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FS Lum.png


Lum knows how to play the odds, though he's happiest when things are out of control.


Health Character Type Super Meter charge time
6 Wildcard 14 Seconds


Lum wants to have space and throw as many items as possible. Even Zoners have to approach or put significant pressure on him or else Lum will build up momentum with a barrage of item setups that snowball him to victory.

Unique Traits

Lum can throw out random items with his Item Toss Special and Slots of Items Super. These items can be to his advantage or disadvantage; playing Lum requires adjusting strategy on the fly in reaction to the game state.



Upward Claw
FS A.png
FS Lum 5A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 6 9 21 -7 -9 -1 - Strike

Fast anti-air with good priority and bad recovery. It can cancel into Panda Ball and Item Toss on hit or block. This is Lum's only normal that special cancels, so it is more useful than the frame data implies. It is relatively safe to cancel into Item Toss: the opponent has only 9 frames to punish if they block the nA, and the item may protect you from their punish.

Upward Claw has very poor horizontal range, causing it to whiff in combos if Lum isn't close enough to his opponent. This forces Lum to use later jump in timing or adding micro walks to ensure a whiff does not happen.

Long Punch
FS R.png+FS A.png
FS Lum 6A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 12 7 19 -3 -5 3 - Strike

Lum lunges forward and punches diagonally upward. Long Punch is Lum's longest range normal and fastest far punish.

Claw Sweep
FS L.png+FS A.png
FS Lum 4A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 14 3 14 KD 4 KD Knockdown Strike

Lum ducks down and does a low swipe with his claw. Slightly slower and shorter than Long Punch but leaves Lum at an advantage or knocks the opponent down.

Panda Ball
FS B.png
FS Lum 5B.png
Normal version
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 10 27 7 -5 -7 1 - Strike

Lum curls into a ball and rolls forward, low profiles very well.

Lum is at a disadvantage but bounces back far enough to prevent any punishes (exception being in the corner). Lum always bounces back the way he came so on crossup he will bounce into his opponent, leaving him punishable by throws.

Item Toss
FS C.png
FS Lum 5C.png
Item Toss
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
Item Toss - 10 1 17 - - - - -

Lum pulls out a randomly selected item and throws it forward. Different items can vary slightly in timing and distance. If there's an item considered to be active when Lum does Item Toss then nothing will come out and Lum has a 30 frame whiff animation instead. Dice, grounded Mini-Lum, and grounded Mini-Rook don't count as an item but Melon does count as an item.

Percentages are from 6165 item tosses (during beta).

Mini-Lum - - - - - - - ~19.76% (1/5) Projectile

A tiny panda that walks forward slowly when it lands. Mini-lums can threaten an opponent's space, protect Lum from punishment, block projectiles, project chip damage, or be used as a combo extender. One of Lum's best items with near endless uses, having a mini-lum out can dramatically change the approach to a matchup.

Projectile on the way down. When it lands on the ground it no longer counts as an item. Essentially a very slow level 1 Projectile. Lands on the 62nd frame after leaving the hand. Chances of getting this at least once out of four item tosses or a jackpot are ~60%. Note: for this and all later items, this is assuming gS and gC item odds are equivalent.

Coin 1 - - - - - - ~17.89% (2/11) Projectile

A coin from the game Pandante. Acting as an exceptional anti-air, this fast projectile is sure to annoy opponents and is one of Lum's better items. Coin is a Projectile that will be destroyed after hitting any object. After leaving the hand, begins to drop on the 21st frame and lands on the 40th frame. Jackpot odds: 55%

Bomb 1 - - - KD - KD ~16.89% (1/6) Projectile

Causing a large explosion that will damage both opponents and Lum, this one is a wildcard. If the opponent is unable to get past the bomb it gives Lum plenty of time for a super or setting for other attacks. Lum is able to avoid this with Melon.

Bomb explodes after a set timer. It hits twice. After leaving the hand, proximity block begins on the 89th frame, and detonation begins on the 108th frame. Jackpot odds: 52%

Cake - - - - - - - ~11.24% (1/9) -

Cake restores half a Super Meter, it is consumable once it hits the ground. Opponents and Lum can pick it up, in case of a tie both get the item. Prevents Item Toss from being used. Lands on the 37th frame after leaving the hand. Jackpot odds: 38%

Cherry - - - - - - - ~12.36% (1/8) -

Cherry restores 1 point of Health, it is consumable once it hits the ground. Opponents and Lum can pick it up, in case of a tie both get the item. Prevents Item Toss from being used. Jackpot odds: 41%

Cloud 1 - - - KD - KD ~11.27% (1/9) Projectile

A cloud floats forward and then strikes with a lightning bolt. Very difficult for opponents to get past, gives Lum time and space to use Super. Very good item for Lum most of the time. Once active, lightning strikes after a set timer or as soon as the opponent passes under. After leaving the hand, proximity block begins on the 45th frame, and it becomes active on the 64th frame. Jackpot odds: 38%

Fireworks - - - - - - - ~10.06% (1/10) Projectile

A firework is launched and shortly 3 small Projectiles come down in a slightly random cluster. They will follow the opponent and combo for up to 3 damage by themselves or even into an extended combo. Lum cannot use Item Toss until some amount of frames after all the fireworks are gone, making him vulnerable for a long period. The typical max amount of time after leaving the hand for the last firework to hit is around the 230th frame (±10 frames), with around the 255th frame (±10 frames) being the first chance to toss another item. Jackpot odds: 34%

Mini-Rook - - - - - - - ~.54% (1/200) Projectile

A slow moving tiny Rook that is a ground projectile that has 3 health. Lum's best item but also the rarest, basically like 3 mini-lums stacked together. Prevents Item Toss briefly when he bounces off after hits. Lands on the 58th frame after leaving the hand. Jackpot odds: 2%

FS T.png
FS Lum T.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
Forward 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Forward Throw.

Back 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Back Throw.

Slots of Items
FS S.png
FS Lum 5S.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 0+5 56 15 KD -50 KD - Strike

Invulnerable for frames 1-5. Acts as 4 sequential item tosses, regardless of whether an item toss would whiff or not.


Giant Aerial Kick
FS A.png
FS Lum JA.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 10 9 2 12 10 18 - Strike

Lum sticks his feet out, great priority aerial.

Polar Cartwheel
FS B.png
FS Lum JB.png
FS Lum JB 2.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 17 22 5 14 12 14 - Strike

Lum dives down onto a trampoline and bounces up in a silly cartwheel that hits up to 4 times. Very high priority but the move is slow to start and Lum is completely vulnerable on the way down. If hit in the air the cartwheel allows for a juggle.

Melon Toss
FS C.png
FS Lum JC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
1 22 P 29 P P P - Projectile

Lum throws a melon downward, counts as an item.

Roll the Dice
FS S.png
FS Lum JS.png
Roll the Dice
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv Block Adv Counter Adv Properties Attribute
Roll the Dice - 0+18 - 35 - - - - -

Throws three dice. Each die counts as a projectile when hit, can absorb 1 projectile hit per die. Does 1 damage or 1 chip on hit.

Dice can be hit by any strike Lum does, causing each die to fly in a fixed trajectory based on which move was used.



FS A.png > FS B.png (2 damage)
FS J.png+FS A.png > FS R.png+FS A.png (2 damage)


FS J.png+FS A.png > FS A.png > FS B.png (3 damage, on deep hit - jump from slightly closer than roll spacing)
FS J.png+FS C.png > FS A.png > FS B.png (3 damage, only on crossup vs Rook)
FS J.png+FS C.png > FS R.png+FS A.png (2 damage, on close melon hit)


FS B.png > Minilum / Minirook > FS A.png > FS B.png (4 damage, requires a properly positioned item)
FS J.png+FS A.png > FS A.png > FS B.png > Minilum / Minirook > FS A.png > FS B.png (6 damage, on deep hit as above, requires a properly positioned item)

Item Toss: Coin

FS R.png+FS A.png > (Coin hits) (2 damage)
(Coin hits) > FS A.png > FS B.png (3 damage, can mixup with throw before coin lands)
(Coin hits) > FS J.png+FS C.png > FS B.png (3 damage, knocks down, requires corner)
(Coin hits) > FS J.png+FS C.png > +FS A.png (3 damage, resets, cancels into gB (ambiguous crossup) or gC (item), requires close corner)
(Coin hits) > FS J.png+FS C.png > FS R.png+FS A.png (3 damage, resets, requires corner)
(Coin hits) > FS J.png+FS C.png > FS L.png+FS A.png (3 damage, knocks down, requires high juggle, requires corner)

Item Toss: Bomb

FS R.png+FS A.png > (Bomb Explosion) > FS R.png+FS A.png (3 damage, knocks down)

Item Toss: Cloud

FS A.png > (Lightning hits) (2 damage, knocks down, works with any move other than FS A.png too)
FS J.png+FS A.png > (Lightning hits) > FS A.png (3 damage, works with FS R.png+FS A.png too, can mixup with throw after FS J.png, resets - can meaty roll, in corner can crossup meaty roll)
FS J.png+FS A.png > (Lightning hits) > FS B.png (3 damage, on deep hit, knocks down)



Upward Claw will anti-air or juggle effectively into a reset, which you can hit with a meaty Panda Ball - in the corner, this can even crossup!

A blocked melon toss gives you room to toss an item safely, or even perform a jackpot they'll still be in blockstun during the cinematic for! A particularly close low melon toss will combo/blockstring into that jackpot, if you want to live dangerously (or know they can't trivially punish after blocking it).

Slots of Items will often trade with attacks, or even beat them if their hitbox never reaces you or they are only active during its invulnerability. In particular, it beats throws that start before 1 frame prior to the cinematic, though it will lose to a throw that starts exactly during or on the frame before the cinematic.

Panda Ball is generally your strongest anti-air, given the room to use it - time it such that you hit them as they land. Just make sure you hit them from behind as they're landing, so they don't counterhit you!

Catch someone who thinks they're clever and is trying to fuzzy guard between your jump-in jA and your empty jump throw by using a melon toss just before you land!

In the corner, anti-airing from close up with nA leads into item toss into a mixup between nA and a microwalk tick throw. If you are too far, the nA will whiff, destroying the mixup and thus making this fuzzyable.

In the corner, anti-airing high with jA combos into nA, leading into a meaty nA or B. Anti-airing lower will not combo, but instead knocks down.

Item Cancel

While nA x gC is unsafe up close as they can throw punish it, from close to max nA range it's safe! Note in particular that you will be here from pushback after a non-ambiguous sameside jA, a low corner melon toss, or a low melon toss followed by a microwalk. From here you can:

  • Call out an incorrect attempt to throw punish with fA (note: combos with coin, may combo with cloud into fA - comboing with cloud in corner will allow juggles, including a very fun microwalk nA x meaty ambiguous crossup B)
  • Build advantage with a safemelon (hitconfirming into fA else leading into item toss - hitconfirming or leading into microwalk nA x gB/gC in the corner respectively) (note: best with bomb)
  • Throw/Strike mixup (plus bonus incoming item - best with coin/bomb or strong oki item)
  • Tick throw/strike mixup (if item would have impacted, best with coin)

Sneaky Panda Ball

Panda Ball will low profile the following ground moves if timed correctly:

  • Jaina's arrow (gB)
  • Jaina's fA
  • Geiger's time spiral (gB)
  • Geiger's fA
  • Argagarg's blue fish (gB)
  • Argagarg's big fish (jS)
  • Valerie's rainbow (gC)
  • Human Midori's flying kick (gB)
  • Dragon Midori's… dragon swoop (gC)? This one's a bit weird, but it absolutely can happen.
  • Degrey's justice kicks (gBC)
  • Quince's high standard (gB)

Oki Setups

After you've knocked down your opponent (usually from forward throw), these are the typical setups you will use (for more detail, see 'Janet's Thoughts on Lum's Oki Tools' in the Guides section):

  • Item toss into throw mixup: toss out an item, then either throw (gets oki again + item) or use nA into B (2+ damage, item dependent) - many opponents will let you throw them here!
  • Ambiguous crossup roll: roll such that you'll hit your opponent as they wake up (no known setups to make the timing easier), and they can't tell which side you'll hit! Unsafe on hit or block if you crossup, most opponents will block sameside, best used to combo into already-present items (such as a minilum, or fireworks) or deal the last health point of the round. Easier after a backward throw than a forward throw, and you can also perform these as your opponent resets after an anti-air!
  • Ambiguous crossup jA: walk to a particular character-dependent spacing (experiment to find it) and perform a fjA that will ambiguously crossup! If it hits, this will combo into nA B for 3, but an experienced player will have a high successful block rate.
  • Safemelon: a safejump using melon toss that will allow you to get free chip damage and a safe item toss - if your opponent uses an invulnerable reversal, you can recognise this by the melon not hitting them (making a squish noise), and simply block and punish! As such, they shouldn't reversal here.
  • "Accidental" Whiff Roll: after a forward throw, immediately roll and then either do nothing, or perform a meaty throw mixup. This will generally cause your opponent to panic, allowing you to occasionally get free damage based on their usual panic response - if throw, you can yomi counter (1 damage + super + kd + style points) or nA B (2 damage), if reversal, you can block it (and fuzzy guard to cover an immediate throw at the same time!) then punish, etc.
  • Corner crossup roll: like a normal ambiguous crossup roll, but off a forward throw into the corner - now there's a setup! If you immediately item toss first, then the roll will be perfectly ambiguous, and any delay at all will cause it to no longer crossup. Also you got an item out of it, and they're even less likely to block the crossup! Best used to combo into already-present items (such as a minilum, or fireworks), or deal the last health point of the round.
  • Corner safemelon: like a normal safemelon, but off a forward throw into the corner - now you're plus enough to toss an item and then get a tick throw! Extremely powerful in general, only beaten by the corner crossup roll when there are items for the roll to combo into.

Training Setups

Your key spacing is given by rolling into your opponent. This is the same distance on hit or block, and is very relevant to Lum's spacing in general. Assume all non-oki routines start at this spacing, and all oki routines start with a forward throw. If a routine branches, eg, 1a 1b 2aa 2ab 2b, then that means that 1a only leads to 2aa and 2ab, and 1b only leads to 2b.

  • Jump-in training setup: Set the dummy to block randomly. 1: Walk forward a small amount, 2: jump forward, and 3: jA into nA. If the dummy blocks, item toss and repeat from 2 (you're slightly forward from the key spacing after nA), otherwise panda ball and repeat from 1.
  • Far jump-in training setup: Set the dummy to always block and to throw after blockstun. 1: Jump forward, 2: jA immediately before landing, and 3: panda ball. If the dummy got hit instead of blocking, the jA was too early, if the jA whiffed it was too late. This timing of jA will combo into fA easily, or panda ball and jackpot with stricter timing.
  • Cartwheel training setup: set the dummy to a random character and to block randomly. Walk backward some amount, neutral jump, and cartwheel (try to always cartwheel at the same one out of the start, apex, or end of the jump, as this timing will alter spacing). At the key spacing, the cartwheel will crossup, at some fixed distance away, it won't - try to find the point where it is perfectly ambiguous, and walk back to this point each time then choose whether to crossup or not. Now use nA and either hitconfirm into gB or cancel into gC based on whether the dummy blocks. Note: you can't combo into nA after a sameside cartwheel vs Rook.
  • Midscreen oki training setup: Set the dummy to block randomly. Throw mixup = nA (into whatever) or throw, and will return to 1. 1: Forward throw, 2a: ambiguous crossup roll/jA, react from there, and throw mixup, 2b: safemelon, react from there, and throw mixup, or 2c: item toss, 3ca: another forward throw and repeat from 1, or 3cb: nA. Try to maximise damage using items and hitconfirms, and try to make sure you're using mixups.
  • Corner oki training setup: Set the dummy to block randomly and push it into the corner. Throw mixup = nA (into whatever) or throw, and will return to 1. 1: Forward throw, 2a: corner crossup roll, react from there, and repeat from 1, 2b: corner safemelon, react from there with a throw mixup. Try to maximise damage using items and hitconfirms, and try to make sure you're using mixups.
  • Crossup jA training setup: Set the dummy to never block, set your item toss to minilum. Step back some amount, gC, walk up to the dummy, crossup jA nA B into the minilum into nA B for 6 damage. This trains your spacing for crossup jA and your intuition for how minilums combo.


Sente's Random Lum Thoughts

Janet's Thoughts on How to Dice

Janet's Thoughts on Lum's Oki Tools

Zadberry's Lum punish notes


Name Type Matchup Strategy
FS icon Argagarg.png
Zoner Argagarg is the one character you can't outzone, and must aggress. Use rolls and jumps to bypass blue fish, while tossing out items every opportunity you get - note that if you get minilums, Argagarg will use rushing river to wash them away!

Ultimately, you can expect to push Argagarg into the corner where it mostly becomes a battle between Argagarg's poison and staff drill, and your chip damage, item setups, and mixups. At this point, you have advantage, but it's possible that Argagarg has already done enough damage to you to counteract that, and if Argagarg successfully escapes the corner, that is disastrous. Do your best to keep Argagarg in lockdown with long sequences of moves Argagarg will have no choice but to block - in particular, use lots of melon, as Argagarg's only answer to that in the corner is bubble shield, and this will be difficult to use properly with a minilum on the way.

Your jackpot super should only be used for corner pressure after a knockdown - beware the possibility of food items! Your dice super should be used after knockdowns or while defended with items, such that Argagarg can't anti-air you with fA as you land and destroy all the dice, leaving the giant fish super as the best option to counteract dice. You won't get much value directly out of this, but it keeps Argagarg busy and super-less, making your job easier.


  • Lum's roll often beats Argagarg's fA.
  • Argagarg's staff drill will destroy minilums, dice, and Lum's roll, but loses to Lum's jA into fA (or into nA in the corner, which can cancel into an item toss).
  • Lum can roll under the start of Argagarg's giant fish super, though this is a trick shot and shouldn't be counted on - if Argagarg blocks, Lum gets deflected back into the big fish, and Argagarg can even punish this beyond that.
  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to bA.
FS icon DeGrey.png
Wild Card Notes:
  • Degrey's final arbiter super will beat both Lum's melon and dice super on reaction, unless you defend yourself using a thundercloud or, if you use the dice super very low, an exploding bomb.
  • Lum's roll will lose to nA, but will consistently low-profile the flying kicks if they aren't meaty or part of a blockstring when spaces such that you won't be counterhit (ie, don't use it if Degrey is already in your face).
  • Degrey can use the truth punch to beat Lum's jackpot super for 2 damage on reaction, though this will usually trade instead due to the items. Also, Degrey's jump attacks will usually beat the jackpot cleanly, as will the overhead ghost oki.
  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to the parry super and ghost.
FS icon Geiger.png
Zoner Do not approach Geiger, Geiger must come to you for fear of all your items! Lum can use roll to punish Geiger's time spirals and fA pokes, can use an early jA to beat Geiger's jA, and can roll or throw to beat Geiger's bA - this leaves Geiger without risk-free approach options.

Use dice at every opportunity - if Geiger has super meter, make sure to use the dice super while you won't land on a time spiral and while you have either a minilum or an about-to-explode bomb under you, otherwise Geiger's time stop super will anti-air you. In particular, treat Geiger's cycloid revolution super as an opportunity for a free dice super.


  • Lum's roll will low-profile Geiger's cycloid revolution super.
  • Lum's melon just out of reach of Geiger's flash gear is very powerful, due to the gear meter.
  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to flash gear.
  • Geiger can't walk forward then flash gear, so melon just out of range is effective.
FS icon Grave.png
Zoner You outzone windless Grave, and windy Grave outzones you! This is because Grave with wind will stop your item tosses, destroy minilums, and use your own bombs against you.

Lum and Grave want to control a similar space, at approximately roll distance. If Lum has initiative, then Grave will be forced to retreat until an opportunity to reversal, anti-air, or use wind arises, at which point initiative will shift to Grave. Lum desires initiative at this spacing because it maximises the power of item tosses while limiting Grave's ability to destroy minilums, and also maximises the power of his jump-ins and roll. Grave desires initiative at this spacing for similar reasons, it maximises how threatening his clouds, jump-ins, and dragonheart super are.

Outside of this pressure zone, your goal is to toss out items whenever safe to do so, and once you get super meter jump over a cloud at fullscreen and toss dice! While Grave can destroy dice with relative ease, this takes time and leaves Lum free to punish with other dice, toss items, or pressure.


  • If you do not get pushed into the corner, you'll win by dice. Do not bother approaching Grave until you have a strong setup.
  • Lum's roll does not low-profile any of Grave's projectiles, they are too fluffy.
  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to the dragonheart super or sword.
  • Grave's cloud is unsafe on block up close, throw punish it!
FS icon Jaina.png
Zoner You heavily outzone in this matchup, though Jaina can delete your minilums very effectively using arc shots and charged arrows. Mostly use item toss and, whenever you build super meter, dice super after neutral jumping an arrow at fullscreen. If Jaina is close then roll under arrows, but beware as if Jaina is too far then this can be punished with a jump-in combo. Use the dice super in response to the rain of fire super.


  • Lum's roll can low profile Jaina's fA.
  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to the red dragon super or dragonheart.
FS icon Lum.png
Wild Card Notes:
  • The most fun and silly matchup in the game.
  • fA and melon beat jackpot super.
  • fA and jA and roll and melon beat minilums.
  • All normals, roll, cartwheel, and the jackpot super all destroy grounded dice. The jackpot super also destroys incoming dice.
  • Roll can skip past fireworks.
  • You can use the cartwheel at all in this matchup!
FS icon Midori.png
Grappler Pressure Midori constantly, using melons and throws to make sure Midori can't parry you consistently (mostly melons, as throws risk being yomi countered). Try not to throw items directly at midori, because cake will cut down 10 seconds of the time before the next dragon form. Against the dragon, try to make sure you already have dice out to limit Midori's options, and beyond that just defend and try to crossup if you're nearing the corner.


  • Never use the cartwheel, it loses to human Midori's parry and dragon midori's nA or dragon buster.
FS icon Onimaru.png
Wild Card Lum is at slight advantage at fullscreen, but gets pushed into the corner. Onimaru is at advantage at midscreen, and will use this to keep Lum out. Lum is advantaged at closer than roll spacing, due to being able to punish any of Onimaru's options, having maximum pressure from item tosses, and Onimaru being the most throwable character in the game.


  • At roll spacing, Lum's roll will outspeed Onimaru's tactical slice, but lose to a sweep on prediction or a gC on reaction.
FS icon Quince.png
Wild Card Notes:
  • Lum's roll will low profile Quince's air options, and will hit Quince out of gB on reaction.
FS icon Rook.png
Grappler Use constant pressure, mostly using melons and items - if you expect a thunderclap, use roll to stuff it. Then do more melons. Don't let Rook get close! Seriously, Rook will be hard to keep away due to thunderclaps, earthquakes, landslides, and just being caught by the edge of throws and command throws, but if you fail you will be stuck. You won't get away from Rook as easily as everyone else.


  • Only use the cartwheel while Rook can't use the checkmate buster super to beat it. Sometimes using cartwheel to bring dice forward with you will allow you to jump out of the super due to the hitstun, though, or deal enough damage to win the round before you land.
  • Rook's earthquake will destroy minilums and beat Lum's roll.
FS icon Setsuki.png
Rushdown Notes:
  • Lum's roll will slip under many of Setsuki's air moves.
  • Setsuki's esper dash super will beat both of Lum's supers on reaction, beware.
  • Use your neutral and back jA to beat Setsuki's air pressure.
  • Use a well-timed nA to beat Setsuki's air attacks.
FS icon Valerie.png
Rushdown The key basis to this matchup is as follows: never block cyan. To block cyan is effectively death, as it gives Valerie free reign to keep hitting you, without much you can do about it. If Valerie:
  • uses sameside yellow and you block it, you can microwalk throw as a punish
  • uses crossup, you can use fA as a punish
  • if rainbow, you can roll under it and feel very fancy
  • backs off, you have been granted a gift, a release from this pressure, be happy!

During cyan pressure, your jackpot super can act as a reversal, but it will trade (although if you risk using it to beat yellow, you can delay ever so slightly and it will beat the yellow cleanly) - at this point, you have advantage as Valerie is knocked down. If Valerie uses cyan, then pauses and uses cyan again, you can throw in this gap as a punish.

In neutral, throw items desperately, and watch Valerie's approach, using the occasional melon to annoy and slow down. If you have a minilum, defend it at all costs. If she jumps, stop throwing items for the moment and wait - if she uses zip, throw her out of it - if she uses jAA or air rainbow, roll to anti-air her (time it so you don't get hit by her attack!). If you land a throw against her, make the most of it, Lum's oki tools are very powerful.


  • Lum's throw will beat Valerie's cyan if it is badly timed.
  • If Valerie uses cyan as Lum jumps, then continues onto magenta (which should whiff while Lum lands) and then yellow, Lum can throw Valerie out of that yellow.
  • If Valerie backs off from Lum ever, suddenly this matchup shifts from heavily Valerie-favoured to even or even Lum-favoured, be very happy.
  • Jackpot super loses to chromatic orb or a very brave held back cyan from Valerie. It usually loses to Valerie's jAA, but can trade or beat it depending on when they first pressed A.
  • Valerie has a favoured mixup after blocking roll, as her fA will hit on the first frame you can act, allowing her to use it as a frametrap to bring cyan into the mix. Lum's options here are block-then-jump (beats fA and bB, loses to fB), block-then-roll (beats fA and bB, loses to fB), throw (beats fB, loses to fA or bB), or jump (same as throw but also escapes bBB, and doesn't deal damage). Val's options are fA (to force you to block), fB (to punish the block), and if you keep throwing her out of fB, exploiting it with bBB (a callout option). Ultimately, if this becomes hugely relevant then Lum is probably using roll too much outside of strict punishes, as a blocked roll often disastrously leads to a blocked cyan.