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Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force

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Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force is the sequel to the doujin fighter Glove on Fight (2002), both developed by French Bread. Unlike the original, this game features an all-original cast of characters drawn by Harukaze Namikai and an all-new story mode. It released in Japan on August 18th, 2008.

Glove on Fight (2002) was used to test programming routines and functions that would later be used in Melty Blood. Gleam of Force expands on the mechanics to create a unique fighter closer to a 'boxing game'. There is no universal jump, crouch or grab. Defense is countered through INFIGHT, activated by holding a dash into your opponent, which stuns them and temporarily buffs your character to allow for more freeform combos. This INFIGHT system, along with parries, serves as the basis for most neutral interactions, creating a neutral heavily reliant on proper movement, reactions and a combo game that's closer to a Stylish Action Game.

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Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force
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Kanae Kinoshita
Futaba Date
Papeko Imagawa
Ammy Akechi
Minami Maeda
Makoto Sanada
Ashita Tokugawa
Yukie Chosokaba
Madoi Takeda
Ruki Uesugi
Negai Kinoshita
Katsuko Hosokawa