Hinokakera Chaotic Eclipse/FAQ

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Is the netplay rollback?
no, but it's top tier delay
The game crashes whenever I open it, whats going on?
The game has a issue with certain controllers
if your controller has the option to switch to ps3 mode or change the input from left stick to dpad or right stick

Try switching to ps3 mode, and messing with your stick input mode

Unplugging any other controllers can also solve this issue

How do I save replays?
Press D after a match
Do it quickly! if someone skips the post fight screen you wont be able to save it.
How do I sidestep?
Press 8D and 2D or hold D and press either 8 or D
Make sure to press 8/2 and D on the same frame or else it wont come out!
Where can I find some gameplay?
This nicojp search brings up all the previous versions of the games too: https://www.nicovideo.jp/search/%E3%83%92%E3%83%8E%E3%82%AB%E3%82%B1%E3%83%A9?ref=nicotop_search
This page isn't organized but it has recent games from players in the discord: https://archive.org/details/@ehtrashy?tab=uploads