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Q: What is LilithPort?

A: LilithPort is the netplay program we use to play Wonderful World, it is delay based but it is good netcode despite that.

Q: How do I use pad on this game?

A: Usually people use Joy2Key or xPadder.

Q: Who do I contact for bug reporting?

A: This is the Japanese developer's Twitter. The English translation is being handled by longbyte1#9211 on Discord.


JP Version (Ver. 1.08 stable):

EN version (Ver. 1.07 stable, 1.08 pre-release):


Upon launching LilithPort, you will see this:


1: Type in your name where it says "YourNameHere" (duh)

2: Pick "Client" on the top right.

3: Paste the server name on the last dialogue box, we use the 24/7 JP server:

4: Click the button circled in the image when you're done to enter the server.

When you have clicked the button, you will see this:


5: The path to your Wonderful World .exe file should go here, you can press the three dots on the side to direct it easily.

6: Press the third tab, circled in blue, then change all the numbers accordingly:


7: Optionally, you can go to the fifth tab of the window to change the game's BGM and SE volume settings.

8: Press OK when you are done.

All set! These options will still be available in Lilithport under the (O) > (S) tab. You may also launch Wonderful World single player through LilithPort under (C) > (G). As a last note, when playing online, the game's framerate might start dropping or get choppy. For whatever reason, dragging the game's window a little bit will fix it.


1: Launch up LilithPort

2: Click "Host" instead of "Client"

3: Host on 7500, make sure you have your port forwarded.

4: Press the left button in the "UPnP" section, then press "Yes", then press OK.

4: Enter the server, then go under (C) > (G) to open up single player mode.

5: Close single player mode. Left click and right click the name you want to spectate, then click the second option.

IMPORTANT: You can only start spectating before or shortly after two players challenge each other.

Video Tutorial

Wonderful World