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FUC Kirei Profile.png
Health 11,000
Prejump 4
Backdash 25F (Invulnerable 1-15)


A priest and magus who is the supervisor of the fifth Holy Grail War. Kirei is a rushdown character with an emphasis on counter hit fishing and strong okizime. Between a command grab, overhead, and solid lows, Kirei also has good mixup options. Kirei makes use of his black keys as a projectile to get in on and pressure the opponent.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Amazing rushdown when opponent is at the wall
  • High damage
  • Strong projectile that can be used in many situations
  • Normals have good range for a bare-handed fighter
  • Black keys are limited to 10 per round
  • Weak to pushblock midscreen
  • A lot of his normals have high frame disadvantage on block


FUC Kirei 5A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
250 All N, S, R, A 5 26 18 -2

Kirei palm strikes his opponent in the face.

A fast normal that's useful in pressure with it only being -2 and can cancel into 2A on contact or whiff. Used after forcing an opponent to block an air black key to feint the throw and go low with 2A. Also, is useful as an anti-jumpout. Be aware that it will whiff on a crouching Sakura, Rin, Luvia, and Saber even after forcing them to block a move crouching though it will hit everyone crouching if they were in hitstun such as after an air black key hits them. Can be low profiled.

FUC Kirei 2A.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
230 Low N, S, R, A 6 31 19 -5

Kirei claws at his opponent's legs.

Fast and has great range. One of the longest range 2As in the game.

FUC Kirei 5B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
330 All N, S, R, A 10 36 21 -4

Kirei steps forward and knees his opponent.

This attack is mainly combo filler and if you need to punish something with a move beefier than 2A. The problem with it as a confirm after 2A is that 5B will often whiff on crouching opponents especially anywhere but point blank.

FUC Kirei 2B.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
350 Low N, S, R, A 10 39 21 -7

Kirei crouches low and sweeps his opponent, knocking them off their feet. This goes very low and can often low profile others' attacks.

A tad more range than 2A. Decent poke. Low profiles on frame 1 so it's good against some common neutral tools such as Saber's 236X and Archer's 6B.

FUC Kirei 5C.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
480 All N, S, R, A 15 46 21 -9

Kirei steps forward and gut punches his opponent.

Long range normal because of the step Kirei takes before performing it. It's good as a hitconfirm after 2A or 2B, though it is unsafe on block. Cancel into 214A, 2C, or black key to keep yourself safe.

FUC Kirei 2C.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
450 All J, N, S, R, A 13 41 21 -6

Kirei shows off his flexibility and kicks his opponent into the air.

Mainly sees use in combos. Can be used after 5C to help keep it safe. Even though it's -6 it's still hard to punish this attack because of the amount of pushback it has on block.

FUC Kirei 6C.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
500 High S, R, A 32 51 15 -3

Kirei rushes forward, prepared to strike with an overhead attack.

This attack may be kara cancelled into specials.

This attack cannot be cancelled into from other normals.

This attack is Kirei's only standing overhead. Hard to use however since he can't chain into it. Best used after a meaty air black key. Can be useful in neutral because you can cancel it during the startup. Essentially lets you do dashing specials more easily.

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
700 None A 4 51 - -

Kirei grabs his opponent before performing a hard knockdown that throws his opponent far away.

Kirei can combo off this in the corner. If you throw someone midscreen can dash up to meaty a normal or do a running jump into an air black key.


FUC Kirei 236X.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
236A 400 All R, A 11 30 19 +1

Kirei throws out a dagger as a projectile; it pulls from his dagger resource located above his meter. Pierces energy projectiles.

Throws 1 dagger diagonally upwards. Outside of combos, this version is good as an anti-air.

236B 400 All R, A 11 30 19 +1

Throws 1 dagger straight forward.

Possibly the best projectile in the game. Great for combos and neutral. It's slow so you can gain space after throwing it out. Plus on block and on ground counter hit, staggers the opponent. On air counter hit, it's a free combo even from very far away and on air normal hit can still dash up and land a 5A to confirm. Can use this out of backdash to punish your opponent for trying to take their turn back or to create space before throwing it out. It even pierces energy projectiles so very useful in matchups such as Caster.

The only weakness of this attack outside of the number being limited is that there are a lot of characters who can crouch it to make it whiff.

236C 760 All R, A 11 40 19 +6

Throws out 2 daggers to cover diagonally upwards and straight forward.

Nothing special. Does the B version then the A version of the black key toss. Good in unscale routes.

FUC Kirei 623X.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
623A 650 All J, R, A 5 48 25 -8

Kirei kicks his opponent into the air. All versions knock the opponent off the ground.

This version can combo from anywhere thanks to jump cancel. Doesn't see much use outside of combos but it is 5F so can be useful in situations where a 2A is too slow and where 5A will whiff.

623B 830 All R, A 5 48 21 -12

Same as A version except Kirei can not jump cancel it.

There's more hitstun on this version so he can link moves after it more easily. Sees a lot of use in Kirei's combos.

623C 1091 All R, A 5 63 15 -14

This version requires meter to combo after.

Startup is invincible and it costs 30 meter to perform. As long as the last hit connects, you will drain 50 meter from your opponent.

Gives a hard knockdown making it a great combo ender. As a reversal, it's decent but can't RG it till the final hit making it more unsafe than grounded 623Cs. On hit, can confirm with RG into 2B for an easy pickup.

FUC Kirei 214X.png
FUC Kirei 214X2.png
FUC Kirei 214X3.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
214A (Rekka 1/2) 350 All R, A 15 41 25 +0

Kirei's rekka works by having the first 2 hits be 2 of 3 options and the last hit being a unique ender. As a result, each of these rekka hits can cancel into each other once.

This version is a fast elbow that is neutral on block. It combos into B version.

On counter hit, it staggers the opponent for a free combo making this attack great for frame traps. Use this after 5C or 2B to make them safe.

Do be aware that if the opponent pushblocks the move before this attack, it will most likely whiff and Kirei can be punished.

214B (Rekka 1/2) 400 All R, A 20 46 21 -4

This version is a heavy palm strike that combos into C version (important for ender).

214C (Rekka 1/2) 350 Low R, A 25 51 16 -9

This version knocks Kirei's opponent off their feet as long as it is not the first hit of your combo.It is very punishable on block, even if he cancels into an ender. As a combo starter it will combo into the A version.

214X Kirei (Rekka 3)
FUC Kirei 214X4.png
FUC Kirei 214X5.png
FUC Kirei 214X6.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
214A (Rekka 3) 450 All R, A 25 41 18 +3

Rekka 3 is the ender of Kirei's Rekka chain.

This version is a fast elbow that is plus on block and can continue into a combo vs an airborne opponent.

Since it's an ender and it's slow, it's very telegraphed so this attack can be interrupted or avoided very easily.

214B (Rekka 3) 600 All R, A 25 46 8 -12

This version is a launcher that is comboable with jump cancel.

214C (Rekka 3) 800 All R, A 30 56 9 -16

This version does not combo out of anything, but its startup has armor. Its use is primarily to punish your opponent for mashing 2A out of your rekka.

Since you can get to this ender on whiff, its armor is useful in neutral to blow through some other characters' neutral tools.

FUC Kirei 421X.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
421A 600 None A 30 51 - -

Kirei's command grab. Kirei will jump into the air before grabbing his opponent.

This version goes the shortest distance out of the three but is also the fastest and the safest on whiff.

This attack is a good move to throw in as a mixup and if you do it after an attack that the opponent pushblocked, the pushback will be negated.

Use 62A3A to combo off this attack from midscreen(doesn't work on Lancer midscreen) and 62A3B to combo off it in the corner.

421B 800 None A 40 61 - -

Goes a little farther than the A version but is more startup. Easier to combo off of with dash 5B so use this version if you can't get the combo off the A version.

421C 1000 None A 50 71 - -

Goes the farthest but is almost a full second of startup. Very telegraphed and unsafe. Rarely use this version.

FUC Kirei 22C.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
300 Low R, A 35 46 21 +11

Kirei stomps the ground and creates a shockwave of dark energy. This leaves Kirei very plus on block, but has reactable startup.

Supers (WIP)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
2400 All - 10 + 10 191 - -10

Kirei performs a series of unarmed strikes followed by a powerful gandr shot that pushes his opponent very far away. Because of the pushback on block, punish this super by pushblocking the penultimate hit, which will make the last hit whiff. After that hit whiffs, punish it.

This costs 100 meter.

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
2400 All - 15 + 1 91 - -14

Kirei summons dark energy to swirl around him. This attack hits in front, above and behind Kirei and is invincible on startup.

Excellent super. Does good damage and is a staple in Kirei's unscale super combos. Gives a hard knockdown and is a good anti-air.

This costs 100 meter

[[File:FUC A>A>6B>C.png | 175x250px | center]]
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Total Length Blockstun Block Adv
4000 None - 21 + 0 62 - -

Kirei coils dark energy around his arm before rushing forward with a command grab.

This attack always does 4000 damage regardless of scaling. It can only be performed after filling the holy grail and activating with 300 meter..

This reduces your meter to 0.

Combos (WIP)


  • 2A > (5B) > 5C > 214B > 214C > 214A > 5A > 5C > 623A > jc > j.A > j.C
A starter combo that doesn't use a tiger knee cancel(tkc). Can replace 623A with 623C for a hard knockdown ender.

  • 2A > (5B) > 5C > 214B > 214C > 214A > 5B > 5C > 623A > ff j.A > 5B > 623A > ff j.A > 5B > 623A > 6239C
A combo that does decent damage that doesn't require a tkc till the very end. Can omit 623A and do 623C if you don't want to tkc the 623C. ff is fast fall.

  • 2A > (5B) > 5C > 214B > 214C > 214A > 5C > 623A > ff j.A > 623A > 6239B > 623A > 6239B > (5A > 5B) > 623A > 6239C
A staple combo and one to aim for. Good damage and is universal though delays are required depending on the weight of the character. On light characters, delay the 623A after 5C. Also a delay is required after the second 623A on light characters.

  • 2A > (5B) > 5C > 214B > 214C > 214B > 6239A > ff j.B > 2C > 5C > 623A > 6239B > 623A > 6239B > 623A > 6239C
A little more damage than the above combo but is harder. Especially difficult on lightweight characters. On them replace the second 214B with 214A.

  • 2B > 5C > 2C > 623A > ff j.B > 2C > 5C > 623A > 6239B > 5A > 5B > 2B > 623A > 6239C
Combo off 2B. Works on every character except Berserker.

  • 2B > 5C > 623A > ff j.A > 623A > 6239B > 623A > 6239B > 5A > 5B > 2B > 623A > 6239C
2B route on Berserker since 2B > 5C > 2C ends up with the 2C dropping on him.

RC Extension after 623C

  • RC > 2C > 5C > 623A > 6239B > (5A > 5B) > 623A > 6239C
RC extension after 623C that works anywhere on the screen.

System Specifics
Saber Alter
Zero Lancer

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