mayu is jumping off of, she may do 214A/C~A or 214A/C~B instead to compensate. On hit, the opponent will be launched backwards. After hitting or being blocked (but not when IC'd), Mayu will bounce back from the impact a small distance. This is one way for Mayu to quickly close in on the opponent's position. Due to the danger of an badly-positioned kick being blocked and leaving Mayu at the opponent's mercy during recovery, it might be a good idea to IC the attack so that you can immediately continue into blockstrings.

C / - - / I: ※ 22.33 ~ 49.66 / Until landing + 7 / / Rekka

Mayu leaps for the wall in front of her. The aerial recovery is cancellable into A/B/C followups.

jA / - - / I: ※ 12.33 ~ 39.66 / Until landing + 7 / / Rekka

Similar to 214A.

jB / - - / I: ※ 17.33 ~ 44.66 / Until landing + 7 / / Rekka

Similar to 214B.

jC / - - / I: ※ 12.33 ~ 39.66 / Until landing + 7 / / Rekka

Similar to 214C.

A/C ~ (4)A/B 650 - - High / 10.33 Until landing 14 / / IC

Mayu flies down with an overhead kick that knocks the opponent down on hit. The A version will have Mayu kick almost straight down, and she will kick at a 45 degree angle in the B version. Can be done in the opposite direction by inputting 4A/B.

A/C ~ (4)C 250 x 4 - - Ground I: ※2 10.33 Until landing 35 / / IC

Mayu curls into a multihitting ball which is air unblockable. Can be done in the opposite direction by inputting 4C. ※2Mayu is invincible for the first 4 frames after she touches the ground.

S 0 + 1200 - - Throw I: ※ 27.33 ~ 54.33 Until landing 15 / / None

Mayu leaps for the wall behind her, and then leaps back in a slow arc, arms outstretched. If the opponent is on the ground when Mayu reaches her, she will latch on to them for a knockdown. This move is fastest when Mayu herself is trapped in the corner. If Mayu is able to start a blockstring there, she can use this version to surprise the opponent. Use it sparingly or not at all, since this setup can easily be mashed out of. Also, using this move at any other situation and range is just asking for a combo to the face.

jS 0 + 1200 - - Throw I: ※ 20.33 ~ 47.66 Until landing 15 / / None

Similar to 214S.

Chain Trampling

Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A/B 200 x 6 - - Any / 16 Until ground 9 / / IC

Mayu pauses in the air, and then drops down at an angle towards the opponent. The A version does a more vertical drop, while the B version drops at a 45-degree angle. If it connects, Mayu kicks the opponent in the face multiple times and then slams them immedately to a downed state. This move has a few good uses. You can link it from a blocked 6B to continue your blockstring pressure without losing too much initiative. You can use it as a crossup move where at just the right height you can hit the opponent from the front and still land behind them, causing any attempt at RG-counter attacks to attack the wrong direction. Finally, you can use it as a wall combo ender or air-recovery punisher, so that the opponent is forced to fall down in the corner where you can continue your pressure.

C 100xN - - Any I: 1-15 16 Until ground 4 / / IC

Mayu immediately drops down at a 45-degree angle towards the opponent, kicking all the way down until she reaches the ground. This will not force the opponent to a down state on hit, however it can be easily linked to a ground combo. This move is used to give Mayu an almost un-punishable approach at the opponent, as on block Mayu still has the initiative. However, if RG'd it will become a one hit move and can be very easily punished. Fully invulnerable from frames 1-15, but it is NOT invulnerable on first active frame! Still, it gives you a terrific option for beating opponent reversals or challenging your opponent in the air.


EFZ Mayu 41236A 1.png
EFZ Mayu 41236A 2.png
※6 frame gap between active periods.
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 500 - - Throw / 21.33 9.66 + 10 x 2※ 21 / / None

Mayu pauses a bit with her hands held up, and then runs along the ground like an animal for a throw. If the throw connects Mayu then launches the opponent behind her in an untechable state, allowing for a combo. Reaches about 90% of the screen. This move should not be used at any range other than close range, given how slow the travel time is. Probably the best use would be unexpectedly in the middle of your usual blockstring, while you are both close to your opponent and they are used to blocking.

B 500 - - Throw / 27 10 x 3 21 / / None

Mayu runs at a faster pace and reaches about 1.5 screen lengths. The added speed and range makes it a better choice at long range, which is still as terrible of an idea as before.

C 1000 - - Throw I: 1-6 21.33 9.66 + 10 x 2※ 21 / / None

Mayu runs for about 90% of the screen like the A version, but on a connect the opponent will be wallbounced. This version prorates less, giving better combos after.

Leap Frog
0 - - Throw / 6 1 30 +25 / None

Mayu doesn't run in this version, instead just doing a normal command throw. Very fast and stuns the opponent for a grounded combo after. Switches sides, unless in the corner. The recovery value listed is when the move whiffs. -25% Power when it connects, so your juggles will be more limited following this. Powerful option after RG.

Eternity Specials

Multiple Punch

Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 0 x 5 + 800 x 3 - - Any 8 24 34 / -11 IC
B 0 x 7 + 150 + 780 x 4 - - Any 8 32 34 / -11 IC
C 0 x 23 + 30 x 2 + 800 x 2 + 500 x 8 - - Any 8 32 34 / -11 IC

Mayu curls into a ball and rolls into the opponent. If it connects, Mayu punches the opponent multiple times and ends with a number of uppercuts that launch the opponent into the air. This super should never be used outside of combos. That said, this is a great super for comboing purposes. It allows you to push the opponent a great distance across the screen, and most likely right into the corner. Also, this super can be IC'd during any of the uppercut hits for additional combo possibilities after most or all of the damage is dealt.

Myu Myu Hurricane

Mayu spins around like a top while holding her ferret out, smacking people in the face with it. The first two frames pre-super flash are vulnerable, but becomes fully invulnerable during the superflash until the final active frame. You have some control over movement, allowing you to move while spinning. Player 2 Mayu can benefit from a bug that allows her to be hit on the subframe that superflash starts, breaking Mayu out of the freeze but not her opponent, allowing for an on-hit punish.
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 120 x 11 - - Ground I: 3-47 8 2 + 4 x 9 + 2 17 / -34 ~ -18 IC
- 750 - - Ground / 48 3 14 / -18 IC
B 120 x 15 - - Ground I: 3-63 8 2 + 4 x 13 + 2 17 / -67 ~ -18 IC
- 1000 - - Ground / 64 3 14 / -18 IC

You have more control over it, but it's not really much better as a reversal for the cost, possessing the same startup and vulnerability as the level 1 version.

C 120 x 25 - - Ground I: 3-103 8 2 + 4 x 23 + 2 17 / -107 ~ -18 IC
- 1350 - - Ground / 104 3 14 / -18 IC

The level 3 version is not really any better as a reversal than the level 1 version. If it hits it can almost completely drain the BIC bar of your opponent, but that's often not enough to justify its cost. You have the most control over this one of the three, so it can be the safest one on block, though.


Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 0 + 2350 - - Throw 8 8 70 / / None

Mayu quickly leaps up into the air at a 45 degree angle, trying to throw her opponent. If successful, she will body-slam the opponent into the ground. Level 1 is mostly a combo finisher. Desperation reversal that is fully invulnerable for first 2 active frames, but you've got to be really desperate. The slow startup and limited total active frames hinders the usefulness of this version outside of combos.

B 0 + 1000 + 2350 - - Throw 5 16 77 / / None

Good anti air option. Invulnerable on frames 1-8, so also usable as a reversal. In combos it doesn't give good value in terms of damage for the meter cost, but the greater active frames and the greater speed with which it travels can make it connect more reliably.

C 0 + 1000 + 3600 - - Throw 4 24 83 / / None

This is one of Mayu's most powerful options for discouraging aerial approaches from the opponent. It moves fast, can't be blocked or RG'd in the air, and only a few aerial attacks like Akiko's j.C can reliably stuff it after it is activated. That being said, it is very much a all-or-nothing affair. If the opponent baits it out by moving directly above you, dashing back suddenly, or landing before you expected, then the opponent will be able to punish you quite easily as you fall back to Earth. Invulnerable on frames 1-8, with very fast startup at 4F, making this a strong reversal option. The huge distance it travels very quickly can let you snatch people out of the air, but if the opponent is very far from where it starts they can get away with air dash or other movement.

Final Memory

I'm Not Alone

EFZ Mayu FM.png
Close Version
Close Version
Far Version
Far Version
Version Damage Proration Juggle Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
Close 0 + 1000 + 250 x 18 + 1000 - - Throw 1 1 16 / / None
Far 0 + 1000 + 250 x 18 + 1000 - - Throw 23 12 18 / / None

If the opponent is within about twice the normal ground throw distance, Mayu will attempt to throw immediately (during superflash). If the opponent is outside of that range, Mayu will take a slow leap forwards 1/3 of the screen to try to connect with the opponent. If the throw is successful, Mayu flip-slams the opponent to the ground, and then she and two other friends start jumping on the opponent for a good amount of damage. This Final Memory is a nice wakeup option against opponents who crowd around your player a little too much, since it's easy to input that odd "23693" motion while knocked down and unable to jump. Having this threat in your arsenal should force opponents to think twice about standing too close to you on wakeup, or relying solely on aerial approaches, which Mayu already has ample ways to counter.

Mayu can whiff cancel most of her normals into this move. Extremely strong if you can learn to cover the "9" direction during pressure. An example: f5B 2369[6]3S - this allows you to input 2369 during the f5B animation, you then have time to walk forward a bit with [6] before inputting 3S and activating the super. There are all sorts of creative ways to cover the 9. Learning just how much time you have to complete the super input is crucial for making effective use of this super. Some visual examples can be found in this Twitter thread.


As Mayu, your main goal is to brute force yourself into your opponents face and stay there as long as possible. What you lack in a standing overhead you gain in lots of normals that move you forward, exceptionally silly invincibility on various normals and a low invincible hop dash to stay in your opponents face. In particular, f5B both moves you forward and has low invincibility.
Even outside of pressuring your opponent, you have moves like 5C that act as a surprisingly effective preemptive poke, 3 different low risk anti airs with f5B, c5B and 6B, a nigh impossible to punish air unblockable meterless DP with 623A/B - the list goes on. All in all, Mayu players will be looking to abuse fantastic normals and exceptional mobility to frustrate the opponent to no end!


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various contributors, some combo notations may deviate slightly from the notation listed below.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*.
[<- X] [-> X] Side switch notation. All inputs grouped by the square brackets are performed facing the arrow's direction. They are still written as if they were done facing right, however.
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N.
c5B Proximity normal only usable while close.
f5B Proximity normal only usable outside of c5B range or when cancelled from another normal. Known as far 5B.
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
X(tech trap) Indicates a combo ender intended to catch the opponent's air tech. The most common kind of tech trap is j6C, which will air throw early techs and jC later techs. Executionally identical to X(whiff) but different in purpose.
~ Indicates a followup for moves which have them. Example: 236A~236A.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Basic Combos


  • 5A/2A 1BBC
  • Specifically leaving out the 236A-B-A gives you much stronger oki but at the cost of damage. Also a useful option against characters where the 236A-B-A sequence is not reliable, such as Misuzu.
  • 1ABBC 236A-B-A
  • Your basic BnB. Can whiff on Misuzu unless you start the combo right in her face.

Red IC Combos

  • j214B IC j66 jB c5B jC j66 jBC djABC 5AB jBC djABC dj236B(whiff) - 3557 Damage
  • 41236C jC j66 jBC djABC 5AC 41236A - 3884 Damage
  • 1ABBC 236A-B IC jB .. jC land jABC 641236A - 4058 Damage
  • 623A IC jC djC dj66 djBC land jABC land jABC 641236A - 4218 Damage
  • 5C 236C 5B jC j66 jBC djABC 5AC 641236A - 4497 Damage
  • 2C IC c5B jC j66 jBC djABC jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(whiff) - 3712 Damage
  • (anti air) c5B jC j66 jBC c5B jB .. jC jABC 5AB 641236A - 4235 Damage
  • 41236B 664 c5B jB .. jC .. djB .. djC 5AB jBC djABC dj236B - 2899 Damage

Blue IC

  • 1ABBC 2141236C IC j66 jC 5B jC j66 jBC djB .. djC 5B jBC djABC dj236B - 7113 Damage
  • 1ABBC 236A-B IC jB j66 jAB 5B jB j66 jBC land jABC 5B jBC djABC dj236B - 5419 Damage
  • 2AA c5B 2C 2141236A IC 9 djB dj66 djB land c5B jC j66 jBC djABC land jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B - 6284 Damage
  • 623A IC 9 djB .. djB 6 c5B jB j66 jB c5B jC j66 jBC djABC land jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B - 5011 Damage
Near Corner
  • 5C 236C j9 djC dj66 djBC land 236B IC jC djC dj66 djBC c5B jB .. jC djABC land 5AB jBC djABC dj236B - 6470 Damage
  • (anti air) c5B jC j66 jBC 5AC 2141236A IC jC djC dj66 djBC land jC j66 jBC land jABC 5AB jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 7032 Damage
  • 1ABBC 2141236A IC jC djC dj66 djBC land jC j66 jBC djABC 5AC 641236A - 6910 Damage
  • 1ABBC 236A-B IC jC j66 jBC 5B jC j66 jBC djABC 5AC 641236A - 6200 Damage
  • 623A IC jC land jC j66 jBC c5B jC j66 jBC djB .. djC 5A jABC 5AB jBC djABC dj236B - 5528 Damage
  • 5C .. 623A IC jC land jC j66 jBC c5B jC j66 jBC land jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(whiff) - 5541 Damage

Advanced Combos

Red IC

  • 2C 236B IC jB 6 c5B jB j66 jAB djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 3734 Damage
  • 623A IC 9 djB .. djB 6 c5B jB j66 jAB djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 3501 Damage
  • 2C 2141236A(3) IC .. djC dj66 djBC land jABC djABC c5B jBC djBC dj236B(tech trap) - 5014 Damage | Video
  • jB j66 jBC can be used instead of jC j66 jBC for more stability and only 100 damage lost.
  • f5B 2C 2141236(3) IC .. djB .. djC land jB .. jC djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 4894 Damage | Video
  • 2AA c5B 5C 236C 4 .. c5B jB .. jC djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 3843 Damage
  • 2AA c5B 2C 236A~A IC jB .. jC djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 3610 Damage
  • 2C 236B IC jC j66 jBC djABC rejump jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 4140 Damage
  • 41236S 5C 236C 4 .. 5A jABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 2662 Damage

Blue IC

  • 2AA 5BB 2C 236A~B~A IC djB dj66 djB c5B jC j66 jBC c5B jB .. jC djABC c5B jBC djBC dj236B(tech trap) - 6058 Damage | Video
  • 2AA 5BB 2C 2141236B IC djB dj66 djB .. djC land jC j66 jBC c5B jB .. jC djABC 5A c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 6967 Damage | Video
  • Builds 1 super meter.
  • 2AA 5BB 2C 236A~A~A IC jC j66 jBC c5B jC j66 jBC djB .. djC land jAABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 6312 Damage
  • 2AA 5BB 2C 2141236A(3) IC jC .. djC dj66 djC c5B jC j66 jBC djB .. djC land jAABC c5B jBC djBC dj236B(tech trap) - 6679 Damage
  • 2AA 5BB 2C 2141236B(4) IC j8 jC dj6(hold) djB .. djC land jC j66 jBC c5B jB .. jC djABC c5B jBC djABC dj236B(tech trap) - 7074 Damage


j9 jA(whiff) jB Which Way

One of Mayu's simplest setups. Doing any normal immediately after jumping makes Mayu's jump arc slightly lower, making the jB which way safer and harder to see.

~2C j9 dj8 Which Way

From a 2C knockdown (whether from a raw 2C or a combo into 2C) that leaves you right next to the opponent, you have enough time to j9 j8 right above the opponent and do a 4-way high/low left/right mixup. Making use of normals on the way down from the j8 to help mask which side you'll land and whether you'll hit high or land into low is crucial. A solid choice as an oki option midscreen.

Corner j9 dj9 High/Low/Throw/j236C Safe Jump

Works on characters who do not have fast wakeup. This safe jump setup is brutal due to j236C which delays Mayu's landing and has a small amount of invulnerability beating delayed mash and a fair few reversals.

Corner Crossups

Mayu is one of the few characters capable of crossing up opponents who are directly in the corner with no gap. A correctly timed 214C wall grab as the opponent is waking up will force the opponent out of the corner slightly, allowing Mayu to do the A divekick followup for a left/right. This setup also frequently stuffs reversals. The only requirement is red IC to capitalise on a hit or to make it safe if blocked.

Mid Pressure Mixups

A lot of Mayu's strength comes from how obnoxious her pressure is, thanks to having high/low profiling on a lot of normals, and on top of this she can create mixups after extremely common pressure string pieces.

On 2C 623A

2C has an insanely long cancel window. You can abuse this by mixing up when you cancel into the low invulnerable 623A, which will catch any punish attempts if timed correctly or allow you to IC and into a mixup if not. You'll only ever do this if you have red IC for a conversion or to make it safe, even if 623A can be hard to punish you'll likely lose your turn without IC.

623A IC High/Low

623A, when IC'd, keeps some of the 623A momentum and makes Mayu land quite quickly if you don't press any normals or air dash. This is where the mixup comes in. You can 623A IC into air normals (like jAAB), do nothing and immediately land and 2A, air dash and jBC, late air dash (although it's only a slight delay) to make them think you're going low but stay high... honestly this setup is disgusting. Not only do you use a low invulnerable, air unblockable, 9F startup move that easily converts into high damage off IC, you also get a mixup if it's blocked and you have IC in stock (which you always will if you use this).

236A~B IC High/Low

Same idea as 623A IC, except this plays off whether you use the divekick ~A followup from 236A~B or not. This divekick can be significantly delayed and can work as a frame trap, made especially more potent with IC to make it safe or to convert into juggles. Once you've conditioned your opponent to respect this option, you can create a mix up opportunity by ICing the 236A~B ball bounce into jump normals, landing low, immediate airdash high, immediate airdash land low, delayed airdash high, delayed airdash low... and this all works because the opponent WILL over respect Mayu's pressure. She gets far too much mileage if they don't. The IC window for B part of 236A~B allows you to IC at ANY TIME after it has connected, and Mayu falls extremely fast if you IC when Mayu is in the later downward part of the arc which allows you to go into a 2A much faster than your opponent may expect. Even if they have seen this before and know to switch from high to low block quickly without waiting to see an air move get blocked, you can just hit no buttons at all and go for a throw/41236D.

Win Quotes

Japanese English












If I win, teriyaki, teriyaki♪



This is also Myu-

(grab grab)



(To Rumi)


(To Rumi)

(grab grab)

(To Mizuka)

(To Mizuka)

(To Akane)


(To Akane)

that's not right...

(To Mayu)



(To Mayu)

You're like me
You're like me
You're like meee!




In-game References

External References

Blanka from the Street Fighter series, Felicia from the Vampire Series, and May from the Guilty Gear series are the three characters which Mayu refers to most often in her attacks.

  • Her dash refers to Felicia's, both in terms of its pose, it going off the ground, the ability to shorten it, and to perform aerial attacks from it.
  • Roll Roll Roll's A version and its A followup (the upppercut) refer to Felicia's Rolling Buckler.
  • Roll Roll Roll's B and C versions refer to Blanka's ball attacks.
  • 5C refers to the standing heavy kick of Felicia.
  • 2C is a combination reference to the slide attacks of Blanka and May.
  • jB refers to Blanka's jumping light/medium kick, but it is drawn from a view of the back of the torso rather than the front, which makes it look a lot like the 2+LK of Jae Hoon from Garou.
  • In very early versions of EFZ (e.g. prior to the first expansion Blue Sky Edition), Mayu's jB was a series of two punches like Felicia's jMP.
  • 214 wall cling and throw / steerable diving attacks probably refer to Vega (claw) from the Street Fighter series, though the 214B might specifically be Adon's Jaguar Tooth.
  • 41236, but particularly the C version, refers to May's "Overhead Kiss" in its animation on successful grab, as well as its effect (throwing the opponent into the air and bouncing them off the wall for a juggle combo).
  • 41236S refers to the taunt of Ibuki in the Street Fighter 3 series, where she would straddle vault over her opponent if it successfully hit them.
  • 214214 refers to May's "Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind" super.
  • 641236 refers to the Megaton Press anti-air grab super of Hugo from Street Fighter 3 series.
  • Mayu's FM refers to the command grab "Break Spiral" of Duck King from Fatal Fury for its unique motion.

ONE References

  • The ferret that can be seen in some of Mayu's moves is a reference to the ferret that Mayu used to own in the game.
  • The word "Myu" that is used in many of Mayu's movenames and winquotes is a reference to her ferret's name.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)