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Beginner Questions

What are these Play Styles characters are sorted by?

There are 4 types: Zoner, Rushdown, Grappler, and Wild Card.

  • Zoners can keep opponents far away and win.
  • Rushdown are fragile characters that want to pressure opponents.
  • Grapplers want to knock down opponents and mix up with powerful throws.
  • Wild Card are a mix of the other categories and come with unique abilities.

Who should I play?

Figure out what play style sounds interesting and watch some of the in-game Tutorial videos. These will cover all the basics for strategy and general gameplay.

Feel free to experiment! Don't feel committed to the first pick you make, playing each character will help learn the overall game even if you don't stick with them in the long run.

Who is the hardest/easiest to learn?

In the Tutorial section in-game there are difficulty ratings from 1 to 3 stars showing how difficult each character is for new players.

Online Play

Does it have crossplay?

Yes, players can connect to players from any platform.

How's the netcode?

Fantasy Strike uses GGPO based rollback netcode.

Can I use training mode while I'm looking for matches?

Yes. Any solo mode will let you search for matches while playing with the exception of the Daily Challenge.

What's the best way to find players?

Queuing for Casual Match with 'Any skill level' and Ranked mode (you can be in queue for both Casual and Ranked at the same time).

If you want to play a specific player, add them as a friend or use the official discord

I cannot find any players online

You may need to forward your ports. Follow the link for an in-depth guide ports-to-forward-for-online-connection-issues


What type of controller should I use

Whatever you are comfortable with, Fantasy Strike players use a wide variety of controllers. From keyboards to game pads to arcade sticks.

I'm having controller issues

  • If you are on Steam and using 'Steam controller support,' try disabling that first.
  • At the main menu hold down two buttons and the controller configuration menu should pop up, follow the instructions there.


How do I use Practice mode?

The official Fantasy Strike guide has a page for Practice mode

My Yomi Counter won't work

Make sure you aren't holding down any buttons and you are fully recovered from any moves.