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Move Attributes


Physical attacks. The most basic and common type of attack.


Attack that is separate from the character. These typically travel at a fixed speed away from the character.


Universal Grab attack that will hit enemies that aren't airborne. Everyone has a forward and back throw, throws can be Yomi Countered.

Command Throw

Special grab attack that can be jumped, but cannot be Yomi Countered.


Moves with a counter stance that trigger counter attacks if hit with moves with the right attributes.

Move Properties

Normal Attacks

Normal attacks are done with the A button. Normals are typically Strike attacks and do not cause Chip damage.

Special Attacks

Specials are done with the B and C buttons. Strike and Projectile Specials cause Chip damage.

Super Attacks

Supers are done with the S button. Supers will cause a Super Freeze and require full Super Meter. Strike and Projectile Supers cause Chip damage.

Chip Damage

Also called Block damage. When you block a special or super attack, 1 chunk of your lifebar will start flashing to indicate Chip damage.

  • If you take a second Chip damage it will flash faster. If you take Chip damage a third time health is removed and Chip damage is reset. All Chip damage is removed after 4 seconds.
  • If you have Chip damage and get damaged by a Strike or Projectile, Chip damage is removed.
  • If you have Chip damage and are hit with a Throw, Command Throw, or a Yomi Counter the timer is paused and the Chip damage will be retained.


Opponent is knocked down on their back. While in Knockdown state a character is fully invincible until they get up.

The time to wake up from Knockdown is universal: 38 frames.

Hard Knockdown

This is a special Knockdown that lasts longer than normal.

Ground Bounce

Opponent will fall to the ground in the Juggle state and bounce into the air, while in the air they are vulnerable for the duration of the Ground Bounce. How much you bounce depends move specific.

When the opponent lands on the ground they enter the Knockdown State.


Opponents in Juggle state getting hit will flip and land on their feet rather than being knocked down. A character is completely invincible during flip-out and have no recovery upon landing.

Wall Bounce

If the opponents hits a wall they will bounce off the wall and fall to the ground. May be followed by a Ground Bounce.

Normal Cancellable

A Normal that can cancel into another normal. Usually a 2 part attack. Typically cancellable on whiff, hit, or block.

Special Cancellable

A move that can cancel into a Special move. Typically only done on hit or block but it is possible to do on whiff as well.

Super Meter

In this game you gain super meter automatically over time. Once your meter is full you gain access to Super Attacks.

The super meter doesn't fill under the following circumstances:

  • While in enemy Yomi Counter animation
  • While knockdown by a throw

Alternative ways to gain meter:

  • Yomi Counter will grant full meter
  • Lum's Cake item gives meter
  • Midori's gains some meter after a successful parry
  • Quince's Air Super grants full meter on Counter Hit
Character Refresh Rate
Grave 10
Jaina 10
Quince 10
Valerie 11
DeGrey 12
Argagarg 13
Lum 13
Onimaru 13
Setsuki 13
Rook 15
Geiger 16.5
Midori 18.5

Projectile Levels

Projectiles vary in level, from 1 to 4. The level acts similar to a health bar for characters. When a projectile collides with another projectile, the levels are subtracted. If a level goes below 1 the projectile is destroyed.

Character Projectile Level
Geiger Cycloid Revolution 4
Argagarg Giant Fish 3
Quince Patriot Mirror 3
Jaina Flame Arrow (Charged) 2
DeGrey Ghost 2
Grave Lighting Cloud (during Wind) 2
Valerie Rainbow Disc 2
Argagarg Rushing River (wave) 1
n/a Everything else 1

Walk Speed

Walk speed was calculated on Tavern stage from round start position and is counted in frames.

  • Walking forward until Grave dummy's pushbox is reached
  • Walking backward until camera stops scrolling
Character Forward Backward
Setsuki 29 32
Valerie 35 34
DeGrey 37 43
Geiger 39 48
Grave 40 49
Jaina 40 46
Quince 41 43
Lum 44 48
Dragon 53 48
Midori 58 65
Argagarg 67 65
Rook 73 79
Onimaru 87 70

Throws Properties

Throws are a universal command. All forward and back throws have the same frame data, but characters have different range on their throws, do different damage, or have different frame advantage following the throw.

Throw Priority

There are 3 different versions of throw. Back, Neutral, and Forward done with FS L.png+FS T.png, FS T.png, or FS R.png+FS T.png respectively.

If and only if a throws hit on the same frame will a priority check happen.

  • Directional throws have higher priority than neutral throw.
  • Back and Forward throw have the same priority
  • If both throws are the same priority one of the throws will win at random.
  • If a throw and an attack both hit on the same frame, the throw will win.

Throw Range

Throw range was measured by counting the number of frames it takes for Onimaru to walk into the opponent's throw range from round start. The lower the frame count, the higher the throw range. Only forward throw ranges have been measured at this time.

Character Forward
Dragon Midori 40
Rook 41
Human Midori 50
Lum 50
Argagarg 56
Quince 57
Grave 57
Onimaru 57
Jaina 58
Valerie 60
Setsuki 63
DeGrey 64
Geiger 67

Some command throws have also been measured with this method. Negative numbers mean Onimaru was already in range at round start, and had to move backwards.

Move Name Frame Count
Setsuki's Ninjaport Grab -2
Setsuki's Starlight Tumbler -2 to 61
Rook's Windmill Crusher 28
Rook's Checkmate Buster 40
Midori's Play Fair 60
Midori's Dragon Buster -20
Midori's Talon Swoop NaN

Jump Properties

Pre-jump Frames

Pre-jump frame data is universal: 3 frames of pre-jump where the character is considered grounded, on the 4th frame the character is airborne.

Minimum height

All moves done in the air have a minimum height restriction on them on the way up. Moves can be done on the way down as late as desired, but the startup is not guaranteed to be finished.

Landing Recovery

All moves done in the air have a landing recovery afterwards. The time will vary depending on how close to the ground they are but there is typically a fixed amount of recovery following most moves, the standard amount is 2 frames. Characters are unable to do any other inputs until this recovery is finished.

Empty Jumps

If no move is done during a jump, there will be no recovery. Blocking or jumping or any other input can be done on the first frame on the ground. If jump is held, pre-jump frames start immediately, causing Command Throws to miss.

Jump Special Buffer

If the FS J.png button is held this will always prevent the grounded version from coming out. This can be a useful trick for players trying to get the minimum height on a move on the way up or down.

Take care if using the super macro, when the height restriction of the super is higher you may get an air special before the super is a valid input.

Jump Duration

Jump duration was counted by the time spent in the air during neutral jump, counted in total frames. All max jump heights are the same

Character Forward
Midori 35
Dragon 36
Setsuki 36
Rook 38
Grave 39
DeGrey 41
Jaina 41
Geiger 41
Quince 41
Valerie 42
Lum 42
Onimaru 50
Argagarg 60