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Ground Blocking

Holding [4] will block all high and mid attacks while holding [1] will block mid and low attacks. Unlike other games of the time, characters only enter pre-block animations when an attack is in range and about to hit them, making it easier to get around some moves in pressure. It is possible to dash block from frame 1 too, making it an important option in neutral. Blocking is vulnerable to unblockable attacks and also causes you to take chip damage, both of which are described in more detail in the Offense page.

Air Blocking

Air blocking is done by holding back and any direction while in the air. Air blocking will block everything, and there are no specifically-air-unblockable attacks. On top of that you can air block out of jump startup, making it a powerful option on defense. When air blocking, the character takes the same amount of blockstun a move normally does before they become actionable again, unless they touch the ground. If they hit the ground while in blockstun, there's a small amount of landing recovery before they become fully actionable again. Just like regular blocking, air blocking is vulnerable to unblockable attacks.


When a player is hit with (or blocks) an attack, the time it takes to recover is determined by the character's pre-defined hit or block animation. This means that attacks are more advantageous on crouching and aerial hit, or aerial block.

Ticks Hit State
28 Stand/Crouch block duration
30 Stand hit/Aerial block duration
32 Crouch/Aerial hit duration

Spot Dodge/Shield

Spot Dodge

Spot dodge is what the majority of the cast has for their button + button action. By activating it a characters becomes fully invincible for 1-33 frames, during which they are completely inactionable. As soon as those 33 frames are over, the character is immediately actionable, meaning you can block out of spot dodge, or even time a second one. Addtionally, by holding up during spot dodge, when the character exits the spot dodge, they rise the height of roughly one jump. Spot dodges can be done out of blockstun, allowing one to escape pressure sequences. They are also a necessity for avoiding unblockables.


The alternative button + button action which only a few characters have. When activated, a shield appears that blocks all projectile type moves frame 1-127 (~2 seconds). After 51 frames (~1 second), the character becomes fully actionable. As all unblockables excluding Stun are considered projectiles, they are used to stop those as well. In general, shields are good for fighting zoning oriented characters such as Heavy Arms and ZZ, but are bad for fighting characters more focused on rushdown as Shield does nothing to stop physical attacks. This means that a lot of Shield characters end up having polarizing matchups, as their ability to escape pressure without Spot Dodge is limited but they tend to dominate neutral harder. Shield can be done out of blockstun same as Spot Dodging, but this is a lot less valuable in most matchups.

Wakeup Options

Delay Wakeup

After getting knocked down, the default wakeup option is Delay Wakeup. Simply don't input anything and the character will lie on the ground for the full duration before eventually standing up. During this duration, the character is open to OTG attacks and the opponent can time a meaty unblockable, or go for a mixup they couldn't do otherwise. There's few situations where you want to delay wakeup, but you may be forced to if you exhausted the Boost Gauge.

Quick Rise

The preferred form of wakeup, Quick Rise is executed by hitting the Thruster button while knocked down. When done, the character performs a typical Thruster Jump, only it's invincible on the way up. This can be done almost immediately after a character touches the ground or delayed until the gundam stands up. Quick Rising is incredibly strong as it can't actually be punished like a regular thrust jump, but there are ways to somewhat counter it. A pretty common counter is to chase the opponent with an air to air after the thrust jump. This doesn't do much by itself but some characters' aerials can force the opponent to the ground. Another common one is to use an ammo attack to get some chip damage and force them to stay in place for a little while. However, these can both be countered by an opponent doing a second thrust jump and/or spot dodge, although these force the opponent to spend additional Boost. Characters with strong active projectiles or funnels can use them for setplay, forcing the opponent to the ground or to eat an unblockable if they don't spend additional boost, but these characters are few giving them a unique advantage. Most powerful is characters who have an air unblockable, allowing them to actually punish Quick Rise. Against these oki setups, delaying the Quick Rise a bit can throw off the opponent's timing and allow a character to escape unscathed, but naturally this leaves one open to OTG damage.

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