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Minase Nayuki (awake)


Minase Nayuki (awake) (水瀬 名雪(起) is a straightforward, rushdown-oriented character whose main features are her very fast dash and high damaging combos. She has a few decent moves to play footsies with, but her main goal will be to take advantage of her dash to find openings and catch the opponent off-guard. She doesn’t have much in the way of extended pressure, and relies mostly on staggers and far-reaching lows to force respect from the opponent. However on a good knockdown she has time to set up her snowbunny super, similar to Rose orbs from Street Fighter, which allows her to stay on top of the opponent for much longer. For breaking defense she has a decent standing overhead and throw, both leading to a potential left/right mixup afterwards. As her gameplan and combos are both easy, Nayuki is a character well suited for players new to the game.

Nayuki is one of the heroines of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is Yuiichi's cousin, childhood friend, and has always been in love with him. Nayuki is the daughter of Akiko, and is also classmates with her friend Kaori. She is an extremely fast runner and is the captain of the school's track team because of this. On the other hand she is a very heavy sleeper, with a massive collection of alarm clocks that are able to wake up Yuuichi in the adjacent room, but do not seem to work on her at all. Nayuki really enjoys strawberry jam and strawberry sundaes, but is completely terrified at the mere mention of her mother's "special" jam. During Kanon, Yuuichi is warmly supported by Nayuki as he tries to help the people he cares about, but as he starts to remember what happened with Nayuki 7 years ago...

Nayuki (awake) was added to EFZ's cast in Memorial Edition.

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Day) (水瀬家前(朝))

BGM: 2 Steps Toward

Character-Specific Notes

  • After Nayuki does her "Memories with Snowbunnies" super, a TIME gauge will appear under her health bar. The super ceases once the gauge depletes, and every hit with a snowbunny will replenish or further deplete it, depending on the version. Hitting Nayuki instantly ends the super.

Normal Moves

Frame Data Help
The notation for the move lists can be found under Controls.
Cells filled with a "-" indicate a placeholder. Cells filled by a "/" indicate a non-applicable field.
Values separated by a "~" (X~Y) indicate a range or variance. A "~" preceding a single value (~X) may indicate approximation. A "-" separating frame values of a property (X-Y) indicate the duration of the property.
Cell data accompanied by a ※ indicate properties unusual to the template. Explanations for such properties can be found at another ※ in the description. If a move requires multiple ※'s, subscripts will be attached to indicate relation (※1, ※2, ※3...).
Frame data with decimal values .33 or .66 relate to subframes.
Version Used for moves with multiple special attacks on one motion.
Damage The base damage value that the specific hit will do. See damage scaling for more information.
Guard Indicates how the move must be blocked, if it can be blocked at all.

Low: Crouch Block
High: Stand Block
Ground: Air Unblockable, may be blocked either Crouching or Standing
Any: Air, crouch, and stand block
Grab: Cannot be blocked, grab type hitbox that targets the collision box
Unblockable: Cannot be blocked, unblockable hitbox that targets hurtboxes

Property Shows what properties the move has and the time (in frames) that these properties are active. Example: "I: 0.33-9", which means the move is invulnerable on the first subframe of the move until the 9th full frame (or 27th subframe).

I: Full Invincibility
TI: Throw Invincibility
SI: Strike Invincibility
HI: Upper Body/High Invincibility
LI: Low Invincibility/Low Crush
A: Armour
G: Guard Point

Startup Indicates where the move's first active hitbox is.
Active Total frames the hitbox is active for.
Recovery Total frames until the character can block.
Note: After the recovery of any action, before any other action may occur, there exists 1 frame in which the only action you may take is to block.
Adv Hit Frame advantage on hit.
Adv Block Frame advantage on block.
Cancel Possible cancel options.

N: Normals
Sp: Specials
Su: Supers
J: Jump cancel possible on hit, block and RG
JH: Jump cancel possible on hit only
AD: Air Dash
IC: Instant Charge after hit(22C)
FIC: Flicker Instant Charge (22C, fixed IC window, regardless of hit or whiff)
R: Repeatable, always A normals. Will cancel into other A normals.
f5B/2B: Usually c5B cancel option
SB: S button cancelling, character specific. Examples: stance, summon or flight cancels.
Rekka: A special move with multiple parts that require additional inputs.
: Special rules, see description for details (look for the ※)


EFZ Nayuki 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 Low 6 / 6.33 3 / 2.66 6 +2 +1 N Sp Su J IC R

Standing, spammable low kick. While it isn't the fastest, this is a staple in Nayuki's repertoire of normals. It does not sport much frame advantage on block, but it's enough to setup frame traps or tick throws. The kick itself actually has a good hitbox that is a decent distance away from Nayuki, so it serves as a nice poke that can be convertible from its range as well. Unfortunately, this move being a standing low means that we cannot use this move to anti-air after RGing someone in the air. Overall, a good move. Learn to love it.

EFZ Nayuki c5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
400 Ground 8 3 12 +2 0 N Sp Su J IC f5B

Nayuki kicks the opponent's side.

Primarily a combo tool, as you will often use this to catch the opponent in the air after the B version of V-Shaped Thrust, or in the corner to catch characters after a successful air chain. Jump cancelable. Rather quick for a B normal, and does have its usage in pressure to check for lower body invulnerable moves on wake up. Keep in mind: This does not cover every lower-body invuln move e.g. Misaki's 214B. For moves like these, prefer 5C instead.

For Recoil Guard battles, this is one of your two 8 frame normals (the other is 5C). If spaced correctly, this can beat some 4f and 5f normals on crouch RG, and will beat anything 6f and onwards. If Recoil Guarded, this move can go into f5B if you predict that a low will come afterwards.

EFZ Nayuki f5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
450 Ground 15 4 9 +4 +2~+5 N Sp Su IC

Nayuki does a small skip and kicks the opponent with a stretched out leg. This move also comes out if you press B again after 2B or close 5B.

  • Lower body invulnerable 8f~24f

One of two Nayuki's plus on-block normals, and a great one at that. While it is slow, this move has excellent utility. Along with slightly moving her forward, this move can hop over a great amount of lows if timed right, making it great for trumping most 2A mashes and an excellent pressure tool overall. Nayuki is not considered airborne during this move, so she can special cancel this into anything and will naturally combo into 5C or 2C.

Excellent utility for neutral and Recoil Guard battles due to lower body invulnerability, but often the target of Recoil Guard. If Recoil Guarded, this can go into 5C or 2C, but often times it might just be best to Recoil Guard back.

EFZ Nayuki 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
580 Ground 8 8 20 -4 -6 Sp Su JH IC

Nayuki does a soccer kick and blows the opponent back. Fairly decent move with multiple usages. This is the closest to an anti-air normal you will get, but will blow the opponent back rather far. While this move is jump cancelable, you won't be able to convert off of this midscreen. However, you can convert from this if you are close to the corner. Used in optimal combos frequently. 5C unfortunately cannot be cancelled into 2C, but it can be special or super cancelled.

Due to the size of the hitbox, this move can be used to cover both high and low body invulnerability moves on an opponent's wake up option e.g. Misaki 214B, Cello 623A, Mio 623A/B, Doppel 623A/B, ect. However, keep in mind that all of these characters have other reversals or can use RIC to blow 5C out of the water. On contact and with IC, you can get up to ~4000 damage on a proper conversion.

In Recoil Guard battles, this is one of your two 8 frame moves. If spaced correctly, this can beat up a good chunk of 4f and 5f moves after crouch RG. If this move itself gets Recoil Guarded, you should have some caution special cancelling this, but there are options. 623A and 214A are your fastest options, but any 236* move is an option as well, albeit slower.


EFZ Nayuki 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
185 Low 5 3 9 -1 -2 N Sp Su J IC R

A crouching, spammable low kick to the opponent's feet. This move is slightly faster than 5A, but holds no advantage. Has very little knockback on block, so you can throw out a couple of these on block without too much fear. In conjunction with 5A, 2A is another one of your staple normals, and works quite well with 5A's block advantage. This normal also has a great use if you use this while carrying the momentum from a dash. If you manage to cross under the opponent with a dash, you can drift towards the opponent due to Nayuki 'correcting' her direction. You can do so by inputting 3A as soon as you dash past the opponent while below them.

EFZ Nayuki 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
380 Low 6 10 6 +1 -1 N Sp Su J f5B IC

Nayuki stretches out her leg to catch the opponent's ankles.

  • Naturally combos into f.5B if B is pressed again.

A staple normal in Nayuki's moveset due to its range. This move is VERY active, so much so that it can be plus if meatied. Has an excellent stagger window, so you can delay into f5B, 5C, 2C, or any of her specials.

Excellent in Recoil Guard battles due to good startup and range, and the ability to cancel into f5B. Can beat the majority of 4f normals after Recoil Guard.

EFZ Nayuki 2C.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
600 Low SI: 0.33-2.66 11 16 13 / -6 Sp Su IC

Nayuki does a baseball slide and trips the opponent.

Nayuki's sweep is one of her stronger normals, but one of her slowest as well. On the upside, this is a slide, so it moves her forward. This not only makes it an excellent poke, but an integral hit confirm, as it can be special and super cancelled. Due to it being a C button, it cannot be cancelled into other normals. While this move does grant Nayuki a low profile which can dodge certain moves, she can still be clipped by some moves on recovery. Funnily enough, this move has 2 frames at the beginning where she is strike invulnerable. These frames might save you sometimes, but don't count on it.

Despite it being 11 frames startup, this move can be decent to throw out in Recoil Guard battles, but often times should be used as a last resort if no other normal can reach. If this is Recoil Guarded, you either have to Recoil Guard back or chance it on a DP.


EFZ Nayuki j5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 High, Air 5 18 4 / / N Sp Su J AD IC R

Flying knee! j.A is a versatile air normal that can be used in a couple of ways. Despite its short hitbox, it can be used to intercept the opponent air-to-air. It can also be used to start pressure from an air dash, and able to be canceled into either j.B (what should mostly be done) or j.C. If you only do a single press, this move is actually fairly active for a while, but not to the extent of other similar normals. This can catch air techs, but is often times lacking compared to other characters' tech traps.

EFZ Nayuki j5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
390 High, Air 7 10 10 / / N Sp Su J AD IC

Nayuki does the most generic jumping shoto move in the game. Thankfully, this has the same properties of most shoto jumping medium kicks, where she can cross up with it! This is easily Nayuki's best air normal. You will be using this for jump-ins, crossups, combo filler, air-to-air... just about anything, really. Is cancelable into j.C, which is nice for combo filler or air-to-ground purposes.

EFZ Nayuki j5C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 High, Air 9 4 24 / / Sp Su J AD IC

Nayuki does 5C but in the air. Like 5C, this knocks back quite a long distance, but it does have its uses. As usual, this move is used for combo filler, and can be used to setup either a V-Shaped Thrust (236C) or Surface-To-Air Freezer (236236x). This move excels more in the corner during BIC combos, as this move along with 5C will rack up a nice amount of damage. Unfortunately, it doesn't work too well air-to-air, and the rare times this does work won't a lot of favors. This move option selects air throw if you hold forward with it.


EFZ Nayuki 66A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
220 Low 6 3 6 +2 +1 Sp Su J IC

Primarily a pressure tool to reset pressure if pushed back enough, but has limited combo usage. On hit, this cancels into 623A. This can also be used after ICing 236A to convert into a combo.

Often the target of Recoil Guard. Unfortunately, there are little options after dash moves beyond special and super cancelling. Consider getting ready to Recoil Guard back.

EFZ Nayuki 66B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
400 Ground 8 3 12 +2 0 Sp Su J IC

Primarily a combo tool, but not the best for pressure strings. Jump, special, and super cancelable on hit. The hit advantage is just enough to go into 236236x. Stringing together 66Bs in BIC combos requires you to slightly delay them from one another, as the opponent will go upwards with each hit.

EFZ Nayuki 66C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
650 Ground 8 3 25 / -6 Sp Su IC

An excellent launcher from her quick dash. 66C in neutral is something to be respected, as it is ICable and thus able to be converted into combos. Despite being -6, it can be relatively safe if you hit this on the tip. Is both special and super cancelable. Depending on the built up RISC/guard gauge of the opponent, you can convert without using IC.

EFZ Nayuki 662A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
185 Low 5 3 9 -1 -2 Sp Su IC

Generally 9/10 when you are dashing and try to get a 2A afterwards, you'll get this instead. You could use it to brake your dash, but you could also jump or do 66A instead. You could also use 662A instead of 66A for Snowbunny conversions, but 66A sports more range. Overall, a lackluster move. It sucks; don't bother.

EFZ Nayuki 662B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
400 Any 12 12 8 -3 -5 Sp Su AD IC

Running knee. This move can go over lows, but for the most part, it’s not that impressive. Negative on block, but is special and super cancelable. On block, consider using 214A. On hit, this can combo into 623A.

EFZ Nayuki 662C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
650 High 27 2 24 / -4 Sp Su IC

Overhead. Cancelable into 236A or 236C for a second mix up provided that the opponent does not RG it. While this move would be excellent for snow bunny mixups, this move has an astoundingly bad proration that brings the combo to 3.0 power. Use it to catch the opponent off guard or to finish a round.


Ground Grab
Ground Grab
EFZ Nayuki Ground Grab.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1200 Grab 5.33 0.66 28 / / None

Throws the opponent behind Nayuki. It’s not an impressive grab in any respect, but Nayuki’s pressure is primarily strike/throw, making it important. Tosses the opponent quite a distance, but you can still get at least a safejump or basic mixup out of it. While this throw would be nice for Snow Bunnies, the opponent can immediately tech afterwards, leaving Nayuki at a disadvantage.

Air Grab
Air Grab
Close j6C
EFZ Nayuki Air Grab.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1200 Grab 2 1 / / / None

Tosses the opponent behind Nayuki, usually to the corner at most heights. Fairly standard air grab. Depending on the angle of the throw, you can sometimes throw the opponent the way you are facing. This is considered a bug, but a very beneficial one if you manage to land it. There is currently no known way to make this bug consistent.

Special Moves


V-Shaped Thrust

EFZ Nayuki 236A 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 236A 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 236B 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 236B 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 236C 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 236C 2.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
14 2 30 / / IC

Nayuki thrusts her leg forward, hitting the opponent twice. Your bread-and-butter for combos and pressure. For the most part, all versions of the move are safe, especially considering the distance of all of them. Generally if this move is blocked, your pressure ends there. At max distance of both A and B versions, you can go for 66C to catch the opponent off guard, or attempt another V-Shaped Thrust.

Depending on the distance of Nayuki and the other character, the second part of 236B will whiff and knock the opponent down from the first hit instead. There will be a list pending.

21 2 23 / -3 IC
  • A version:
    • Both hits are lows.
    • It's possible to pick up from 236A(2) IC into 66A 66B (juggle combo).
  • B version:
    • Hits mid.
    • Mainly used in combos.
    • The first hit can be used as an excellent poke in neutral if you IC it.
  • C version:
    • The second hit is an overhead.
    • Standard combo ender.
    • Can anti-air, but not air unblockable. Don't count on it too much.
Somersault Spike

EFZ Nayuki 623X 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 623X 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 623B A.png
623B Frame 1 Invulnerability
623B Frame 1 Invulnerability
Nayuki’s dragon punch. Despite it being a dragon punch, the invulnerability of it is not that impressive. However, they still function as a reliable anti-air, and with IC is fully convertible into combos. Something to note in conjunction with her dash is that her dash makes her hurtbox slightly lower. Using this with DP makes this a bit more viable for anti-air.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 700 Any / 4 4 35 / -16 IC
  • Incredibly fast startup.
  • After IC, you must jump afterwards to follow up.

Can be used as an option for Recoil Guard battles, as it is one of Nayuki's few 4f moves. Using it as an anti-air is a little tough since it lacks invulnerability frames, but it is possible.

B 700 Any HI: 1-7 6 4 39 / -21 IC
  • Nayuki goes slightly higher and leaps backwards.

Generally not advised on wakeup, but you are considered airborne on frame 1. On hit, this will lead you to an air juggle state, and very little time for the opponent to pick up. Provided the opponent reacts to it, they can combo you afterwards. If this gets through, chances are the opponent has done something wrong or can't meaty correctly.

C 500 Any I: 1-10 7 4 40 / -23 IC
- 700 Any / 22 4 26 / -8 IC

One of Nayuki's two true reversals besides 236236B. However, it does not knock the opponent down. Ideally, you should IC the first hit available. If this move is Recoil Guarded, you have to guess which side the opponent will hit you on. Nayuki also cannot counter-RG during her grounded recovery so a skilled opponent can guarantee a punish.

Nayu-chan Kick

EFZ Nayuki 412A.png
EFZ Nayuki 412B.png
EFZ Nayuki 412C 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 412C 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 412C 3.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 750 Any 25 12 9 +3 +1 IC
B 750 High, Air 28 2 20 +2 0 IC
C 350 Any 8 6 46 - - IC
- 350 Any 20 15 25 - - IC
- 600 Any 41 2 17 / +3 IC
jA 750 Any 18 8 12 - - IC
jB 750 High, Air 23 2 20 - - IC
jC 350 Any 3 6 46 - - IC
- 350 Any 20 15 25 - - IC
- 600 Any 41 2 17 / - IC

Nayuki does her best toku impression and approaches with a diving kick.

Despite looking pretty flashy, it has some niche uses. The A version can be used as a pressure extender that if spaced correctly can lead to a full combo on hit. As it is rather slow, you should be prepared for your opponent to potentially RG this move when you use it. The A version is fully active until it lands. In BIC combos, this can be used as a combo tool that scales pretty nicely and does a decent chunk of damage.

The B version is decent for snow bunny pressure, as it acts as yet another overhead for her. This move goes a set distance and does not track, so this can be either used as an overhead, or you can use it to crossup the opponent. There's no real way to convert off this move unless you dedicate your resources to making it work.

The C version is a three-part kick which does a respectable amount of damage into a knockdown. For the most part, it's hard to justify meter usage for this move, but it does look pretty cool. One of the unfortunate things about EX Nayu-Chan Kick is that it does not have any form of invulnerability whatsoever. It can be used as a combo ender if you have IC meter available and not super. The air version has 3 frames of startup, which could be useful if someone ground Recoil Guarded your air normals, but that might have to be looked into.

Nayu-chan Twister

EFZ Nayuki 214A 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 214A 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 214B 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 214B 2.png
EFZ Nayuki 214C 1.png
EFZ Nayuki 214C 2.png
Nayuki’s tatsumaki senpakyuu. This move will continue to be active until Nayuki lands, which makes it decent for crossup. All versions of the move will affect your momentum to some extent, with the weaker versions doing it the least. Decent for resetting pressure in grounded blockstrings, and can go over some lows that f5B cannot. Fairly decent in RG exchanges since you are off the ground, but requires IC for a conversion.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 200 x 4 Any TI: 0.33 - 2.66 7 3 x 4 12 +2 -0.33 IC
  • 3 frame gap between hits.
B 200 x 7 Any TI: 0.33 - 11.66 19 3 x 7 7 / -21.66 ~ +13.33 IC
  • Launches the opponent.
  • 3 frame gap between hits.
C 200 x 16 Any TI: 0.33 - 8.66 13 2 x 16 7 / -46.66 ~ +12.33 IC
  • Launches the opponent.
  • 2 frame gap between hits.
jA 200 x N Any TI: 0.33 - 2.66 9 3 x N (until landing) 9 / - IC
  • Can be used to extend the length of a backdash while building a bit of meter.
  • Launches the opponent.
  • 3 frame gap between hits.
jB 200 x N Any TI: 0.33 - 2.66 9 3 x N (until landing) 3 / - IC
jC 200 x N Any TI: 0.33 - 2.66 7 2 x N (until landing) 3 / - IC
  • Launches the opponent.
  • 2 frame gap between hits.

Eternity Specials

Surface-to-Air Freezer

EFZ Nayuki 236236A.png
EFZ Nayuki 236236B.png
EFZ Nayuki 236236C.png
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 800 x 3 Any / 8 72 55 / - None

Nayuki kicks the air so hard that she forms a ball of ice. This can be used as a combo ender to tack extra damage at the end of either a ground or air chain. Level 1 is mostly cheap damage, but comes at the cost of being techable. Not invulnerable on startup.

B 600 x 6 Any I: 1-11 8 72 55 / - None

Does more damage, has invulnerability and leads into knockdown. Excellent combo ender if you have meter to dump and not in the corner to staircase into 214214x. Level 2 gives more than enough time to setup Snow Bunnies if you want to, but this is quite costly. It is possible to still hit the opponent while they're in a frozen state, but reaching them is another issue entirely.

C 500 x 15 Any I: 1-19 8 72 55 / - None

Big damage, if you want to dump your meter to guarantee a round end, go for it.

Super Nayu-chan Kick

EFZ Nayuki j214214A.png
EFZ Nayuki j214214B.png
EFZ Nayuki j214214C.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 700 x 2 Any 8 2 x 2 - - - IC
- 700 Any 12 4 - - - IC

Nayuki's primary corner juggle combo finisher. Unless you don't have any meter and aren't midscreen, there is no reason you shouldn't end your combos with this. Assuming all hits connect on all versions, this knocks down.

  • Leads into Snowbunnies (641236*) if IC'd after the 3rd hit.
B 400 x 5 Any 8 2 x 5 - - - IC
- 1000 Any 18 4 - - - IC

Level 2 version of Super. Hits 6 times. Use if you think you need extra damage, but don't want to commit to 3 meter. You must be positioned above the opponent to guarantee all 6 hits.

Unlike Level 1, you can immediately go into Snow Bunnies after any Level 2 and you will be considerably more safe. Avoid doing this setup with characters with command grabs.

C 350 x 5 Any 8 1 x 9 - - - IC
- 1500 Any 17 2 - - - IC

Level 3 super. Hits 10 times. Use if you REALLY need extra damage and need to kill the opponent. You must be well positioned above the opponent to guarantee all 10 hits.

Memories with Snowbunnies

EFZ Nayuki 641236X.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
450 x N Any 47 - 28 / - None

Nayuki summons two snow bunnies that rotate around her. Once activated, a timer will appear below Nayuki's health bar that slowly depletes over time. The duration changes depending on the strength of the button. The remaining time will be altered when the bunnies make contact with the opponent, and the super will instantly end if Nayuki is hit. If any of the two snow bunnies hits the opponent, they will be put in a comboable frozen state.

The first activation of this super always positions the bunnies in the same position. However, all subsequent supers will have the bunnies spawn where the previous one ended.

Whether or not you use this super is preferential, but it does bolster Nayuki's pressure if utilized correctly. Some positives and negatives:

+ Improves risk-reward from mixups.

+ Makes 236A, 236C and 214B more dangerous mixup options, as a well-timed 236* or 412B will lead to a freeze.

+ Limits the opponent's neutral options due to Nayuki's dash speed.

+ Leads to high damage combos, even from level 1.

+ Getting RFless conversions helps Nayuki build BIC during the super.

+ Can still build super meter while bunnies are active.

- Bunnies offer no form of vertical protection, so you can still be anti-aired or hit by a low.

- Expensive on upkeep, especially if used after 214214* super and usage of IC.

- Gives the opponent another thing to Recoil Guard. Great for those with command grabs.

- Some character's wakeups are too fast to make proper utilization of the super.

- If any of Nayuki's contact moves hit within the same frames of the bunnies hitting, the opponent will not freeze.

- Throw actually becomes weaker during the super, as comboing into snowbunny freeze will actually let the opponent tech before Nayuki recovers.

Snowbunnies can be setup safely after 2C. While it can be setup after 236C or 214214A, the opponent will often recover before you can use any meaningful setup against them. In order to safely setup after both of these moves, you need IC. Often times after 214214A or 214214B, the opponent will have a chance to recoil guard. The best thing for your opponent to do is to do nothing after the recoil guard (or use a command grab). Depending on the button, however, Snowbunnies could make it out on top if you respond properly.

Common mixups from snowbunnies can range from the standard high/low from 236A or 236B to left/rights using airdash or backdash/backjump 412B. Throw is not recommended during snowbunnies, as the opponent can tech very early from the freeze and reset to neutral instead of being knocked down like normal.

Conversions from snowbunnies can range from simple to complex. Ideally, you want to go into 236B refreeze loops to maximize damage. You could also run the opponent into the corner by pushing them there. Midscreen, you can use 66A 623A to combo into a refreeze.

The snowbunnies will continue to rotate during hitstop and superflash. They will appear to be frozen until the freeze ends, and then teleport to their actual position.

Final Memory

EFZ Nayuki Movelist Icon.png Nayuki
EFZ Nayuki Clocks Movelist Icon.png Clocks
Treasured Collection

EFZ Nayuki FM A.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
/ Any I: 53.33-85.66 53.33 / 32.33 / / None

Nayuki slowly jumps forward, fully vulnerable until superflash, throwing several alarm clocks from her peak height. The clocks can be knocked around by the opponent, and in some cases absorb hits, but cannot be hit while in the air. Each clock begins to count down after landing, and hitting them will reset the countdown.

Very risky to go for due to the rather long startup, high meter cost and the fact the opponent can move while Nayuki is falling down after throwing the clocks as you'll likely have to block. If you can safely get through that however, this move does have positives and the potential to turn the pace around in your favour.

Nayuki has much better, reliable uses for meter so this Final Memory should generally be used when trying to surprise the opponent as it is very easy to beat before the superflash if they expect it.

It is worth noting that Nayuki doesn't spend the meter until superflash so getting hit out of startup doesn't leave you completely helpless if you can survive the hit.

General Rules

When a clock lands on the ground, it will take 60 frames to commence its countdown. Clocks randomly start at a 3, 4, or 5 count1, and reset their countdown (randomly) when hit by the opponent1. When the countdown is completed, the clocks will instantly become invincible2 and perform their varied attacks. All clocks have the same hurtboxes2 during their countdowns, and some are able to absorb hits from the opponent whilst counting down, protecting Nayuki. Clocks will not turn around unless they bounce off of a wall3.

1 - Bomb Clock exempt
2 - Grandfather Clock exempt
3 - Keropii Sound Wave Clock exempt

Alarm Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 8.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
50 x 21 Any 0.33 6 x 21 / +24 ~ +144 +22 ~ +142 /

Visually vibrates, but the hitbox stays still. No pushback on hit.

Bomb Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 11 A.png
EFZ Nayuki FM 11.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
2000 Any 0.33 6 / / +22 /

Produces a large and highly damaging explosion, untechably launching the opponent on hit.

  • This clock always begins on a 5 count, and its timer does not reset when hit. Instead, it will briefly pause its countdown while in the air and immediately resume it upon landing.
Cat Clocks
EFZ Nayuki FM 6.png
Black Cat Clock
Black Cat Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 5.png
Ginger & White Cat Clock
Ginger & White Cat Clock
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
50 x 21 Any 0.33 4 x 21 / +24 ~ +104 +22 ~ +102 /

Two seperate clocks, but they function identically. Visually vibrates, but the hitbox stays still. No pushback on hit.

Chicken Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 1.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
100 x 51 Any 0.33 6 x 51 / +24 ~ +144※ +22 ~ +88※ /

Runs very quickly to the corner of the stage (not screen), then doubles back.

  • This clock can absorb hits for Nayuki while it is counting down.

※ Can definitely get higher than this.

Grandfather Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 3 A.png
EFZ Nayuki FM 3.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
200 x 16 Any 60.33 12 x 16 / +33.66 ~ +358.66 +31.66 ~ +356.66 /

Stays in place and swings its pendulum several times. Hitbox never changes despite the animation.

  • Takes an extra cycle to detonate, even if its countdown does not suggest. Can be knocked around during this extra time.
  • Upon landing from Nayuki's throw (not when hit by the opponent), this clock will start counting down immediately instead of waiting 60 frames for the first count, negating the extra cycle if it is not interrupted.
  • This is the only clock to have hitstop, but it only affects itself and the opponent, not Nayuki, resulting in extreme frame advantage.
  • This clock can absorb hits for Nayuki while it is counting down.
  • This clock has a special, taller hurtbox.
Keropii Sound Wave Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 2.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
50 x 21 Any 1.66 15 x 21 / +24 ~ +144 +22 ~ +142 /

Shoots wave projectiles that expand the farther they travel. Waves don't have any pushback on hit. Shoots every 6 frames.

  • Technically, there are two different types of Keropii Clock: a left-facing one and a right-facing one, featuring unique times on their digital displays. Unlike other clocks, Keropii will not turn around when knocked into a corner, so which way it faces is determined by which way Nayuki was facing when throwing. For whatever reason, the left-facing Keropii will be knocked towards the opponent when hit instead of away.
Mini-Nayuki Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 4.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
100 x 9 Any 61 ∞ x 9 / +17 +15 /

Releases miniature Nayukis on a 15 frame interval that walk straight forward.

  • The Mini-Nayukis move too slowly to consistently combo into each other, but this allows Nayuki to attempt crossups if the opponent is blocking them.
  • Does not display a "1" on its countdown, but counts down normally nonetheless.
Rocket Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 10.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
100 x 45 Any 0.33 6.66 + 7 x 44 / / +22 /

Fires a rocket projectile that slowly flies straight up, continuously hitting until it goes offstage. Untechably launches on hit, so unless interrupted the opponent will continue to get carried by this to the top.

  • The large explosion as the rocket disappears is purely visual and does not damage the opponent.
Strawberry Sundae Clock
EFZ Nayuki FM 7.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
50 x 10 Any 31.33 15 x 10 / / +22 ~ +157 /

Freezes the opponent on hit, pulls them towards Nayuki on block.


Nayuki has explosive speed and damage, allowing her to make surprise hitconfirms into massive damage. She also has simple, yet tricky, okizeme that can be converted into her big damage combos, or just securing another knockdown to loop okizeme again.


Playing Around IC

In neutral, Nayuki players will want to abuse her dash speed, along with her strong neutral poke options, to surprise the opponent and either convert into a knockdown or damage. She is especially scary when she has IC, as this allows her to use 66C in neutral and be safe if it's blocked, or convert into a combo if it connects. 236B can also be used with IC in neutral, players can buffer IC during 236B to come out on the first hit, allowing her to poke at range with relative safety, converting into damage with 66B 236236* if the move connects. 236A can be used in the same way, but instead of buffering IC you can hitconfirm after both hits and convert into 662A 66B~ for a full combo at certain ranges and versus certain characters. Nayuki's mobility allows her to play for time, waiting to build IC and evading the opponent until it becomes available. Making use of cancelling her backdash into j214A(whiff) to build super meter while maneuvering further helps to gain value in neutral while waiting for red IC.

Inherited Momentum Normals

Nayuki's 2B can be turned into a slide by abusing momentum inheritance. This can be done by inputting 665..2B. If timed correctly, the player will get a sliding 2B with Nayuki's dash speed, and not the dash normal 662B. This allows Nayuki to convert into combos much easier from neutral without using IC, and has the bonus of having surprising extra reach over her 2A. The same trick can be applied to 5A and 2A as well for an option with chainable low attacks.


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*.
[<- X] [-> X] Side switch notation. All inputs grouped by the square brackets are performed facing the arrow's direction. They are still written as if they were done facing right, however.
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N.
c5B Proximity normal only usable while close.
f5B Proximity normal only usable outside of c5B range or when cancelled from another normal. Known as far 5B.
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
X(tech trap) Indicates a combo ender intended to catch the opponent's air tech. The most common kind of tech trap is j6C, which will air throw early techs and jC later techs. Executionally identical to X(whiff) but different in purpose.
~ Indicates a followup for moves which have them. Example: 236A~236A.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Basic Combos


  • 2AA 2B f5B 5C 236A - 2064 damage
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 236C - 2079 damage
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 641236A - 1494 damage
    • Sets up her ice bunny super nicely.
  • 2AA 5B 2B 2C 236236A - 3000 damage

Red IC

Near Corner
  • 2AA 5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B jB j66 jBC land 5C jBC djBC 214214A - 4509 damage
  • 2AA 5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B jB j66 jBC land 236C - 3316 damage
  • 2AA 5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B jB j66 jBC land 236236A - 3939 damage

Blue IC

Near Corner
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B [jB j66 jBC land]x3 5C jBC djBC 214214A - 6640 damage
In Corner
  • 2A 2B f5B 2C 236B IC 2142147A [jB j66 jBC land]x3 5C jBC djBC 214214A(3) IC 641236A - 7336 damage
    • 2142147A is a a trick to get j214214A as soon as you leave the ground. j2142147A can be character specific and you may need to adjust your timing for the super on some characters.
Corner to Corner Carry
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B [j9B j66 jBC land 66]x3 5C jBC djBC 214214A - 6641 damage
    • The dashes on the ground are short.
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 5B [66B]x4 jB j66 jBC land jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC 214214A - 6629 damage

Advanced Combos

Red IC

  • 2B 2C 623A IC dj9 djB dj66 djBC 66 jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4833 damage | Video
    • Can get full corner to corner carry by replacing 5C with 66B
  • 236A(2hits) IC 66A 66B jB j66 jBC 66 jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4722 damage | Video
    • Doesn't work on Rumi, Doppel, or Mayu. Difficult on Makoto and Kano (need to do 66A immediately and can't be too far away from your opponent).
  • 236B(1hit) IC 66C 236236A - 2746 damage | Video
  • 623A/B IC j66 jBC 66 jB j66 jBC 66 jB j66 jBC 5C jB .. jC djABC dj214214A - 4829 damage | Video
    • If you use 623A, you need to IAD after the IC so you can reach the minimum airdash height. If you use 623B, you can just j66 after IC.
    • Very character specific timings on Mayu, Sayuri, Kano and Unknown but universal outside of that.
  • Off j214A Okizeme j214A IC 66B IAD jC 66 jB j66 jBC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4403 damage | Video
  • 66C IC .. 5C jB j66 jBC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4695 damage | Video
  • 2B 2C 236B(2 hits) IC c5B jB .. jC land jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4900 damage | Video
    • Likely impossible on Sayuri.
  • 2B 2C 236B(2 hits) IC c5B 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4783 damage | Video
    • This combo is much easier to do on Sayuri than the above combo. You may have to replace the 5C jBC ender with jABC to make it more stable.
    • This can also be done more easily from a side swap than the above combo.
  • 5C 236A IC 66A 66B jB .. jC djB dj66 djBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4791 damage | Video
  • 623A/B IC j66 jC 5C jB .. jC c5B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A - 4908 damage | Video
    • If you use 623A, you need to IAD after the IC so you can reach the minimum airdash height. If you use 623B, you can just j66 after IC.
    • Works from a grounded hit or an anti-air 623B if your opponent is low to the ground.

Blue IC

These are designed to maximise damage and also build Red IC back in time to IC the dj214214A into bunny super upon landing.
From 236C Knockdown in the Corner
  • Crossup version: jB 5B 2B 2C 236B(2hits) IC [2] 5C .. 2142147A jC j66 jC 5C jB .. jC land jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A IC jC(whiff) 641236A | Video
  • Same side version: jB 5B 2B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 2142147A jC j66 jC 5C jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A IC jC(whiff) 641236A | Video
Close to corner side swap
  • 2AA 2B 2C 236B(2hits) IC [2] 5C IAD jC land 2142147A [jB j66 jBC]x2 5C jBC djBC dj214214A IC jC(whiff) 641236A - 7124 damage | Video
Optimal Corner Combo
  • 2AA 2B f5B 2C 236B(2hits) IC 2142147A(2hits) jC j66 jC 5C jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A(3) IC jC(whiff) 641236A - 7442 damage | Video

BIC Corner to Corner Carry that builds Red IC
Which juggle route you use depends on the starter.
  • Starters:
    • 2B 2C~
    • f5B 2C~
    • 2AA 5B 2C~
    • jB 2A 5B 2C~
    • jB 5B 2B 2C~
    • jAB 5B 2C~
      • ~236B(2hits) IC 5B IAD jC 66B 66B 66B jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC j214214A IC 641236A
  • Starters:
    • 2ABC~
    • 5B 2B 2C~
    • 2B f5B 2C~
    • (jBC/jAC/jAB) 5B 2C~
      • ~236B(2hits) IC 5B 66B IAD jC 66B 66B jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC dj214214A IC 641236A
  • Starter:
    • 2C~
      • ~236B(2hits) IC 5B 66B IAD jC 66B 66B 66B jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC j214214A IC 641236A
  • Starter:
    • 236B(2hits)~
      • ~IC 5B 66B 66B IAD jC 66B 66B jB .. jC 66B jB j66 jBC 5C jBC djBC j214214A IC 641236A


For the most part, Nayuki's okizeme comes down to using safe jump to basic mixups (high/low, empty low, throw) in order to make herself safe from reversals. Her safe jumps can come in many forms, and crossups are possible with them. The more familiar you can be with safe jumps amongst the cast, the better. jB is her most common meaty crossup as it has a nice crossup hitbox. Hitting crossup can be difficult on Mio, Kaori and Mai thanks to their wakeup collision boxes. Converting from a crossup jB usually involes landing and doing 2B 2C.

There are some instances where you can meaty with 5A and make the opponent's reversal whiff, but it largely depends on the reversal. She can also do this with any form of meaty as well, but 5A and 2A might be your safest bet. 2B is excellent for a meaty and checks if the opponent messes up their reversal or not, but generally a plan where you're hoping the opponent messes up is a flawed one. (I also would not consider meaties without other factors okizeme, but to each their own.)

With Snow Bunnies active, you have plenty of options to make the opponent take incoming mixup. However, you want to be aware of RG when doing so. Using Snow Bunnies against characters with command grabs such as Ikumi, Mayu, and Rumi will generally reverse the situation and leaving you with less meter and health. The most basic mixup you can do with Snow Bunnies is with 236A and 236C. Beyond that, you can also air dash into characters to make them take a left/right mixup. Finally, there's throw... but opponents can air tech once frozen, so it's not a good option.

Finally, there's Final Memory, but this comes with a catch: You have to make sure the opponent can stay within the effective area. If the opponent is particularly stuck at the Grandfather Clock's active frames, then you're free to run mixups on them.

Win Quotes

Japanese English


Hmmm... not getting enough sleep really stops me from doing my best…

負けた方がイチゴサンデーおごりの約束 忘れちゃ嫌だよ?

We made a promise that the loser has to treat the winner to a strawberry sundae. Don't forget it!

ん? なんだか今日は新記録が出せる気分だよ~

Hm? Somehow, I feel like I can beat my own record today!

わ こんなところで寝たらダメだよ

Hey! You can’t sleep here!

うにゅぅ~ ちょっと顔がくらくらするよ─

Ughh... I’m feeling a little light-headed...

う~ん もしかして私が勝ったのかな?

Erm… Wait, did I win this match?

こう見えても 陸上部の部長さん 競争なら負けないよ

I may not look it, but I'm the captain of the track club. I won't lose in a race!

(To Nayuki)
凄いそっくりさん お母さんもびっくりするかな?

(To Nayuki)
Incredible, you look just like me! That’s gonna be quite the surprise for mom!

(To Ayu)
いいなぁ~ 私も羽が欲しいよ

(To Ayu)
Those look so cool... I want wings too...

(To Kaori)
さすが香里だね 今日は私の運がよかっただけだよ

(To Kaori)
Nice job, Kaori. But I guess luck was on my side today.

(To Akiko)
わ ゴメンお母さん い、急がないと 私遅刻しちゃうから そのパンは今度・・・

(To Akiko)
Whoa...! I’m sorry, mom! I—I better hurry up or I’m gonna be late! I'll have your toast another time…

(To Neyuki)
ひどいよ~ 私そんなにねぼすけじゃない・・・

(To Neyuki)
What a mean thing to say! I'm not that much of a sleepyhead...

(To Makoto)
あ、こんなところに お母さんが心配してたよ~

(To Makoto)
Oh, this is where you were. My mom was so worried.

(To Mizuka)

(To Mizuka)
Somehow I have a feeling that we might end up getting along with each other.



In-game References

External References

  • Nayuki's "Nayu-chan Twister" move is based on Sakura Kusagano's "Shunpuu Kyaku" move, from the Street Fighter Alpha Series.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background is the Minase household, where Nayuki lives.
  • The way all of Nayuki's attacks are kicks, and her fast dashing speed, are a reference to her excellent running ability.
  • The snow bunnies that Nayuki creates in her "Memories with Snow Bunnies" move is a reference to an event in the past that Yuuichi remembers during the game.
  • The alarm clocks Nayuki throws during her "Treasured Collection" move is a reference to the ridiculously large collection of alarm clocks she uses to wake up every morning.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)