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Absolute guard

Refers to the way Blockstun works in Fantasy Strike and many other fighting games. If a character is in blockstun, they will continue to block any attacks until they leave Blockstun.

See also Blockstring.


The portion of a move where it has a Hitbox, after Startup has finished.

See also Hitbox, Startup, Recovery.


When both characters meet in the air. Usually used when referring to moves that will often win these exchanges.


When the opponent is airborne and you're on the ground. If a move is described as an anti-air, that means it's great for hitting opponents who are jumping at or above you.


Armor is indicated by a Blue glow. A move with Armor will ignore the Hitstun, allowing the move to continue. However, Hitstop is still applied. Armor Moves may have different amounts of hits they can absorb. Armor can be broken with the Armor Break property. Armor Breaking moves will ignore the Armor and hit as normal.


"Bread and butter". Standard combo for a character.

See also Combo.


A feint to attempt to get the opponent to do a punishable action or waste resources.


To defend a Strike or Projectile attack.

Block Advantage

The Frame advantage after blocking an attack.

See also Frame Advantage.

Block damage

See Chip.


A series of attacks where the opponent will be stuck in blockstun for the entire series.

See also Absolute guard, Blockstun.


If a character blocks they are put into Blockstun for a set amount of frames. You are immune to throws while in blockstun, and will automatically block any attacks that strike you regardless of crossup.

See also Frame.


Pressing a button before your character is able to act (Up to 8 frames in Fantasy Strike) to get the button on the first available frame.


Ending a move early by interrupting it with another move that has the Cancellable property.

See also Special Cancellable.


Holding a button to get a different version of a move


Special attacks deal chip damage, if blocked, they will cause one of the opponent's HP to start flashing. Three hits of chip turns into one HP worth of real damage.


A series of attacks where, if the first one hits, the rest are guaranteed to also hit.

Command Throw

Special throw that can be jumped out of.

See also Jumpable, Throw.

Counter Advantage

The Frame advantage after hitting with a Counter Hit attack.

See also Counter Hit, Frame Advantage.

Counter Hit

If a move hits while the opponent is in the startup frames of their move, it will change the properties of the move.

See also Startup.


An attack that forces the opponent to switch the direction they're are blocking.


When a move hits as close and late as possible.

See also Shallow.

Empty jump

Jumping and landing without performing a move in the air.


See Projectile.


If hit by a move that causes Flip-out an airborne character will become invincible and land on their feet.


Each frame corresponds to one part of a character's animation, Fantasy Strike runs at 60 frames per second (FPS). All moves and actions can be described in length of frames.

Frame Advantage

The difference in frames a character can act before the opponent. If you have Frame Advantage then you can act before opponents, disadvantage would mean they can act first. Also described as being plus or minus.

Frame Trap

Creating a gap between attacks to allow an opponents move to come out in such a way that it will lose.

Fuzzy guard

Delaying blocking so that Yomi Counters can happen before the block occurs.

See also Yomi Counter.


See Throw.


Character archetype that has high health and deals 2 damage on Throws and Yomi Counters.


When any attack connects with the opponent.

Hit Advantage

The Frame advantage after hitting with an attack.

See also Frame Advantage.

Hit confirm

Waiting to see the results of a move before committing to the follow up.


The part of a move that will hit opponents.

See also Hurtbox.


When you hit the opponent with an attack, the action freezes for a few frames to exaggerate the impact of the hit (and to make it easier to hit-confirm). Projectiles are not frozen during hitstop, which can result in some slightly unexpected things happening.


Being stunned and unable to act due to being hit.


See Charge.


The area of the screen where a character can be hurt.

See also Hitbox.


Some attacks have invulnerable frames, during which you cannot be hit by strikes or projectiles, typically indicated by a white aura. Invincible characters do not have a Pushbox.


A state where the opponent is hit into the air and are vulnerable until they land on the ground.


This is displayed if a Command Throw could have been jumped. Note that if a Command Throw was used as a punish it won't display Jumpable.


When a character is falls to the ground on their back. They are invincible until they get up but this gives the opponent an advantage.


Performing a Combo by letting a move that hit the opponent completely recover and then hitting them with another move before they recover from Hitstun.

Low profile

Moves that force the character down, changing the Hurtbox and potentially avoiding attacks.


An attack that hits later in the active frames, giving more frame advantage.


In-game indicator of available resources that can be used.


Typically referring to advantage, if a move leaves a character minus they do not have advantage.

See also Frame Advantage.


A situation where the opponent must guess between multiple types of guarding. For example, blocking left or right.


A single move that hits multiple times.


All moves done with the A Button.


Parries are indicated by a Green aura. If hit by the right type of attack they will automatically perform a counter.


Typically referring to advantage, especially on block.

See also Frame Advantage.


Poison state is indicated by a Purple aura. Slowly drains over time and then does damage.


The frames before a character is considered airborne.


Refers to how strong the Hitbox and Hurtbox interactions of a move are. For instance, Invincible moves have the highest priority because they have no Hurtbox.

See also Hitbox, Hurtbox.


Special moves that are separate from the character.

Proximity block

At a certain distance from an attack a character will start blocking in anticipation of the attack. This prevents walking away but not towards the attack, jumping is also not affected.


A guaranteed move that hits while the opponent is still recovering.


The part of a character that takes up space. Pushboxes can't go through each other, ie preventing characters from walking through each other.


The amount of frames required before a move is finished following active frames.

See also Active, Startup.


Performing a move on the first possible frame after Knockdown, Blockstun, or Hitstun. Often used to refer to Invincible moves.


A character archetype with low health and fast movement.


An attack where no punishment is possible.


An air attack that is set up in such a way that it is safe.


When a move hits far away and early.

See also Deep.


Moves done with the B or C button.

Special Cancellable

Moves with this property can Cancel into a Special move.

See also Cancel.


The beginning portion of a move before it becomes Active.

See also Active, Recovery.


Physical hitting attacks.


Moves done with the S button. Requires full Super Meter.

See also Super Freeze, Super Meter.

Super Freeze

Cinematic that stops in game action. In-game time is paused during the cinematic.

Super Meter

Meter used for Supers.

See also Meter.


Grounded attacks that are Unblockable, once they connect they will be invincible during the animation. There are two types of Throws, the standard Throw done with the T button and special Command Throws.

Command Throws can be jumped out of at any point. A standard throw will still grab opponents that are in their pre-jump frames but can be Yomi Countered.

See also Yomi Counter.


Refers to the situation when a character is getting up.


An attack that misses entirely.

Yomi Counter

If a throw hits you while are in an idle state you perform a yomi counter. This deals damage to the opponent, knocks them down, AND restores your entire super meter.


Character archetype with average health and projectiles.