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FS Grave.png



Grave Stormborne is a highly disciplined martial artist commited to improving his skills everyday. He draws on the power of wind and lightning. He has a sword but was taught to use it sparingly.

Character stats

Health Character Type Super Meter charge time Wind charge time
6 Zoner 10 Seconds 12 Seconds


Grave is very much the generalist of the Zoners. He is capable of keeping opponents out as well as rushing them down and players will find themselves playing very differently depending on their opponent's character.

Grave's fireballs have average startup but he can control the speed from very fast to very slow, however he has the worst recovery on fireballs out of all the Zoners. Fat cloud creates a huge fireball that walls opponents off. He has a very strong set of normals and invincible moves to keep out opponents or punish mistakes. His air super is a parry can be used in the air to deter being challenged, combined with his sword on the ground can provide very strong rewards for players with good reads.
He can be played in a variety of ways; focusing on building up chip damage, playing aggressive and risky, playing passively and safe. All of these can be effective ways to win.

Grave has a special Wind Meter, when available he can perform Wind Summon in the air and generate wind that goes forward or backward. Wind will last for 6 seconds.

Forwards wind will push all objects on screen, including characters. Backwards will go the opposite direction. Take care when using because this opponents can take advantage of Wind too.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Wind Summon controls stage positioning and dominates zoning
  • Strong anti-air tools
  • Fast charging super meter
  • Invincibility on Sword can shut down options without meter
  • Whirlwind provides a left/right mixup
  • Awful recovery on most moves
  • Poor options for pokes if he can't use his fireball
  • Fireball is unsafe in the corner.
  • Meter reliant - without Dragonheart or Wind available Grave is very average



FS A.png
FS Grave 5A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 8 8 11 +1 -1 +6 Cancellable Strike

Grave puts his hand up at a 45 degree angle, doesn't have much horizontal range but reaches quite far diagonally away from him. Excellent normal for anti air. It is strongest at the tip of Grave's hand and the startup is average but the active frames are quite long, so use it early and at a distance.

This move is also Grave's go to Normal for combos and up close pressure. Grave has a small disadvantage on block, so the opponent has throw advantage against Grave jumping or throwing. On hit, the advantage switches to Grave. Grave can use delayed fireballs after nA to catch opponents trying to hit buttons, allowing him to continue pressure even on block.
Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png on hit or block. Due to having such long active frames, hitting the opponent late enough will create a frametrap.

Double Palm
FS R.png+FS A.png
FS Grave 6A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 12 7 25 -9 -11 -3 Cancellable Strike

Grave reaches out far and thrusts his palms forward and lowering his hurtbox, this can low profile some moves. Has a large amount of pushback and blockstun, cancelling into fireball is a true blockstring at most ranges but not farther range.

Used for punishes when Knifehand won't reach. Will not combo from a jump-in unless done late. Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png on hit or block.

FS L.png+FS A.png
FS Grave 4A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 14 5 27 KD -11 KD Cancellable, Knockdown Strike

Grave leans back and sweeps the opponent's leg. Shifts Grave's hurtbox around, making some attacks miss. This causes Knockdown and can set up safe jumps, the cancel window goes quite late into the move.

When used by itself it can be quite unsafe but Grave can cancel into his special moves to cover this. Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png on hit or block.

Lightning Cloud
FS B.png
FS Grave 5B.png
Normal version
Normal version
FS Grave 5B 2.png
Charge version
Charge version
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Normal 1 12 P 39 P P P Knockdown Projectile

Grave puts his hand out and creates a lighting cloud. Grave has a very large amount of recovery and moves his body forward during this, making him quite open to punishment. Knocks down airborne opponents.

Projectile can be delayed for between 12 and 20 frames. Becomes Charge version Lightning Cloud at 20 frames. Be sure to release the button as quickly as possible to get the fastest startup time. Adding FS L.png or FS R.png will change speed.

Fireballs become unsafe in the corner.

Hold 1 22 P 39 P P P Knockdown Projectile

Projectile becomes very large and slow moving, disappearing after travelling a short distance. This will catch opponents jumping in or if blocked very late cause a huge advantage for Grave.

Knocks down on first frame and airborne opponents. Due to the long startup and recovery this move is very risky against opponents that can get around the fireball.

Sword Slice
FS C.png
FS Grave 5C.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 28 7 34 KD -20 KD Fully Invincible, Knockdown Strike

Grave leans forward with a large slash of his sword. Reaches quite far, use it to punish moves on reaction. This can be uses as a prediction but be aware the startup is so long that opponents can often recover before the active frames.

Invincible on frames 1 to 29. Very slow recovery and large amount of pushback. Can be safe at max range or during Wind.

FS T.png
FS Grave T.png
FS Grave YC.png
Yomi Counter
Yomi Counter
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Forward 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Grave leans forward and does a Judo throw, moving him and his opponent about half screen. Forward Throw gives enough advantage to set up safe jumps and meaty setups. Forward Throw is +36 advantage but only +34 on Rook.

Universal Throw; all throws have the same frame data and can be beaten with a Yomi Counter

Back 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Grave switches sides. Back Throw has slightly more range than Forward Throw and is +34 advantage but +38 on Rook.

Universal Throw; all throws have the same frame data and can be beaten with a Yomi Counter

Yomi 1 - - - KD - - Knockdown Parry

Pretty good Yomi Counter because of Grave getting both decent advantage (+57) and access to his extremely good super, Dragonheart.

Universal counter for Throws. In a neutral state, the opponent's throws will be automatically countered by Yomi Counter.

FS S.png
FS Grave S.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Normal 1 2+4 2(0)25 35 KD -39 KD Fully Invincible, Knockdown Strike

Grave focuses his energy into his fist and does a rising uppercut. Excellent for reacting to fireballs up close.

Very strong anti air due to full invincibility and speed. Be careful of opponent moves crossing Grave up as it will whiff allowing a strong punish.

Invincible on frames 1 to 33 (all the way up). Will turn into the cinematic version if the first 2 active frames hit.

Cinematic 2 - - - KD - KD Fully Invincible, Knockdown, Armor Break Strike

Causes 1 extra damage and provides Grave's strongest advantage on knockdown.

Opponent needs to be close for the cinematic to connect, they can be airborne or grounded. The Cinematic version will break through armored moves.

There is a rare bug where the armor break causes an extra hit as it enters the cinematic, dealing 3 damage total. This bug seems to be spacing dependent; can be easily reproduced by having Rook do Windmill Crusher, then do Windmill Crusher on oki while Grave does wakeup Dragonheart.


Jump Kick
FS A.png
FS Grave JA.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 8 9 2 +8 ~ +17 +7 ~ +15 +14 ~ +22 - Strike

Strong aerial move with a large hitbox that can crossup well. Fast enough and with good enough priority to use as an air-to-air or later as a jump in attack.

Active frames are long, but not long enough to cover both air and ground against all but the tallest opponents.
Excellent for using as a safe jump.

FS B.png
FS Grave JB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 9 18 15 -4 ~ +4 -8 ~ +2 +2 ~ +9 Knockdown Strike

Grave spins around in the air. Hits twice in front of Grave, once behind him.

Changes his jump arc, allowing Grave to make it more difficult to anti air him or to avoid projectiles. Crosses up quite well, timing varies depending on opponent. Can be unsafe depending on timing and spacing, frame advantage can change a lot depending on where and who it is hitting.

Wind Summon
FS C.png
FS Grave JC.png
Forward Wind
Forward Wind
FS Grave JC 2.png
Backward Wind
Backward Wind
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
FS J.png - 32 1 4 - - - - -

Causes forward wind for 6 seconds. Wind will push all characters and objects on screen, being in the air allows a stronger affect than being grounded opening up new movement opportunities.

Grave can produce very strong fireballs that travel extremely fast, up to 3 during Wind. However, Grave will slide forward with the wind, making him more vulnerable to invincible or armored attacks.

Long startup, but short recovery. Lowest possible Forward Wind will leave Grave with 4 frames of recovery total, performing Wind Summon higher will have longer recovery.

FS L.png+FS J.png - 10 1 15 - - - - -

Causes backward wind for 6 seconds. Wind will push characters and objects, excellent for pushing the opponent to the corner.

Fireballs going against the wind can create strong obstacles but jumping opponents will also travel further towards Grave.

Significantly shorter startup than forward wind but longer minimum recovery, lowest possible Backward Wind has 15 frames of recovery, performing Wind Summon higher will have longer recovery.

True Power of Storms
FS S.png
FS Grave JS.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
2 0 21 31 KD - KD Knockdown Parry

Counters Strike Attacks. Grave will do a small mid-air hop when he does the Parry, sometimes this will cause him to avoid moves coming from below him. Using the Macro to do the super can alter Grave's air momentum.

This is a good predictive tool to stop opponents from anti-airing Grave. Against slower attacks or cinematics it can be used on reaction for a solid punish.


Lightning Cloud
FS B.png
FS Grave 5B 3.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Normal 1 10 P 39 P P P - Projectile, Knockdown

Wind upgrades Lightning Cloud to a level 2 projectile and acts more like the charged clouds. The forward version is an extremely fast and oppressive fireball that will cleanly beat out most fireball zoning. If it hits in the early frames it will knockdown, using back fireball will slow the fireball and make it less likely to knockdown. These fireballs can create strong pressure sequences and will even combo into each other and other moves.

Charge 1 22 P 39 P P P - Projectile, Knockdown

A charged up version of the charged fireball, use it to punish people attempting to get over or past your normal fireballs.

FS J.png, FS B.png
FS Grave JB 2.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 7 2(4)17 15 KD -30 ~ +2 KD Ground Bounce, Knockdown Strike

Wind enlarges the whirlwind and summons a lighting bolt. The lightning bolt causes ground bounce and will cause 2 chip damage if both the whirlwind and lightning bolt are blocked.

The lightning bolt that comes out can make for tricky cross ups but if is blocked and the whirlwind spin doesn't connect, the move becomes extremely unsafe.



FS A.png > FS B.png (2 damage)

FS J.png+FS A.png, FS A.png > FS B.png (3 damage)

FS R.png+FS A.png > FS B.png (2 damage)


FS J.png+FS A.png, FS L.png+FS A.png (2 damage, knockdown, on deep hit)

Airborne Opponent in Corner Hold FS B.png, FS S.png (3 damage, knockdown) - any fireball Grave has in the corner can be followed up if the opponent lands on it, any move but Sword should be fast enough to connect

Late Counter Hit FS A.png, FS A.png > FS B.png (3 damage) - fringe wakeup option

While Wind is Active

FS J.png+FS B.png, FS S.png (3 damage and knockdown)

FS B.png, FS S.png (3 damage, knockdown) - more projectiles can be linked but spacing is very specific, easier to set up with slow fireball

Airborne opponent FS B.png, FS J.png+FS B.png, FS S.png (4 damage, knockdown) - the opponent needs to fall onto the fireball



Grave wants to use his fast fireball (FS R.png+FS B.png) to build up block damage and force his opponents to want to jump. Grave can then use his excellent anti airs to keep them out. If he scores a knockdown he has a strong mixup with FS J.png+FS A.png or FS J.png+FS B.png built in as a left-right mixup.

If Grave is unable to employ fireballs because their zoning game is stronger he can try to use Wind Summon (FS J.png+FS C.png) to force his way in or to temporarily gain zoning advantage. Another strong way to disrupt the opponents' fireballs is by using either FS C.png or FS S.png to punish fireballs on reaction, the sword has the greater range but may be too slow to punish some fireball attempts. The same rule applies to slow attacks, Grave can often disrupt them on reaction to stop their offense.

If Grave is getting his fireballs punished by Projectile Invincible attacks then he can use his normal attacks or jumping to attack the opponent. His FS R.png+FS A.png and FS L.png+FS A.png are both good choices for this but they are also slow attacks and are vulnerable to counter poking, use close to max range to avoid this. His Sweep in particular is very good at low-profiling attacks and will knockdown, gaining advantage. When jumping in, switching between between FS J.png+FS A.png or FS J.png+FS B.png makes it more difficult to anti air due to different angles and timing. Additionally, FS J.png+FS B.png will help Grave avoid projectiles by shifting his body forward.

FS J.png+FS S.png can be used as a threat against air to airs or anti-airs but is useless against projectiles.


FS A.png, or Knifehand is Grave's go to normal anti-air. It is about average for speed but comes out fast enough that you can use it on reaction against many attacks. The hitbox gets better the further out it is and it has excellent active frames so put it out there early enough that you make contact just at the fingertips of his extended hand. If desired, you can cancel into a fireball.

FS C.png is very slow but has very long invincibility, making it effective at beating attacks with long active frames or recovery.

FS S.png is a very fast anti-air; it can be used similarly to FS A.png but it has complete invincibility all the way from startup to the apex of the move. This makes it easier to react and win against attacks. Be wary of attacks that will cross up, as they can dodge this move leaving Grave vulnerable.

FS B.png can be an extremely good far anti-air, put the fireball out so that they fall onto it.

Surprisingly, FS R.png+FS A.png or FS L.png+FS A.png can both be used as situational anti-airs. They both low profile in different ways and are thus able to make avoid attacks and beat them.

Hold FS B.png is a very strong anti-air, generally needed to be used as a prediction due to it's startup. Once set up it provides a huge zone that most characters will have a very difficult time getting around.


Generally, Forward Wind is much better than Backwards but there can be some situational uses. Listed below are most of the possible uses for both.

  • Use Forward Wind (FW) to beat zoning. The Electrified Lighting Clouds FS B.png are very big, fast, and strong and for a brief time Grave can overpower any zoning coming at him.
  • Use FW to advance. Your walk speed is significantly increased, allowing you to close distance to FS A.png or FS T.png range very quickly.
  • Use FW to get a juice kick. Air movement increases even more than ground movement. Grave can jump across the full screen and even create very fast crossups with his new jump arc.
  • Use FW to stall a projectile. When a projectile encounters wind it will continue it's momentum even after the Wind is gone. This can prevent the opponent from throwing a fireball because the old one is still on screen.
  • Use FW for Electrified combos. FS J.png+FS B.png's lightning bolt and FS B.png cause a ground bounce that allows combos afterwards. It is possible to follow up Clouds into more Clouds or Whirlwind and end these into Super.
  • Use Back Wind (BW) to chip out. A slow Cloud during BW is very large and slow, forcing a block or an easy anti-air situation.
  • Use BW to create setups. Putting out a slow Cloud during BW or after crossing up in FW can allow an extra layer of pressure be applied to opponents. Especially good after knocking someone down during Wind.
  • Use BW to bait people or avoid. The BW has very quick recovery compared to FW and will stall Grave's air momentum, allowing him to be safer than expected.


  • After FS T.png Grave gets an easy safejump with FS J.png+FS A.png. Simply hold FS R.png+FS J.png after the throw. (Back throw is not always a safejump)
  • Add in FS J.png+FS B.png after throw for a left-right mixup. Note that the timing for the crossup varies and can cause Grave to be unsafe or even to whiff depending on how early or late it is done.
  • FS L.png+FS B.png or Hold FS B.png to start a fireball trap can be a good option, especially in the corner. Grave will be advantaged afterwards and can throw more fireballs or bait jumps and reversals.
  • Meaty FS A.png is a standard Strike/Throw mixup. If it hits late enough you can frametrap the opponent, on a well timed Counter Hit you can even combo into another FS A.png.
  • FS S.png creates strong advantage after the Cinematic version, you have more time than throw to set up a safe jump or crossup.
  • Yomi Counter leaves Grave at a good advantage but opponents are knocked further away.


Name Type Matchup Strategy
FS icon Argagarg.png
Zoner Argagarg will win the zoning war with Grave, Argagarg will often be able to punish Grave outright for trading a projectile. Wind is Grave's best way of getting in, but he must be careful not to be punished on activation.

At far-range Grave should look to use Wind or move to mid-range. When Grave is at mid-range he can use Sword to predict a Flying Fish or Rushing River, once at the edge of Dragonheart's range he can punish those on reaction. Jumping is risky but use of Jump Kick or Whirlwind can make it difficult for Argagarg to anti-air.

If Grave gets Argagarg knocked down, he will likely use his Bubble Shield Super to try to stop pressure. Use safejumps or projectiles to avoid it. Once Grave gets close range he should try not to leave it.

Grave can threaten both supers to beat limbs. The cinematics will allow Grave to get in. Because Argagarg can often only punish for one damage, the risk reward ratio is good for Grave.

FS icon DeGrey.png
Wild Card It is possible for Grave to zone and anti-air DeGrey from far ranges. If Grave is within range of the Ghost, it is risky to use projectiles due to Ghost being fast startup and a level 2 projectile.

Sword is extra risky in this matchup as DeGrey can use his Super or his Tyrant Crusher to punish on reaction. It is possible to Dragonheart the Ghost assist call on reaction but it is more difficult than other projectiles.

Final Arbiter is able to punish fireballs, even from quite far away, especially if the DeGrey is already in the air. Once DeGrey has Super Meter fully charged, Grave should be extremely careful with using Wind Summon as it can be punished on reaction by Final Arbiter with the possibility of a 3 damage counter hit. If DeGrey commits to a Ghost or jump Grave can safely summon Wind.

FS icon Geiger.png
Zoner Grave does not want to trade projectiles with Geiger, especially once Geiger gets super. Time Stop will easily punish any projectile Grave has.

If Geiger does not have super, Grave can force his way in with wind. If Geiger does have super it can still be used to gain some positioning.

At far-range Grave should look to use Wind (watch out for Time Stop) or move to mid-range. At mid-range Grave can look for knockdowns with his Sweep to close in, use a predictive Sword, attempt to poke with a fireball, or a jump in attack. Grave typically has to take risks at mid-range to get in closer, so be avoid staying here long. Sometimes waiting for Super meter is a good option instead. At close-range Grave can use Dragonheart to punish Time Spirals or predict a time spiral with a jump. Once you get in close, Geiger has Flash Gear as an option to stop offense and restart his zoning.

Be aware that if you try to anti-air Geiger with Dragonheart, Geiger can Pause on reaction to the Super Freeze.

FS icon Grave.png
Zoner Grave must play this matchup very safely, as he counters most of his tools quite well.

Use Sword on reaction to punish any fireballs or Sword itself. Grave should generally not be cancelling into any special moves against himself unless it is a true blockstring or a combo. Fireballs can still be used as a poke at a close range, when used further out or as a cancel they are easier to react against.

Wind Summon will win the positioning and fireball game by pushing them to the corner. Good times to use Wind are jumping over a fireball or countering a Wind Summon with your own. Forward Wind Summons will almost completely cancel each other out.

Sweep is a very useful poke in this matchup as it knocks down and is Grave's longest range poke. Only use it outside of Knifehand range, be aware that Sword can punish any cancels that aren't true blockstrings here and this move is always punishable by Dragonheart if Grave is too close.

Air parry super can be used as a threat to allow jumping in, on empty jump you can easily react to Dragonheart anti-air and with tight timing you can catch Knifehand.

Punish Dragonheart with a full jump in combo. On wakeup, Whirlwind is not safe against Dragonheart as it is a slower move and has some landing recovery.

FS icon Jaina.png
Zoner Jaina can control the zoning in this matchup more thanks to having 2 fireballs as well as chargeable fireballs, Grave can temporarily win with Wind but Jaina also has Rain of Fire to counter. Both characters can punish projectiles on reaction but Jaina's Dragonheart doesn't require meter.

At full screen use Wind to get in. At midscreen Grave can neutral jump fireballs to gain advantage. Grave wants to get in closer and pressure Jaina into the corner where he can more effectively control the pace. Sword can only beat a fireball on prediction here. Knifehand will beat out divekicks.

Jaina's Dive Kick and Knee are very good at making Grave's Dragonheart Super whiff, be careful when using it as a reversal or anti-air. Punish Red Dragon with a full jump in combo.

FS icon Lum.png
Wild Card Wind is extremely powerful in this matchup, Grave can easily get in on Lum and push or pull items on the screen during wind. Electrified Clouds and Big Clouds do a good job of clearing Mini-Lums. Grave's main goal here should be to quickly push Lum to the corner. Once there, Grave can pressure with projectiles (Lum cannot roll under any of them) and without a proper reversal, Lum's only good option is to jump out or hope for item that will give some space.

Sword and Dragonheart are effective at beating Cartwheel and Melons. When anti airing a Lum jump, use Knifehand and Dragonheart to cover both jump-ins and melons.

FS icon Midori.png
Grappler Midori has no immediate counters for Wind Summon. Midori's Butt Slam is easily anti-aired by Knifehand and Dragonheart, however if Midori lands directly on top of Grave both will likely fail. Walking under and punishing is a good response.

When Midori gets full Super Meter, be very careful as Dragon Form can often be used to punish projectiles on reaction. Big Lightning Cloud, while strong against Human Form is very vulnerable against Dragon Form.

  • If Grave can get the cinematic of Dragonheart, it will waste a lot of the Dragon Form meter and force Midori back to Human Form. If possible, save meter to counter Dragon Form.
FS icon Onimaru.png
Wild Card Grave needs to commit to going in on Onimaru or keeping him out. By varying the speed of his fireballs, Grave makes it difficult for Onimaru to spin through them and with Wind up Grave can clear Onimaru's Clockwork Soldiers with ease.

Use Dragonheart or Sword to beat slower moves on reaction in neutral. If blocking a move into Tactical Stance, use Sword to beat Spirit Fire on reaction. This makes it very hard for Onimaru to get momentum going. When Onimaru has meter he can punish Grave's fireballs on reaction. Additionally, if Onimaru is close enough to jump in he can go through Grave's anti-air moves with armor.

FS icon Quince.png
Wild Card Grave is unable to zone against Quince if his mirrors are up and Quince will attempt to keep Grave out until he fills his Super Meter. He will need to go to Quince and prevent him from creating his small mirrors. Use Knifehand and Jump Kick liberally to stop Quince. Wind will blow away any mirrors that Quince has put up.

Grave really wants to stay close enough that he can punish small mirrors or threaten jump ins. If Grave gets a knockdown he should stay on Quince and switch to pure rushdown.

If Grave is at the edge of Quince's hopkick range, it is possible to Dragonheart on reaction to punish Quince but be aware of illusion fakeouts to bait out whiffs. Be extra careful of jumping too much if Quince has meter, though you can use empty jumps to bait the Super and punish with True Power of Storms. Quince can also punish fireballs with his air Super from far away, yet another reason to avoid being far away.

FS icon Rook.png
Grappler Rook will want to Earthquake to knock Grave down. Using Sword or making Rook land on a Cloud will stop that. It is also possible to beat Earthquake with anti-airs. If Rook trades Earthquake it is usually Rook's favor because of the longer knockdown time.

Throwing fireballs against Rook can be quite risky, Rook's jumping game is quite strong because he can mix up empty jump, Splash, and Earthquake to change the range that he can be hit by anti-airs. Anti-airing with Knifehand becomes a mixup with unfavorable outcomes, but using Dragonheart will typically guarantee a hit. Big Cloud can be used to anti-air with a bigger range but it is predictive because of the slow startup and can be beaten hard by Vines.

Rook's armor on his Special and Super Throws will get through Sword but a cinematic Dragonheart will break the armor and beat them. Grave can often use Wind to get some space and chip away at Rook's health, but be wary of sliding into Windmill Crusher Range.

FS icon Setsuki.png
Rushdown The best defense against Setsuki is a good offense. Make it your priority to get a knockdown and continue pressure.

She has no reversal that is invincible on startup and only five health.

Setsuki's Kunai projectile is destroyable, attacks like Knifehand and Jump Kick can go right through it. Ninjaport is also vulnerable, if not a combo then Grave can always Sword or Dragonheart it. Saving Dragonheart for Dive Kicks is strong, though Setsuki can alter the angle to make it whiff. Lightning Cloud isn't particularly strong against Setsuki due to having so many anti-projectile tools. Setsuki can often outright punish a projectile on reaction.

FS icon Valerie.png
Rushdown Use forward Lighting cloud as your main poke at a distance, if Valerie is far enough away you can react with against jumps or Rainbows with Knifehand or Sword. Big Lightning Cloud is a good deterrent at mid range where it is difficult for Valerie to get around it, just be aware of the longer startup time. Mixing in forward jumping A to start offense is a strong option as Valerie's anti air game is fairly weak. If you can knockdown Valerie, use Wind or press the advantage.

When Valerie gets meter, your fireballs become much riskier due to the range she can reaction punish them with Chromatic Orb.

  • Use reaction Sword against Rainbow or Chromatic Orb. Grave can also style on Chromatic Orb with his air parry super.
  • When defending against rekkas, Sword can beat Yellow but is unsafe on block and punishable for 2, use sparingly.
  • During Rainbow disc pressure on block, you can reversal super to catch Valerie. If it hits, the cinematic will protect you from punishment.