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Sirus Quince is the head of the Flagstone Dominion, a position he attained through political prowess, the right words, and a wholesome image.

Quince used to be a lawyer and has faced DeGrey in court. DeGrey’s obsession with truth should be the most powerful weapon against Quince’s rhetoric, but somehow Quince’s deflections and deceptions gave him the upper hand. Buying the court helps too.

Character stats

Health Character Type Super Meter charge time
6 Wild Card 12 Seconds


Quince is a character that excels in confusing his opponents with illusions during his moves. These illusions can't hurt the opponent unless Quince switches places with them. His opponents are forced to guess which one is the real Quince, granting a strong mixup game and deceiving tools in neutral. Quince lacks a true reversal and has slower moves but longer range than most characters. He can place a mirror to control space that also reflects projectiles, making him an excellent anti-Zoner.

Both of Quince's super moves aid in confusing the opponent. Patriot Mirror triggers a state called Two Truths when it hits the opponent, causing his illusions to become real. Consent of the Governed, a powerful air super attack, also summons extra illusions to confuse the opponent.

Quince's spotlight is based on a build that has some significant differences. There are some other changes but the ones called out in the video are:
~ bA has an anti-air hitbox now ~
~ C is not frame 1 invulnerable anymore ~

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Two Truths install makes his illusions real, giving him a temporary, overpowered state
  • Strong anti-air bA; in the running for best meterless anti-air in the game
  • Quince can swap with his Illusions to threaten strong followups
  • Mirror moves reflect projectiles back at his opponents
  • Can restore his super meter by getting a Counter Hit with Consent of the Governed
  • Illusion fake outs give mental frame advantage
  • Meter reliant; needs Two Truths to unlock his true potential
  • Lacks good reversals
  • Slow startup on most moves
  • Difficult to create frame advantage, most moves naturally leave him minus
  • Mental frame advantage isn't real, and thus illusions can fail



FS A.png
FS Quince 5A.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 9 9 13 -1 -3 +4 Cancellable Strike

Quince punches down with one arm. Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png.

Decent horizontal range, slightly slower than average poke but still Quince's fastest Strike. If spaced well without cancelling it will leave Quince out of most opponent's throw range.

This also functions well as a secondary Anti-Air normal for when you need a faster move. Also recovers fast enough to prevent being whiff punished if it was baited out. Usually used in combos into FS B.png but also useful for resetting opponents out of a juggle state.

Lunging Punch
FS R.png+FS A.png
FS Quince 6A.png
Lunging Punch
Lunging Punch
FS Quince 6A 2.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
FS A.png 1 13 8 19 -4 ~ +3 -6 ~ +1 +2 ~ +9 Cancellable Strike

Quince lunges forward. If held, it becomes the Illusion version. Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png.

This move has huge range and is great for whiff punishing slow moves. When using it far out enough it becomes reactable but at max range will leave Quince plus if not cancelled. Combos into FS B.png but also useful for resetting opponents out of a juggle state.

Hold FS A.png - 28 - - - - - - -

Quince sends an illusion forward to do FS R.png+FS A.png. This version is not cancellable. You can use this to bait a reaction in neutral and punish them afterwards if they whiffed or just to cause some visual noise.

During Two Truths this becomes a low commitment, fast poke that can form a wall in front of Quince. Illusion Lunging Punch gives a huge amount of advantage, allowing for infinite block strings or extended combos. The Illusions excel at removing projectiles, though it cannot remove all projectiles.

  • A note about hitstun on this move. For every hit on the combo counter the hitstun gets lower regardless of what moves were used before. On first hit it is 22, on second 11, on third 2...

Truth Geyser
FS L.png+FS A.png
FS Quince 4A.png
Quince Corridor
Quince Corridor
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 13 5 21 KD -5 KD Knockdown Strike

Quince crouches down and creates a well of light that erupts in coins and a tall pillar of light comes out. Cancellable into FS B.png or FS C.png.

Low profiles well, allowing it to dodge some attacks and projectiles.

An extremely strong Anti-air attack, very important move to Quince. The hitbox is quite wide and goes full screen vertically but above Quince it is very narrow and the active frames are not very long. This move launches the opponent on hit, allowing a combo into FS B.png or Patriot Mirror (FS S.png). On Anti-air, the higher they are, the harder it is to followup; delay to combo FS B.png. If close enough to the corner can followup up into itself or really almost any other move.

  • Only one attack is allowed to combo after Truth Geyser, any further attacks will whiff. This is an exception of the normal juggle rules.

High Standard
FS B.png
FS Quince 5B.png
High Standard
High Standard
FS Quince 5B 2.png
Low Standard
Low Standard
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
FS B.png 1 16 10 14 -1 ~ +7 -3 ~ +5 +5 ~ +13 - Strike

Quince does a hop kick and afterwards an illusion does a dive kick. Cancellable into Low Standard.

When spaced near max range, it is usually a little plus and leaves Quince at safe range. At this range the move becomes reactable though. Using this move cancelled off a Normal always leaves Quince a little negative if they aren't being knocked down, often the best option is to be patient and do a delayed block to catch any immediate throw attempts. If you have a read you can pick an option to call out the opponent.

  • Delay Block to Yomi Counter throws and and block attacks.
  • FS L.png+FS A.png or FS J.png+FS S.png to beat jumping opponents
  • FS T.png or cancelling into FS B.pngFS B.png can catch opponents that are pressing buttons

There are other fringe options to use as well but these are the main ones to think about. Spacing and screen position are important, for instance the direction and spacing of their jump will determine if bA can hit them.

It's okay to not commit to an option, but understanding your options and your opponents tendencies post High Standard is key to playing Quince well.

FS B.pngFS B.png 1 38 8 4 +11 +9 +17 - -

By pressing FS B.png again, Quince will switch with the illusion and do the divekick. If close enough, will cross up but on block it is advantaged enough to create a true Strike/Throw mixup.

This is a high risk move but the damage payoff is very high, even if it doesn't connect this move can force the opponent into making mistakes or being predictable. While tough to land, don't ignore this option.

In Two Truths, the illusion divekick will happen automatically so you don't need to switch with the illusion unless you really want the side switch. However, it is important to be aware that the illusion itself will never count as a crossup. To create a true 3 way mixup with the illusion Quince needs to sideswitch with Dodge the Question, hit first with a same side move, or use a throw. As long as High Standard comes out the Low Standard illusion will still happen, hitting opponents out of attacks or adding pressure. The Low Standard illusion adds damage to most of Quince's combos and is key to getting the highest damage.

There is a bug during Two Truths only. If the cancel was done on frame 29 this move will hit twice.

Dodge the Question
FS C.png
FS Quince 5C.png
Dodge the Question
Dodge the Question
FS Quince 5C 2.png
Righteous Zeal
Righteous Zeal
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Dodge the Question - 32 ~ 63 - - - - - Fully Invincible -

Quince and an illusion split apart and phase out, becoming invincible for a short time before doing Righteous Zeal. Quince must choose which side he is on when inputting the move but he can vary the delay anywhere between the minimum and maximum startup.

Quince is vulnerable for the first 2 frames of startup.

The side switch occurs immediately during Dodge the Question allowing for an unreactable crossup when combined with Mirrors or real Illusions in Two Truths.

Righteous Zeal 1 11 11 24 KD -14 KD Knockdown, Armor Break Strike

After Dodge the Question, Quince will reappear and strike forward with a powerful punch that sends the opponent flying.

This move is usually very punishable on block but the move is so slow that it is often whiffed from opponents jumping or moving out of range. Delaying the move will interfere with opponents attempts to hit Quince out of it.

During Two Truths, the illusion will also attack. Doing the FS L.png+FS C.png version creates a full screen attack that locks the opponent down for a long time.

There is a bug during Two Truths only. After performing an illusion move, FS R.png+FS A.png Hold, FS B.png or FS J.png+FS B.png Hold, the max delay Dodge the Question produces an additional clone, allowing for better punishment.

FS T.png
FS Quince T.png
FS Quince YC.png
Yomi Counter
Yomi Counter
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Forward 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Forward Throw, slightly less advantage than Back Throw, 46 frames. Setup a meaty by whiffing another throw and then FS B.png. Provides excellent setups into FS S.png.

Back 1 3 4 16 KD - KD Knockdown Throw

Side switches. 65 frames advantage.

Quince can do a nice 3 way mixup by whiffing a FS B.png to set up for a meaty strike, another Back Throw, or a cancel into another FS B.png to set up a meaty crossup that is plus enough for a strong mixup afterwards but loses to most invincible reversals.

Yomi Counter 1 - - - KD - - Knockdown Parry

Oops, the opponent threw an illusion. Small advantage at only +25. Quince can set up a meaty Patriot Mirror after a quick microwalk back 5 frames.
This is one of his weaker setups but if done in the corner it is quite strong and doesn't require the walk back. Having access to super makes this a strong Yomi Counter, sometimes it is better to keep the meter for stronger uses.

Universal counter for Throws. In a neutral state, the opponent's throws will be automatically countered by Yomi Counter.

Patriot Mirror
FS S.png
FS Quince S.png
Patriot Mirror
Patriot Mirror
FS Quince S 2.png
Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Super 0 0+1 - 24 - - - - -

Quince summons a giant mirror, the mirror will come out even if Quince is hit. The mirror lasts for up to 10 seconds and Quince cannot gain meter while it is active. If the mirror hits the opponent Quince will reset and enter Two Truths State for 15 seconds, hitting an opponent during Two Truths will reset the timer. The reset allows Quince to block before he would normally be able to.

This makes Patriot Mirror an extremely good whiff punish or anti-air tool. The mirror will spawn far enough away that Quince is outside of the range of most moves. However, if the opponent is too close Quince is completely vulnerable.

Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
Projectile - 12 P 24 KD +20 KD - Projectile

The mirror will appear and then move forward slowly forward. If the mirror hits as it is created the advantage is only 7. There is always a gap of at least 15 frames between hits. Between the gaps in the hits Quince can mixup the opponent by doing Throws, Strikes, or crossing up using FS B.png or FS C.png.

Reflects some projectiles but can be hit by opponents.


FS A.png
FS Quince JA.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 8 9 [2] +7 ~ +17 +7 ~ +15 +12 ~ +22 - Strike

Quince does an exaggerated downward, aerial punch. Priority is pretty good if Quince is above the opponent.

Unless very deep, this tends to leave large gaps in blockstrings. This can be useful for creating Throw mixups or to frame trap but can leave Quince open to being interupted by quick attacks or reversals. Be especially careful against taller opponents because the advantage will be even less than normal.

Done deep enough, this will combo into Truth Geyser. If done at it's most shallow it cannot combo into anything.

Positive Spin
FS B.png
FS Quince JB.png
Positive Spin
Positive Spin
FS Quince JB 2.png
Version Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
FS B.png 1 24 41 [12] KD Varies KD Knockdown Strike

Quince spins and then dives in a long, shallow arc across the screen. This move opens up a large number of movement options and attacks for Quince but if the attack is allowed to go all the way through it is extremely unsafe.

If the button is held, Positive Spin becomes the illusion version.

Quince can perform another air action after doing one Positive Spin, but not after a second Positive Spin. If the first Positive Spin attack connects with the opponent, Quince can cancel into Positive Spin immediately but must wait for the end of the attack to do any other action.

When spinning, Quince moves up and forward slightly so even a neutral jump will bring you closer to the opponent. Changing up the jump direction and the timing of the spins will give vastly different results. If Quince lands before rising back up the advantage is significantly better and can even be plus. Extremely negative on block or whiff but can be used to travel far past opponents to safety.

Can recover much faster if done low to the ground, frame advantage varies in [-4;+3] range. Really good way to stall in the air late in the jump

Hold FS B.png - 32 - [2] - - - - -

After the spin, Quince will drop down in place. If this is the first Positive Spin Quince can do any other air action.

Using the illusion version is essential for movement and making a real Positive Spin attack safer. Quince will float in the air when doing the spin so it can avoid many attacks or projectiles safely.

In Two Truths the illusions can be used to lock opponents down from half screen, airborne opponents will be put in a juggle state.

Alternative Facts
FS C.png
FS Quince JC.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
- 23 P [12] +25 +23 +25 Knockdown Projectile

Quince conjures a mirror and hops backwards. A slow move that can be easily interrupted at startup but provides a way to create space and change Quince's jump arc. The mirror falls down slowly at a steep angle, creating an annoying obstacle for opponents. Zoners have to alter their projectile patterns to deal with the mirror. Quince can use this to either defend space while stalling for meter or to force misplays from his opponent.

Causes Knockdown on airborne opponents allowing followup hits in air or on ground.

Can only have one mirror out. Reflects some projectiles. Opponents can hit the mirror to destroy it.

Consent of the Governed
FS S.png
FS Quince JS.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery Hit Advantage Block Advantage Counter Advantage Properties Attribute
1 0+1 14 [10] KD +2 ~ +17 KD Fully Invincible, Armor Break Strike

Quince lunges in the air and punches whatever is in his way. Quince slowly loses height and will land on the ground if done too low. Advantage is better the lower and later Quince lands. Can crossup if Quince's leg hits the opponent's head. Invincible frames 1-6.

Strong priority, full screen air attack. 2 illusions are created that will do random moves for 12 seconds. On Counter Hit, Quince gets full meter back and can usually combo into Patriot Mirror on an airborne opponent. If the illusions are hit (In Two Truths) they will respawn after 2.5 seconds.

Performing the super on the last frame of jumping barely moves Quince forward, allowing for safe release of illusions, as well as baiting opponents into trying to punish the move.

Having Consent of the Governed active during Two Truths means landing even a single hit on your opponent can lead to huge damage. Landing a Counter Hit air super doesn't mean you have to spend the meter, there are benefits to saving the meter. The super itself deals up to 3 damage during Two Truths.



nA xx B (2 damage, fastest combo starter)
bA xx B (2 damage, Knockdown)
fA xx B (2 damage, far combo starter)


bA, fA xx B (2 damage, reset into a meaty B)
Airborne Opponent bA, delay B (2 damage, Knockdown)
CH jS, S (1 damage, Knockdown, Triggers Two Truths. Can fit a bA in before S but it is not consistent)
jC, nA, (mirror hits), bA xx B (3 damage, Knockdown)
CH B, nA xx B (2 damage, on meaty hit)

Corner Only

jA, bA, bA (3 damage, on deep hit)
bA, nA (2 damage, resets opponent)
Airborne Opponent B, bA xx B (3 damage, Knockdown)

Two Truths

fA*, fA xx B (3 damage, basic TT combo)
Airborne Opponent jB*, jB* (2 damage, Knockdown, followup bA possible in corner)
Corner Only fA*, fA*, nA xx B (4 damage)
Corner Only CH B, nA, (B illusion hits), bA xx B (5 damage, on meaty hit CH)

  • Throw will combo into Patriot Mirror and during Two Truths will combo into illusions
  • During Two Truths the fA illusions have less hitstun on each successive hit of a combo, typically fA illusion is only a combo starter because of this.



As a general rule of thumb, Quince wants to wait to engage until he has meter. His Supers are his strongest tools for enforcing neutral and creating mixups. Knowing when to press the advantage and commit to mixups is a large part of playing Quince.

To keep opponents out until he gets meter, he has a few tools. Using his hopkick at a safe distance to keep space while also building up damage or frustrating opponents. Using his small mirrors to control space. And using his fantastic anti-air that is Truth Geyser. Combine those 3 things well and you should be able to control the pace of the matchup and pick your spot.

If an opponent can remove any of these options Quince can sometimes struggle or even lose the ability to wait for meter. Thus the use of illusion fA and jB is essential for making the opponent second guess their approach and stalling for time without giving much space away

Once Quince has meter his ability to defend or attack people greatly increase. Patriot Mirror is an excellent punish on reaction to jumps or slower moves as well as a pressure tool. Sometimes you may want to trade with a move to enter Two Truths mode.

Side note: held illusions and cinematics have an unfortunate interaction. If the cinematic cuts off enough of the move, you will need to release the button and hold it again at the end otherwise you will get the standard version.
It is best practice to always redo the input during the cinematic to avoid this because for Quince this can be disastrous.

Mirror, Mirror

Quince's Patriot Mirror and Alternative facts mirrors are both projectile with the unique property to reflect other projectiles, if a projectile can be reflected it will count as Quince's and hit your opponent. When a projectile is reflected it will use the same trajectory, as if it were performed from the mirror's location.

Any projectiles that interact with a mirror with remove a level of the projectile whether it is reflected or not. Alternative Facts is level 1 and Patriot Mirror is a level 3 projectile. If a projectile has a higher level than the mirror it hits then it will keep going,

  • Reflected Projectiles: All Clouds, Flame Arrow, Arc Shot, Time Spiral, Blue Fish, Goldfish, Kunai, Coin
  • Projectiles that do not reflect: Charged Flame Arrow, River, Big Fish, Cycloid Revolution, Rainbow Disc, Ghost, Clockwork Soldiers, Bomb, Mini-Lum, Mini-Rook
  • Projectiles that are ignored: Arg's Poison Fish and Lum's Cloud do not interact at all with the mirrors
  • Alternative Facts and Patriot Mirror will reflect each other

if the opponent happens to be near a mirror, fgC can be a great way to get them hit.


Off a Forward Throw: Walk up Strike/Throw or Quince can get a safe jump A by waiting a little. Immediate jump A will whiff for better or worse.

BackThrow: whiff B, then mix between another Back Throw, bA, or BB

Meaty small mirror can be useful for safe chip, especially in the corner because it keeps Quince at a good range for B. This will sacrifice any mixup possiblities.

Meaty High Standard

Off of a bA, fA xx B setup, the B will hit meaty. Doing a microwalk will leave Quince closer.
If the opponent presses any non-invincible button they will be Counter Hit and you can do a quick followup with nA xx B for a 5 damage sequence.

On block it leaves Quince at +5, allowing him to get his best throw/strike mixup off High Standard.

This won't work on invincible moves that are fast enough to catch the recovery. Anything faster than 16 frames will stop this on reaction. Although against that you can intentionally whiff gB prematurely, cancelling into Low Standard beats a lot of reversals.

Two Truths


Once Two Truths is activated, get into close range and push them to the corner or do a mixup on them. Be aware of what the opponent's options to hit Quince are, the meter for Two Truths is long enough that you don't need to rush it. Playing safe and keeping position is important because if you can get them to the corner Quince is still dangerous, even outside of Two Truths.

While Quince is able to control all of the space on the screen, he needs to use his time efficiently. Think about the opponent's intentions. What are their habits, how much health do they have? Also don't forget that Quince won't gain meter but the opponent will, most characters can build a whole super during Two Truths. Use Dodge the Question to lock down from afar, use Positive Spin to prevent jumping, use Lunge to stop projectiles and setup mixes, etc.

Finally, while Quince often can combo into Patriot Mirror he usually has to do so at the cost of damage. It is very situational, so weigh the benefits of damage now versus mixup without guaranteeing a Two Truths activation.

Illusory interactions

Illusions in Two Truths essentially count as being the real Quince, they share the same move properties and can be hit. If they are hit or thrown they will be destroyed immediately and they will count as a normal hit for the opponent. This means that a move hitting an illusion can be cancelled and projectiles will be destroyed on contact with an illusion. Each hit of a move will destroy an illusion, making multi-hit moves more powerful against real illusions.

The notable difference here is illusions cannot trigger a cinematic or grab animation because the real Quince is still able to act, but it is possible for an attack to go through an illusion and trigger a cinematic or grab animation. Attacks that have used their all of their hits on illusions it will often visually look like they will still hit Quince but they have no hitbox anymore and will just pass through Quince. This makes illusions very powerful against single hit attacks that are normally unbeatable, but be aware that if an attack would hit both an illusion and Quince on the same frame Quince will not be protected (Quince can use a mirror in front of him to slow these attacks by a frame).

Cinematic Parries act weird because they are immune to the illusion attacks but cannot trigger cinematics, so illusions will just pass through these.

Some notable interactions include:

  • Geiger/Valerie - their multi-hitting supers are very difficult for Quince to remove
  • Argagarg - Poison Fish will destroy illusions with a faster attack than Blue Fish, Quince will appear to be poisoned briefly
  • Setsuki - her parry will trigger the cinematic because it doesn't capture the opponent
  • Midori - his parry will trigger Empowered State against illusions
  • Lum - illusions will trigger Clouds and can pick up food items
  • DeGrey - illusions will stop Ghost and keep going
  • Quince - illusions cannot trigger Two Truths

Patriot Mirror Setups

  • Forward Throw => Throw, do nothing (same side), or Forward C
  • Back Throw => same as Forward throw but more manual timing involved
  • Yomi Counter => microwalk back 5 frames before using Patriot Mirror, puts a meaty mirror on them but doesn't offer a mixup on the first hit of the mirror
  • Jump A => On block this will force opponents into a hit of Mirror. Done very late, it is a true blockstring.
  • bA => Combos directly into Two Truths
  • jS => Combos directly into Two Truths

Setups & Sequences

It is possible to perform very safe pressure that chips your opponent a little but because illusions don't deal chip damage to get more than 1 or 2 damage you'll need to commit to some mixups. There is going to be some risk of getting hit or letting the opponent out but because many TT combos deal 3+ damage the risk is heavily skewed in Quince's favor.

Some Two Truths patterns to use:

  • Real Spin, Fake Spin. Use a Positive Spin and then do an illusion. Causes 1 chip and maintains pressure. Good way to close in.
  • Dodge the Question into Spin. Set up a Dodge the Question so they block it, the illusion will keep them in block stun and then Positive Spin illusions will allow you to close the gap. Usually the best corner carry.
  • BBBBBBB... Make the opponent block B, then go to neutral, then do another B when they are in blockstun. This builds the most chip and can't be thrown or attacked out of (except by a command grab), and when done up close Yomiing there is strong. Jumping out is usually the only escape for them. If they stay blocking they open themselves up to mixups.
  • Forward A lockdown. Performing a variable combination of fA*, fAB, B can deal significant chip, and consistently perform 3-4 damage combos on autopilot for an opponent's mistake.

Mix these together to change up your timing and cover the weaknesses of each pattern. For instance, adding a B or real Forward A during Forward A Illusion will force them to switch defense or catch them jumping.

If Quince was able to perform his air super, Consent of the Governed during or just before Two Truths, those illusions will also do damage. The illusions are random, but if the opponent gets hit just once, they will often be instantly killed.

Okizeme & Mixups

The Post-B mixup is largely the same but Quince gets extensions on damage and safer mixups with more layers thanks to the illusionary divekick. Just don't forget the illusion itself cannot crossup and can be blocked either direction (but they do have to press a direction). The gB whiff techinique becomes much stronger because of that, it also sets up for the bugged gC*, which is an option to consider.

Use Forward C or BB for the crossup mixup, Throw will now do 2 damage, and use A or B for same side mixup.

Fighting Quince

In order to properly fight Quince it is extremely important to understand when he can do real mixups and what the punish is for each option. Knowledge is power when fighting Quince.

Learn to survive Two Truths. By knowing Quince's new options in Two Truths you can limit damage taken. Learn where it is possible to escape and what options can be punished. The stronger the mixup available, the more Quince must risk to use it; good defense will force Quince to accept lower damage or take risks. If you have a reversal that can knock the real Quince out of his pressure it is a powerful tool to negate Two Truths. Once you have a Quince under pressure you must keep it up, only his Illusion moves are buffed in Two Truths so his defense against mixups is the same. It's also important to note that Quince is likely not to take many risks, as losing an interaction often means losing Two Truths all together. Just blocking through the duration is a valid option, especially for the characters with scary reversals.

Also don't forget that Two Truths will grant a huge meter advantage because Quince doesn't gain any meter but his opponents do. Outside of Two Truths, Quince has to take more risks to perform mixups. The main thing to avoid is getting knocked down by his anti air or punished with Patriot Mirror.

If you knock Quince down, press the advantage hard. He has no good reversals and slow movement. Don't let him get away with waking up with Dodge the Question either.


Name Type Matchup Strategy
FS icon Argagarg.png
Zoner A tough matchup for Quince. Arg has so many tools to keep Quince out and once Quince gets in Arg's bA and Bubble Shield dominates. Quince wants to thread the needle and between those ranges. Can't wait too long for meter because Arg wins at a distance and Arg also has about the same speed of meter gain.

Quince can put up a small mirror here but it takes a lot of time and only limits some of Arg's options rather than removing them outright. Blue Fish and forward Goldfish are gone but poison and upward Goldfish are still strong deterrents. There is a mindgame here that helps Quince get in, if a small mirror is up Arg players will be tempted to poison fish and QUince can charge through the fish with a lunge or a hopkick. This puts him in his ideal spot. Don't rely too much on the small mirror but it can be a useful tool to control Arg's actions.

In neutral, air super can be used to beat Blue Fish on reaction, Poison fish as well but it requires better reactions. Air super is plus on block, so it is okay if it is a little late. Quince cannot air super at random though, because Arg's back A usually wins on reaction to the cinematic.

If Quince can push Arg to the corner, the match tilts in his favor. Especially once Quince has meter, but as always be aware of the threat of Bubble Shield. It will reset the match back to an Arg favored neutral.

The post B scenario is bleak for Arg. On block Arg can use back A for free. It beats every option, avoid this situation. On hit Quince can throw the back A to open up the mixup again. Consider using the back A, forward A xx B sequence here to gain a better mixup post B.

Quince needs to change up his playstyle dramatically in order to do well here. He can't play defensively for long and he can't freely use his normal mixups up close.

FS icon DeGrey.png
Wild Card Keep DeGrey out and stay away from the Ghost. DeGrey doesn't care about small mirrors he has many tools to destroy them. Though Quince would prefer to defend, if given an opportunity you should rush DeGrey down. He has poor defense under pressure aside from Ghost and Parry.

Once in Two Truths illusions will go straight through Ghost.

BB is a safe meaty on oki here after back throw, but DeGrey can use Counterpointstep to escape (slight delayed BB will catch this but can be parried). If Quince does a deep safe jump A, he can OS with B when the jA would hit to catch a DeGrey doing Counterpoint Step. If DeGrey blocks or gets hit, the B won't come out but will counter hit a Counterpoint Step. If DeGrey has meter, use Throw instead of B as this will catch both Counterpointstep and Parry.

FS icon Geiger.png
Zoner A slow match, push Geiger to the corner with the threat of small mirror to take away his fireball control. Geiger's Backhand is the main tool to worry about in neutral but Quince can stay outside of that range because his meter gain is much faster than Geiger's.

In neutral, when Geiger has meter he can Time Stop any mirror usage. Flash Gear is an excellent counter to long range pokes. Truth Geyser can low profile Gears but the gear is so slow it will hit him in the back... however, if it hits Geiger the hit stun will cause the gear to pass through, a useful gimmick if Geiger is trying to jump in or poke behind a gear.

Far pokes are not as useful in this matchup because of flash gear on reaction and gears. Neutral A is a good anti air against Geiger's jumping A if you need a faster move.

Once you have meter and Geiger doesn't you can bully him. During Two Truths forward A illusions can keep Quince out of Flash Gear range while still pressuring.

Quince has a natural advantage here in that he largely avoid the chip output and pressure that Geiger can put out, forcing Geiger to use his weak offense.

FS icon Grave.png
Zoner hang back and build meter, jumping in on Grave is risky thanks to his excellent anti-airs but Quince can shut down his zoning game. Put up small mirrors to stop fireballs and use Truth Geyser to anti-air. Putting up small mirror takes long enough that you can't react to a fast fireball until close to full screen. If Grave gets within his jump range, putting up a small mirror becomes very risky because Grave can punish on reaction or jump in and beat the mirror.

Watch the Wind meter, it is Grave's strongest tool against Quince because it will blow mirrors away and push Quince back. Use air Super to beat Forward Wind on reaction or wait it out, if in range for a hopkick that is also a great response.

In neutral, using a long hopkick is generally a mistake against Grave. It is very risky as he can use Dragonheart to beat it on reaction, often for a cinematic hit, and then Grave will be in. Test the Grave player's reactions with a forward A illusion to see how they react, mixing these in can allow Quince to open up his neutral game more or punish whiffs from Grave.

When Quince has meter, he wants to be in the range where a Patriot Mirror would whiff punish. Quince can use this to beat out fireballs or jumps. In Two Truths, take extra care not to get into a position where reaction Dragonheart would hit you. Jumping in with positive spins or using long range hopkicks are the two most common. Hopkick can be used safely after forcing a true blockstring with illusions. If Grave is trying to use fireballs then forward A illusions will take care of them.

When Grave doesn't have meter, Quince can use many more options on oki thanks to Sword being so slow. BB becomes a safe meaty.

FS icon Jaina.png
Zoner Hanging back and building meter is fine but Jaina's fireball game isn't slowed down by mirrors too much. Jaina's knee is a very strong tool here because it will clear out small mirrors and still leave Jaina in a good position, don't hang out in a space that will leave Jaina with a positive on block knee. Staying back a little further will also give better spacing for anti airing jump ins. Only level 1 arrows and arc arrows get reflected. If Jaina does air super, counter with your own air super. If meterless, then attempt to put up a small mirror to block an arrow.

Far hopkick should always get hit by Dragonheart, but at least Jaina loses health so it isn't a big loss as long as you have enough screen behind you. Baiting with forward A Illusion to test reactions is always useful here. Jaina can always use fireballs to shut down this approach.

Truth Geyser can low profile Jaina level 1 arrows.

Once Quince has meter he can shut down Jaina's jumps and fireballs and on oki BB is always a safe meaty.

FS icon Lum.png
Wild Card Quince has to go in on the panda. His items will win over time and he absolutely shreds mirrors apart. B gets owned by panda roll.
FS icon Midori.png
Grappler Lame this dude out. Try to have a Patriot Mirror stocked up for when he transforms into Dragon, if you have Two Truths up you can keep Dragon blocking until time runs out and then do a combo to punish transformation.
FS icon Onimaru.png
Wild Card Quince has to pick his spots, your slow poke in midscreen is a little faster than his but if Quince gets caught on a counter hit the game will end fast. Threatening the BB mixup on oni is strong because he can't jump out easily and has to resort to punishable reversals.

In Two Truths Forward A Illusions are strong against Oni thanks to being safer against or beating armor. Bots are destroyed with a single illusion.

FS icon Quince.png
Wild Card Watch out for small mirror reversing Patriot Mirror and don't forget you can't throw another mirror until the first small mirror is destroyed. Air super is a very good tool here to counter the other Quince.
FS icon Rook.png
Grappler A very slow and long matchup. You have to grind this one down, going in puts Quince in high risk mixups against Rook so it is best to avoid it if possible. Just put out mirrors and force Rook to make mistakes.

Hopkick is primarily a punish against whiffed Command Grab or Earthquake.

In Two Truths some useful patterns are jump back real Spin, Fake Spin and C into B. Watch out for Headbutt to catch Positive Spins.

FS icon Setsuki.png
Rushdown A scramble heavy matchup. If Quince is able to he would prefer to wait for meter and anti air with back A or neutral A. Setsuki can use Ninjaport to force 50/50 mixups on Quince and she can bait Quince by changing her jump arc with Kunai or back divekick.

If Quince has meter he can shut down the neutral but without meter you need to keep moving to keep Setsuki out. Positive Spin is a very high reward option here because the knockdown lets Quince run his own mixup game. On oki BB is a safe meaty. Her Kunai and parry super routinely mess up air super.

  • Punish Ninja Port Kick with nA > B. Punish Grab with njA, nA > B.
FS icon Valerie.png
Rushdown Another Scramble heavy matchup but Valerie's options really shut down Quince. The short version of the matchup is don't let her run her Cyan mixup game because it is very safe against Quince.

Try to keep her out, but if you get in you need to stay on her.

Neutral A is a good anti air here in addition to back A. Small Mirror is okay to do if you have a huge amount of space but it is not very useful here because Cyan, Magenta go right through it. Against Three Colors for punishment, your options are neutral A to beat Rainbow followup and Patriot Mirror to punish a crossup Yellow (if they end up closer you can use nA but this is a rare mistake from Valerie players) When doing a Patriot Mirror, Valerie players may try to wakeup Rainbow through it or use orb to avoid the mixup. You can use fA to beat the Rainbow but you will need to bait Orb.