Fantasy Strike/Training

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Training Mode

Available Features

Under the Practice menu you will get to the training mode. Fantasy Strike's training mode currently offers:

  • Move lists
  • Real-time frame data
  • Frame Step Mode
  • Basic Settings
  • Dummy Settings
  • Character Specific
  • Record/Playback

Frame Step Mode

Press the button for toggling Frame Step Mode; this can be found under Control Configuration -> Other Controls.
When in Frame Step, characters are paused until the Advance button is pressed (can be held down) or the Resume button is pressed to toggle out of Frame Step Mode.

  • Inputs must be held down while advancing for them to be registered that frame.

Basic Settings

  • Yomi Counter (On, Off, Random)
  • Counter Hit (Off, First Hit)
  • Super Meter (Normal, Infinite)
  • Show Inputs (On, Off)
  • Show Frame Stats (On, Off)

Dummy Settings

  • Stance (Stand, Jump)
  • Blocking (Never, Always, After First Hit, Random)
  • Wakeup Action (Select a character input, Random)
  • After Hitstun (Select a character input, Random)
  • After Blockstun (Select a character input, Random)

Character Specific

These settings allow infinite meter for time limited moves or selection of a normally random event.


The button for Record/Playback can be found under Control Configuration -> Other Controls.

  1. Press Record, a yellow checkbox will appear ("Ready to record...")
  2. Press Record again, a red record icon will appear ("Recording: 1234", will go up to 2000 frames)
  3. Press Playback, a green play icon will appear ("Playback: 1234", will replay all the recorded frames on repeat)


  • Frame Step Mode can be combined with Record/Playback
  • Playback will display the frame number, allowing for frame perfect counts of long sequences
  • Hitstun/Blockstun can cause playback to happen differently because the frame numbers can get offset