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The purpose of this page is to provide a quick-start written guide to Gundam: Battle Assault 2.

Getting The Game

Gundam: Battle Assault 2 was released exclusively for the PSX. As such, the primary way to play it nowadays, especially if you want to get netplay games, is to emulate it. While there are different PSX emulators available, Duckstation is preferred for local play and online play thanks to its rollback netcode, upscaling, and overclocking features. Bizhawk is used for training modes due to Lua scripting support.Mednafen through NullDC BEAR can be used for netplay but it's delay based, albeit easier to setup.

Unlocking Characters

Like many old games, GBA2 only has a small portion of its cast initially available to play. Unlocking the full cast takes a lot of the time so generally players use a save file or save state with everything already unlocked. However, if you wish to go through the process, here's how to do it:

  • Acguy: Complete Street Mode with Gundam RX-78-2.
  • Ball: Complete Street Mode with Gundam RX-78-2.
  • Big-Zam: Complete Street Mode with all eight suits on hard then beat Time Attack A in under five minutes.
  • Devil (Dark) Gundam: Play as at least 20 different suits in Versus CPU mode.
  • Full Armor ZZ Gundam: Complete Street Mode with Tallgeese III.
  • Gundam Epyon: Complete Street Mode with all eight mobile suits.
  • Gundam GPO-2A: Complete Street Mode with God (Burning) Gundam.
  • Heavy Arms Custom: Complete Street Mode with Deathscythe Hell Custom.
  • Hydra Gundam: Complete Street Mode with Tallgeese III.
  • Hygogg: Complete Street Mode with Wing Gundam Zero Custom.
  • Master Gundam: Complete street mode with God (Burning) Gundam, and Gundam Maxter to access Master Gundam in Street Mode, than beat Street Mode with Master Gundam.
  • Neue Ziel: Win at least 20 nonconsecutive fights in survival mode.
  • Psyco Gundam: Complete Street Mode on hard with all eight suits, than beat Time Attack B in under three minutes.
  • Quin Mantha: Complete Street Mode with Master Gundam.
  • Tallgeese III: Complete Street Mode on hard with Deathscythe Hell Custom and Wing Gundam Zero Custom, then Beat Street Mode on hard with Tallgeese III.
  • Zaku IIS: Complete Street Mode on hard with Gundam RX-78-2, than complete Street Mode with Zaku IIS.
  • Zeong: Complete Street Mode on hard with Zaku IIS.


GBA2 offers several different modes, although most need to be unlocked. These are as follows:

  • Street: A singleplayer arcade mode vaguely following the story lines of their respective show. Only Wing, Deathscythe, Tallgeese III (Unlocked), Burning, Maxter, Master (Unlocked), RX-78, and Zaku IIS are available in this mode.
  • Versus CPU: Fight against a CPU of varying difficulty.
  • Versus 2P: The main mode of the game, fight against another player or use it in conjunction with Bizhawk Lua scripts for training.
  • Time Attack A: A game mode where you must defeat a set of opponents as fast as possible. Winning fast enough will unlock characters.
  • Time Attack B: A slightly harder and longer time attack.
  • Survival: Fight against the entire cast while not gaining back all your resources between fights. Beat enough opponents and you'll unlock characters.
  • Record: Shows the leaderboards for Time Attack and Survival.
  • Option: Lets you select between game options (difficulty, time limit, pilot display, hit display), controller mapping, sound options, adjust screen size, and save and load.

Basic Actions


Button Direction Movement
Gba2-b-right.png Forward Take two steps forwards. Hold to walk further.
Gba2-b-left.png Back Take two steps backwards. Hold to walk further.
Gba2-b-up.png Up Small jump.
Gba2-b-down.png Down Crouch, can be used to cancel walking.
Button Inputs Action
Gba2-b-right.pngGba2-b-right.png Forward, Forward Dash, can be held to go further.
Gba2-b-left.pngGba2-b-left.png Back, Back Back dash, can be a hop or thruster type.
Gba2-b-r1.png Thruster Extra high jump that costs boost meter.
Gba2-b-any.png+Gba2-b-any.png Any 2 Attack Buttons Dodge/Shield. Perform a spot dodge or create a projectile shield. Holding up during dodge will move you upwards. Depending on your character they will have one or the other. Costs boost meter.
Gba2-b-down.png,Gba2-b-right.png,Gba2-b-r1.png (26 or d,f),Thruster Puts a character into flight mode. During it they can freely fly around, perform aerial moves, and armor through projectiles. Requires full boost meter and drains it during use.


GBA2 has 4 attack buttons. These are Weak Punch (WP), Strong Punch (SP), Weak Kick (WK), and Strong Kick (SK). There are also command normals done by holding a direction and inputting the correlating attack. Finally, there are special moves performed by doing a special input.

Default Attack Attack Name
Gba2-b-square.png Gba2-b-wp.png Weak Punch
Gba2-b-triangle.png Gba2-b-sp.png Strong Punch
Gba2-b-x.png Gba2-b-wk.png Weak Kick
Gba2-b-circle.png Gba2-b-sk.png Strong Kick
Gba2-b-any.png Gba2-b-any.png Any 1 of the 4 Attack Buttons listed above.


In Gundam Battle Assault 2, you block by holding back. You can stand block, crouch block, and air block.



Every character with the exception of Neue Ziel and Big Zam has 3 health bars with 96 health each. Big Zam has 4 stocks of 66 health each and Neue Ziel has 5 stocks of 60 health. When a health bar is depleted, a character is overheated (a forced knockdown or stun on the giants) and loses a stock.


Every character with the exception of Ball and v Gundam get 3 supers per game. Once a super is used there's no way to get it back. Ball and v Gundam have no super.


Characters have 3 boost bars. They are consumed by doing thruster jumps, dodge/shield, and entering vernier mode. When a boost action is used, after a short cooldown it quickly regenerates.


Every character starts with 500 ammo. This is consumed by projectiles that need ammo. Depending on the character it'll consuming varying amounts.

Finding Matches

The best way to find games in GBA2 is to ask for them in the discord. Don't be afraid, there's general a few players who are active and be prepared to take some time getting used to the flow of combat.

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