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Grounded Movement


4.png or 6.png

The most basic form of movement in GBA2. Unlike a traditional fighting game, a single left or right input causes a character to take 2 steps forward instead of just one, although this can be canceled by going into something else. A direction can be held to continuously walk that direction. Walk speeds vary heavily across the cast, with some like Zeong walking incredibly fast and others like Nu walking very slowly.

Forward Dashes


Forward dashing is incredibly important in GBA2. By double tapping and holding forwards, characters run forwards at a greatly increased speed. This is used to close the gap on opponents as well as suddenly make an offensive. Dashes are very powerful in GBA2, as they can be canceled into anything immediately, even blocking. This makes dash blocking against zoning and dash canceled attacks important to the neutral game. Just like walking, characters have different dash speeds that vary heavily. Attacks and jumps canceled into from a forward dash keep the momentum, allowing for extra long jumps and attacks.

Back Dashes


Backdashes are performed by double tapping backwards and come in two distinct forms. The first and more common type of back dash is a hop. Hop backdashes have a character jump back a set distance. Hop backdashes are airborne for most of their duration and can't be canceled into anything besides a Thruster Jump. Hops are highly commital and aren't good for much besides making a large amount of space between oneself and the opponent when it is necessary to do so.

The other type of backdash is a thruster backdash. Thruster backdashes function almost identically to forward dashes except going the other direction. They activate as long as back is held, allowing a player to be more precise with how they space themselves out. Thruster backdashes can be canceled into everything except blocking due to input overlap. Any attack canceled into from a thruster backdash keeps the backwards moving momentum, meaning it often won't combo into subsequent hits. Overall, thruster backdashes are significantly better than hops and an advantage for the characters who get them.


1.png or 2.png or 3.png

Inputting down and any direction causes a character to crouch. While crouching a characters' hurtbox is smaller and they can do their crouching attacks. Unlike most fighting games, crouching has a tiny bit of startup if done raw before reaching it's full crouching state, although this won't happen when the crouch is buffered from something and the startup can be canceled into attacks.

Air Movement


7.png or 8.png or 9.png

Regular jumps in GBA2 cause the character to take a short hop in a direction. Jumps are rather weighty and don't go very far or high, allowing many characters to get instant overheads. Because they don't go very high, they don't normally go over projectiles. There's also some characters who are too big to be regular jumped over. Their utility thus, especially with how most aerials bounce back on hit or block, is more for resetting pressure, doing overhead mixups, and low crushing. By doing a dash before jumping, it gains either forwards or backwards momentum, which is especially useful for forward dash jumps. Pre jump is universally 4F but no aerial actions can be taken until 12F after the initial input.

Thruster Jumps

4.png or 6.png or none + Thruster Button

Thruster Jumps are a key part of the neutral of GBA2. Thrust jumps are performed by hitting the Thruster button either neutral, forwards, or backwards. Functionally Thruster Jumps are similar to a super jump in King of Fighters or an anime fighter, as they launch the character high into the air. They cost one Boost to use and can be used from any state that isn't actively attacking, including in mid air. They're used to mix up approaches, stall in the air, get out of pressure, make space from the opponent, quick rise, and other niche uses. They're a very flexible tool, but because they're tied to the Boost meter, they can't be used recklessly. You're actionable after 20? frames from pressing the input.

Vernier Mode

2.png,6.png, Thruster

Vernier Mode is a flight mode of sorts. After 32 frames, characters are actionable. Vernier Mode costs the entire boost gauge to use and lasts ~257 frames. During the entire duration, characters are considered airborne, have armor against projectiles (excluding unblockables), and have free control over moving in all 8 directions. While useful in niche situations, Vernier Mode is expensive, slow, and high risk to use most of the time.

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