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Beginner Questions

What are these Play Styles characters are sorted by?

There are 4 types: Zoner, Rushdown, Grappler, and Wild Card.

  • Zoners can keep opponents far away and win.
  • Rushdown are fragile characters that want to pressure opponents.
  • Grapplers want to knock down opponents and mix up with powerful throws.
  • Wild Card are a mix of the other categories and come with unique abilities.

Who should I play?

Figure out what play style sounds interesting and watch some of the in-game Tutorial videos. These will cover all the basics for strategy and general gameplay.

Feel free to experiment! Don't feel committed to the first pick you make, playing each character will help learn the overall game even if you don't stick with them in the long run.

Who is the hardest/easiest to learn?

In the Tutorial section in-game (Under the Watch menu) there are difficulty ratings from 1 to 3 stars showing how difficult each character is for new players.

My Yomi Counter won't work

Make sure you aren't holding down any buttons and you are fully recovered from any moves. If in Practice mode, make sure that Yomi Counters are turned to ON in the settings.

Free-To-Play (F2P)

This game is free?

F2P get all characters with 2 default colors and access to Online Casual, Online Ranked, Practice Mode, VS AI, Tutorial, and Character Spotlight Videos.

What don't I get for free?

Friend Match, Local Match, Survival Modes, Arcade Mode, and Boss Rush must be bought with the Core Pack. Additional costumes or colors for characters must be bought separately. Replays and Master Costumes are available for Fantasy+ subscribers.

How do I challenge other players?

The Core Pack is needed to challenge players directly but F2P players can accept the challenge, so only 1 player needs Core Pack. Due to logistics, online tournaments will require players to have the Core Pack.

What is Fantasy+?

Fantasy+ gives access to Ranked TV, Friend TV, and Replays to watch a stream of matches or your replays. Master Costumes are a skin of the powered-up version of themselves only available with Fantasy+, characters must be at least level 20 to select their Master Costume.

Subscribers will also get extra XP (no in-game advantages) and their name will be displayed in Green.

Do purchases carry across platforms?

Cosmetics will carry over to different platforms but virtual currency will not. The Core Pack and Collector's Packs can travel between Steam and Switch but not Sony platforms.

For more info go to the official page for Accounts and Crossplay.

Online Play

How's the netcode?

Fantasy Strike uses Rollback Netcode.

Does it have Crossplay?

Yes, players can connect to players from any platform.

Can I practice while looking for matches?

Yes. Any solo mode will let you search for matches while playing with the exception of the Daily Challenge.

What's the best way to find players?

Queuing for Casual Match and Ranked mode will give a match as quick as possible (you can be in queue for both Casual and Ranked at the same time).

If you want to play a specific player, add them as a friend or use the official discord

I cannot find any players online

You may need to forward your ports. Try forwarding UDP 9991 and 19900. Follow the link for more info Ports to Forward for Online Connection Issues

I can't find the Online option

Make sure you don't have Event Mode toggled on, this prevents any Online features from appearing.


What type of controller should I use

Whatever you are comfortable with, Fantasy Strike players use a wide variety of controllers. From keyboards to game pads to arcade sticks.

I'm having controller issues

  • If you are on Steam and using 'Steam controller support,' try disabling that first.
  • At the main menu hold down two buttons and the controller configuration menu should pop up, follow the instructions there.

Game Modes


First to 4 rounds wins. 60 seconds round length.

Team Battle

Players choose a team of 3 characters and play a first to 3 set. Each game within the set is first to 3 rounds but is otherwise the same as standard.

  1. Each character is chosen randomly for each game.
  2. When a character wins a game, that character is removed for the duration of the team battle.
  3. When a character loses a game, they are no longer available.
  4. If a player runs out of available characters, any characters that lost are available again (similar to reshuffling a deck of cards).
  5. Play continues until one player has won with all 3 of their characters.

In other words, a character can only win once but can lose multiple times.

Online Casual

Uses Standard game mode rules. Has a hidden per-character skill rating.

Online Ranked

Uses Team Battle rules. Matchmaking is divided into different leagues, but cross-league matches within 3 ranks are possible (Master is divided into quintiles). Bronze league is an exception, they can only match with Bronze players.

Ranked uses a tournament in the form of an 8-person single elimination tournament. Each round gives more stars for winning, up to 3 stars, but losing a round will cost a star. Stars are not awarded to a player until that player's tournament run ends.

League ranks

Bronze (E-A; 3 stars per rank, cannot lose stars)
Silver (E-A; 4 stars per rank)
Gold (E-A; 5 stars per rank)
Diamond (E-A; 5 stars per rank, stars are not awarded for first round)
Master (Ladder ranking, 1 is the best rank)

Season Reset

Ranked Seasons last 3 months, starting in: February, May, August, November.
At the start of each season ranks are reset and bonus stars are awarded for the highest rank achieved in the previous season. For example, Master ranks will start at Gold E rank.

Solo modes

Boss Rush

Play against 8 increasingly difficult opponents. Players get to choose Powerups before every match to get new abilities or enhancing strengths but AI opponents also get powerups, with the final match getting a unique Boss powerup.


Play through 6 fights that includes a story for each character in Fantasy Strike.


Play through increasingly difficult matches. Regenerate 2 health after every round.

  • Survival: 20, 35, 50 - start with extra health and fight increasingly difficult opponents until the end. Fight a Shadow Boss every 5 rounds.
  • Survival: 10 Cruel - fight 10 metal bosses.
  • Daily Challenge: Once per day challenge against endless opponents and Shadow Bosses. Scores reset every 24 hours.

Single Match

Play a single Standard game against an Easy, Medium, or Hard AI opponent.

Wiki methodology

Frame data

Character specific

Unless otherwise noted, frame data was tested on a Jaina dummy. Differences may come up where character height or width matters, usually only an issue with airborne moves.
Character specific data will be called out as needed, but it is expected that frame data will differ any time active frames can hit later or earlier than usual

When does the Active Frame start?

The in-game Practice Mode frame data in Fantasy Strike is written as an exclusive number, so the first Active Frame would be (# of Startup Frames + 1). Sometimes this is referred to as the Impact Frame, in that terminology the Impact Frame in Fantasy Strike is the first Active Frame.

How can I help with the wiki?

If you would like to help out with Mizuumi's FS wiki, consider joining the Mizuumi Discord and signing up as a editor.