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Master Ando Midori trained siblings Grave and Jaina in martial arts and honorable conduct. He can transform into a green dragon during battle.


Ando Midori is from a lineage of extremely powerful martial artists who have tapped into the ability to take on forms of the Dragon. His master taught him and his brother Menelker a wide variety of techniques, including some of deadly force. Midori believed that some of these dark arts were too dangerous to be practiced and should not be passed on to other students. Menelker disagreed, saying there is no right and wrong in a technique and that passing up ultimate power for reasons of honor is foolish.

Midori is a man of honor though. He eschewed the dark arts and taught only the respectable forms of martial arts to Grave and Jaina. Midori delights in teaching and nurturing, feeling vicarious happiness and satisfaction from seeing his pupils flourish.

In fact, Master Midori believes in honor above all else, and instills respect and ethics in his students, as well as physical training. His master before him taught techniques too deadly to be used, and Midori saw first-hand how that power warped his now-exiled brother. Midori protects his students from such taboo knowledge.

The blood of green dragons flows through Midori's body, and he can take the physical form of a dragon for short times when his focus is strongest. His personal fighting style is defensive and solid, but his dragon form allows for powerful offense as well.


He's a grappler with a parry whose super is a power-up.


Health: 7
Super meter charge time: 20 seconds
Normal throw and yomi counter deal 2 damage



Name Button Damage Startup Active Recovery Hitstun Blockstun Hit Adv. Block Adv. Counterhit
Chop A 1hp 9 8 10 22 20 5 3 11
Can cancel into A[2] on whiff, can cancel into A[2], B or C on hit or block
Flurry Punches A[2] 1hp 6 2(5)3(3)3 14 15 13 -3 -5 1
Can cancel recovery frame 13 into A[3]
Flurry Punches(2nd) A[2] 1hp 7 3(5)3(3)3 14 15 13 -3 -5 1
Can cancel recovery frame 13 into A[2]
Two-hit Strike fA 2hp 11 7(7)8 11 22 20 4 2 10
2 damage, 1 for each hit, can cancel first hit into A[2]
Sweep bA 1hp 11 4 18 KD 20 KD -1 KD
Flying Kick B 1hp 14 29 21 KD 20 KD -13 KD
Parry C 0hp 1 13 23 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Counters hits, puts Midori in a state where he will automatically throw the opponent for 1 damage if they are in a throwable state, lasts until he is hit or throws the opponent
Parry (Attack) C[2] 1hp 9 7 18 KD 20 KD -4 KD
On hit, builds 20% super meter and puts midori into empowered throw state. Invincible frames 1 - 16
Floating Axe Kick njA 1hp 11 11 9 22 20 8 7 13
Can steer midori forwards or backwards during startup and active frames
Jump Kick jA 1hp 11 7 2 22 20 15 13 20
Air Flying Kick jB 1hp 10 15 13 KD 20 KD -25[-42] KD
If done from lowest possible height it is roughly -6 on block
Butt Slam jC 1hp 23 27 9 KD 22 KD 6 KD
Dragon Form S 1hp 0+1 N/A 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Turns Midori into dragon form for 14s
Dragon Form jS 1hp 0 N/A 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Turns Midori into dragon form for 14s, can be followed up with any aerial move after super activation ends


Name Button Damage Startup Active Recovery Hitstun Blockstun Hit Adv. Block Adv. Counterhit
Bow A 1hp 12 6 13 20 19 2 1 8
Can cancel into A[2], can cancel into B or C on hit or block only
Take Flight A[2] 1hp 11 19 0 KD 20 KD 2 KD
Puts Midori airborne, can be followed up with any aerial moves after active frames end
Bite fA 1hp 10 8 15 22 20 0 -2 6
Cancels into fA[2]
Acid Spit fA[2] 1hp 9 P 27 20 19 P P P
If fA is done from point blank, midori is +6 on block and +7 on hit
Tail Sweep bA 1hp 10 11 18 KD 20 KD -8 KD
Dragon Torpedo B 1hp 12 27 0 22 20 6 4 11
Airborne frame 9. Midori recovers in the air on hit or block, can be followed up with any aerial move after recovery frames end
Dragon Buster C 2hp 22 27 32 KD N/A KD N/A KD
Has infinite hits of armor from frame 1 - 49, 2 damage command grab
Claw Swipe jA 1hp 6 5(6)9 8 22 20 19 17 25
2 hits, 1 dmg per hit
Air Dragon Torpedo jB 1hp 8 20 0 24 22 -3 -5 3
neutral on block if done from minimum height, in recovery while falling, 14 frame landing recovery on hit/block
Talon Swoop jC 2hp 24 45 0 KD N/A KD N/A KD
If done too low to the ground, in a special recovery pose for 28f
Human Transformation S(ends) 0hp 0+1 N/A 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A



A A (2 damage)
fjA fA (3 damage)
njA, fA (corner,airborne opponent) (3 damage)


A A (2 damage, KD)
fA A (2 damage)
jA A A if close (4 damage, KD)
jA fA A (4 damage)
jA bA (3 damage, KD)
against airborne opponent, nAA, jA, with a followup of B or bA depending on the distance and height of opponent On oki, you have B (crossup), jA, and followup with fAA for damage or bA for knockdown jAA B AA B

Wild Card