Glove on Fight 2: Gleam of Force/HUD

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GOF2 HUD.jpg

1) Health Gauge

This gauge shows how much health characters have. Player 1 is on the left, and Player 2 is on the right.

2) Super Arts Level

This indicator is used for executing Super Arts, as well as Heroic Bomber. Super Arts Level can be gained by hitting or getting hit with attacks, blocking attacks, and parrying. Each player can store up to 9 Super Arts Levels, and how close a player is to gaining another level is indicated by a red bar behind the counter.

3) Endurance Gauge

This gauge displays Endurance, which increases the speed at which you can recover from attacks. When a player getting hit or blocking an attack, the endurance gauge will deplete. The Endurance Gauge ranges from 100% to 0%, but can enter negative values with back stabs and counter hits, resulting in Heart Break. Both players start each round with 100% Endurance.

4) Deadline Gauge

This gauge represents which player is dominant in positioning. Deadline boosts the damage done by attacks. Playing passively will decrease the Deadline Gauge, and playing aggressively will increase the Deadline Gauge. The red and blue arrows represent Player 1 and Player 2's positions on the stage respectively. The Measure Gauge listed underneath represents the distance between both players.

5) Rush Indicator

Displays how many hits are dealt within a combo. Underneath the rush indicator is Flow, displaying how many hits a player has done before being hit by an opponent's attack, which resets it to zero. Next to Flow is Damage, which displays how much damage the current combo has inflicted.

6) Infight Timer

Displays the remaining time Infight lasts. When Infight is activated by a player, this timer will appear above their character and start to decrease. If the timer runs out and the measure value is less than 200, Infight will linger for a few seconds ,shown by the flickering of the timer.

7) Points

Each round a player wins will be counted in Points, lighting up in red. Normally it takes two Points to win a match, but this can be changed in the game's settings.

8) Resist Information

When a player resists an attack, the damage resisted will display here, along with a time decrease which allows the player to recover quicker.

9) Hit Announcements

Additional texts can appear during battle, notably Counter Hits and Back Stab (displayed as Back Stub in-game).

10) Last Timer

Shows the current round's remaining time. When it reaches 0, the outcome of the battle is decided by the referee. Underneath are two numbers. The left number shows the game speed, and the right number in brackets shows the render speed or fps. Ideally it would stay at 120 (60).

Kanae Kinoshita
Futaba Date
Papeko Imagawa
Ammy Akechi
Minami Maeda
Makoto Sanada
Ashita Tokugawa
Yukie Chosokaba
Madoi Takeda
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Negai Kinoshita
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