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Training Modes

Vs Human - This mode has full access to EfzRevival's training features.

Practice - This is EFZ's vanilla training mode. Due to some technical limitations, Practice mode lacks input recording and playback functionality.

Netplay Training Mode - It is possible to enable health and meter regeneration (F4 and F5 keys) in netplay if both players have enabled "AllowPracticeKeys" in their EfzRevival.ini files before connecting.

Vanilla EFZ Functions

These keys are provided by the original version of EFZ. They cannot be rebound.

Key Mode Function
F4 VS/Practice Turns on automatic health and meter recovery. Holding the key lets you fine tune the amount of IC meter both players have and stay at.
F5 VS/Practice Changes game behavior between the options:
  • Automatic regeneration with full RF, full SP, and full life
  • Automatic regeneration with full RF, full SP, and 1/3 (flashing) life
  • Normal behavior
F6 Practice Changes the practice dummy's stance between ducking, jumping, and standing.
F6 Replay Restart the recording of your replay.
F7 Practice Will toggle blocking for the practice dummy in their current state. (e.g. A crouching dummy will block all lows, but no overheads.)
F8 All Modes Pause the game.
Esc All Modes End the match prematurely.

EFZ Revival Keys

EFZ Revival comes with many useful features such as savestates, input recording, or frame stepping to allow for more advanced practice set-ups. For a comprehensive video on how to make use of the practice options, see Fireseal's EFZ Revival Practice Tutorial

Listed below are the default keybinds. These can be changed by editing EfzRevival.ini. Be aware that not every version of EfzRevival has every function.

Note: Eternal Fighter Zero must be launched via EfzRevival.exe for all of these keys to work. Use "Vs Human" to get access to the most features.


(Usable in: Replay, Vs Human, Practice)

  • SPACE: Pauses / unpauses the game.
  • Numpad 0: Switches which player is being controlled. Other Revival functions will adapt to the switch. Not usable in Practice mode.
  • NUMPAD + and NUMPAD -: Adds/reduces frames of input delay. Not usable in Replay mode.
  • Home: Toggle collision box display.
  • Page Up: Toggle hitbox display.
  • Page Down: Toggle hurtbox display.
  • P: Advances the game by one frame and pauses. The "Frame Step" field on the HUD will show how many frames have passed in this state until the game is unpaused.
  • Enter: Toggle EfzRevival's HUD.


(Usable in: Replay, Vs Human, Practice)

  • G: Saves the game state.
  • B: Loads the game state.

Game speed settings

(Usable in: Replay, Vs Human, Practice)

  • INS: Increases the FPS by 16.
  • DEL: Decreases the FPS by 16.
  • END: Resets FPS to 64.
    • Note: The minimum FPS is 1, which you will achieve by pressing the Decrease FPS button 4 times.

Input Recording

(Usable in: Vs Human)

  • H: Starts / stops recording inputs for the practice dummy. Records for Player 1 when the player switch function is active. Using Player 2's bindings during recording will control the other character, but their inputs will not be saved in the recording.
  • N: Starts / stops the recorded inputs. Recordings for both players are allowed to be replayed simultaneously.
  • LCTRL: Cycles between various conditions for the opponent, usually regarding recording/replaying. Conditions include:
    • Now: Default record/replay.
    • Wake-Up: Record/replay automatically starts when the opponent wakes up.
    • Tech: Record/replay starts when the opponent is able to tech.
    • Guard: Primitive "all guard" function that will fail to block grounded overheads and aerial lows. Starts recording/replaying when the opponent starts blocking.
    • Recoil Guard: Does not affect record/replay, only makes the opponent RG whenever possible in the same manner as "Guard."
    • Random RG: Once again forces the opponent to guard but now they sometimes RG and sometimes don't, record/replay starts when they RG.
  • 1 - 5: Will set the buffer (slot) you want to record in.
  • 0: Will randomly choose buffer 1-5 during replay. Press again to toggle.

Recording Function Examples

How to make the dummy air tech:

  1. Make sure to start EFZ with Revival.
  2. Go to Vs Human.
  3. Press Left Ctrl until UI says When: Tech.
  4. Press H to record. The UI will say What: Record Wait.
  5. Now attack the dummy in a way that will launch it into the air.
  6. You will gain control of the enemy when they regain control after the juggle, when you do hold a direction and input any button to make them tech.
  7. Now press N to replay your recording. The UI will say What: Replay Wait.
  8. Now anytime you launch the dummy, they'll attempt to air tech if it's possible!


  • (Vs Human only) Numpad 3: Mirrors both players to the opposite side of the stage, with their distances from the center intact. Can be used to quickly practice a combo from the opposite side.
  • (Vs Human only) T: Removes HUD and background. Additional presses will toggle between a solid black background and a solid white one. Starting a new match will return the background, but the HUD stays gone in all modes until the game is restarted.

Practicing Using Revival Replays

Any replays recorded using EfzRevival have replay takeover functionality. This means that you can take over either player during the replays playback and lab scenarios from replay files.

NOTE: Automatic replay saving is enabled by default, but the folder that they save to by default does not exist. Before any netplay or local replays will be saved, you will need to create a replay\netplay\ folder in your EFZ folder. To watch back replays you'll have to rename them to the correct replay naming scheme which is "data1-1" up to "data9-9" and place them in the EFZ/REPLAY folder. Luckily there is a handy .bat script that can help with this, which can be found here.

Replay Specific Keys

(Usable in: Replay)

  • Any game input: Takes control of the selected character. Choose which player with the switch player function.
  • Numpad -: Rewinds the replay a bit.
  • Numpad +: Skips forward in the replay. (Only capable of skipping forward to the farthest playback point in the current playback session)

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)