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Chip Damage

Also called Block damage. When you block a special or super attack, one chunk of your lifebar will start flashing. It will continue flashing for 4 seconds. If you block another special or super attack during that time, it will start flashing faster for the next 4 seconds. If you block a special or super attack during the fast-flashing state, you lose that point of life.

If you have flashing life and you get thrown, the 4 second timer is paused as you are thrown, then your next remaining point of life will be flashing. On the other hand, if you have flashing life but get hit by an attack, you’ll lose a point of life but your next chunk will not be flashing.

Normal Attacks

Normal attacks are done with the A button. Normals do not do chip damage. Some normal attacks can be cancelled to special attacks on hit or block. Each character has three normal attacks on the ground, done by holding back + A, neutral + A, or forward + A.

Most characters only have one normal attack while jumping, some characters have different attack during neutral jump.

Special and Super Attacks

Specials are done with the B and C buttons. Some special attacks can be modified by holding back or forward direction or by holding the button.
Supers are done with the S button. Supers will cause a Super Freeze and require full Super Meter.

Specials and Supers can cause block damage.

Super Freeze

When you do a super move, gameplay is paused briefly while your character gathers power or gets ready to do the super move. All supers are invulnerable from the moment you press the button until the end of the super freeze. Many are invulnerable even after the super freeze, too.

The Input Buffer will apply to the beginning and end of Super Freeze.

Super Meter

In this game you gain super meter automatically over time. Once your meter is full you gain access to Super Attacks.

The super meter doesn't fill under the following circumstances:

  • While in enemy Yomi Counter animation
  • While knockdown by a throw

Alternative ways to gain meter:

  • Lum's Cake item gives meter
  • Midori's gains some meter after a successful parry
  • Yomi Counter will grant full meter
Character Refresh Rate (Approximate in-Game time)
Grave 11
Jaina 11
Setsuki 12
Valerie 12
Argagarg 14
Lum 14
DeGrey 15
Rook 16
Geiger 18
Midori 20


Some attacks will knockdown, such as throws or sweeps. While in knockdown state you are fully invulnerable until you get up. The time to wake up is universal: 38 frames.

Rook's Earthquake is an exception, it will cause a longer knockdown.

Ground Bounce

If you get hit by certain moves you will be knocked down but your character will bounce first before getting to the knockdown state. You are vulnerable during the ground bounce and it is a big source of damage combos. How much you bounce depends on how high you get hit in the air by those specific moves.

Wall Bounce

If you get hit by certain moves and hit a wall your character will bounce off the wall, followed by a Ground Bounce.

Projectile Levels

Projectiles vary in level, from 1 to 4. The level acts similar to a health bar for characters. When a projectile collides with another projectile, the levels are subtracted. If a level goes below 1 the projectile is destroyed.

Character Projectile Level
Geiger Cycloid Revolution 4
Argagarg Giant Fish 3
Jaina Flame Arrow (Charged) 2
DeGrey Ghost 2
Grave Big Lightning Cloud 2
Grave Lighting Cloud (during Wind) 2
Valerie Rainbow Disc 2
Argagarg Rushing River (wave) 1
n/a Everything else 1

Wild Card