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What is Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force?

Glove on Fight 2 is the sequel to doujin fighter Glove on Fight. The original Glove on Fight (2002) was made to test programming routines and mechanics for Melty Blood. Gleam of Force expands on the gameplay by adding a ton of new mechanics, as well as an all-new original cast and story. Overall the game is a fast-paced boxing fighter with heavy emphasis on proper spacing and combos.

Notably, Glove on Fight 2 omits traditional fighting game movement, meaning there is no jumping, crouching and no grabbing. Instead, the game centers around directional attacks and inputs. As a replacement for grabs, INFIGHT is used as a counter to defensive play. Despite this, Glove on Fight 2 is simple to grasp with a lot of depth in it's mechanics.

How do I play Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force?

It may be possible to purchase an old copy of the game online, but since the game has never been re-released playing an official copy will be hard. An online download of the game can be found on the old english wiki, or alternatively you can acquire a download of the game with all patches pre-installed and a save file with all characters unlocked if you check the pins on our Discord Server.

Another download is available here, used in Vortex Gallery 2023.

Where can I find other players?

The most likely place you'll find people is on our Discord Server. Feel free to ask about the game, find some matches, or just talk.

How can I help with the wiki?

If you'd like to help out with Mizuumi's GOF2 wiki, consider joining the Discord channel and signing up as a editor. Once you're done, head to the GOF2 Community Discord Server and ask how you could help. You can also check out the roadmap below (also listed on the main page) to see what needs to be done.

Alternatively, we'd appreciate translation work! Currently, only menus and names are translated. Story mode, all arcade modes, and the omake are untranslated. On top of this, move names from the manual have been machine translated, and we wouldn't mind having some more accurate translation.

Alternatively, again, we'd very much appreciate any programmers that could decompile the .dat files used in the game's files.

Glove on Fight 2 Roadmap
30% complete
Completed In Progress
  • Main Wiki Page (10%)
  • HUD Page (10%)
  • System Page (10%)
  • FAQ Page (10%)
  • Controls Page (10%)
  • Netplay Page (10%)
  • Character Pages (40%, 3.3% per character)
    • All pages are missing combo, matchups and strategy subpages.
    • Kanae Kinoshita
      • Summary is complete
      • Frame Data is complete
      • Movelist is complete
      • Move Descriptions are complete but lacking.
    • Futaba Date
      • Summary is incomplete
      • Frame Data is incomplete
      • Movelist is complete
      • Move Descriptions are complete
    • Papeko Imagawa
      • Summary is incomplete
      • Frame Data is incomplete
      • Movelist is complete
      • Move Descriptions aren't there
    • Ammy Akechi
      • Summary is incomplete
      • Frame Data isn't there
      • Movelist is complete.
      • Move Descriptions are incomplete
    • Other Character Pages
      • All have partial summaries and movelists with no images, but are lacking in frame data and descriptions.


Is this game similar to any other French Bread fighters?

Being the sequel to a programming test for Melty Blood, it naturally has the most in common. Reduce and Styles are the most notable mechanics, and to an extent a few defensive mechanics have similar counterparts in GOF2.

Like UNI, this game also has a few systems which may be confusing to first-time players, but as players get more experience it'll all flow naturally.

How do I unlock characters/modes/stages/omake?

If you want to try and earn the unlocks yourself, here are the requirements for (almost) all unlocks.

Unlock Requirement
Practice Mode Use all characters in VS Mode
Arcade Mode Complete Story Mode
Hidden Characters + Extra Stages Complete Arcade Mode with all characters
Omake Complete Arcade Mode with hidden characters
Harder Difficulties ??? (We just don't know.)

Kanae Kinoshita
Futaba Date
Papeko Imagawa
Ammy Akechi
Minami Maeda
Makoto Sanada
Ashita Tokugawa
Yukie Chosokaba
Madoi Takeda
Ruki Uesugi
Negai Kinoshita
Katsuko Hosokawa